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  1. Mar 13, 2012
    Silent Hill Downpour is a good start to revitalizing the series. Silent hill has always been one of my favorite survival horror games of all time and it definitely still has an impact on the way I approach survival horror games. Silent hill downpour has a great story, atmosphere, and the unreal engine graphics look great. The story starts off a bit slow but, when you get into the second half of the game it starts to make more sense. The game play is what you would expect from a silent hill game but, with more of an emphasis on exploration than combat. The games atmosphere is perfect and is the most comparable title in the series to come close to silent hill 2. The city is basically a character in the game and really comes alive and sucks you into the whole experience, it's really addicting. The graphics are great, the fog, creepy locations, and weird characters all make a return in this game. Combat can be a little clunky at times but, the silent hill games never were about smooth combat, it's supposed to feel clunky and old school. Puzzles in the game were varied and felt well placed within the story except for one towards the end of the game. Silent hill downpour is a great game that silent hill fans should have a blast with and Vatra games really deserves credit for bringing silent hill back to it's roots. Expand
  2. Mar 13, 2012
    It's safe to go back silent hill! Downpour feels very similar to the original silent hill games in that the creepy atmosphere is very terrifying, the puzzles are actually challenging, exploration is more prominent, etc. This game is so good I'm actually going to go so far as to say it rivals the third game in my opinion. Get it now!
  3. Mar 14, 2012
    Warning: Ignore IGN. The reviewer, Stephen Hopper, did not seem to know the controls for the game, and so thought the controls were terrible. Holding left trigger (Xbox) or L2 (PS3) will lock on to enemies and solve many of the problems players are facing in combat. Anyway. This game was a good refresh to the series, mainly due to the fact that it took some creative steps in re-imagining the Silent Hill mythos, instead of relying on previous entries in the series to dictate its vision, as was the case with Origins and Homecoming. The Otherworld sequences are very imaginative, though many of the creatures are a little lacking in creative flair. Although Akira Yamaoka did not write the score for this one, composer Daniel Licht (of the Showtime series "Dexter") really stepped up to the plate and delivered an atmospheric score that both Silent Hill veterans and newbies can love. The story, while not the literary masterpiece that was Silent Hill 2, is still compelling, and takes a different spin on the indigenous population of the town. To be honest, it is not the scariest game out there. While the Otherworld scenes are delightfully disorienting and thrilling, and there are indeed some inspired scares interspersed into the game, it lacks the overall feeling of suffocating dread and crushing terror that was such a hallmark of the originals. However, that's a lot like comparing a modern stunt man to Evil Knievel. The game is not incredibly lengthy, but there are many intriguing side quests (a first for the series) that serve to expand upon the history of the town and its denizens. Many of them have intricate stories all their own. If you take the time to explore every house and building, you can really extend your playtime. Unfortunately, there do seem to be some long periods in the game where nothing is really happening, especially in the first half of the game. You will spend a long time exploring and traveling without much to keep you going outside of the occasional fight or puzzle. However, the Silent Hill games have always done that; perhaps I'm just not used to it anymore because most contemporary games always have something going on. Bug-wise, there are often framerate lags when the game autosaves, and that can be a real immersion-breaker. Also, there is one puzzle which, in a very small minority of users, does not give the full solution. Other than that, there does not seem to be any major gameplay glitches, and the two I mentioned could potentially be fixed in a patch. If you are unlucky enough to get the bugged puzzle, you may have to look up the answer, or be a good guesser. Honestly, I don't think the combat system is that bad. It's certainly leaps and bounds better than any other combat system the series has employed, with the possible exception of Homecoming. It's really pretty simple and easy to grasp. However, players are advised to read the instruction book, because the game does not tell you how to lock on to enemies (hold the left trigger / L2). The fact that you can grab just about anything around you and smack creatures with it is a nice addition, and although you can only carry one melee weapon at a time, it frees up inventory and there's always something nearby to grab in a pinch. Overall, it's a great game for fans of the series (especially considering the last few console entries were less than spectacular), and it's worth playing even if you've never played a Silent Hill title before. There is not a game quite like this one out there. Expand
  4. Mar 13, 2012
    "Silent Hill: Downpur" is the 8th incarnation of the game franchise, this time it focus is on the "natural" scenery, and with rain in place of the well known radio static sound. You're playing as a convict who, during a prison transfer, has an bus accident and ends up falling in Silent Hill during your escape.

