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  1. Oct 26, 2010
    This is an awful, disgraceful game. While the graphics are great and the control of the action is refined compared to its predecessor, the story is merely passable, and the game itself quickly devolves into repetition before ending abruptly. It's defeat enemy X with strategy Y, and after watching the same QTE a dozen times in a row, the experience starts to hollow.

    In fact, there was a
    sense of disconnect from the Star Wars universe throughout the game. The enemies are a good example. Robots abound, with designs that seem lazy (i.e. they look stupid) and lack in number and variety, and attacks that often feel cheap. The sense of wonder from exploring different planets in the first game is replaced by a feeling of constriction from the limited set of environments in this one. Hint to developers: big metal rooms connected by big metal hallways are NOT interesting.

    Meanwhile, the inclusion of major characters in cutscenes that never make an appearance in the gameplay, combined with the brevity of the game itself with its seemingly amputated plot, leads to suspicion that a DLC is forthcoming, to awkwardly fill in the gap while cynically milking gamers for more money. Beyond that, bugs were encountered during the final fight that either prevented the game from progressing or managed to kill the player. Such sloppy testing for such a short game is unacceptable.

    The first game had its faults, but it's a masterpiece compared to this sorry excuse for a sequel, which barely merits a rental.
  2. Oct 26, 2010
    This is a simple review for anyone interested in buying this game. The first game was an amazing story and fun, but sometimes glitchy gameplay. This game does a little bit of a flip. The story is a little weaker this time around, but the gameplay is much improved. It's simply a much more fun game to play, despite the weaker story. Other improvements include MUCH faster loading times and MUCH cleaner graphics. Seriously, if you play The Force Unleashed 1 right before #2 you will see that the improvement are actually rather impressive. The world is a crazy place when games like this and Enslaved get average reviews, and broken games like Fallout New Vegas get stellar reviews. If you like Star Wars this is a must buy. If you like good action games with an above average story, definitely give it a shot. Expand
  3. Oct 26, 2010
    This game is a complete disaster. The force powers were diminished, lacking the visual appealing of the last game.
    One of the cool things about the previous game was that you could slowly learn the combos, and get a feeling that your skills were truly progressing. This time, you start the game with all the combos, but there is no combo list available ! You have to check a partial list in
    one of the challenges !
    The double saber upgrades are a shame. You are stuck with the saber color, depending on the upgrade you choose, which is a bad thing if you are into customization.
    This game is also very buggy. If you try to grab an opponent in the ledge of a platform, you end up falling when the animation ends !
    The storyline is simply lame an uninteresting. Both endings can be assumed as canonical. I guess the producers think there will be no one interested in DLC´s this time ...
  4. Oct 27, 2010
    Let me start by saying this was one of the games this year I have looked forward to. I picked this up along with fable last night at a midnight launch. SWTFU2 is my biggest dissapointment so far this year. Rare is it that a sequel turns out this uninspired and sloppy. The graphics look nice enough, with smooth animations and great physics, but that is where my praise ends. At first the powers and sabers are fun to mess around with, but after about an hour the repetition and tedium starts to sink in. Recycled enemies charge you again and again, and epic set pieces are almost not existent. It's almost laughable that Lucas arts couldn't come up with some better improvements, as Jedi mind trick and the cosmetic only dual sabers are about the extent of gameplay changes. Saber combat carries no impact whatsoever and starts to feel like a chore more than tools of destruction. The powers are neat at first, but quickly join the rest of the game in the gimmick category. It would have been nice to see some combo progression other than hit x, hit x and then b, hit x and then y, or the ole smash x until combo is complete. I really wanted to like this game but sadly will be moving on to Fable 3 and notching TFU2 up in 65 dollars wasted category. Featuring repetetive combat, dull force powers, recycled enemies, lackluster environments, and a complete lack of innovation or inspiration pave the way for what is one of 2010's biggest failures. Now on to Fable 3 to rinse this wretched taste from my mouth. Expand
  5. Oct 26, 2010
    i dont know why critics are slamming this game?? the PC version is perfect! it fixed all the problems with the first one, shy of actual saber dueling ala jedi knight outcast fame (GRR)
    but seriously... its an amazing game. beautiful, fun, challenging (who the hell plays this game on normal? you're already a god, play hard)
    i think the critics just got one thing right: it is a little too
    short. but not enough to knock the rating down to a 6.5/10 !!? something i LOATHE in the game they didn't even mention: Quick Time Events. or QTE.
    its lazy game design. its not a bug or a glitch and alot of games do it. but there's better ways to execute finishing moves than rubbing my thumb raw because the devs couldn't come up with something creative. this is a design decision that most consolers just accept these days, however, so i wont count this in my scoring.
    the shorter length, lack of combo list /incentives brings this thing down from a 10 to a 8.5 or 9.
    and i whole heartedly mean that. i signed up to meta critic just to write this thing. bottom line: just go play it yourself. its an amazingly fun game to play on the PC.
  6. Oct 26, 2010
    Some good stormtrooper bashing action! Sure, it's not the longest game, but there's plenty of fun to be had. The story is somewhat engaging-- maybe not quite as epic as the first, but I'd say the improved controls, fast menu screens, and pretty pretty graphics TOTALLY make it worth while for anyone who wanted something more/better from the first TFU. It's definitely far above the typical "license" game. The challenges give me a bit of a reason to come back, too-- these haven't been mentioned a whole lot, and I think they're pretty fun so far. Expand
  7. Oct 26, 2010
    I loved the first game. With the second one, I feel the story is even better! Game play is amazing and fun. Lopping off storm troopers heads Woo Hoo!

