Sega Superstars Tennis Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 45
  2. Negative: 1 out of 45
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  1. Those thinking the little blue guy had nothing left are sorely mistaken, as he does serve up a pretty good game of tennis. Fans of either classic Sega or Virtua Tennis will immediately feel comfortable with this title and find more than enough to satisfy them. Others may become bored with the repetitive mini-games.
  2. If you are a SEGA nut like me, you will adore many aspects found in SEGA Superstars Tennis. You will also leave the experience however wanting more in both single player and online.
  3. Sega Superstars Tennis is by no means amazing, but it should manage to satisfy Sega and tennis fans alike.
  4. Undoubtedly the best tennis game on 360 featuring Sonic. Except for... no, this is the best.
  5. Edge Magazine
    Sega Superstars Tennis is well-crafted, lovingly garish, and it plays a solid game. [Apr 2008, p.97]
  6. The ultimate Sega party game. [Apr 2008, p.90]
  7. Uncomplicated, and great for younger gamers and Sega fanboys alike. Instantly playable and with plenty to wave your racket at.
  8. SEGA fans, run don't walk to the shops, but be prepared to give Superstars a few hours before the gameplay starts hugging you as hard as the graphics and sound. Everyone else, dust off Virtua Tennis 3 for a more complete alternative.
  9. It lacks the depth required of a game that will stand the test of time and live on for months if not years to come, but for simple fun, either alone or with a few mates, SEGA has a winner on its hands.
  10. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    As winter fades away and blues skies appear, Sega Superstars Tennis will brighten up even the most miserable of days with solid gameplay, fun characters and great courts to play on.
  11. As a compilation of all things SEGA and great we love SEGA Superstars Tennis, so it's quite a disappointment when the actual gameplay stumbles like Sonic on a banana skin.
  12. We love the online play, Superstar moves and homage to Sega games like Sonic, The House of the Dead, Samba de Amigo and Jet Set Radio. It's fan service all the way. But the lack of a World Tour mode and ease of difficulty cripples the game's long-term appeal.
  13. The tennis is merely average, but the challenges and minigames in Sega Superstars Tennis are creatively done and a lot of fun.
  14. 70
    Sega Superstars Tennis isn’t the best tennis game out there, especially since the actual tennis isn’t even as close to being as smooth or challenging as something like the Virtua Tennis or Top Spin games, but it can be just as rewarding for Sega fans and those people looking for a simple and fun approach to the sport.
  15. Superstars Tennis may as well be a dream for Sega fans, but hardly will win any converts.
  16. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Sumo Digital managed to offer simple but well implemented gameplay. Some of the stages and mini-games are fun, even if it’s only for the nostalgic ride. But they don’t make up for the fact that we miss some more tennis matches. Anyway, if you ever dreamt of seeing the dwarf from Golden Axe in the same stage as Ulala and Amigo…you might as well give it a try. [Apr 2008]
  17. It's a damn solid game, with bright and beautiful graphics, simple but fun gameplay and a significant wad of content.
  18. Overall, Sega Superstars Tennis is not a great tennis game, but it's certainly not a bad one, either. It looks pretty, plays well (if simply) and runs great.
  19. Still, there are very few tennis games on the Xbox 360 at the moment, and while hardened fans of the sport may want to hold off for Top Spin 3, Sega fans will lap this fan service up.
  20. In all honesty, the simplification of the controls and hit-miss nature of the superstar mode mean that Sega Superstar Tennis isn’t quite as good as the tennis masterclass that was "Virtua Tennis 3."
  21. The online isn’t perfect with lag and a lack of players to play with, but it sure can be fun when everything clicks.
  22. 69
    I guess at the end of the day, the new Beetle just served as a reminder of what a good car the Golf is. Content over style is the decider again for me.
  23. Games Master UK
    Disappointing stuff. The tennis action just isn't as joyous as its presentation. [Apr 2008, p.55]
  24. Sega Superstars Tennis offers some interesting diversions, but the main meat of the package is lacking the bite it requires to be a great game.
  25. 67
    It's just a shame that, due to Sega's mismanagement of its properties over the last decade or so, Superstars Tennis comes too late to fully resonate with today's gaming audience.
  26. Unfortunately, for adults, the core tennis game doesn’t present any real challenge. This is one best purchased for the kids.
  27. Sega Superstars would have benefited from a more diverse character lineup, as the roster leans rather heavily on a few select franchises.
  28. 65
    Sega Superstars Tennis mixes tennis and mini games and unfortunately doesn't excel at either.
  29. The game is even fun at first, until you hit the curse of repetitive gameplay and inconsistent AI, which is where it all falls apart.
  30. 64
    It's a bit of a yawn that ends up feeling like a barely good enough cash-in. The environments and characters are largely well-done, but the control scheme and dull mini-games drag SEGA Superstars Tennis down.
  31. The real problem with Sega Superstars Tennis is really that it is aimed at kids who are too young to remember most of these characters and casual gamers who could care less. Gamers who fondly remember these classic characters are not likely to sit around and play minigames and mediocre arcade tennis for hours on end.
  32. The action is incredibly easy. We rarely had trouble with events, particularly the formal tennis matches.
  33. 60
    Sega Superstars Tennis isn't a bad game, it's just that it offers little to differentiate it from Virtua Tennis 3 outside of the inclusion of classic Sega characters.
  34. 60
    I wouldn't recommend that version of Sega Superstars Tennis to anyone who isn't a massive fan of the company. I had high hopes, but with so many simple yet crucial issues here, it looks like we're going to have to wait for the inevitable sequel before truly enjoying our trip down memory lane.
  35. So without relevant characters, we’re left with a tennis game that’s dysfunctional and a list of superb mini-games.
  36. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Entertaining enough at first, but lacking any staying power. [Apr 2008, p.78]
  37. X-ONE Magazine UK
    You'd have to be really fanboyish to get some enjoyment out of this. [Issue#31, p.88]
  38. games(TM)
    A dull, short-lived grind. [May 2008, p.123]
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 19 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 3
  2. Negative: 0 out of 3
  1. Dec 27, 2016
    "Sega Superstars Tennis" was a good game, although I do not know anything about Sega games, or their characters, only knowing Sonic, I liked"Sega Superstars Tennis" was a good game, although I do not know anything about Sega games, or their characters, only knowing Sonic, I liked the game a lot, but it was too simple and may not enchant many, but in truth I enjoyed playing it. Full Review »
  2. RyanG
    May 11, 2008
    I bought this game for $20 thinking it would be a mediocre Mario Tennis knockoff. I had an extra 20 bucks, so why not? I have to say, I wasI bought this game for $20 thinking it would be a mediocre Mario Tennis knockoff. I had an extra 20 bucks, so why not? I have to say, I was pleasantly suprised. It is a fun game with a lot of minigames and pretty good gameplay. It does get repetitive at times but it is still entertaining and worth it if you find it for $20. Full Review »
  3. GioD
    Mar 19, 2008
    A very good "fan service" game. If your a Sega fan (which i'am) and are familiar with these characters and their respective games thenA very good "fan service" game. If your a Sega fan (which i'am) and are familiar with these characters and their respective games then you'll have a great time with it. For those who arent, you'll still have a fun time with this solid tennis game. There are 10 "Sega themed" courts to choose from, with 8 hidden characters and a ton of music tracks to unlock. The gameplay modes are singles, doubles, tournaments, superstar (which in this particular mode consists of a HUGE amount of different objectives that you have to accomplish which unlocks the hidden content of the game) and ofcourse, online. All in all, another nice addition to my 360 library. Full Review »