    The game's graphics are very good: in some parts, and especially some textures,
    it misses some specific detail or better final polishing (as in the background animations, or the fire in the lighter), and lack some interactivity with the environment elements, such as trees, which are static, and do not move when you touch them. But the general work in the scenarios are really a very good job: all of the game's environment are detailed and you can enter in most of the structures that exist, with a wide number of hidden collectibles and objects in them (in the Hard difficulty you not to see them soo easily: many objects end up unnoticed).

    The overall ambiance of the game, between the mists, darkness and rain is quite sinister and oppressive ... the game is above the level of the previous games in the series (recent ones), in that respect. Regarding the enemies, there is no news or something memorable in their design.

    The soundtrack, sound effects and voice acting is perfect for the style of play, and that's a thing that the Silent Hill series has always excelled, and with this game, this is no exception.

    The gameplay involves much exploration (with scenarios and large or complex environments, which require some care to not lose yourself), with some segments of fighting (or escaping - that depends on how you want to play), Puzzles (very smart ones in this version of the game ) and some other parts of faster action - meaning escaping (when you enter occasionally the "Otherworld" of Silent Hill, fleeing the "Void").

    The combat has the classic scheme of the other games, and when you are injured, your clothes will become bloody, and your attitudes show the physical weakness you feel. A variety of objects can be used as weapons (for melee ou throwing), but all of them are subject to wear off by use.

    The game also has a screen of statistics, with many interesting facts about what you did or not in the game, like mysteries, distance walked, sidequests done, etc..

    My criticism: I thought the combat it's a little clumsy: it is a little impractical to fight enemies, even with the simplified layout of controls, but they can be avoided most of the time (there is an achievement to finish the game without killing enemies). The "Downpour" in the title refers to the rain, which measures the degree of aggressiveness and the presence of enemies around, entering in the the place of the classic radio static sound.

    The same flaw applies to the character's movement: I wanted to see at this point (2012), instead of the classic movement style of the franchise, a well developed and more natural or fluid type of movement in general... yes, this would be an evolution in the game franchise.

    A specific critique, on the Xbox 360 (I do not consider this for my score): playing by DVD and USB flash memory drive, the game has a lot of lags - I recommend you to install the game in the Hard Drive.

    Overall, the game retains its essence, is a Silent Hill, our classic game of horror and psychological suspense, in this version with more exploration in the game, but with action and clever puzzles segments in the gameplay - it have some problems, like the movements (of the character and combat) and in some specific graphic features, but is great graphically in the environments and in the general "mood". With some extra work the game would be a lot better.

    For anyone who is a fan of the series and likes games with this particular style, it's recommended: my score is 7,3 .
  5. Mar 13, 2012
    From the impressions and reviews I've read so far (aside from ign's farcical attempt) it's almost unanimous that this is the best Silent Hill game in years. Incredible atmosphere, heavy focus on original and creative puzzles, unique and interesting otherworld environments and a captivating and original story. Combat and monster designs have been noted as mediocre for the most part but overall this is a game for Silent Hill fans, but the average gamer who needs everything spoon fed to them might not get that into it.