    Most critics are retarded, Everybody knows that ;-) FU2 ( Fantastic short form for this game) is a really awesome. I'm very happy with this game!
  8. Mar 13, 2012
    I had very high expectations for this game, but they were Force-pushed out the window once I started playing it. The graphics are good, the combat is the same but the positives end there. The story is so stupid, and is obviously the only thing they had for a sequel. It is very short, and is overall, very disappointing.
  9. Oct 26, 2010
    Gameplay and graphics are much improved over the first one. I can't understand all the negative reviews, as I am finding that this game surpasses the original in almost every way. Maybe the story isn't as good, but the actual gameplay is much better.
  10. Oct 28, 2010
    This game is excellent. Are you people on drugs??? I mean really? The graphics are simply put the best I've ever seen on the 360. The story, while not as epic as the 1st, is really good and VERY well acted. The character animations are really unbelievably good. This game will raise the bar for how games look. The shadowing, and colors etc are something
    amazing. The gameplay is better, the force powers are easier to control, and yet they still look every bit as good as the first. It is a difficult game and on the 'normal' setting I find it to be as challenging, if not a little bit more than the original. The force powers are greater, but so too is the ferocity and number of your opponents. For anyone interested in a great action game with a good story , great graphics, and very fun and addictive game play, check this game out, it is well worth it. For Star Wars fans, this is an absolute must, really, really a must!!!! Expand
  11. Oct 30, 2010
    Having just completed the game, and having been exceptionally worried about my purchase after reading so many reviews, I must say that people simply want to dislike this game. Is it a GOTY candidate? No. Is it fun to play? Yes. Is the story as good as the first game? No. Is it bad? Not by any means. The story takes into mind that you are hopefully capable of filling in a couple of gaps with some reasoning.

    The combat is fun, the campaign is shorter than I'd like. Lasted me 6hrs 30 mins on normal. I'm not entirely adverse to short games but I would have liked 8-10 hours. There were some minor glitches, nothing game breaking.

    There were some amazing moments, and the boss fights are much improved over the original game.

    I enjoyed this game. I enjoyed it enough that I'm happy to go back to it and finish it on unleashed difficulty.

