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  1. aaronB
    Aug 5, 2008
    Ignored the reviews as they all say that the racing was really ok if you stick with it but it has crap gfx, audio and no atmosphere( crowds etc)- stick with MotoGP. Well BOLLOCKS to that. This is the BEST bike game I have played in years. It feels like your on a bike (and I've had quite a few over the last 20 years) which none of the motoGP games have ever managed to do. IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. Superbike racing at its best. 12 lovely recreated tracks all designed for one thing....RACING. This game does a damn fine job of recreating that experience. The bikes look great as do the riders. Granted it might not have the gfx of motoGP in the backgrounds etc, but the gameplay blows it out of the water. and you don't constantly get knocked off by bullshit AI like MotoGP. Long and short of it is this- if you like bikes, are into bike games with balls, not bells and whistles then this is it. Thankyou BlackBean and Milestone for bringing this to the xbox 360. Hope it plays as well on the PS3 when it finally comes out : P I'm only giving it a 9 because I don't really know how well it plays online.. tried it twice, seems fine....and I'm not sure how well it will be supported with downloadable content etc. Enjoy some pure bike racing folks.. its worth the admission price. Full Review »
  2. Mike
    Jul 28, 2008
    Ugly (trackside, replays) - loads slow and often - poor unlockables / extras - poor rider animations - no visible damage to the bike after falling + bike handling is ok + damage to the bike and driver + set up options and telemetry. Full Review »