    It's been getting good to average reviews so far with the exception of one overtly negative review that failed to provide any info on anything in the game other than technical issues like freezing when autosaving etc. so I would advise people to try and think for themselves where this game is concerned as nothing is more pathetic than blindly following what a review on a site like ign (which has become something of a laughingstock over the past decade) has to say. Having a mind of your own is like totez cool. Honest rating: 8.5/10, rating it higher to counter the little kids giving it a much lower score than it deserves.
  6. Mar 16, 2012
    Some gameplay elements are taken from the previous few instalments. Most notably is from Silent Hill Homecoming, and a few things from Silent Hill Shattered Memories, such as the over the shoulder chase scenes that were common in memories. It also brings back a few cool things, like the loved classic fixed camera angle. The graphics are by far the best in the series at this time. Sure, visual effects suck big ones, but still, its got some great graphics...The sounds are sometimes creepy, voice acting is very well done, and gunshots sound realistic. But monster sounds and the soundtrack is horrible. Kinda sad that akira could not provide his music this time... and they only allowed mary to do 1 track... hmm... and korn sucks big ones... i did not like the soundtrack.Some of the story is boring at first, but really, starts getting interesting later. Its also kinda sad when you uncover things about murphys deceased little boy... And depending on the end, its nice to see Anne and Murphy become friends.This is a very good change from the previous disappointing titles we got in the series, (Origins, Shattered Memories and Homecoming...), and the story is by far on par with Silent Hill 2 and 3. Expand
  7. Mar 13, 2012
    Awesome game.. While its not as good as old Silent hill games its a step in the right direction, and btw that is not my real score i only give it 10 because some people on the forums are saying they will rate this game 0 to lower its user score, i gave it a 8.5/10
  8. Apr 21, 2012
    From the moment I saw the E3 trailer I had high expectations for this!! I'm proud to announce that this game actually reaches those expectations in fact it goes far beyond them! The story is one of the greatest in silent hill. I played silent hill 1 a couple of years ago and since than I've been a fan of the series. I also own every game in the franchise. I'm glad that downpour is in my collection. I have one problem with this game and that would be the fact that there is less scares I this game. The story is so damn good that you'll easily forget about the lack of scares. If you're a fan or just a casual gamer play this game, you may not like it as much as me but give it a chance. Expand
  9. Mar 13, 2012
    Great game.. I think its the best one in the series since Silent hill 2,3 , the graphics are kinda good, combat is OK , and the game is scaries than Dead Space. and while the game have some technial issues/bug, i still think its an amazing game.

    PS: i had to give this game a perfect 10 to counter all those trolls one the forums that said they will rate this game 0 , my real score is 8/10
  10. Mar 13, 2012
    Silent hill: Downpour is great, the environments you can explore, the combat is way better & more responsive than any other game in the series, (don't expect to call in AC130's or combat knife people in one hit) and you'll be pleased with the result. The only real downfall with this game, and it's really annoying, but hides away at some points, is the stuttering. By this I mean that while accessing a new area the game will some times stop for a moments time, freeze, or jump around to kind of load things up. Still, you should try it. Expand
  11. Mar 13, 2012
    I've been playing this for about 3 hours. Decent graphics. I liked the character/story introduction. Some cheesy "scares" that made me jump lol. IGN was right about the combat, it stinks (better to just run away if you can), but a 4.5 was way harsh. This game is a 7 at best. I'll tell you what, it's a whole lot better that mass effect 3...
  12. Mar 15, 2012
    Silent hill is coming to an end with downpour. Why cant konami just learn. We want true horror, not this crap. This is a horrible, boring game with several problems that make it literally unplayable. The game freezes randomly, lags constantly, the graphics glitch non stop, etc. Should i go on? SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY RESIDENT EVIL OPERATION RACCOON CITY INSTEAD. This game is not true to the series, it is the same fail thats been going on since 4.This is it, i am done. No more silent hill for me. Was considering getting the new BOM for my vita, but after this crap, and noticing BOM was top down, im gonna pass instead. Too bad. Taking it for a refund today. Collapse
  13. Mar 15, 2012
    Do not listen to Negative reviews from Critics, either they are way too stupid or blinded. I have noticed many Critics justifying a **** review for this game because it isn't Silent Hill 2. Judge the game for what it is and not for what it isn't. Downpour in all honesty is a step in the right direction, and is more faithful to the roots than recent iterations (Homecoming) The games story is quite compelling throughout. As for the criticism towards combat, I for one agree combat is not the best, but perhaps it was on purpose because you can run away from your fights, and it would seem like they encourage that. (One Achievement does) This game is great for fans and new people alike, I recommend a purchase, and a proper Metascore for this game should be anywhere from 75-90, anything less is pathetic because this game deserves better credit. Expand
  14. Mar 15, 2012
    I found SH: Downpour a great experience, refreshing the saga with a cool story and a character different from previous one.
    I love the music and atmosphere and perhaps have those clumsy graphics but is beareable having so many good points and the main one: is scary as previous ones.