    Full Disclosure: I'm a major Star Wars fan. I've read a few Star Wars novels. And the biggest bit of info, is that I'm one of those few who actually enjoyed SWTFU 1.
  12. May 25, 2011
    Why did they have to make this game? As if I wasn't already disgraced for being a star wars fan, they make this? The only good thing about this game is the gameplay. Other than that, the game is terrible.
  13. Feb 2, 2012
    Biggest disappointment ever. I LOVED the first game because I believe it connected the prequel movies with the original movies very well (Light Side Ending). It was very satisfying. This game however was an unnecessary sequel to the first game and a HUGE waste of money. Six hour game? Really? For SIXTY DOLLARS?! I still can't believe I bought this game....
  14. Nov 3, 2010
    This game delivered much lower than my expecations. i knew it would be hard to make up a new stoery and new main character sinve the original starkiller died. but i didn't think they would do this bad! this game has failed in many ways.
  15. Oct 27, 2010
    I am the biggest Star Wars fan ever and I was really looking forward to this game. I'm here to warn everyone to stay clear of it. It's not the gameplay or fun factor or anything like that, it's the length, I finished the game in 3 hours! I thought I was maybe half way through and the f'ing credits roll. I swear to God this is the shortest and most disappointing game I've ever played. Do yourself a favor and rent it, u can get both endings in like 6 hours, and never play it a game. For those who bought it, make sure you don't purchase any DLC. What a bunch of crooks, I want my money back! Expand
  16. Oct 26, 2010
    Wow, what a rip off. This game was so bad this is my first time writeing a review. Game was way to short, I beat it on hard in less then 4 hours. The level design was very boring, you were either on camino or inside a ship, only one level had you on a diffrent planet and it looked like a ship. They also dumbed down the force powers, and if I had to hear general Kota say get over here BOY one more time I would have thrown the disc away. This should have been a DLC not a full game. If you must play it, rent don't buy. You have been warned. Expand
  17. Oct 27, 2010
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is immediately engaging. It's strikingly beautiful, with fantastic vistas and superb character animations. Sadly though, its pretty face can only carry it so far when the rest of the game is comparatively weak. Repetitious combat and level designs, a shoe-horned in story, and a lack of depth to the experience overall keep this from being anything more than an adventure for the most hardcore of fans. Expand
  18. Nov 14, 2011
    Okay, Overall i was disappointed. Here are some pros and cons:

    Pros: Still great graphics, nice assortment of force powers, fun action scenes
    Cons: Very short storyline (only took a few hours), almost no replay value and simply did not meet expectations based on the success of the first SW TFU
  19. Jan 1, 2012
    Fun at first. Crisp graphics and plenty of enemies to face. However, once all of the new mechanics are introduced game play really becomes just a series of button mashing and quick time events. To add to the repetitiveness, many enemies and animations are continually recycled making combat quickly become mundane. All in all, it's still a fun, mindless game that is pretty well polished. I'd only recommend this title only if you can pick it up cheap. Expand
  20. Nov 7, 2010
    The game is fun, very fun, but short. Last boss battle is boring as hell, totally different from boss battles from the first one (I liked them). The game feels like it was cut down, feels like there is some content missing, and will probably be DLC in the future. The graphics, sound and ambientation and cg videos are excellent.
    The story is poor (the first FU is excellent).
    I hope there is
    a Sith Edition... Collapse
  21. Jan 2, 2011
    (for wii version) Totally ruined franchise! I thought the first game was a lot of fun, but this game is TERRIBLE! First off, the graphics were terrible. Low quality, mediocre graphics. Second of all, they changed the controls and I kept forgetting you couldn't shake the remote to attack (as well as other powers). Third, the list of force powers was drastically shortened from the first game. Instead of around fifty force powers, you get ten! Fourth, this game is way too EASY! I beat it in TWO HOURS! REALLY! Poor visual quality gets it like, a 5. controls makes it a 4. shortened list gives it a 1. and easiness gives it a -17! Expand
  22. Oct 29, 2010
    A very pretty game that can be beaten in a single sitting. The story starts off intriguing, but as you approach the 3 hour mark and realize you're near the end of the game already you realize how silly the whole ride has been. It feels like a graphic update to the first game with a DLC mission pack. Definitely not worth a purchase on its own.
  23. Nov 10, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is one of the worst games I have ever played in my life. This game is so bad, that it just simply can't be described, you have to play it (after the first game) to experience this rubbish. I played the PC version, so I can only write about that. The graphics look great, sometimes it's absolutely breathtaking.......I'm just thinking about other pro-s of the game, but I can't find....

    The story is a catastrophe. It's simply non-existent, the whole 4-5 hours playtime is based on about.... 5 sentences of story... Shame. The gameplay is a repetitve, boring struggle, with so lame bossfights that are boring and repetitive like the game itself. The final battle against Darth Vader is annoying, and for some absolutely unknown reason the game started to lag like hell during the whole bossfight no matter where I set the graphics, it lagged the same. And the game copies God of War. It copies GoW 3 with the final scene of The Gorog boss (the whole scene is totally the same), It copies GoW 1 with the massacre of the Starkiller clones during the Darth Vader-fight at the end... Force Rage or what the **** was that is a copy of Rage of the Gods/Titans/Sparta... with the exception that Force Rage is worthless, I never used it through the whole game, actually I forgot that it exist.

