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  2. Negative: 19 out of 48

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  1. Oct 17, 2011
    I have a 3 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Screw them! I bought this game for me. They're just my excuse. The game itself is a very good platformer, and the toy combo is perfect. Nostalgia has taken a lot of Spyro Fans too much that they forget that the original games were equally as childish- they were just younger back then. I would hate on Activision if I could, trust me. They're my #2 worst publisher. But they hit it out of the park. The figures are actually quality, and the game is fun. Be careful, though, because the 3DS version is NOT multiplayer. Which was, in my opinion, Activision's biggest mistake. Other than that, I can say so far it's a major hit with each person controlling their characters and we switched out as necessary. For people who have kids, this game is a GODSEND. An $8 character will completely renew interest. So fanboys took one for the team. It's still a great game. Expand
  2. Oct 19, 2011
    Very fun and innovative game in terms of the portal and figures. I'm 28 years old, I've played the Insomniac Spyro games, loved them, and I'm just fine with what they've done with him in this game. Just think of it as Spyro in an alternate universe before you fan boys start peeing your pants in rage. This is a quality, well-made game that is a joy to play. I recommend you give it a shot before you knock it. Expand
  3. Oct 17, 2011
    It's kinda sad when the best new peripheral idea today not only far exceeds all others, but is also for a game targeted for kids 6 and up. The game is $10 more than other AAA titles however it comes with the "pedestal of power" and 3 Skylander figures which are about 8 bucks individually. Game play is basic but solid, has co-op, and a multiplayer mode with various game types. I'm usually a Halo, Gears type gamer but my wife and I spent about 4 hours the night we bought it glued to the TV having more fun on the XBOX than we've had in a long time. A friend of ours even went out and bought a figure of his own to play with us even though he himself doesn't own it. There's plenty of hidden areas and treasures to keep you coming back for more and the 6 of 32 skylanders we own all have drastically different attacks and play styles. (My favorite is Trigger Happy, a duel wielding psycho version of Stimpy from Ren and Stimpy and he comes free in the package). As an adult with no kids, the game is a blast so I wouldn't be surprised if anyone with young ones picks this up, they will definitely get their money's worth. Expand
  4. Oct 25, 2011
    Fantastic game - A charming blend of League of Legends/Heroes of Newarth/DotA meets Ratchet & Clank, with some Diablo-esque game play and level design that often rivals Mario Galaxy. Ok so it's not cheap if you want to collect every toy, but either way, it's a brilliant game.
  5. Oct 21, 2011
    My son is 7 and he absolutely loves this game. I am not ashamed to say... I also enjoy playing alongside him. I see quite a few people complaining about the cost of all the characters. But honestly I'm not sure why. Unless you have the desire to buy all the characters at once. Personally, I like the idea of waiting a while and then getting a few more characters. It's certainly cheaper than buying a whole new game. Skylanders is the game I've been waiting for. Pure and simple fun. Expand
  6. Nov 2, 2011
    Granted I only played the first level myself, and then my kids took over and enjoyed it from there. But it works, it's novel and the game and peripheral works well. The characters are nice HD looking and the levels are cute. I am very satisfied I shelled out $100 bucks for the starter pack, and 4 extra characters. I have a feeling we'll be looking to collect the other 23 over time.
  7. CL1
    Nov 10, 2011
    For kids that are 6 to 10 years old this game can't be beat. My nephew and niece love that you take a real toy put it on the portal and it comes to life in the game. Each character has different attacks which make them fun to change. The story and game play are fun, easy to follow and safe for kids. This is a game everyone in the family can sit around a play together. I highly recommend it; I'm off to buy a three pack of new characters, enjoy! Expand
  8. Dec 23, 2011
    I bought this game on a whim, and I am totally glad I did. What a fun little addicting innovated game they have created!!! It's not a super Spyro game, it's a Skylanders game with Spyro's name attached!
    I am 38 years old a really like this game a lot, I also bought it for my Mom's husband he just turned 60! This game spans all age groups, a pretty far cry for the 7 year-old boys this game
    was targeted too.
