Super Street Fighter IV Xbox 360


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  1. 100
    Super Street Fighter IV's most promising feature is Tournament mode, available as a free downloadable update June 15th. For the first time in the series, players will be able to host four or eight person competitions, either as a participant or the host.
  2. 100
    We thought Street Fighter IV was it. We thought it couldn’t get any better. We thought wrong. The greatest fighting game ever just got better, and kicks its former self’s ass. It feels complete, and the fact that we weren’t really missing anything last time around says it all. Farmer Capcom has gotten better at milking the Street Fighter cow, adding nutrients and flavor to an already delicious dairy product. Yes Capcom, we forgive you…this time.
  3. Super Street Fighter IV meets the highest expectations.
  4. 100
    Learning, improving, mastering. Three tenets Super Street Fighter IV is built on, its greatest strengths and the reason for its existence. Without them, it’s a game that would have never been made. Without them the games industry would stand still. Super Street Fighter IV embodies that ethos. Another defining moment for Capcom’s world warriors.
  5. Super is a tremendous update to a tremendous game. It addresses many of IV's weaknesses, subtly tweaks old features so that they work better, and introduces some characters that exceed the high quality bar set in February last year. It is a game tailor made for hardcore Street Fighter fans.
  6. More fighters, better online support, more features and an even more fine tuned fighting system. We even get the comeback of Makoto from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Yes, Super Street Fighter IV really is the definitive version of Street Fighter IV, but it still feels somewhat like an expansion rather than a full game.
  7. More of the same, which is fine for now. [May 2010, p.96]
  8. The brilliant gameplay of Street Fighter IV is still there, and with 10 new characters and more possibilities for the ancient ones, you know you will fall for it once again.
  9. The complete package that is Super Street Fighter IV should no doubt be in every beat 'em up fans gaming collection.
  10. If you’re a lover of fighters and you can only afford one game for 2010, than I highly suggest you check out Super Street Fighter IV that is easily one of the most enjoyable and challenging fighting experiences that I have played in the last few years.
  11. In a nutshell, Super Street Fighter 4 offers new characters, great gameplay, amazing value and best of all great replay value. This game is a must have. In the words of Street Fighter “A new Challenger has approached”.
  12. It's consistent, it's measurable, and it's the best fighting game ever - but now even more awesome.
  13. Capcom has done much more than slap on a few new characters and push the game out the door. They've taken the original title, reconstructed it, and produced a game that surpasses the original Street Fighter IV in every way possible.
  14. Capcom could easily have charged $59.99 for this, and I would have bought it in a second. At $39.99, it's a crazy deal. Any Street Fighter fans, even those who quit playing the original and moved on, should be picking up Super.
  15. All-in-all Super Street Fighter IV is a welcome addition to the series that fine-tunes and tweaks what is already a world-class beat-em-up title, though it is debatable whether you should buy this edition if you already have the earlier edition.
  16. 95
    This is the very best fighting game ever made, literally bursting with content and even more hinted to be on the way through DLC. You cannot pass this up and still claim to be a fighting game fan.
  17. If you weren’t a fan of the original IV, there’s really nothing here to sway you, but for fans of tight, accessible fighting action with a great deal of depth, it’s an excellent bargain, and a game that many are sure to be playing five years from now.
  18. A great fighting game: it's got everything made SF IV great, plus new characters, new moves, new online modes and a greater gameplay balance thanks to some subtle but very important gameplay tweaks.
  19. Penny pinching pugilists may give pause, but let your fears be dissuaded: Super Street Fighter IV is worth every single cent.
  20. If you're a huge fan of SFIV and would like to see more, this one's a must-have.
  21. Capcom did it again, delivering what is actually the best 2D beat'em up out there. Ten new characters, Ultra Combos for everyone and the best online experience you could ask for. Grab your sticks and keep mashing!
  22. Street Fighter is back and this time it's really SUPER. More fighters, better graphics and gameplay. This is one to go for Beat'em up fans.
  23. Super Street Fighter is not just an expensive add-on. An impressive number of characters and many gameplay improvements make it a strongly desirable beat'em up.
  24. When you make a great thing even better, it's easy to like. The $40 price point helps too, and there's enough new content here -- both online and offline -- to welcome newcomers and reinvigorate seasoned SFIV players.
  25. Super Street Fighter IV gets all the best from its predecessor and improves it. This is simply a must-have!
  26. 90
    The gameplay is fast, fun and easy to dig into, and deep enough so that you're always discovering new ways to chain combos and improve your skills. Whether you're a franchise veteran or a total newcomer, you can't go wrong with Super Street Fighter IV.
  27. Character rebalancing, strong online multiplayer modes, and an updated roster help Super Street Fighter IV expand on its predecessor in every way.
  28. Street Fighter IV was a marvelous fighter and Super Street Fighter IV only furthers that notion with excellent additions that provide a whole new life to the series that has come full circle with Capcom’s brilliant revival.
  29. Even though Super Street Fighter IV lacks the impact of its predecessor, it's still engrossing, enthralling, and plain ol' fun. [May 2010, p.70]
  30. If you are on the fence about repurchasing a game with the "Street Fighter IV" logo, don't be. This is one rerelease that is sure to make you fall in love with the series all over again.
  31. It's no incremental upgrade and brings more than just character balancing to the table, managing to improve, fix and surpass the original Street Fighter IV in every way imaginable - and they've done it at less than full price.