    9 is a good number for a Rainy SH
  15. Mar 29, 2012
    Best Game horror forever. Epic.
    This game its awesome.
    El juego es increible, el mejor de todos, una brutalidad, super cuidado y una obra maestra.
    Gracias Konami por hacer semejante obra de arte.
    Una brutalidad de juego, su jugabilidad, su ambientación, su musica, todo.
  16. Mar 13, 2012
    Silent hill Downpour still a good game. Not the best in the series, but still a game to pick up and play all the way through. story is good, get a few scares here and there. the Voice acting is really good and prob the best in the series, it don't seem cheesy and everyone's voice seems to match up just right, Monsters are on the lame side a little bit, but i am happy they didn't Reuse all the monsters from Silent hill 2 and 3 got tired of seeing EVERY monster in the same game. Story is good and i liked this one better then Homecoming. Controls suck BUT its silent hill ALL silent hill games controls suck. Combat is the same way but this is not a Combat game, i see your suppose to RUN from the monsters not stand there and take on 3 at a time. dont come into this game thinking your guy is a MMA fighter or was in the marines or something that is what i see all the bad reviews are for is the bad combat your guy is not a fighter as in all silent hills your just a avg joe

    reason why i gave it a 8 is because of the monsters (could of been cooler buy hey this is vatra first game so i cut them some slack)
  17. Mar 14, 2012
    Este jogo é muito bom!!!Sou brasileiro, sei falar e escrever em inglês mas nunca vi nenhum por aqui, portanto so digo que o jogo e decente e a IGN ta de marcação com ele porque no minimo é redator é muito ruim!!! IGN BORING!!!
  18. Mar 15, 2012
    I have never fet foot in Silent Hill. But this game. I am really loving it! Only for fans who aren't ashamed to be freaky, geeky and creepy! :P
    ps: Combat is not that bad on easy settings.
  19. Mar 14, 2012
    The Downpour review you have been looking for. I have yet to finish the game so this review will be continued at a later time regardless if I think it is bad or good. I still felt I needed to jump in here because some of the review here are terrible, this poor game is getting wounded by both the good and bad reviews. So, first off let me get who I am as a Silent Hill player out of the way first. I have been playing Silent Hill since the original, I was there in 1999 when the game was first shown in gaming magazines and got a hold of the game instantly on release. I fell in love, and that love would grow through part 2,3, and even 4. Today I am the biggest Silent Hill fan I know, I study it, I am inspired by it, I barely go five minutes without it entering my mind. I am a creative type and everything I create connects to my inspiration of that foggy town in some way or another. I find Silent Hill 2 to be the greatest achievement in gaming even today. The game is so deep, poetic and complex that even some of its biggest fans arent even aware. The game manages to be so tightly paced, atmospheric and symbolic that one can easily miss it and view it as a boogeyman game, it is more than I think a game ever meant to be. The movie is horrible, Homecoming is a mess, Shattered Memories is good on its own merits as well as misunderstood, and Origins is decent. Now, Downpour. I have yet to finish like I said, and I am playing at the pace of a limping snail, simply to live in the wonderful town as long as I can. I am playing on normal difficulty with Puzzles set to hard. Thus far, the game is not a disappointment, and even more so is quite good. Coming from me that is remarkable, I am a hard ass critic and even more so when it comes to Silent Hill. I watch each installment close and judge it to death with every step and syllable of dialogue. Silent Hill 2 this is not, nor is it 1,3, and honestly so far not 4. But to be runner up to those titles...that is a huge accomplishment. Vatra worked hard on this and it shows. Creating a Silent Hill game is not like creating a Resident Evil game, with Silent Hill you have to bring new ideas to the table all the while throwing love to the fans and at the exact same time never ever crossing the line of too much or things that dont make sense (Pyramid Head). Downpour, thus far, has gotten this right. Its pace and atmosphere are delivering all while being a new experience in the series. It is eerie when played correctly and slow, its anthology pays a lot of respect to other Silent Hills even including comic book series (and the better comics to boot). It IS NOT perfect, no sir, but it is also not nearly as flawed as others are saying. I have had very little lag or texture problems but I do know they are there, it is true. The graphics while good are disappointing by Silent Hill standards. I use to dream of what it would one day look like on Ps3 and well, Downpour is not it, but it still is a good looking game. Now to the combat, this is