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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. I have found little to critique about in this review and with good cause since SIBOS is really a fantastic game, a great video game rendition of a board game and even better rendition of trivia than the original SI games provide.
  2. The only glaring ommision from the original Scene It was online play. Now that it's implemented well in Box Office Smash, you won't have to cajole your friends and family into a game every time you want to play a session. [Jan 2009, p.71]
  3. Lavished with new modes and features but retaining its air of accessibility, this update does not disappoint. [Jan 2009, p.105]
  4. If you enjoy party games and trivia and you'd like another game to add to your "360 as a rival to the Wii" list then you've got a winner on your hands with Scene It? Box Office Smash and you shouldn't be afraid to grab it even if you don't know much about movies or games.
  5. Every bit as fun as the last Scene It?, Box Office Smash adds online multiplayer and an energetic interface that elevates this year’s outing above all other similar games.
  6. Scene It? Box Office Smash is a worthy successor to the original title that was released just over a year ago.
  7. Scene It? Box Office Smash leaves the back lot and goes on location with new modes, improved special effects, and great online play.
  8. Simple, accessible fun for everyone, including all your non-gamer friends and family. Perfect entertainment for the upcoming party-packed season.
  9. It’s one of the 360’s best social experiences, and one that anyone can enjoy. That it also doles out Gamerscore points like candy on Halloween only makes us even happier to play it.
  10. It's a pretty solid purchase if you've got friends to play it with, especially if you're just going with the $40 version of the game (minus the remotes).
  11. Movie buffs should get a real kick out of it but it can readily be enjoyed by almost anyone and best of all, there's a surprising amount of replay value.
  12. A considerable improvement over the original and fun for everyone involved. [Jan 2009, p.69]
  13. The biggest issue with Scene It is also what makes it such a draw for some. The singular focus on films makes it a title that all your friends can certainly play, but can leave non-movie lovers feeling a bit disadvantaged.
  14. More in-depth than its predecessor, Box Office Smash updates the Xbox 360-dedicated franchise with a ton of new questions, a couple of new puzzle modes and online play. Still a great way to entertain the family on those long winter nights ahead.
  15. Perfect entertainment for the upcoming party-packed season. It's one of the 360's best social experiences.
  16. A fantastic sequel for a fantastic party game. Scene It? Box Office Smash is bigger than the first one and has new game modes, including online. If you love the movies, you must play this game. And believe us, beating your friends using your knowledge is very funny.
  17. With newer topics, an improved interface, and online play, Box Office Smash is loads better than last year’s rookie attempt.
  18. Incredibly fun, especially with a group, and it is a great improvement over Lights, Camera, Action.
  19. If, and when, download content ever arrives for Box Office Smash, then the replay value of the title will increase. But as it stands right now, it’s great to bring out when you have friends over for a party.
  20. 75
    Scene It? Box Office Smash manages to refine the experience of its predecessor, giving gamers a solid movie-trivia experience.
  21. If you played the first Scene It? game last year, you will find this sequel worth picking up simply because of the addition of the multiplayer mode over Xbox Live and the promise of new questions through downloadable content. But frankly, I was expecting more of it. Sure the improved visuals bring something interesting to the table but after seeing what Sony was able to pull off with Buzz! on the PS3, this Scene It sequel feels not as complete as it should.
  22. At the end of the day, Scene It? Box Office Smash is a decent party game that needs to played with as many people as possible as this is what makes the game truly enjoyable. Online is interesting, however not as fun as playing with someone physically next to you
  23. While it isn't quite a perfect game, Box Office Smash is better than its predecessor and it plays exceptionally well as a party game.
  24. 75
    Regardless, after only five to six hours of family-friendly trivia, questions start to repeat -- effectively killing the fun. Microsoft promises downloadable question packs sometime down the line, but the jury's still out on the price or size of these additions.
  25. A really enjoyable game, which is also the first to include full avatar support. Great for playing with friends and family.
  26. You don't need to be in the company of non-gamers to enjoy Scene It? We played a rather heated game in the office that proved to be as hard fought as the console war, with as much competition as a session on Gears of War 2.
  27. 70
    It’s a great package. However, the number of questions on the disc is quite limited. Play just a handful of games and you’ll start getting repeat questions which defeats the whole purpose of playing a game that is intended to test your knowledge.
  28. Still a fun movie game but one that is little more than an add on pack to what has come before. Surely it would make more sense to release new questions as DLC rather than releasing an unnecessary, and overpriced, new product that has very little in the way of extras. The online mode is a nice addition but is simply not enough to warrant a purchase.
  29. There are also some very sloppy mistakes, which are just frequent enough to make you wonder whether the game was proofread and fact-checked.
  30. However, look past the briefness of what’s on offer and there’s a richly entertaining game to be had.
  31. Scene It? Box Office Smash is certainly not the best quiz-game you're ever going to play. Its lack of space is making sure that after a game or three some questions will keep coming back. However, what Scene It? does best is giving the gamer some entertaining questions in a sometimes original form and accompanied with great movie material.
  32. The fans of “pop quiz Hollywood” will find this Box Office Smash capable of offering constant and permanent challenges that will test your knowledge about the world of cinema.

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