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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Control a spaceship that must infiltrate the enemy Scramble system in a classic side-scrolling shooter. Armed with guns and bombs, players must navigate swarms of enemies, meteors, missiles through six fiendish levels. Shoot fuel canisters to replenish your reserves in order to make it to the enemy base at the end of the system. [Konami] Expand
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  1. Scramble on the 360 is a faithful rendition of the original arcade game. If that alone doesn't get you excited, you should probably take a pass.
  2. 60
    All problems with the multiplayer aside, this game is lots of fun, especially if you’ve never played it before. The achievements are a bit easy, and lack of used screen space will wear on the nerves of any HD user.
  3. A serviceable shooter that arcade fans should moderately enjoy. But if all you have are a certain amount of points to spend in the XBLA field, I suggest going with "Time Pilot" first. This game's fuel seems to run out quicker than it lets on.
  4. It's really not that engaging a game in 2006 once you've got over the initial reaquaintence, and certainly not deserving of a standalone release on Live Arcade when there are so many more worthwhile games to download.
  5. If you like twitchy old-style gameplay, Konami's Time Pilot port is a much better use of your 400 Microsoft Points($5). [Dec. 2006, p.76]
  6. 45
    Better shooters are available for free on the web or for a small fee through Live Arcade. If you loved Scramble in 1981, then there might be something here worth looking at. Otherwise, you'd be much better off sticking with "Galaga" or "Geometry Wars."
  7. Pointless - for the two minutes you'll bother. [Nov 2006, p.107]

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