important, very important. The Combat IS JUST FINE. True, I mean that. It is stiff yes, odd at times yes, difficult, and can leave you wishing you had just ran. Guess what? All intentional, all effective. It is survival horror in all its beauty. I know this 2012, I know this is the modern gaming generation but who cares? The modern generation feeds us Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, and Left 4 Dead. Now dont get me wrong, Dead Space is great and even scary but it is not Survival Horror. It is just a scary action game. Honestly only three games in recent years qualify as Survival Horror in true form. They are Siren: Blood Curse, Amnesia, and now Downpour. It is true Survival Horror where flight always wins over fight. Murphy screams "get away from me!" in pure fear at times when running from the most ordinary of Downpours foes. This is Survival Horror, and if you dont understand that or cant except it then maybe this game is not for you. Picture swinging a pick axe at something the size of your garage door in your face, you would swing like a little girl, much like Murphy. Downpour will have trouble keeping up amongst its modern horror peers which is sad because it honestly outdoes nearly all of them. Please keep an eye out, if you wish, for my follow up as soon as I complete the game and give my more direct review, it should also be far shorter. If you are reading this line I thank you very kindly. Here is to hoping the rest of Downpour is as good as its early stages are. Currently 8 or so out of 10. Expand
  20. Mar 21, 2012
    Uff, difficult, this new title of the silent hill saga is one of the worst titles of Silent, and what is the principal problem?, is like a copy of the amazing Alan Wake, is not fresh, is boring, have good ideas, but is zzz... Silent Hill Downpour can be better.
  21. Mar 13, 2012
    An attempt at silent hill gone wrong... again! Im gonna keep it simple, and just point out the flaws without mumbojumbo. This title has massive framerate drops, lags, and total lockups. (it is NOT my system. This is the ONLY game that does it on there.). The games animations are very amateur. You try to hit an enemy, and the weapon wont usually touch them and the character walks off on his own while in combat. Next, the graphics. The graphics and models are pretty good, however visuals are sub par to a 2006 PS2 game. They were rushed. Monster design is horrible as well. The monsters are all similar looking to humans. Areas are very frustrating to navigate due to the choice of camera angle. The game is not at all scary, and its a very predictable game. I was very exited seeing Rely On Horrors downpour playthrough, and buying it i was happy. However only 5 mins into it after the starting scene, the game already started glitching out. I started having framerate drops and it even crashed on one of the roads for no reason. My friend on his system is having the very same issue. Im NOT saying this game is terrible, but it is not good either. Im mixed on the decision, so im giving it a 4/10. I will change my review IF they release a future patch to fix so many peoples issues. All the critics have rated it mixed or negative, and these fanboy silent hill downpour freaks keep rating the game all up. There insane. Read reviews from trusted critics like IGN, the games not terrible or good. A patch to fix the SEVERAL framerate drops, crashes, awkward pauses in voice overs, animation problems, etc... i will change my score. Until then, im taking it back to walmart, since walmart now refunds games in my state. Konami, do what others are saying and listen to us. Develop "in house" and stop getting these other amature developers to screw us over like usual. I have not seen a good silent hill at all since 3. 4 was ok, Origins was a massive low end graphics lagathon disaster, homecoming had a good premise but fell short of good, shattard memories was horrible,and this cuts the cake. Im worried now... im sure PSvitas SH BOM will not succeed as said before. Im still gonna try the demo on my vita... provided there is a demo. (if theres no demo, im not getting it). So guys, be warned when buying this game you will run into several issues. The story is very good though, and a true silent hill fan should totally check it out at least. Expand
  22. Mar 17, 2012
    A perfect tribute to the first three games. It may not have the magic, terror and the originality of those, but it is a very worthy sequel, much better than Silent Hill: Home Coming. The combat is just as I expected: awkward and tiresome. People complain about it, but I think it's a good point. Nobody remembers the terrible combat controls and in Silent Hill 2 and 3? It is a characteristic of the saga that was lost in Homecoming. The grafics are very good. Except for some minor bugs, the rest works great, with excellent lighting. Finally, a game highly recommended, especially for hardcore fans of the series (like me). Ah, do not trust IGN.

