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  1. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter for the Xbox 360 is a return of a classic. It may seem a little dated by some, but I personally believe that for both newcomers and nostalgic gamers like myself, the HD remake that is now available still provides a wonderful experience in terms of both speed and adrenaline pumping action.
  2. Pelit (Finland)
    The distilled essence of the FPS genre. It gives you powerful weaponry and then throws ridiculous amounts of enemies at you – what’s there more to ask? [Mar 2010]
  3. If you're a gamer who finds that modern FPS are too easy and want a challenge pick up Serious Sam HD. Mixing challenging encounters with interesting boss fights you really can't go wrong.
  4. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is a solid, and fun addition to the Xbox Live Arcade.
  5. Some people won’t get what’s so fun about Serious Sam, preferring the more advanced graphics and realistic action of more modern shooters. But you don’t have to be an old fart to enjoy this classic gaming throwback. Sometimes just shooting stuff without having to solve puzzles or tactically engage an enemy is what we want to do, and for that we will always have Serious Sam.
  6. It's not the greatest shooter ever made, but who doesn't love being chased by zombies with bombs for hands or a gigantic six armed monster shooting fireballs to then take them down with the biggest rocket launcher you've ever seen. I know I do!
  7. 75
    This is a bargain-priced re-release of an older title. Did you always want to play the original, but forgot where you put the disc? Grab this puppy off Steam or XBox Live and have yourself a grand ol' time. But if you are into realism, refinement, cohesive plot structure, and/or crates, go blow your hard-earned cash on some pansy, frou frou FPS and quit wasting my time.
  8. Serious Sam: The First Encounter may be a little dated, but this HD remake is still a great way to revisit one of the craziest arcade shooters ever made.
  9. Official Xbox Magazine
    The enemies are crass, the design is mean, the challenge is unforgiving, and the reward limited. You've been warned. [Mar 2010, p.82]
  10. Games Master UK
    An utter hoot and a welcome return - but it's too little, too late. [Feb 2010, p.82]
  11. For nostalgia alone, die-hard fans will get a lot out of this HD remake, but gamers who have been spoilt by current genre favourites may well find Serious Sam HD a bit too simple for its own good.
  12. 70
    Serious Sam doesn't try to be anything more than a gory, adrenaline-fueled shooting gallery. For many, that is all that is required for a good time. It does get repetitive, though.
  13. It’s still a classic, then, but one you’d be wise to play in brief installments. And with no real plot to lose yourself in, no breadcrumbs to follow, and very little else to bother yourself with besides headshots, perhaps this is Serious Sam as he’s always meant to be encountered – as a palate-cleansing blast of pure four-colour chaos to enjoy between other courses.
  14. This is a good time for a good price.
  15. Those who already played before have a good change to repeat that extreme action moments, while the ones who didn't, both videogame veterans and newcomers, can be gladly surprised by what Serious Sam has to offer.
  16. So, if like me you’re a little weary of current shooters, or just fancy a bit of something retro then Serious Sam HD should be right up your alley. Weighing in at 1200 MS points, roughly a tenner, it’s not going to break the bank either. There’s loads of fun to be had here, but you better get used to dying a lot, but it’s all worth it to save the world.
  17. Serious Sam reminds me of a great cult movie hit; the fans get it and love it and the rest don’t see what’s so special or understand. Don’t go in expecting anything innovative, just turn off your brain, blow tons of aliens up and enjoy what a mindless shooter Serious Sam excels at being.
  18. This is just an update of the old game using a modern engine, but also a fun game with an old school flavour.
  19. Sam is eager to bring ultimate mayhem over the legions of his enemies. If you do not own the old game and hate lifting your trigger finger take a shot.
  20. X-ONE Magazine UK
    A little throwaway, but pleasant and good intentioned. [Issue#56, p.104]
  21. Serious Sam is a fun game to play through and will appeal to fans on old style shooters, for others though the basic style of it all may be a step too far.
  22. 360 owners might be less familiar with the original but this is still the most pointless remake ever.
  23. Serious Sam HD is a barebones remake of a nine-year-old game that needed to be tightened up to compete with the high-quality shooters available today.
  24. No deathmatch? What? Super old gameplay tenets and painful repetitiousness reign supreme here, which is what ultimately tanks the fun.
  25. A simple facelift doesn't disguise the fact that it's still the same old game, so unless you're a newcomer to the series, you might be better off keeping your money.
  26. Serious Sam HD has just one, explosive, bloody, wildly spinning gear - one unlikely to arrest your interests for long.
  27. If Croteam had added in some extra content or thrown in The Second Encounter it would be an essential purchase, but instead it ends up as something I’d only recommend if you’ve got cash to spare.
  28. I love the deliberate left-field designs of the monsters, and there's a purity to the way it approaches first-person shooting action that I wouldn't want to change, yet the game is so brutally intense that my frayed nerves and trembling hands can only handle it in half-hour chunks at most. Maybe that's Serious Sam's fault, or maybe I'm just not serious enough.
  29. There aren’t enough new features to cater fans of the series and the gameplay just doesn’t hold up for newcomers.
  30. Do you want a no holds barred, no brainer and almost textbook definition of “old school” FPS to play? If so, go ahead and make the purchase.
  31. Wondering when a suffocating attack will finally, mercifully end is exhausting. Those who have played any of the Serious Sam games no doubt are recalling that feeling right now.
  32. For around $10, Serious Sam HD is a bit of old-school shooter fun but, unless you’re wild about the original, there isn’t much reason to pick this one up. There isn’t anything technically wrong with this port, it’s just the gameplay that won’t appeal to a large audience.
  33. Serious Sam is another unfortunate casualty in this constant cycle of re-releases; it should have stayed in the past with all of the fond memories.
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  1. rolfo
    Jan 21, 2010
    Who needs Borderlands? Play this online with 4 friends and you will have a blast! Even single player totaly rocks! Beutifull with great sound Who needs Borderlands? Play this online with 4 friends and you will have a blast! Even single player totaly rocks! Beutifull with great sound this is one of the best arcade games yet! Worth every mp! Had it included Second encounter I would gladly had paid full retail price! Full Review »
  2. JoeyM
    Jan 20, 2010
    People are taking this game way too seriously with respects to high end realism and fancy graphics. This is a classic FPS game that is meant People are taking this game way too seriously with respects to high end realism and fancy graphics. This is a classic FPS game that is meant to be played with over the top action, gore, and little to no thinking involved. This game is great for those who need a break from the stresses of COD and other realistic shooters. Great game at a great cost. Did I mention your friends can get in on the action with you with 4 player co-op? Full Review »
  3. Dan
    Jan 19, 2010
    This game is a pure joy to play. If you've played the original back in 2001 there's nothing new to be found here but damn is it This game is a pure joy to play. If you've played the original back in 2001 there's nothing new to be found here but damn is it fun. The graphics are beautifully updated and the addition of ragdoll physics make the gameplay much more entertaining. Who doesn't want to kill thousands of enemies in brief amounts of time with awesome weapons? If you like more "serious" shooters, stay clear of serious sam, but if you're looking for an old school shooter quality and charm game look no further than serious sam HD. An awesome remake. Full Review »