Scrap Metal Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 35
  2. Negative: 5 out of 35
  1. Scrap Metal is a solid, all-around vehicular combat game.
  2. So far the Xbox Live Arcade has treated us to some stunning games this year, and Scrap Metal is no exception. Tons of fun in single and multiplayer, and beautifully put together (there’s even a 3D Anaglyph mode if you’re the sort of person who can stand to play 3D games without developing a blinding headache).
  3. 80
    It's fast paced and highly destructive gameplay will keep you interested from beginning to end, while it's quick races and short tracks make it great for short bursts of play.
  4. Overhead racing fans in particular will be able to stop comparing any new entry in the genre to a game that is more than 20 years old and will instead be able to point to Scrap Metal as an exemplar of the genre.
  5. There’s much worse out there, and even though Scrap Metal may not rise too far above the heap, but it’s definitely up there, on pure fun alone.
  6. 77
    Scrap Metal is definitely a solid addition to the XBLA library and definitely shines when played online.
  7. 75
    Despite some wonky controls and a bland art style, Scrap Metal is a fun car combat game.
  8. 75
    Of course, most people will rightly expect to play Scrap Metal with friends (or random strangers over XBL), and the game makes a very entertaining time-waster when multiple meat puppets are involved. Just make sure you don't bogart the nitro boosts or your friends may never speak to you again.
  9. There’s not much else out on the Xbox Live Arcade like Scrap Metal, so it’s definitely an unique experience.
  10. Scrap Metal doesn't redefine this genre, but it does offer some unique twists that will entertain and challenge gamers. There are a few annoyances with the controls, but the overall gameplay and game options far outweigh these slight irritations.
  11. This is a more than decent game, although maybe too expensive.
  12. Scrap Metal is a fun game that, given the right extra effort, could have ranked in top spots of the XBLA quality chart list. As it is, its drawbacks are too many to be forgivable, but it's still a fun multiplayer experience.
  13. If Scrap Metal was nothing but arena deathmatch missions, it would be much harder to recommend. An awkward camera angle and the lack of creative characters would keep it from being worth the asking price. However, the variety of vehicle types and mission objectives should satisfy car combat fans looking for signs of life in the genre.
  14. We like Scrap Metal because we like dirty cars and you get a lot of them in this game. You have to buy this game if you are a fan of this genre. But if not, then wait until it is cheaper. For the ones being not a fan it is not worth 1200 MS-Points.
  15. The genre's classics were more fun, and you have to play irritating "demolition derbies" to progress through the single-player mode. Also, it's overpriced. But, it's more fun than nothing, which is the alternative unless you still have a 16-bit console lying around.
  16. Scrap Metal isn’t a bad game, it’s just a mixed bag representation of a few different genres.
  17. Scrap Metal is an excellent product if you have good memories of the old bird's eye racing games. It's not the most content-rich racer out there, but the hysterical setting filled with speed, dirt and destruction is still worth getting on with.
  18. A fun, chaotic race game with a generous collection of missions, vehicles and weapons. The game could have been so much better with more precise controls, though. Thanks to that, Scrap Metal will always stand in the shadow of games like Death Rally, Rock‘n’Roll Racing and R.C. Pro-Am.
  19. Solid old-school arcade racing with plenty of nostalgia that strikes the mood of classics such as Twisted Metal and Carmageddon. But a lack of customization options and unpolished graphics leave you wanting more.
  20. Official Xbox Magazine
    With 20-plus cars to unlock (and upgrade) and modes ranging from straight-up, no-weapons racing to missions where you protect a VIP--all of which are seriously more fun when up to four buddies join in--Scrap Metal is more than worth the $10 download. [Jun 2010, p.81]
  21. I walked away from Scrap Metal more than a little underwhelmed. For 1200 MSP, I was expecting a little more variety, well balanced gameplay and a finely tuned engine.
  22. This top-down racer offers both thrills and frills, but it gets some of the basics wrong.
  23. The controls aren't quite there and the design is actually horrible. An engaging multiplayer mode makes Scrap Metal passable, though.
  24. If you’re itching for a car-combat game without pretenses and don’t mind the price it’s difficult to make an argument for anything else on Microsoft’s service other than Scrap Metal. Just be aware that what you see is what you get and that the game’s lifespan is severely undercut by the lack of single-player modes outside of the otherwise respectable mission-based content.
  25. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    3D aside, this is uninspiring stuff. [June 2010, p.105]
  26. If you're looking for something to relax and just have fun with, Scrap Metal is your game.
  27. 55
    It pains me to say that Scrap Metal hasn’t turned out to be a good game. Mainly the lousy controls are to blame. Never do you get the sensation of being in control over your car and this leads to frustration which in turn leads to a lot of fun vanishing. All other upsides and downsides balance each other, but that doesn’t salvage the game. Control is needed in a race game and Scrap Metal has slipped way off track with it.
  28. Games Master UK
    It pales next to Vigilante 8 Arcade. [July 2010, p.91]
  29. There’s certainly a market for pick up and play arcade thrills, but Scrap Metal simply isn’t delivered with enough gusto to make much of an impact, with the looseness of many elements resulting in a game that is ultimately quite forgettable.
  30. The multiplayer aspect does offer some hope, but this is definitely one title that seems destined for the scrap heap.
  31. Despite a few interesting ideas this never manages to relive the glory days of top-down racing.
  32. All that is good about Scrap Metal is contained in the simplicity of its premise. Cars and guns.
  33. “Oddly not as compelling as it sounds” is an apt summary for it all, to be honest.
  34. X-ONE Magazine UK
    There are much, much better ways to spend 1,200 Points. [Issue#58, p.105]
  35. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A tedious top-down racer priced at three times its worth. Disappointing stuff from the N+ boys. [June 2010, p.121]

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