    Sorry for my English.
  23. Mar 18, 2012
    I love this game. Is it brand new in many ways, but just like SH1, 2, and 3 in many other ways. People who pay close attention will see many homages to the original games. The game does make you search very thoroughly (like the old games) and you will need to be patient and very diligent in your searching and exploring. This game doesn't hold your hand like most new games do and I don't think that many younger players would find the game entertaining unless they are quite mature, intelligent and very observant. I had my reservations about this game and wasn't expecting too much because of Homecoming (which I thought was good, but not great) and I loved Silent Hill Origins and this game does give you a lot of melee weapons to choose from, but they break after some use, however the game provides a lot of replacement weapons and to be honest if you are smart, a bit conservative and search everywhere then you won't have a problem with ammo regardless of what you might have heard. I have played the game on Normal difficulty on both parts including the puzzles and have found them challenging but not impossible. I really feel as though Vatra took the best aspects of SH2 and Origins and combined them together to make their own game, with its own personality, own atmosphere and its own foundation for future games. I honestly believe that Silent Hill is finally back and here to stay. I wish they wouldn't have released 3 games in one month, and if you can only buy one of them, then I would buy Downpour without a doubt. It is fun, scary. challenging, it has great weapons, awesome graphics, a great story (that takes a while to get going but it is worth the wait trust me) and Vatra really has been respectful of the original games and at the same time they have really added many new twists and turns that have made the game their own in best of ways. I also need to let everyone know that the game took me 23 hours to complete, but I did almost all the side quests and played very diligently and carefully. Many of the game magazines have said ten hours, but that is not true and you will really get your money worth. The game is a blast to play, and if I had one complaint it's that the game sometimes does have moments of silence where you literally don't have any music at all and that is kind of detached from the game and I am sure that they had good intentions, but the silence at times is hollow and does hurt the overall experience. However, that is one small complaint, and overall I give the game a 8.5/10. Enjoy a real survival horror game (finally)! . Expand
  24. Mar 19, 2012
    "Silent Hill is back with Downpour. All those things that we missed in previous games are here again. The characters, the fog, the story, the gore, everything is back. This is what all SH fans have been waiting for."
    Yes! This is the best Silent Hill since SH2!!! Can't wait next Silent Hill game from VATRA!
  25. Mar 19, 2012
    I have been a huge fan of the series since Silent HIll 2 and I havent given up yet, even though there were a few missteps in the series as of late. Silent HIll Downpour is a welcome addition to the series and is a great step toward revitalizing Silent HIll. I was initially put off by the mixed reviews, some favorable, some not so much. I usually go by IGN standards, but I really feel they dropped the ball on this one. Not to say I dont have some issues with the game, as there are a few. I will start with those to get them out of the way. A: the combat is a bit frustrating at times. Yes, it adds to some of the general tenseness, but at times it had me gritting my teeth. B: Not as much a complaint as a request, the moral choices should have been more involved. I wont ruin anything, but I feel there could have been a bit more to it. And really, those are my biggest problems with downpour. Now, the positives. One thing I have to say I enjoyed, was the voice acting for Murphy. Awesome. From his frightened screams to his comments, it seemed as though Murphy's tone and responses were natural and convincing. A few times the voice acting was shaky at best, but overall great. (side-note: Daniel Licht, who creates the soundtrack for Dexter as well, fits in nicely to the SH atmosphere. I hope he continues to work on the series musically). Also, I really loved the dynamic town. From side-quests to general exploration, as a HUGE silent hill fan I really enjoyed strolling the town, dodging otherworld patrol cruisers. Speaking of which, the otherworld is back and as twisted as ever. Including some dizzying moments and chase scenes that really create a sense of tension. All of this supported by some great visual effects and good graphics, notably most of the water-effects. But of curse, all of this is for not without a good plot, and I feel Murphy's journey has been the most engaging since James Sunderlands. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed the switch from town lore back to letting the town do what it does best: serving as ones personal hell. I feel the writers really encapsulated the roots of SH2 and what made it so engaging. It is not as great as the Sunderland love story, but it is definitely one of my favorite storylines, as I was growing tale with the towns cult storylines. Overall, aside from the few issues mentioned above, Downpour is great and a worthyaddition to any Silent Hill lovers collection. From the well told story, to the great story elements, to the towns atmosphere I would recommend this whole-heartedly. I would give it a solid 8 or 9 out of 10 for anyone willing to play it, but personally, as a HUGE fan to the SH universe, I give it a 10 for renewing my love of the series after a few lackluster installments. Expand
  26. Mar 20, 2012
    I tip my hat to Vatra games for finally getting what Silent Hill needed, and I hope this studio has the rains to the next installment of Silent Hill.