    Sorry for the short review, but I just finished the game and I'm very nervous about this whole pile of **** I don't want to talk about this game anymore. It's very bad...
  24. Nov 30, 2010
    The worst "big name title" EVER released. The graphics on the 360, look like the Nintendo 64. How did someone approve this game and say "this game is ready to be sold". Are they smoking crack? What a shame...
  25. Dec 7, 2010
    I bought this game for 60 dollars mainly just because I had the money to spend. I also should say that my standards for video games are really really low. All I'm looking for is to have fun with a decent story. Needles to say I returned this game a week after I bought it. Why? because it sucks. The first one was fun for a while. I have no idea why honestly but I had fun with it. But 2 is seriously exactly the same game. No joke they added one new ability and you'll never use it except for an achievement. Dual lightsabers are only there because they are pretty. The story is just basically there but it doesn't make a lot of sense. Why does Vader clone Starkiller? Seriously what is the purpose of this? Why can't he just get a new apprentice? or not have one at all for that matter? He is Darth Vader... I mean I'm pretty sure he can make it on his own. Expand
  26. Oct 31, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was anticipating this game for the better part of a year...I am mildly disappointed...the gameplay is great but breaks no new ground outside of force mind trick...the double lightsabers are a gimick. The most disappointing part of this game is the story... #1 was riveting...this was is very capture Darth Vader and bring him to justice...PLEASE!!! Expand
  27. Oct 26, 2010
    The most awaited Star Wars: Force Unleashed sequel is released today! A lot of gamers are so excited to have a copy of this newly released Star Wars game. Itâ
  28. Oct 27, 2010
    I was extremely disappointed in this game. To quote IGN's review:

    "Each level feels like it's been artificially extended, with repeated buildings and environmental portions that make it feel like a copy/paste job."

    The improved graphics and ability to dismember enemies do little to distract the player from the underwhelming story, levels and combat.
  29. Oct 29, 2010
    While they fixed most of the issues with the old game, there is nothing creative about this chapter. I am still struggling with whoever came up with the idea that making stormtroopers act like ragdolls and thinking this makes for a fun game or does anything for the universe.
  30. Zyy
    Oct 30, 2010
    Okay, in short: I would be entertained for a longer period taking a **** than playing this game, and that would be free of charge!
  31. Nov 2, 2010
    I don't know what happened during development and release, but I know for a fact this isn't the sequel anyone was expecting. They seem to have forgotten a few a reason to use lighsaber crystals, a reason to even level up, and...i don't know...maybe the other half of the game. What happened to the rest of it? You throw lightsabers, and by the time they return, the game is over wit. Um...don't know about anyone else, but 3 1/2 hours ain't worth $63 to me. They game play isn't bad, there's just not enough of it or any reason to use most it. Let's see how long it takes them to try and throw DLC in our collective and shocked faces. Expand
  32. Nov 3, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The gameplay was mostly improved from the first game, graphics are much better, but levels are mostly repetitive and lacks of different locations, the Dagobah level is completely useless and the story fails to captivate like in the first game, and finish like the empire strikes back, waiting for an inevitable sequel. I enjoyed it for the mere 5 hours it lasted but for a game promising to be better than the first one it was disappointing. If you loved the first game it is worth a rental no doubt but not a buy. Expand
  33. Feb 4, 2011
    This is really an Amazing Game! i mean the graphics, the scope, The Combat variety is just Perfect. yes it is only like 7 hours long but it will be an amazing 7 hours of gameplay and it is so great that i replayed the whole game 3 times and never got bored. My Favourite Star Wars Game's go something in the lines of:

