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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Experience the Tenchu universe like never before in Shadow Assault Tenchu. Play single-player or with up to three other players in unique Japanese-themed environments as you employ stealth and strategy in an effort to take out your enemies. Single-player action: Different game modes require you to sneak through rooms avoiding the attention of guards, or require you to take out everyone on-screen by well-placed traps. Multiplayer: Play with up to three of your friends for both frantic and strategic action. Tenchu characters: All the characters from the Tenchu universe are here: Rikimaru, Ayame, Tesshu, and Rin. Achievements: Twelve new achievements are included for you to conquer. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. With a focus on trap deployment and confusing free-for-all multiplayer, this doesn't feel much like a Tenchu game at all.
  2. It’s easy to play and it’s challenging but with bland visuals, unimaginative design and a truly flawed multiplayer mode, the cons outweigh the pros.
  3. 50
    Those coming in clean to the series will wonder what the fuss is about, though -- and should probably wait for the next installment in the series instead.
  4. 50
    Overall Shadow Assault: Tenchu feels as though the developers just wanted to put out an Xbox Live Arcade title for a quick buck, so they threw something together and slapped the Tenchu license on it.
  5. Trouble is, it all controls a little too crisply for our liking. [Issue#37, p.117]
  6. 47
    Tenchu: Shadow Assault feels disjointed and lacks focus. Neither dissimilar half works well alone and together they appear confused.
  7. An idea too small to sustain an entire game. [Jan 2009, p.104]

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