Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. 91
    Tecmo Bowl Throwback is exactly what it claims to be, and it freshens up the classic version of the game without completely changing it (read: ruining it). Publishers working on remakes of older titles would be well-served in taking a page out of Tecmo's book in keeping the changes minimal and the nostaligia-factor high.
  2. A model for the successful re-envisioning of a classic series, Tecmo Bowl Throwback mixes old and new in a way that appeals to those looking for nostalgia and those just looking for a spot of fun in the long football offseason.
  3. The Way I See It: Tecmo Bowl Throwback is exactly what it claims to be, a throwback, and a great title to go back to and get that 1993 feeling all over again.
  4. Throwback delivers a genuine Tecmo Bowl game without adding too much or taking away anything that made the game a cult classic.
  5. If you're gonna redo retro games, this is how it's done. Now, if only it were the NES version.
  6. Even without the NFL license, Throwback’s pure gameplay reminds me why I sunk hundreds of hours into Tecmo Super Bowl as a kid. But without the deep customization and multiplayer options we’ve come to expect from football games, Throwback fails to build on the nostalgia factor.
  7. It’s just a bit repetitive and doesn’t quite have that extra little bit of lasting power. But it isn’t completely unattractive. Fans of the original should be pleased with this update, considering it doesn’t take too many liberties.
  8. If you’re looking for precision tackles, realistic visuals, or strategy that ranks beyond the rock-paper-scissors format, then you will want to save your 800 MP. But, if you’re a casual or entry-level pigskin fan, or are just looking to get your game on in Nostalgia Stadium, then you may find that Tecmo Bowl Throwback is the perfect draft pick.
  9. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is a surprisingly enjoyable blast from the past.
  10. 70
    What is perhaps most remarkable about Throwback is the intentional lack of effort to updated and broaden the appeal of a franchise that is highly dated in the gameplay department.
  11. 65
    The fact that you can switch visual styles on the fly is great, but it seems to handcuff what the rest of the package could’ve presented. The modes are lacking, despite the fact that the gameplay (regardless of HD or non-HD visuals) is wonderfully nostalgic.
  12. 65
    From the view to all the fancy stuff you can do, Madden is the football game. But, if you are tired of all that realism and just want a blast from the past, or just want to get your kid into football, Tecmo Bowl Throwback is the game for you.
  13. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is precisely what the name implies. The developers never stray from the core mechanics of the original and choose to remain steadfast with the simple and dated, yet unabashedly fun gameplay. Sadly, the enjoyment lasts about as long as a fleeting memory.
  14. At $10, it can only be recommended for those who have sold off their collection yet can't let go of the past.
  15. While Tecmo Bowl Throwback definitely scratches your nostalgia itch (if you have one), it's just plain and not very fun in the long run in this day and age.
  16. Kudos to Tecmo for the neat ability to swap between the classic 16-bit look and 3D makeover on the fly (offline only), a la Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. But sadly, the rest of Throwback feels as flat as those ancient visuals. [Jun 2010, p.82]

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