    3. Knights of the old republic 2. Force Unleashed 2
    1. Star Wars Battlefront 2
  34. Feb 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. They finally did it. They finally killed Star Wars. I'm one of the few that thoroughly enjoyed Force Unleashed 1. So much so that I bought the PSP and Xbox 360 version. Surprisingly the PSP version was superior, with much more depth, more content. Very impressive for a handheld. The 360 version was fun, a solid story, getting to play as Vader for a bit was incredible. With this in mind, I bought Force Unleashed 2. What an enormous disappointment! The game is pathetically short. My 5 year old son played it, admittedly on Easy, and mowed through it in less than 6 hours. Yes, a 5 year old beat this game in less than 6 hours. I gave it a run on a higher difficulty, and it certainly doesn't make it any more fun, you just die more. The boss battles are repetitive. There are few original enemies, and the ones you do fight get boring fast, because you've already defeated their clones 10 other times. Spoiler: The end battle against Vader was the best way to summarize what the whole game is. Repetitive, non-sensical, poorly acted, unimaginative time filler. THEN for the Star Wars geeks like me who respect some level of canon, you will hate this game more than Jar Jar Binks. There's no clever way to say this fits in to the greater Star Wars story. Then, if you play the Endor mission, God help you. You will lose your mind in the ridiculousness of what happens. To get back to my 5 year old, this sounds like a story he could've made up. Levels felt repeatedly copy and pasted. There is some fun to be had in the hack and slash nature, and even with bad voice acting the game is pretty, and it's hard to not get that half-second of fear when Vader comes on screen, but this game is only for people who really want a Star Wars fix, and don't care about the quality. I doubt I'll purchase a third if it comes out. Expand
  35. Sep 13, 2012
    I think was a little too nice in my first review so I'll give it a six. The story isn't great, but it's alright and I like the fact that it's kind of based around love because you don't really get that in games, only movies, but perhaps I'm less critical of the story because it's absed around a theme I actually like. The gameplay in terms of combat holds up on its on and the lightsaber crystals and holocrons are a nice diversion. My criticism with the gameplay is that there is now one supreme combo and it's not like there were many combos in this game to begin, which mean the game gets boring fast in close-combat. The boss battles are nicely improved and bosses aren't invincible to every force power you have now, the problem here is that most bosses feel way too easy or just like an obstacle rather than some great challenge to overcome (I'm looking at you Terror Walker). Technical issues have also been improved but there are still some outliers that need to be addressed. My biggest criticism is that the game is once again too short, which was one of the biggest complaints of the first game. I'm wondering if lucasarts listened or not to its fans and critics as the graphics and force powers were just moving on with the times and the lightsabers were just used as a gimmick to distinguish the sequel from the prequel. Good game, but I'm becoming more wary of LucasArts... Expand
  36. Dec 31, 2010
    This game is a huge disappointment. Despite the shortcomings of the original Force Unleashed, it offered a compelling story and Jedi gameplay that has been seriously lacking since the days of Jedi Knight: Outcast and Academy games for PC.