    I absolutely loved the otherworld sequences, the puzzles, the art design, the story, and the exploration was fantastic. The side quests were also implemented exceptinally well, and provided some extra hours of gameplay and variety.

    Things to improve on would be a less clunky combat system and more creative enemy design. Also I'd prefer a game without all the bugs, but honestly they didnt ruin my time.

    This is the direction Silent Hill needs to head in. Thank you Vatra games for finally giving me the SIlent Hill game the fans wanted.
  27. Mar 20, 2012
    Warning: Ignore IGN. The reviewer, Stephen Hopper, did not seem to know the controls for the game, and so thought the controls were terrible. Holding left trigger (Xbox) or L2 (PS3) will lock on to enemies and solve many of the problems players are facing in combat. Anyway. This game was a good refresh to the series, mainly due to the fact that it took some creative ....
  28. Mar 23, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My experience since beginning Silent Hill Downpour has been extremely positive. The game felt like a proper continuation of the series in this gaming generation. Vatra added a substantial amount of setting, character and game-play to the Silent Hill universe and Daniel Licht composed a beautifully unsettling score - all while the whole team kept the brand of Silent Hill unscathed and prominent. Opening the town to more side-quests and encouraging the player to explore came as the best new addition to the series. My desire to freely roam and investigate Silent Hill never felt completely satisfied by previous Silent Hills. Vatra painted rich new angles of my favorite, maleficent town by letting us confront and interact with these simple side- scenarios. I don't know if I'll ever forget my moment in the movie theater or the story behind all the ribbons tied to telephone poles. The experiences set new landmarks and pushed the boundaries further for future games to nod to and aspire from.

