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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 57
  2. Negative: 3 out of 57
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  1. In sum, don’t let the pricepoint keep you away from this game. This is one of those rare games you encounter where the gameplay is addicting, refreshing, refined, and innovative - making this highly recommended as a purchase. It really is worth the cost.
  2. 85
    I have found myself playing this a lot more than the Halo 3 beta, which a lot of my friends are angry about but Shadowrun is very addictive.
  3. The game shows that they spent a fair amount of time looking at the user interface and game balance. Now it is down to how Microsoft and FASA choose to support the title in the coming months and years will really see how well it is adopted.
  4. Overall, Shadowrun successfully put an inspiring twist on the popular FPS genre, but this game isn’t meant for everyone.
  5. This is a great game. If you’re willing to abandon your preconceived notions as to what a Shadowrun game should be and simply accept it for what it is, you’ll find a deep and complex first-person shooter that is tons of fun and packed with variety.
  6. Shadowrun is far from perfect and the things that are missing will definitely be missed by many, but it is a very fun take on an old FPS formula and offers addictive gameplay that will make you overlook otherwise major flaws in game design.
  7. 80
    The vaunted cross-platform play works mostly as advertised (including Achievements associated with killing/resurrecting users from the alternate platform), but we still have to question whether it's worth the hassle and cost for PC users.
  8. AceGamez
    There's no denying that I love Shadowrun to bits - it's almost like World of Warcraft meets Counter-Strike. I love RPGs and I adore FPS games, so Shadowrun seems as if it was made just for me!
  9. If you look past the tenuous link to the license and the admittedly dodgy art design, you may just find a game that is quite unlike any other, and is excellent to boot.
  10. Overall, the actual game itself is pretty fun. The magic and tech abilities are good fun and, while the weapons don't have much variety, they are at least balanced. However, the lack of variety when it comes to game modes and maps is what makes this game a mere shadow of what it could have possibly been.
  11. On the whole, Shadowrun could’ve been packaged at about $20 cheaper rather than leave gamers wondering where the majority of their paycheck went.
  12. Shadowrun is a magnificent multiplayer adventure that is sure to keep you entertained for as long as you wish to play.
  13. If there was ever an example of a new game that should have been released as a downloadable game, Shadowrun is a top candidate.
  14. The basic elements are all there and, as long as you go into the game with your eyes wide open as to what to expect, Shadowrun offers a very solid experience.
  15. At the end of the day, Shadowrun is meant for the dedicated shooter fans on the Xbox 360, and for those people the experience will satisfy.
  16. 75
    Shadowrun is a good online FPS.
  17. There's simply not enough meat here to keep the attention of fickle gamers, as the limited number of maps and gametypes will get old fast. Still, the game gets much more enjoyable the more you play, particularly if you have a solid supporting cast around you.
  18. 72
    Any FPS player itching for something new and fresh should definitely check out Shadowrun, anyone else will probably want to save their money for something a little more substantial.
  19. There is no way that a title that does not feature any sort of single-player gaming should cost full price (one exception would be World of Warcraft) and it is obvious that Shadowrun would have sold better and scored better in reviews had it been twenty dollars cheaper.
  20. Shadowrun isn't the tech demo that it could have been, thanks to the wealth of magic and gadgetry on show, but the restricted gametypes and lack of a Campaign means that it ultimately comes up short.
  21. Level design is mediocre and the lack of any single player mode makes the game feel unsatisfying.
  22. Shadowrun has its own flair working in its flavour, but when you compare it to similar online shooters like Unreal Championship; it comes up a little flat.
  23. Overall, Shadowrun is not as good bang for your buck as many other games currently on the market. Given the $60 plus price tag, Shadowrun fails to live up to other formidable first person shooters already available on the Xbox 360.
  24. Quite why this wasn’t released as a budget title is a mystery, because while it is a good game, it’s not a particularly broad reaching or good value one.
  25. There's definitely a lot to like in Shadowrun, but at the same time there's almost an equal amount of stuff to dislike.
  26. Official Xbox Magazine
    Shadowrun is definitely good--"Counter-Strike with magic" works very well--but it should be great. [Aug 2007, p.76]
  27. This multiplayer-only shooter does absolutely nothing with the Shadowrun name, and its unique strengths are offset by a lack of variety.
  28. Though Shadowrun is a first-person shooter, it still manages to include a lot of the qualities that made the original RPG a hit. At the same time, with just a few multiplayer modes and a paltry nine maps, the fun only lasts for so long.
  29. 68
    Shadowrun has no visible persistent statistics, no way to modify character models, nothing, outside of Achievements, to serve as reward. As gamers, it's rewards we crave, be it of the narrative variety, in-game items, new options or modes, or something entirely different.
  30. In the end, the major problem with Shadowrun is expectation. What Shadowrun turns in is a budget priced effort with some truly cool ability concepts, but not enough to warrant its premium title price tag.
  31. At the end of the day Shadowrun can be fun if you ignore the poor use of the brand on which it is based and the intermittent connectivity problems.
  32. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Sadly, match types come in just two flavors: artifact raids or kill sprees, which makes $60 seems extortionate. [Aug 2007, p.78]
  33. The name, Shadowrun, comes with its own legacy, but this game really trashes that history and leaves us with a slightly broken and totally incomplete multiplayer element, and when multiplayer is all your game can offer, you had better get that part right. Unfortunately, FASA didn’t.
  34. 65
    It's hard to make a glowing recommendation about a $60 game that includes virtually no offline mode, lacks variety in its weapons and match types, and suffers from rookie blunders in terms of presentation and interface. It all points to a rushed, chaotic development cycle.