    Well worth the price tag too, you get the game 3 figures and the portal of power! All for the normal price of a game! If you are tired of the shooters out there, and want something you can just kick back and play....if you like collecting figures and collectables this game is soooo for you!
  9. Dec 23, 2011
    It is one of the best games i have ever seen and played it is awesome, the toys make it awesome so you can explore with different characters yeah ok it is expensive but it is worth it at the end of the day.
  10. Dec 23, 2011
    I expected this game to get bad reviews from users, but that is nature of humans who are clouded by nostalgia and fear change. I own the original 3 Spyro games for the Playstation, and they were great. However, that was then, this is now. I do not fear change. I love change. Had this game been the same old stuff, it would get repetitive. However, instead of trying to fix what they messed up, they went and put this game into a genre of its own, which helps fix the brand and make it fun. This, my friends, is the Gauntlet of this generation. What I mean by Gauntlet, is that it has an arcade feel to it. It is easy enough for kids to go through, but has enough depth and strategy for us adults (I am 33) who seek to explore the inner workings of this excellent game. I will say, that is hands down my favorite game of 2011. I did buy my usual crop of AAA titles from established franchises, such as Assassin's Creed, Batman, Elder Scrolls, Uncharted, Zelda, and more, but this game came out of left field and made me feel as if I was chugging quarters into an arcade cabinet. Again, it is the Gauntlet of this generation. This game is so addicting and fun, I bought it on all systems (even on PC and I loathe buying PC games), and have 2 complete sets of the currently released 27 figures. That's on top of what my kids own, which they have their own sets. I have two sets, personally, so I could have each Skylander take one of the two upgrade paths available to them. To top it off, each Skylander unlocks a sometimes tough as nails Heroic Challenge that all Skylanders can use to raise the stat they are rewarded with for completing this game. There will be 32 Heroic Challenges (almost levels themselves), on top of the 22 chapter (level) story mode, and 4 more chapters coming from Adventure Packs (which include a Skylander and two magical items that can be used in every level). This theoretically means you have a total of 58 unique levels to play (none are recycled). What's even better about this game, is some of the toys can help you out if you're in a bind. Sure, you can use an adventure pack toy, to unlock a new chapter, but it also has a hidden feature. Place that level toy on the portal once per level, and it will start dealing damage to enemies on the screen, before unleashing a huge shockwave, that kills every enemy currently on screen. It's things like that, that made me feel like I was back at the arcade discovering all kinds of cool things. So in closing, BEST GAME I'VE PLAYED IN 2011! Nothing will change that. This is coming from a 33 year old, who isn't some bootleg gamer that is clouded by nostalgia (I pity those people). These people giving it 0's are one-trick ponies who think that things should never change. This franchise was hurting bad, from trying to be too much like the original 3 games, so it was about time to change the formula altogether. This game is an absolute blast, that it is the first game in my life, I have spent over 1000 bucks on. It is simply too fun to pass up. Expand
  11. Jan 9, 2012
    Whenever a new Spyro game comes out i get it i like all Spyro games and this by far was the best i really liked this game it was expensive but really fun i always play Skylanders whenever i have free time
  12. Mar 1, 2012
    I am a big spyro fan and I think that out of all the games i have played this is the best. It has a great campain and a great story line. It has diffrent carictars that you can play with and that's the best part, because not everyone likes spyro I do and i have play them all like 1,000 times thats why i like spyro but like i said befor not everyone likes playing as spyro.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 35 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 35
  2. Negative: 0 out of 35
  1. Jul 27, 2012
    Without a doubt, Skylander's Spyro's Adventure is the best family-friendly, everybody-pleasing title I've seen in quite some time, and has handily eclipsed that other collect'-em-all franchise as the go-to at our house.
  2. 50
    Decent game hindered by hidden costs. [Jan 2012, p.98]
  3. Dec 22, 2011
    One of the most original concepts to hit the industry in the past two or three years, Skylanders is also just fun to play.