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  • Summary: Spelunky is a platformer with randomized levels that offer a unique and challenging experience each time you engage it. Journey deep underground and explore fantastic places filled with monsters, traps, and treasure. Fully-destructible environments open up an array of strategies and make it a blast to master the game's many secrets. Expand
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  1. Jul 2, 2012
    Spelunky's astonishing creativity and the spectacular depth that opens up as you make progress make it easy to forget that it's also an extremely competent platformer, with tight, poppy controls that work far better on an Xbox 360 pad than they ever did with a computer keyboard.
  2. Aug 8, 2012
    Robust mechanics give rise to endless experimentation. [Sept 2012, p.70]
  3. Jul 2, 2012
    Spelunky is a game that takes experts 10 minutes to complete, but it will take you hours before you're remotely ready for that challenge. This is a superb 2D platformer that's as easy to hate as it is to love, and your patience for punishment will be the determining factor.
  4. Oct 14, 2012
    A highly addictive and ruthless (in a good way) 2D-platformer with an endless supply of random roquelike-levels. You won't beat this one in a hurry. [Sept 2012]
  5. 85
    It's madness worth embracing.
  6. Aug 3, 2012
    Spelunky provides a serious but just challenge with great controls, clever items and a fantastic system for randomizing levels. It's a shame it hasn't been advertised more than it has.
  7. Sep 23, 2012
    Frustrating. [Issue#89,p.82]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. Mar 6, 2013
    the best rogue-like on the 360, the dungeon randomizes everytime you play, enemy encounteres are always varied and unique, and so many secrets to be found like going inside of a worm, castle, black market that you'll always find something new. this game is the crowning achievement of "just one more time" syndrom. ive spent 2hrs playing this game, saying "just one more" time after i die. Expand
  2. Jul 7, 2012
    People who don't like this game is because they think it's too difficult to them... it's a platform game, like the ones we saw in NES and SNES. Like said before, if you don't like "hard" games you will hate this one, but if you a real gamer, you will like it, or at least apreciate the work in it, if you don't play it to the end. Like FEZ and other retro games, it frustrate the players who like a "modern" and easy game. This game is a masterpiece of retro games, so if you like the style, buy it. Expand
  3. Jul 4, 2012
    This is the type of game that will get bad reviews because people don't have the patience to really get what it's all about. Also, if you don't enjoy hard games, you will hate this game. This game is so rewarding because it takes so much planning, concentration and even luck to get through to the end. The controls are great, the items useful and fun, and it has great variety based on the endless iterations of the various levels. If you're up for a challenge and understand that it's going to take you hours to master the gameplay, you're going to love Spelunky, which is undoubtedly the most well-designed and executed game of the year so far. Expand
  4. Aug 18, 2012
    Spelunky is a fantastic and fun platformer. Be warn it is hard, and there will be plenty of dying. Old school gamers will feel right at home playing such a difficult game. Ninja Gaiden, Mega Man, Mario etc. were all very hard. But their gameplay revolve around trial and error. Spelunky revolves around learning the game mechanics. There is no trial and error because every stage is randomly generated and each playthrough is unique. You progressively get better and when you complete the game, it is an accomplishment. It is a deep intrinsic game and you are guaranteed to come back even after dying dozens of time. Every death is the player's fault and that is what makes the game so great. It is not "cheap" in the traditional sense. It is very hard but fair.

    The controls are very responsive. It might kill you the first few times but after learning the core mechanics, you'll never fight against it. Multiplayer is great fun. Coop is just a mess of fun, with friends killing and sabotaging each other while trying to reach the end of a stage. Deathmatch is chaotic with bombs flying everywhere and plenty of wtf death. It's shallow but great for a quick laugh.

    I wish there was online coop play, split screen multiplayer, and an online coop leaderboard. Why omit a leaderboard for cooperative play, I'll never know. Despite these cons, the game is still a blast. 1200 msp seems a bit steep but fans of the platforming genre own it to themselves to check out this game. For everyone else, give it a try before buying. I'm sure many of you will agree this game is a hidden gem among the xbla library.
  5. Jul 7, 2012
    Spelunky is a XBLA game costing 1200MS Points, based on an Indie game that was released for PC in 2008, and consists of a 2D platform game with old-style gameplay, as we saw in 8 and 16 bit consoles. The basic game is the prerogative of an explorer, after an Aztec artifact, which has to go through various underground levels and stages, to the exit of them.

    The Graphics of the game are simple, but the XBLA version won a updated look, being cleaner and more polished, still maintaining the old-style look, but being attractive, with a more "lively" and colorful. Everything else, like Menus keeps the air retro game. The CG animation of the game use to tell the story and have a simple air, but more refined.

    Audio: songs and voices are simple, but with a good audio, and effects, and voiceovers (in animation) are consistent with the actions and what you see, but still keeping the classic look we see in graphics.

    Gameplay: here is concentrated the greatest attraction of the game - the game has a series of 14 levels, which should be circulated with controls typical of the old platform games, and using some objects to help walk the galleries and avoid hazards such as spikes, sags and enemies, ranging from the simplest like snakes to advanced ones, like ghosts.

    You have objects like a rope (to climb up or down from a session), pumps (used to break the floor or walls) and a whip (to break objects or kill enemies), and other items that are being released with the progression in the game (such as jet packs).

    The Levels has the objective to reach the exit using its limited and scarce resources, and in the meantime, picking up treasures and rescuing characters if you want. You can make your way using the items, or try to cross using pre-established paths, but keeping the retro look, nothing is as easy as it sounds.

    If you die, you'll be returned to the initial stage of the game, and added to that, we have the fact that the levels are random generated, never a stage will be equal to each other and never the difficulty will be predetermined.

    Summary: the game is a very good classic platform game, with a retro air, but it presents a difficulty that may disappoint many people, but to please players who like games more hardcore platform games - the price is a little salty, 800ms points would be better.
  6. Jul 3, 2013
    The art style is amazing charming, the gameplay is tight and awesome. This is truly the kind of game I'm pretty sure I used to dream about when I was a kid playing the NES. It's different everytime, it rewards patience and caution, and when you start to make it to later levels you really get a sense that your skill has grown. The multiplayer is mayhem, and it's absolutely fun working with your friends to survive the depths! Expand
  7. Aug 10, 2012
    I exaggerated on my last review of this game. It is a great game, the game play is good, the visual is incredible, the history is simple, the enemies are awesome. But the game has some problems that is hard not to notice, such as: when in multiplayer, only the first player can buy things and the camera is focused on him; when you die, you start all over again; sometimes, 5 lives is not enough, some enemies and traps take more than 1 life of you, and there's nothing on the levels to regenerate a life; when you get hit by something, you stay too much time unconscious and in this little frame of time, someone or something can kill you. Expand

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