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Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] One of the most popular puzzle games of all time is back with high-definition graphics, dazzling elemental effects and a new rebalanced X' game mode! Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix brings together Capcom's coolest fighting characters to provide extremely addictive puzzle mayhem. Enjoy single-player, local and online versus play, and spectator modes. The game features all the classic elements from the original arcade game, including traditional X Mode. Think fast on your feet as gems fall into your character's playfield. Don't let the stack get too high. The new X' Mode has been rebalanced with adjusted drop patterns and damage to level the playing field. Y Mode challenges players to connect three or more gems horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Z Mode has you group four adjacent gems and rotate them to join to other same-colored gems. Beautifully detailed high-definition backgrounds and character art come from the talented artists of Udon Comics. New elemental effects: Gems and Crash Gems interact with dazzling new effects. Hidden characters: There's Akuma, Dan, and more. Online play: Get online with Xbox LIVE and challenge other players to Ranked and Player Matches. Follow your progress on the leaderboards, and try to score the twelve all-new achievements. [Microsoft]
Rating: E
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Developer: Backbone Entertainment
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Number of Players:1-4 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Violence
Online Modes:Competitive
Resolution:1080i, 720p, Widescreen
Cast Credit
Scot Bayless Product Development [Capcom]
David Aldridge Engineer
Noritaka Funamizu Producer
Noritaka Funamizu Producer
Yoshiki Okamoto General Producer
Isaac Bender Engineer
Satoshi Ise Sound Assistant (Arcade Edition)
Soichiro Hoshi Voice Actor
Tomomichi Nishimura Voice Actor
Hideaki Itsuno Planner
David Sirlin Gameplay Rebalancing
Yuko Sasamoto Voice Actor
Ian McLean Lead Engineer
Hoshi Souichiro Voice Actor
Owens Rodriguez Engineer
Hiroaki Kondo Sound
Hiroaki Kondo Sound Design (Arcade Edition)
Osamu Hosoi Voice Actor
Takayuki Iwai Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Yayoi Jinguji Voice Actor
Yuko Takehara Music
Yuko Takehara Music Composer
Adam Boyes Product Development [Capcom]
Setsuo Yamamoto Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Nishimura Tomomichi Voice Actor
Kevin Wilson Engineer
Justin Richmond UI Artist
Yannis Brown Sound Design
Gerald Broas Artist
Michael J. Boccieri Producer
Eric Eberhardt Assistant Producer
David R. Sullivan Technical Director
Dan Halpern Lead Engineer
Albert Yale Engineer
Conrad Seto Artist
Ryan Shevlin Artist
Gary Johnson Artist
Will Guy UI Artist
Morakoth Tang Assistant Producer
David Marino Artist
Jun Matsumoto Network
Robert Johnson Product Development [Capcom]
Chris Marsh Engineer
Rey Jimenez Product Development [Capcom]
Spp Iorya Game Design (Arcade Edition)
Cham Cho Choy Programmer (Arcade Edition)
SHIN CHAN Programmer (Arcade Edition)
A. Iwasaki Instruction Card Design
Arvin Bautista Artist
Micah Russo Creative Director
Teruaki Hirokado Programmer
Araki Kae Voice Actor
W. Thomas Grove Assistant Producer
Dana Jakobson Artist
Michelle Abraham Engineer
Norman Badillo Art Director
Chad Pfarr UI Director
Diani Fong UI Artist
Bonifacio Costiniano UI Scripting
Jay Wilburn Engineer
Elizabeth Stuart Senior Producer
Omar Dogan Artist [Udon]
Roberto Campus Artist [Udon]
Espen Grundetjern Artist [Udon]
Greg D Artist [Udon]
Clarence Sfd Lim Artist [Udon]
Erik Ko Artist [Udon]
Clarence Lim Artist [Udon]
Robert Hamiter Producer [Capcom]
Alben Pedroso Product Development [Capcom]
Murasaki Umagoyasi Game Design (Arcade Edition)
Knight Rider Giu Programmer (Arcade Edition)
Shinchan Programmer (Arcade Edition)
Eternal Sailor Programmer (Arcade Edition)
Masarusan N Object Design (Arcade Edition)
Ino Object Design (Arcade Edition)
Aska Object Design (Arcade Edition)
Edayan Character Design (Arcade Edition)
Goidanokei Character Design (Arcade Edition)
Tatsuro Suzuki Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Isao Ave Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Yuko Kadota Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Syun Nishigaki Music Composer And Arrangement (Arcade Edition)
Iwanaga Tetsuya Voice Actor
Sasamoto Yuko Voice Actor
Jinguji Yayoi Voice Actor
Hosoi Osamu Voice Actor
Miyamura Yuko Voice Actor
Nissui Scroll Design
Iwa Scroll Design
Meiko. K Scroll Design
Saru Scroll Design
HIsoya Akemi Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
Ojiji Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
S. Kuwatch Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
Takky Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
Konsutantunkun Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
HIRO Scroll Design (Arcade Edition)
Nortaka Funamizu Producer (Arcade Edition)
Saddy Producer (Arcade Edition)
Meiko K Producer (Arcade Edition)
Yoshihiro Sudou Producer
Buruma Kozy Planner
Nobuaki Minomiya Programmer
Hisashi Kuramoto Programmer
Kumiko Morita Programmer
Kaz Yunde Network
Kentaro Kaneko Network
Mineyuki Noda Network
Miss Network
Net Man Network
Shin. Network
Asae N Scroll Design
Yuko Miyamura Voice Actor
Jun Matsumoto Network
Kae Araki Voice: Felicia, Hsien-Ko (Japanese)
Chris Marsh Engineer
Robert Johnson Product Development [Capcom]
Tetsuya Iwanaga Voice Actor
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