    Force Unleashed 2 fails to build on the solid foundation created by its predecessor and sets a new low in product quality for LucasArts. The game is not
    polished and feels rushed -- there are bugs galore and, in the case of the PC version, some are game-breaking where you need to restart entire levels to bypass a glitch. The gameplay, while improved, becomes boring after the first level because there are no dynamics. It's a slightly improved hack-and-slash like the first one -- but unlike the first one, nothing is new. The story is weak and transparent. You don't feel engaged or immersed like you did in the first. I found it incredibly easy to hate the protagonist (Starkiller): his dialogue and actions are much like a whiny Hayden Christensen in Episode 2 and 3 and the supporting cast does nothing to balance the overwhelming "emo" theme of this game. The story attempts to portray a classic archetype of a "troubled knight" rescuing a "damsel in distress" (Juno) but it fails miserably. The attack combos are stripped down, perhaps for simplicity (in contrast to the original Force Unleashed) but this depth isn't replaced by anything new. While the physics and combat were refined, it still boils down to spamming Force Lightning or push while you slash and slash and slash away. There are few, if any, puzzles to the game levels and the levels have an overwhelmingly linear feeling. There aren't alternate paths or dynamics left for the player to explore and "hidden areas" are far from hidden and even less rewarding than you would expect for risking more combat to get to them. The combat itself becomes boring after you've faced each foe at least once or twice. The same strategy works every time. The "God of War-style" finisher combos, something which brought awe to the player in the first game, are recycled and are repetitive. If you fail to execute a combo, you just have to keep trying it and memorize the sequence and it's a piece of cake. It would've been much more challenging (and fun) if the button sequences to finish a foe changed if you failed. The finisher cut-scenes are all the same, never any new "kill animations" for the same foe or unique executions. There are a few bright spots. There's an epic boss fight that actually felt fun (despite few consequences for making mistakes) that lasts about 10-15 minutes which requires you to make use of almost all of your abilities. It's well executed and your imagination runs wild throughout. Sadly, it's about the only fun boss fight in the game (and that includes the lackluster endgame showdown). Die hard Star Wars fans will find enjoyment in this game, but it will come with great disappointment, frustration, and sadness of "what could have been" instead of "what is". The game is certainly not worth the money to buy it though -- rent it, or "obtain it" through other outlets. Expand
  37. Jan 6, 2011
    This is a a fairly hard critic comment from me, because i have never made a rating over 3 before...
    But this game is fairly good, it has a great story-line, not so good at the start the overall plot is average and the graphics are the real upside of this game...
    So i rate.......... 8
  38. Jan 7, 2011
    The design is awful, the combat system is a bit polished from the first game but the gameplay is repetitive, the story's abysmal (only five hours as well!) and it doesn't offer anything worthwhile. Keep playing the first game and stay the heck away from this one!!!
  39. Apr 25, 2014
    Would you have liked a few more levels to the original The Force Unleashed game? Well here it is. Very short, pretty much the same environments that you'll be traversing, and repetitious QTE to the max. Overall a dull gameplay experienced. I kept getting distracted by other things in my house while playing this game, and took days to get back to continue it. Although you can finish it in one day if you have six to eight hours. I did enjoy jumping back into the Star War's universe, but the story upsets the Star Wars lore and leaves a lot of questions that won't get answered. Can you actually clone Jedi? Is that really Starkiller you were playing? The first game/story handled the issue of having the most powerful Jedi ever by killing him off as a martyr. Now how are you going to explain how the most powerful Jedi in the universe is alive during the time of episode IV-VI? Where was he? What happened to Gen. Kota? This game demonstrates that, to fans, lore matters a great, great deal and handling it poorly makes a poor reception. The good? You get more light saber crystals that are easier to find. Bottom line, it's overall play feels like a weak dlc that goes on too long. Expand
  40. Apr 5, 2011
    This game has really, really good aspects and some major flaws - there isn't much middle ground. The combat is amazing. The graphics are incredible, and the cinematics are about as amazing as it gets. The upgrades aren't useless like in some similar games - I used every power I got, multiple times. The story line is pretty good. But the cons almost outweigh it. The boss fights are repetitive - in one, you spend countless minutes doing the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over until the idiot finally kicks the bucket. The final boss fight takes about 30 minutes, and should be the most intense battle in the game - but no. The entire half hour is spent jumping from platform to platform fighting weak minions of the boss before getting in a semi-entertaining saber fight with him himself. And worst of all - the game lasts about 6 hours, if even. The extras aren't worth the price tag. I gave this game an 8 purely for the fact that you can rent it and return it, which is exactly what you should do. Expand
  41. Apr 14, 2011
    ok, i write this review having turned off the game at the first boss fight. the gorog. i know lucas is stuck in the 80's but id prefer if my game mechanics werent. it basically consists of one of those boss fights where the boss doess the same 3 moves in a cycle, u memorize it to the point where its muscle memory, and maybe u beat it. not only is it horribly frustrating, but its like the 60$ commitment is built into the game mechanics, because seriously, only someone really committed to this crap game, like $60 committed, would bother. me? i rented it for about 3 bucks, so this POS goes right back in the mail box. are jedis badass? yeah. but its literally a god of war clone, with sub par graphics, amazing fight choreography (im a huge star wars fight choreography fan, its like the 1 thing he does that isnt teh ghey) and obsolete boss mechanics. this isnt even a rent guys. borrow it from ur friend (or get it free some other way), play it about 1.5 hrs, and then throw it in the microwave. or better yet, skip. Expand
  42. Apr 5, 2012
    While this game does look cool and the controls feel great, the extremely short story and lack of imagination keep this game from being anything other than mediocre. With the endless possibilities the Star Wars universe provides, it is a shame this is what came out of it. Sadly, this game feels like a cash in in every possible way.
  43. Mar 3, 2014
    This games predecessor was an unexpectedly enjoyable experience. Yes it was forced storyline that felt shoe-horned in to the Star Wars canon but the interesting characters and rock solid gameplay were enough for you accept the plot discrepancies. However this time around it just doesn't work.
    If the story was far fetched before, now it's just downright ludicrous. At the end of the
    previous game the protagonist (Starkiller) is Vaders secret apprentice who turns against him and moral grounds. So Vader clones him with the same memories and moral fiber and he suprisingly turns on Vader again. Not a solid plan.
    Oh and Starkiller himself is now void of ay personality. In the previous game he was caught in a moral dilemma between good and evil and we really got a sense that he was struggling with his internal conflict. Now he has one thing on his mind: finding Juno. You guys remember Juno right? The pilot from the first game that he had a collective 8 minutes of interaction with? Well she snogged him once and now he's stomach turningly love sick and as a result couldn't give a **** about anything else including the rebellion that he started.
    Gameplay wise it's exactly the same as the first game. Yes he has two lightsabers now but this is a purely aesthetic difference that has no impact on how you control the character. There's also no where near as much variation in the enemies as there was last time. You keep running into the same enemies over and over just a different colour.
    Also the ending makes **** all sense. Like, jack **** The worst part of that is that they leave it open for a sequel.
    If you've played the first game then pretend this doesn't exist. If you haven't played the first game, play it and then pretend this doesn't exist.
  44. Dec 2, 2011
    biggest disapointment of my life! the degobah level might as well be just a cutscene and youa says two lines in his one appearence. the game is too short and the final boss fight might as well be a cutscene as well, because its too easy. the challenges are terrible and they have too high standards for a gold or platinum medal. at most worth three dollars american.
  45. Aug 21, 2013
    What a horrible sequel. The whole premise of the game is that you were created as a dark side bad guy but you play the entire game as a good guy. Can writers not bear to actually write a game where you can be a dark side person and kill rebels? The story premise is ok but, while you get 2 possible endings, one isn't canon and the other is just plain stupid.

