Mixed or average reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 12
  2. Negative: 1 out of 12
  1. Space Ark is a charming hybrid of a handful of classic arcade games. Its combination of score-beating arcade mentality, and devious puzzle elements in the later stages, make it shine against the murky backdrop of lesser XBLA titles.
  2. It is a game you will happily complete the missions on, get some decent time attack scores and see how long you can last in Survival, then move on to the next game.
  3. If Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and Arkanoid had a saucy three-way, Space Ark would be the love child.
  4. Overall, Space Ark is an enjoyable title and a great addition to Xbox Live Arcade. It’s a new take on an old formula and the developer has succeeded in creating a enjoyable title.
  5. Space Ark is a fun game and at first feels shallow and a little bit of a throw away Xbox LIVE title, something the trial may put across to most gamers but, with a little patience and further pursuit you soon uncover the much needed use of strategy and planning in the later challenging planets.
  6. But the game's appeal is short-lived despite its unusually large amount of content, and its lack of an addictive gameplay hook won't knock Peggle off its pedestal any time soon.
  7. While it feels a little expensive at 800 Microsoft points, Space Ark is still a fun game.
  8. Though Space Ark is a visual riot of bright pastels, sparkly special effects, and supermarket-circular-burst graphics, it'd be a stretch to say it ever becomes truly exciting. [July 2010, p.85]
  9. Space Ark is undeniably catchy, but too much repetition and too much cuteness can spoil the party.
  10. Space Ark is a decent kids game, and it will probably hold the attention of an adult for a good couple of hours, but eventually the repetition begins to grate, and staring into the hypnotic disney-eyes of the Arkonauts becomes slightly disturbing as you begin to wonder whether they can see into your soul.
  11. Pretty dull. [Issue#60, p.107]
  12. If someone were to ask me why they should buy Space Ark I would ask them if they really love to play games to compete on leaderboards and then I would ask them if they have superhuman patience and Arkanoid skills. That's the type of gamer that will likely enjoy this experience, the same ones that enjoyed the heyday of the Arcade. Old busted cabinets and all.

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