Mixed or average reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 50
  2. Negative: 10 out of 50
  1. Nov 7, 2011
    The major flaw is not only that it removes the most exciting possibilities of playing Spider-Man, it doesn't offer anything in replacement. The arcade element of upgrading attacks gives you nothing of consequence, and how can it when Spider-Man already has his skill set locked in? It's a dead concept.
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    Edge of Time is more a case of the Remarkably Disappointing Spider-Man.
  3. Nov 28, 2011
    Rather than build upon Shattered Dimensions and further refine the Spider-Man experience, Spider-Man: Edge of Time takes a step back and feels like something that was quickly rushed out the door while still trying to trap consumers in a badly tangled web.
  4. Oct 21, 2011
    There's some initial promise here, but it's ultimately a regressive, if not a lateral move from the last game, hampered mostly by its own lack of ambition, scope, and an overly demanding release schedule.
  5. Oct 18, 2011
    Much worse than a pipe in the face, though, is the fact that Shattered Dimensions' excellent structure also appears to have been a victim of cost-cutting.
  6. Oct 16, 2011
    Disappointing follow-up to the already lightweight Shattered Dimensions, which seems to go out of its way to waste all the potential of the character(s).
  7. Oct 13, 2011
    Save for some occasionally witty banter, this generally generic brawler is too concerned with the window-dressing of time-travel to capitalize on Spider-Man's character, abilities, or mythology.
  8. Oct 17, 2011
    So skip this. It's not a very good game, not a good Spider-Man game, and not something I'd suggest to anyone.
  9. Oct 18, 2011
    I don't know who decided to come up with another Spider-Man game so soon after Shattered Dimensions but that person should get a tongue lashing because the year it took to make this game resulted in nothing but a waste of time and money for all involved.
  10. Nov 16, 2011
    Edge of Time fails to deliver a satisfying experience in both areas of gameplay and presentation. The short duration of the campaign and lack of replay value result in a game that can hardly be recommended for a rental.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 26 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Jun 21, 2012
    This is my first time playing one of the "SpiderMan" series of games and upon starting the game up, you are greeted by Spiderman 2099 carrying Spiderman 2011's lifeless body, then you are jumped into the game by crawling along the air ducts while the credits come up "The wasy the credits are displayed is amazing".

    So, based on my verdict, This game is very polished, but is let down by the repetitive and predictable gameplay

    Dont get me wrong, this is a good game, but the gameplay is a little bit predictable at times.

    The good points of this game are:

    1. Excellent boss battles (Especially the "atrocity" boss)
    2. Buy new powers with Golden Spiders.
    3. Good graphics.

    The bad points of this game are:

    1. Repetitive
    2. Very predictable
    3. Gets very boring after a long period of time

    So, based on the strength of the graphics and the sound with the bad gameplay and repetitveness, i would score this game a 7/10 (75%).
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  2. Oct 13, 2011
    Although Spiderman: Edge of time isn't as great in terms of gameplay as the previous title (Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions) this is potentially a very fun game even if the gameplay is repetitive (something shattered dimensions avoided which made it such a great game). Even though I expected more from this title, this isn't a bad game, but there is a lot of room for improvement. Full Review »
  3. Oct 12, 2011
    Feels way to similar to Shattered Dimensions which was a good game that got a little to repetitive at the end. Here it is even worse because you don't have the different variety of all the other Spider Men. Here you only have Spider Man 2099 and Amazing Spider Man. So you don't have the awesome stealth moments and cool atmosphere of the Noire Spider Man. Without him the game gets WAY to repetitive to quickly. The story is quite good and the voice acting is top notch but that doesn't make up for a pretty boring game. Full Review »