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  1. 100
    Capcom and DIMPS have done an amazing job with Street Fighter 4. It's obvious from front to back that the people working on this game knew the legacy they were contending with, and found the guts to finish this project with conviction. This is no mere copycat; this is a proud new addition. It's a bold, confident fighter that celebrates its heritage while bringing fresh, new ideas to the table, arriving in a remarkably complete package that -- if this were the last Street Fighter to ever be created -- earns its rightful place in the series' canon.
  2. Street Fighter II was great. Street Fighter III was great, but for different reasons. But Street Fighter IV… well, it’s great. Or, to be more specific, GREAT carved in 300-foot high letters into the side of a mountain for all to see. True, it’s taken over fifteen years for Capcom to get it right but now, finally, we have a beat-’em-up that truly lives up to the name it represents. Perfection achieved, Capcom – best quit while you’re ahead, eh?
  3. Street Fighter IV makes difficult things look easy, and achieves one of the best fighting games in this generation. Apparently simple but plenty of possibilities, this game is accessible and deep at the same time: Capcom has done a great job once again.
  4. The bottom line is that you won't find another modern fighting game out there that looks and plays like Street Fighter IV, nor one that has stayed so true to itself yet kept up with the mainstream after twenty years. Welcome back Street Fighter - we've missed you!
  5. This title restored our faith in the genre and it rises high above the competition. Capcom deserves credit for this one. It's been a long time since we felt this kind of vibe and the best part is, it's a good slice of gaming even for those who are unfamiliar with previous releases.
  6. It's hugely accessible but includes the depth that serious gamers are searching for, and all of it is viable to bring online for some great action.
  7. The extensive character list, tried-and-true mechanics, gorgeous graphics, and quality play modes (including online battles) have updated this franchise in such a way that it feels both fresh and familiar. If you own a PS3 or Xbox 360, you simply have to go out and pick up Street Fighter IV - it will be remembered as one of the marquis fighting experiences of this generation of gaming.
  8. Even without the update, however, we have great graphics, new spectacular moves and the intensity with which the matches are disputed is also very good. So until the launch of King of Fighters XII, we can safely say that Street Fighter IV is the best 2D fighting game on the market.
  9. For all you Achievement whores out there don’t expect an easy ride in this game, as most of your rewards will be given to you once you have completed all arcade modes and challenges, through to unlocking all characters and pulling off a set number of combos, moves and finishes.
  10. Street Fighter IV doesn’t have the potential to dethrone genre kings like the Smash Bros. or Soul Calibur. Still, it’s a great game and one of the best Beat’em Ups out there.
  11. It's this blissful sense of nostalgia that makes Street Fighter IV the runaway success that it undoubtedly is. Street Fighter hasn't changed per se – at heart, it's still the very same game you played all those years ago - but it's been tweaked and enhanced to within an inch of perfection.
  12. 100
    Street Fighter IV is not just a top notch next-gen version of Street Fighter, it is in essence what Capcom always wanted the Street Fighter franchise to be.
  13. 90
    In many ways, Street Fighter IV feels a lot like a classic car that has been restored with a new engine, new paint and some snazzy custom tail fins.
  14. Despite its thin selection of modes, the core of the game is so remarkably solid that anyone with a passing interest would be a fool to pass it up what’s clearly solidified itself as the new standard for the future of fighters.
  15. 100
    This is, in almost every way that matters, the perfect Street Fighter.
  16. SF IV represents the best tribute that could ever be made to the series, but it also found, in an apparent easiness, a way to spread perfume and charisma, opening perspectives for modern fighting games.
  17. Street Fighter IV is probably the best beat’em up of this generation. The gameplay mechanic can entertain who seek immediacy, but surely fulfills even the hardcore gamer needs, thanks to a deep system which involves Focus Attack Dash Cancel and impressive Juggle Combos. Technically speaking, the game is awesome. Maybe some players would not like the character design (gothic and grotesque), but it is perfect to revitalize the brand (following the post-modern artistic wave). A game developed with passion and method; probably the best “fan service” ever seen.
