Superstars V8 Racing Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Although it doesn't have any intention to reinvent racing games, mastering all the aspects of the competitions takes some time and dedication, weeks of enjoyment steering this virtual racing cars. Recommended for beginners and for racing games fans waiting for a more purist game.
  2. Superstars V8 Racing is a good game with a lot of detail for realism. There are enough races and cars available to entertain you for a while. However, due to the lack of game modes, the game doesn't achieve the status it could have reached.
  3. Everyone who's looking for a nice racing game, without spending too much time in learning how to play it, will be glad. Those who are expecting a serious challenge with strong realism influences will get bored soon.
  4. Superstars V8 Racing is a very good racing title, despite a few flaws, which will undoubtedly pass through almost everyone's radar. This is ideal for racing fans looking to pass time whilst awaiting Forza Motorsport 3 with great anxiety.
  5. Superstars V8 Racing is a decent and, at times, surprisingly pretty racer, and while it's never going to blow GRID's graphics or Race Pro's handling out of the water, it does conjure up happy memories of classic Codies TOCA games. Here's hoping by next year, Milestone has mastered the art of a more immersive career mode.
  6. Superstars V8 Racing is a good game with a lot of detail for realism, but it lacks any spark to make it stand out in the face of competition.
  7. V8 Superstars got a very competitive and encouraging result for future initiatives.
  8. 67
    It's all about racing in Superstars V8, and that's exactly why there is a lack of game modes. If you're looking for such a game and you don't expect much more, then Superstars V8 Racing is certainly made for you. But for most of us its probably a bit to simple.
  9. V8 Racing is actually quite fun to play, although it is deeply flawed.
  10. Dec 20, 2010
    Anyone looking for a cheap racing game on the 360 may want to consider it, but the truth is that there are better racers currently available on the platform.
  11. Superstars V8 Racing isn't a game for veteran race fans but it drives well enough to please casual gamers. The game is however light on modes and the intelligence of your opponents is poor.
  12. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The options and tracks are too few and shallow to compete. [Issue#48, p.84]
  13. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    Mediocre - not through technical incompetence but simply an absence of enthusiasm. [Sept 2009, p.88]
  14. V8 Superstars Racing is a game with several flaws in every aspect. Visually it's an average game, without many interesting features. Its gameplay is strange, illogical when it comes to driving and with a physics engine that is not fair with players. It's a game to forget.
  15. Superstars V8 Racing is an easily forgettable game: once finished the championship and established some track records in the free race mode, you won't desire to go back to the game, due to its very frustrating gameplay and poor and bug-ridden online multiplayer. Unless you're great fans of the italian Superstars championship, we suggest you wait for much better racers coming in the next months.
  16. SuperStars V8 is a total shame, under any point of view: a copy/paste of SBK, without the important license, with typical problems of the other game and a couple more brand new, strictly connected to gameplay. With Forza 3, Shift, Gran Turismo and DiRT 2 on the way of the release and a huge offer among recent releases and old masterpieces (Burnout, Project Gotham 3, Forza 2, RACE Pro…) the question is easy: why, V8? It's up to you to find an answer.
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  1. DarrenY
    Aug 8, 2009
    The game is ok. Just the car is not attractive enough.