    Moving on to gameplay it
    is worse then the original. Here's a typical level: fight some stormtroopers, encounter a mini-boss, fight some more troopers, another mini-boss, rinse and repeat. This game loves QTEs. Every mini-boss follows the same pattern: QTE to enable you to damage the enemy, spend 10 seconds using force powers until your bar is drained, run away until you regenerate (10 seconds), rinse and repeat for about 1-2 mins, QTE to finish off enemy. The big bosses are even worse. They consist of the following: dodge and use force powers on enemy for a couple of minutes, QTE to do something to the boss, rinse and repeat 3 times, sit through a cutscene, start entire process over again. The main bosses take 10-20 minutes to complete and are nothing but QTE events. These game designers need to have their privileges removed. Nobody likes QTEs because they pull you out of the action and into screen watching. How boring can you get.

    Yet another thing that is really bad about this game are your powers. By the end of the first playthrough you'll be able to wipe out a squad of troopers with no problem but higher enemies (like AT-STs) will take a little more work. Yet there are several points in the game that (through QTEs of course) you move large objects like TIE fighters, star destroyers and asteroids. If you have that much power then how could any enemy possibly be a challenge? Oh I know, the writers envisioned an epic character but the game levels just didn't support it. I'm actually kind of glad this series is done (for now). It probably would have kept going down hill otherwise.
  46. May 15, 2014
    Wow. WAY too short. I beat it in 5 hours. It is more streamlined, your powers ramp up way faster, and you are definitely more powerful. But, at most, I'd consider this a DLC instead of a full blown sequel. It's also a terrible plotline. Apparently the Empire can clone Jedi now. Even one clone like that is a dumb idea. Way OP. Worse is that it all just seems hackneyed and trite.
    Original apprentice dies. He is cloned, how original, and spends the whole game chasing his lost love (or his memories of her really). Even in such a short game the race is overdone, and tired.

    Plus, Vader comes off like a puss again, which was a big failing point in the original game. Vader is the badass for a reason (Hayden Christensen not withstanding).
    The clone should've never been more powerful than him, or at least never able to definitely beat him. It takes away from his mystique from the originals with this nonsense.

