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  • Summary: Take to the snow with the most comprehensive and exciting Snowmobile game ever made. Compete in adrenaline filled snow cross races, extreme hill climbs, and gravity defying stunt challenges as you try to win it all. Featuring 20 fully authentic Ski-doo snowmobiles presented in HD for the first time along with accessories and clothing from the full Ski-Doo range. In addition to the fully featured single player mode, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge also provides a complete online experience with voice support, leaderboards and online tournaments. [Valcon Games] Expand
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  1. Still, all in all, the fun racing action and the budget price tag incline us to recommend this game. It's a lot of fun and takes a good day of gameplay to conquer, making for a nice value-to-cost ratio.
  2. 64
    A reasonable racing game, but it doesn't pack a whole lot of excitement in with the disc and manual. If you're really into snowmobile arcadey racers, you may find a fair bit to like here. Otherwise, there are a number of other and better "extreme" racers to choose from.
  3. The only reason to bother with it is its low-hanging Achievements! [July 2009, p.84]
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