  32. Few will find themselves longing for things to return to the way they used to be, and Super Street Fighter IV updates the already winning formula in a logical, progressive manner to create an end product entirely deserving of its superlative moniker. Others will eventually follow, but for now Super Street Fighter IV is the undisputed fighting game champion of the world.
  33. 90
    Super is the perfectly refined poster child for an entire genre, and is once again one of the best games this generation.
  34. Super Street Fighter IV surpasses the level we saw in the original revival during last season. With more characters, more Ultras, new modes, classic bonus stages, remixed OST and a great online on the table, without any doubt, Capcom has created the best fighting game in this generation.
  35. 90
    It does not have real innovations, but is excellent as an ultimate version of Street Fighter IV.
  36. A great presentation and awesome characters are responsible for the unique flair of this game series. After part four that reinvented the genre last year the new super version keeps up with new content and a much better multiplayer at a pretty fair price.
  37. SSF4 is a beast of a game and is an absolute steal for under fifty dollars. All of the new additions blend seamlessly with the existing game and really amplifies the magnitude of the game.
  38. It's probably the best fighting game out at the moment.
  39. Super Street Fighter IV brings more, but not enough to justify the game if you already own Street Fighter IV.
  40. 80
    Super Street Fighter IV contains good changes in comparison with the previous Street Fighter game. There isn't much innovation, but for only 40 euros this is a must buy in the fighting genre.
  41. Super Street Fighter 4 delivers the experience that Street Fighter 4 probably should have. Still, it's better late than never. The true Street Fighter 4 experience is here.
  42. A fighting game is only fun if you're matched up with like-minded, similarly skilled opposition, and in this respect, the game seems to be able to help you have fun, regardless of your skill level. SSFIV makes last year's fighting game a lot better, and it does it at a less-than-full retail price.
  43. The matchmaking is quick and really does a great job of keeping you within your skill rank, and the added modes are worthwhile and fun to play. So whether you're a vet of the first game or a newcomer, I'd say Super Street Fighter IV is absolutely worth checking out.
  44. 100
    Super Street Fighter IV is more than a basic expansion pack.
  45. 100
    SSF4's new characters feel strong, detailed, and more importantly, convincingly robust.
  46. At $40, it's definitely worth your money even if you bought the previous game.
  47. It’s unfortunate that Street Fighter IV steals much of the would-be impact and innovation from Super Street Fighter IV, but when all is said and done, SSFIV is the best modern fighter in video games today.
  48. If you’ve been looking to get back into fighters and somehow missed the boat on Street Fighter IV or have been waiting for something to bring you back into the world of Street Fighting, I doubt there is a better option than a game full of characters, awesome music, and a robust fighting system with great online support.
  49. Edge Magazine
    This is brand new, yet it tastes vintage. Because it's nothing less than Capcom at its best in the genre it defines. [May 2010, p.101]
  50. games(TM)
    To put it bluntly, if you own and loved SFIV, then SSFIV is as important to your mental wellbeing as the oxygen in our atmosphere. This is the ultimate love letter from Capcom, and the perfect fuel to keep the Street Fighter passion alight. [Issue#95, p.114]
  51. X-ONE Magazine UK
    SSF4 raises the series' game again and continues its quest to be crowned the greatest beat-'em-up of all time. And extremely worthy and credible update. [Issue#58, p.90]
  52. Games Master UK
    The finest fighting game ever made. [June 2010, p.80]
  53. No doubt, Super Street Fighter IV is the definitive version of Street Fighter IV.
  54. Game Informer
    I put nearly 100 hours into IV, and I can easily see myself pumping dozens more into this update. If you haven't played IV at all, then $40 is an absolute steal for the ultimate version of the best fighting game in recent memory. [May 2010, p.87]
  55. GamePro
    Super Street Fighter IV is just more of a good thing and fans of the original have plenty of reasons to invest in it. But seasoned players who didn't care for the original SFIV won't have any reason to like the update because, despite the improvements and additions, the fundamental gameplay hasn't changed. [Jun 2010, p.88]
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 14
  1. Jul 26, 2012
    This is simply the best fighting game out there, feels complete and capcom should give themselves a pat on the back for this one. BrilliantThis is simply the best fighting game out there, feels complete and capcom should give themselves a pat on the back for this one. Brilliant fighting engine with great depth Full Review »
  2. May 27, 2012
    Este es un juego de peleas muy bueno, quizas el mejor de la decada, con una jugabilidad simple pero muy eficaz, implementando elementos deEste es un juego de peleas muy bueno, quizas el mejor de la decada, con una jugabilidad simple pero muy eficaz, implementando elementos de pasadas entregas y sumandole nuevas piezas como los focus attack y los asombrosos uultra combos. Es una lastima que para poder tener este juego tengas que volver a comprarlo, pero es algo que puedes pasar muy por alto, si te encanto el SFIV, te vas a divertir mucho mas con este... Full Review »
  3. DalamarE.
    Apr 27, 2010
    Overrated garbage. An additional cash grab by Capcom. SSFIV is essentially SFIV with some additional characters and modes. Something that Overrated garbage. An additional cash grab by Capcom. SSFIV is essentially SFIV with some additional characters and modes. Something that should have been included in SSFIV - this should have been a game addon. And to add insult to injury all characters are unlocked by default. Capcom could have done that in the first place (in SSFIV). Hard to believe little innovation can garner so many points from the pro reviewers. As far the overall game - SFIV and SSFIV are designed strictly for the hardcore gamers who have also invested in decent fighting stick. There is high learning curve for the novice player to fully enjoy this game. Full Review »