Generally favorable reviews - based on 65 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 58 out of 65
  2. Negative: 1 out of 65
  1. Mar 5, 2012
    EA has put together a great effort in this revival of SSX, one that's not only worthy of the name but also brings the game to new heights (literally and figuratively) in quite a few ways.
  2. Feb 28, 2012
    The wait was worth it. Full stop. While it doesn't top SSX 3 in terms of that game's vibrant sense of place, and is occasionally hampered by being hard for the wrong reasons, SSX is a vast, deep, beautiful and nuanced blend of showboating adrenalin and sharpened intelligent play. It's a demanding game, but its rewards are immense, providing a feeling you won't get anywhere else in gaming.
  3. 90
    As a series reboot this is perfectly acceptable, but it's the new and innovative online aspects that make SSX feel absolutely superb. Packed to the brim with clever ideas, SSX is a truly unmissable surprise. While most other online modes feel like painting-by-numbers, SSX shrugs and tries something refreshingly different. This isn't just brave - it's brilliant.
  4. Mar 23, 2012
    SSX lands the trick of relaunching the much-loved snowboarding game series.
  5. Mar 20, 2012
    EA Sports gives you a game that is an extremely playable snow monster. You swoop down the slopes like an avalanche and all these air tricks make you want to book a ticket to a ski resort. Plus all the special challenges that diversify the gameplay are spot on.
  6. Mar 15, 2012
    The overall takeaway I get while playing SSX: sometimes EA gets it exactly right. Sometimes their experience from a dozen misguided games, and a half dozen decent games, and two or three really good games is distilled into one perfect example of how some AAA titles are every bit as awesome as they're supposed to be.
  7. Mar 7, 2012
    Despite a poor single player mode, a half finished RiderNet feature and some suspect track design choices. SSX has that something special, that bit of magic that keeps you coming back for more.
  8. Mar 6, 2012
    There have been a lot of imposters trying to corner the snowboarding market these past years, most of them going for realism over fun, but SSX is back and EA Sports continues to prove that if you want the most insane, over-the-top racing and death-defying stunts on the planet (or at least in nine locations on the planet) then you need look no further than SSX. This is snowboarding for the next-generation!
  9. Mar 1, 2012
    After all those years of lamentation, the gamers, who truly remember finally get their dose of neat virtual snowboarding. Meanwhile, the series' newcomers will finally get why there was this legend status of "winter Tony Hawk" in the olden days - in a few hours of playing they are going to spread those legends too.
  10. Feb 29, 2012
    SSX is a great game for anyone who loves videogames, not only for those who love snowboarding: the snow is just an excuse to provide you a lot of fun.
  11. Feb 29, 2012
    It is faithful to its arcade style and offers hours of spectacle and craziness. The game shines because of its obvious merits and also the absence of competitors. Those who wanted the series to reappear or want and adrenaline burst with their game pad should get it.
  12. Feb 29, 2012
    It's been a long wait but well worth it: SSX returns at its best with a new approach to the snowboarding genre. Its exaggerated tricks mixed with the new survival tune, well crafted graphics and abundance of content make it the game that SSX fans - and generally extreme sports games fans - were dreaming of during the last few years.
  13. Feb 29, 2012
    It warms my heart that SSX has finally made a full-on next-gen appearance and warmer still that it's so much fun to play. There's definitely some nostalgia playing into my opinion of SSX -- the original was one of the first games that The Armchair Empire received for review -- but even taking that out, I'd still say SSX is a damn fine title and definitely worth your time and attention.
  14. Feb 29, 2012
    There's no reason to be worried about SSX. After a seven year hiatus, Electronic Arts has decided to retool their best extreme sports franchise. The result is a fast-paced action experience that offers an impressive collection of real life mountains to conquer. The only thing missing is a real multiplayer mode.
  15. Feb 28, 2012
    SSX is finally back and the wait has been worth it.
  16. Feb 28, 2012
    Playing SSX is a little like riding a bike. If you have played it already, it won't take much for you to get into the game. If you haven't, then it might take you a little while to get used to the controls and see the lines within each level. However, once you get it, the snowboarding is a lot of fun. It's really a wonder why EA hasn't come out with a new SSX game sooner, but as they say, better late than never.