    Furthermore, Daniel Licht's score fell right into place, especially after this being his first shot at portraying the concept of Silent Hill. I can't think of anything he didn't do right. It came as such a pleasure to experience Silent Hill musically in a new, yet fitting way. The story begins with the right amount of intrigue necessary for a Silent Hill plot to develop healthily. The feel of a natural survival horror game makes a return with the moody atmospheres, puzzles, and desperate combat any survival horror fanatic lives for. It's an overall package that I'm really proud to play and look forward to replaying in the future. While the Silent Hill franchise may have grown rickety after the years, it has finally made its comeback with Downpour. I applaud Konami, Vatra, and Daniel Licht for releasing such a solid addition to my Silent Hill library. I can only hope that Konami recognizes they've reformed Team Silent and that they hit the target with this game.
  29. Oct 1, 2012
    I agree with Milhan. This game kicks ass. I like IGN but I'd definitely punch them in the **** nose cause Resident Evil is obviously paying them bribes. Which they wouldn't have to if they didn't produce garbage like RE5 and Racoon City.... Give me a **** break RE6, I've lost all faith... holding out for a remake of RE 1-3. Silent hill is still as bright and true. Kicks Ass!
  30. Apr 26, 2012
    There are changes from the original 3 silent hill games, (1&2 being better then 3) but I love the new ideas. The combat feels right for a silent hill game and hasn't gone down the boring route of every other game on the market today.
    The opening door feature doesn't sound like much but it adds to the "what's waiting for me round the corner" feel.
    The weapon pick up feels great
    as there is not a limit or pre-written idea of what you will use.
    Not completed it yet and have heard there is no pyramid head which is a small let down however the game is defiantly outweighing the very minor "let downs" of being a fan of the series.
    That may sound bad but trust me, this game is very good.
    To sum it up, it's probably the first game since metal gear solid 4 and Gta 4 that I feel has been worth the money.
    And appart from silent hill 2 as that was on the ps2, I defiantly feel like this has been the best survival horror game since resident evil 3 nemesis!
    Only wish capcom took a page out of this book and continued the series for fans and not becoming action sell-outs.
    Despite the fog, there's fog but not as heavy as the ps2/ps1 editions, and pyramid head this game is still making me want to play more.
    The graphics I think are excellent, and most of all this game revolves around an entertaining story, meaning you want to play to find out what happens which I havent had that feel since final fantasy 10 (when square soft made good games).

    Honestly outstanding game, and great effort!
    If metal gear solid 3 was not remade in HD then this would be my happiest buy of the year with regards to gaming, and one of the fewest games since 2005 I don't instantly have the thought of trading in.

    Please make another. :)
  31. Mar 15, 2012
    Silent hill is coming to an end with downpour. Why cant konami just learn. We want true horror, not this crap. This is a horrible, boring game with several problems that make it literally unplayable. The game freezes randomly, lags constantly, the graphics glitch non stop, etc. Should i go on? SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY RESIDENT EVIL OPERATION RACCOON CITY INSTEAD. This game is not true to the series, it is the same fail thats been going on since 4.This is it, i am done. No more silent hill for me. Was considering getting the new BOM for my vita, but after this crap, and noticing BOM was top down, im gonna pass instead. Too bad. Taking it for a refund today. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 38
  2. Negative: 1 out of 38
  1. Jun 15, 2012
    Silent Hill fans desperate to find any good left in the series will be relieved to know that Silent Hill: Downpour is a step up from 2008's forgettable Homecoming, but Konami seems to be trapped in some horrifying nightmare of its own design.
  2. May 15, 2012
    Developer Vatra clearly has a fondness for the material and they've tried to address some of the series' more nagging issues with varying degrees of success. There are moments in Downpour that genuinely work and showcase what this franchise could be with a little more TLC. Unfortunately, there are still rough patches to be smoothed over and kinks to be worked out in subsequent sequels-but here's to hoping Vatra gets another crack at it.
  3. May 11, 2012
    Even despite its flaws, Silent Hill: Downpour manages to scare and entertain the living hell out of me. Change isn't always bad, especially for a town so devoted to change its visitors as Silent Hill. [May 2012]