    Also the camera is movement is worse in this one too. Lots more bad angles, and no way to really getting a solid camera angle to stay for long. It's like being forced to wear horse blinders while playing, and they keep slipping infront of one eye, or the other, obscuring the view.
    No surprise there isn't a 3rd game.

    Great graphics. Fun, if OP powers and fighting skills. The wiki entry stated they ware going for the Super Jedi feel, and it comes through.
    These are the only bright points in this game.
    The original was a solid game, but even on sale this isn't worth the $.
  47. Feb 5, 2013
    Overall, a mediocre follow-up to The Force Unleashed. The gameplay was by far worse, and the story line was just a desperate attempt to create another game based on the success of the first. By itself though, it isn't to bad.
  48. Apr 24, 2013
    I hate this game. I waited so long for it. Anticipating the sequel for the excellent TFU 1. Only to get hit with a depressing 4 hour campaign with no strategy practically button mashing. Oh, sorry, you don't even have to button mash you can just hit one button and breeze through every mission. They screwed up the story even going against the lore. Oh excuse me there is no story you just go mission by mission and encounter POINTLESS cutscenes that don't exaplain the story in any manner. You will be in tears of laughter when you ecounter the custscene where Galen just sits back in his chair and RANDOMLY just says.... "Dagoba..." so he teleports to Dagoba and you encounter a mission that IS LITERALLY 10 SECONDS LONG WHERE YOU WALK DOWN A SET PATH ECOUNTER NO RESiSTANCE AND NO PLATFORMING AND ARE INTRODUCED TO YODA IN A 2 MINUTE CUTSCENE THAT EXPLAINS NOTHING! NOTHING! Do NOT support this game. I spent 70 dollars on it and I wish I could get a refund because it sucks so bad. Everything about it dissopoints you every level without fail. Expand
  49. Apr 28, 2013
    This game was rushed, the controls work just fine, but the main story clocks in at just over 4 hours and the is no where near as strong as SWFU 1. Star Killer has been turned in to a whiny baby who has no real purpose. They tried turning him into anakin from episode 3 and failed on every level. There is no challange as there was in the first game and the final fight is lame. You go to a total of 3 planets. Just a major let down. Expand
  50. May 30, 2013
    The gameplay was good, the force powers were all awesome and I enjoyed the story, but I have one complaint. Just one. It only took me AN HOUR AND A HALF TO BEAT THIS GAME! WTF? This game should've been great, but it isn't. It's worthless. It may seem harsh to ripping this game apart because it's short, but that's no excuse for it's short gameplay. This game would be better if this was NES where short games were the norm, but this is current generation. There's no excuse for the game to be this short. Even if it was only 3-4hours it would be better than the hour and a half that you get. Not to mention the boss fights were horrible. Expand
  51. Sep 11, 2013
    A poor game which finds it difficult to justify it's own existence through only a few drawn out levels where the personality deprived protagonist crushes all in his path with his god like powers.

    The story seems so removed from the Star Wars universe and offers no real development or intrigue, but is beset with predictable cameos, aka Yoda who lasts for anound a minute.

    On the plus
    side, the game looks very nice and plays fluidly.

    Not worth your money unless you are an obsessive force unleashed fan, in which case you probably already have it.
  52. Apr 24, 2014
    I was expecting so much more from this game. The story is weak, the gameplay seemed simplified for no reason and it was way too short for a £40 game. It felt more like an add on to a franchise that, I felt, could have built some real momentum but the chance was wasted.
  53. Nov 7, 2010
    The game is fun, very fun, but short. Last boss battle is boring as hell, totally different from boss battles from the first one (I liked them). The game feels like it was cut down, feels like there is some content missing, and will probably be DLC in the future. The graphics, sound and ambientation and cg videos are excellent.
    The story is poor (the first FU is excellent).
    I hope there is
    a Sith Edition... Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 59 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 59
  2. Negative: 6 out of 59
  1. Jan 28, 2011
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is just terrible.
  2. Jan 15, 2011
    Star Wars the Force Unleashed II makes up for most of its predecessor flaws, and delivers some terrific action sequences. It's a shame though that the story is simply non existent and the whole adventure lasts some 5 hours. It really seems like the developers can't make this saga right, leaves us waiting for a new hope.
  3. Jan 15, 2011
    There were high expectations for this game, however it is inferior to the first one, shorter, more monotonous, not replayable and with a really forgetable story.