  18. 100
    Even if you haven’t touched a fighting game since the 16-bit era, one match of Capcom’s new masterpiece will remind you why you spent so many hours at those now long-shuttered arcades.
  19. A distillation of everything the genre does right. It delivers the intensity of competition and the thrill of victory, all through elegant techniques that are easy to learn and difficult to master. Street Fighter IV is more than mere nostalgia - it's the best thing to happen to fighting games in years. [Mar 2009, p.82]
  20. When all is said and done, Street Fighter IV establishes itself as an excellent example of what a high-quality 2D fighter is capable of.
  21. Street Fighter IV gives the series the slap on the back it needs to catapult into the current and shake the fighting genre to its core.
  22. None of the modes - Arcade, Time Attack, Versus - scream innovation, and confusing anime-style cut scenes had us scratching our heads, but the wealth of hidden content, online play and addictive combat make Street Fighter IV one of 2009's most exciting video games.
  23. Overall, Street Fighter 4 doesn’t bring a lot of new ideas to the table but it does do everything better than any previous incarnation, which is exactly what we wanted.
  24. Street Fighter IV has returned from a nine year hiatus (man, that makes us feel crusty) to successfully wrest back the crown of ‘most awesome fighter on the market’. It is a shining beacon of quality and hope in an otherwise dying, largely forgotten genre of video gaming. Recognising this, Capcom has wisely kept it accessible to newcomers, sufficiently evolved for veterans, and chock full of the chess-like depth that made the series so infinitely playable in the first place.
  25. 100
    At the end of the day, that's really what this Street Fighter is: it's a title that's built for newcomers, yet tweaked for old school vets from the arcade and console days. [Mar 2009, p.75]
  26. On the whole, Street Fighter IV is a fantastic achievement. It has a great fighting system, excellent visuals and decent audio.
  27. Street Fighter IV changes the series' overall look to 3-D but still sticks to its root with the normal 2-D Street Fighter style gameplay that we have come to enjoy making it quite an enjoyable fighter to play for Street Fighter purists.
  28. From the perspective of a huge fan of the genre: Despite some minor flaws Street Fighter IV is nothing less than the best Beat’em-Up money can buy. The graphical style is amazing, the balancing good and if you use a decent arcade joystick the handling is great as well!
  29. It’s an extremely tight, well-paced fighter that allows for widely varied fighting styles, but also serves as a fair and definitive test of skills for long-time fighters. Seth, the game’s biggest drawback, along with some long load times and a lack of variety in the Super and Ultra Combos are the only things keeping the game from receiving a perfect score.
  30. Make no mistake: this is the finest fighter ever made. A glorious reworking of a classic that leaves the pretenders to the console fighter crown picking up their teeth with shattered fingers. [Mar 2009, p.62]
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  1. XavierE
    Jan 17, 2010
    Don't trust the critics on this one. This game is an overrated piece of crap. I can compliment the art style and smooth animation, but Don't trust the critics on this one. This game is an overrated piece of crap. I can compliment the art style and smooth animation, but that's about it. The controls are absolutely impossible with all the extreme precision required, and you will often find yourself executing the wrong move because your analog stick was 1 degree off. Also, the table with the list of moves are very hard to understand. Give this one a miss. I hate the fighting genre, but if you want a fun fighting game, Tekken is brilliant for that. Full Review »
  2. ColinO.
    Feb 18, 2009
    This game is fighting bliss. Art style is tops. Content seems never ending. Online is streamlined and the best Ive seen on a fighter. This game is fighting bliss. Art style is tops. Content seems never ending. Online is streamlined and the best Ive seen on a fighter. Graphics are awesome. A more then worth successor to a classic series I have loved for years. Full Review »
  3. Jun 13, 2011
    This is very impressive for a Street Fighter game.Never really liked the franchise but this version is very good.
    Are there Mortal Kombat vs
    This is very impressive for a Street Fighter game.Never really liked the franchise but this version is very good.
    Are there Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter fans still around after all these years?Well,Mortal Kombat is much better.Good effort though SF.
    Full Review »