  17. Feb 28, 2012
    You will remember the breathtaking speed, the spectacular stunts, the great combination of music and on-screen action and, above all, the untamed fun.
  18. Feb 28, 2012
    "Awesome" doesn't quite cut it. This game is crazy, light-speed fast, and has some brilliant gameplay ideas.
  19. Feb 28, 2012
    SSX has returned bigger and better than ever. You can tell the development team took great care to bring their vision to life and they have given us the best SSX game to date.
  20. Feb 28, 2012
    Few series have enjoyed such an assured and enjoyable update in the current generation of consoles. Far from being a weary evolution, SSX is a vibrant, eager advance for the Cool Boarder/Tony Hawk's lineage of extreme sports video games. EA Canada has effortlessly married the score-attack DNA of arcade gaming's earliest days with some of the most interesting and exciting multiplayer design seen in the past few years. A towering achievement then, as tall as the mountains it so diligently reconstructs.
  21. Feb 28, 2012
    There's nothing better than completing a multi-million point combo after tricking off of a helicopter while being chased by a massive avalanche – it's reasons like this that we're happy to say, "Welcome back, SSX, we've missed you."
  22. Feb 28, 2012
    EA Sports has itself one expertly designed and well put together game with SSX. The huge, multi-path runs and silky smooth controls more than offset any minor stumbles.
  23. Feb 28, 2012
    From the seamless online options that encourage you to compete to the graphics engine that ensures a level playing field, the entire game has been built to maximize play. The result is a game that's just flat-out fun. The more interesting moments tend to be fleeting and the single-player is anemic, but it's a great mix of old and new that will satisfy both fans of the series and first-time rippers.
  24. Feb 24, 2012
    This is what happens when you don't just put the game out every year, but spend your time crafting it, creating the ultimate experience. SSX redefines snowboarding games, raises the bar for the genre, then backflips over it.
  25. Mar 13, 2012
    A blistering return for SSX well worth shouting about from the mountain tops. [Apr 2012, p.65]
User Score

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User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 69
  2. Negative: 16 out of 69
  1. Feb 28, 2012
    Edge magazine is just another one of those crappy reviewers who's biased and too harsh on game scores. They rate 85% lower than avg critics, explaining this stupidly low score for a game deserving no less than a 75 or 80 at absolute worst. Meanwhile they also rated games like "Monster Rancher 4", and "Indiana Jones the Emperors tomb" (which was so bad they said it had instant death glitches) HIGHER than SSX. Seriously? MONSTER RANCHER?? What a terrible reviewer. Full Review »
  2. Feb 28, 2012
    Being a long time fan of the SSX franchise; this game is a big disappointment. With so many issues, from control bugs and sensitivity, to the speed of the game, to reducing the skill gap of the game. You rarely feel in control and the game becomes frustrating and boring very quickly. As there is no traditional multiplayer or splitscreen; there is not even any real social interaction between players anymore. Full Review »
  3. Feb 28, 2012
    I actually had a chance to play this game 4 days before it was released. After putting in a good 15-20 hours, This game is better than what I had expected. The game-play is extremely addicting and never seems to get old. The game is still not repetitive even after doing all the descents. The first time you get into Super Tricky mode and you hear run start singing it's EPIC! The variety of the different areas is very impressive. EA Canada really did go all out with the creativity in equipment needed for the different mountain ranges. The survival stages are a great new and intense addition to the series. Loading times seem almost non-existent at times, which may not be a big deal but I think it's great. Using RiderNet gives you the ability to compete in races online with ghosts is really cool because you don't have to be on the at the same time to play with a friend technically. The music is fresh and is really unique how it mixes the songs based on how you move and tricks you do, It also works with your own custom music. The few negatives I thought are that there's no option for 2 player split-screen, No lobbies or match-making for "Live" multiplayer races. Even with the multiplayer being a bit non-traditional, the new take on online is actually very convenient and I actually like it. Overall this is a game that should not be missed. If you are an ssx vet, you will feel like a kid again playing this game. This game and Twisted Metal IMO, bring back the fun in games and game play. Back when the industry thought more about game play than graphics. I highly recommend this game for anyone looking for a genuinely fun time. Full Review »