  35. A prime example of potential wasted. Even getting past the terrible use of the Shadowrun license, the game itself just feels half-finished. The lack of variety and polish that shows in every stage and every character model just accentuates this every time you put the disc into your 360.
  36. If you don't mind spending full price on a game you'll have to subscribe to Xbox Live to get full enjoyment from, and if you don't mind a game with repetitive and limited gameplay modes and weapons, then there's nothing stopping you from getting Shadowrun, as the game is fantastic.
  37. The nine maps available aren’t nearly enough, the lack of rankings and leaderboards provide no incentive to hone your skills to perfection, and the extremely meager offline options drag everything down.
  38. Shadowrun doesn’t just trample on the memories of the classic RPGs many people fondly remember. It’s a sham and a rip-off, especially on the Xbox 360. If you absolutely must buy this game, buy it on the PC. Better yet, don’t buy it at all, at least not until it hits the bargain bin.
  39. Shadowrun is a tragic example of great potential and poor follow-through.
  40. Pelit (Finland)
    Shadowrun fails to impress. While the core gameplay principles are well designed and the game has a balanced feel to it, the experience turns out to be underwhelming. There is simply nothing flashy nor exciting about Shadowrun. [Aug 2007]
  41. The biggest disappointment in this otherwise fairly enjoyable shooter is the lack of content once you've finally grasped the formula. There are only nine similar-looking maps to choose from, with more expected down the line via downloadable content.
  42. A well-designed, well-conceived game.
  43. In terms of graphics, in terms of variety, in terms of accessibility, it’s a failure on both 360 and PC. Overall, we’re coming down on the side of foolhardy over brave.
  44. The innovation and surprise goes no further than the dwarves, trolls and magic. As much fun as those elements add to the shooter genre, they're simply not enough to compensate for the absence of everything else.
  45. It comes up dreadfully short in content, with no single-player campaign and only a handful of maps.
  46. I can’t help but think that if Microsoft had worried less about putting PC gamers on Xbox Live and more about giving us 360 owners a complete game we could have had something special here, but it just hasn’t happened.
  47. 60
    It is a shame that it appears that most of its long development time was dedicated to balancing and testing online play against Vista users, instead of actually finishing up the game to meet 2007’s common expectations from a dedicated multiplayer title.
  48. 60
    Shadowrun is a decent multiplayer with a great idea that needed some more time to be fully utilised.
  49. Sometimes you have too much of a focus on one area of a game that the rest seems to fall by the way side, and thus is the case here.
  50. Edge Magazine
    Shadowrun has too many cooks: it’s a heady broth initially, and the possibilities might seem unmatched, but ultimately it turns out to be limited fun. [Aug 2007, p.88]
  51. games(TM)
    Shadowrun has stacks of good ideas; it just fails to rest them on a bed of good value and substance. [Aug 2007, p.104]
  52. 60
    The game is definitely over-priced. With that said, this is still one of the most engaging new multiplayer-only games out there.
  53. Shadowrun’s impressive array of skills and magic gives standard first-person shooters a run for their money, but its lack of game modes or rewards or even a rewarding feeling slows this game to a walk.
  54. Perfect for anyone who used to pit their G.I. Joes against their Dark Crystal dolls.
  55. 40
    Fans of shooters will find, quickly enough, that the absolute reliance on purchased abilities over skill makes this a poor Counterstrike-style title. RPG fans will, likewise, find that there aren't enough RPG elements to make a whole game out of. And both sides should have the common sense to realize that when a company sneaks out a test game disguised as a full retail product, you don't reward it by buying it.
  56. 40
    Beyond its shameful lack of a single-player component, which its gameplay attributes are absolutely screaming out for, Shadowrun feels somewhat unfinished, like a beta trial for better things to come - only it is a finished offering and it is never going to deliver.
  57. Rent it for a bit if you're particularly interested, but what could have really been a solid game turns out as almost half of one with an obvious focus on the unorthodox abilities that is just not going to cut it.
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  1. Negative: 29 out of 156
  1. May 10, 2011
    This is a SOLID shooter. I can't play this without being reminded of Counter Strike, and anyone who has played Counter Strike knows that itThis is a SOLID shooter. I can't play this without being reminded of Counter Strike, and anyone who has played Counter Strike knows that it isn't about the Quantity of the content, but the Quality of it. This game is still a bit light on content, but in the gameplay department it absolutely dominates most shooters. Fun, balanced, and innovative, this is a shooter that deserves a try by anyone who's a fan of the FPS genre. Full Review »
  2. grantg
    Sep 21, 2009
    The multiplayer is great, and there are so many ways to set up your character in the matches, and all the sets are fairly equal, so no one The multiplayer is great, and there are so many ways to set up your character in the matches, and all the sets are fairly equal, so no one becomes incredibly dominant in multiplayer. the unique abilities and tech items give this game so much potential, but the developers completely fail to do anything with this game outside of the inventive abilities and the few maps. there are a very few maps, many of which are just smaller versions of larger maps. and since there is no story mode to this game there should be more maps. shame on you microsoft and FASA for taking a game that could have easily been one of the most acclaimed games of the year and selling the idea short. Full Review »
  3. SamShepherd
    Jan 17, 2009
    Cannot put the game down! One of the best games in the world and my second favourite only beaten by Halo 3, if this game did have a campaignCannot put the game down! One of the best games in the world and my second favourite only beaten by Halo 3, if this game did have a campaign it would make it even more better than it already is! And it's absolutely brilliant already! 5 out of 5 stars. Full Review »