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  1. Nov 16, 2014
    I purchased this on Steam and while the reviews said there were game breaking bugs, they must have been fixed by the time I played it. I may be biased, because I loved the turtles when I was younger, and the art style in this game looks amazing. The controls can get a little clunky for how quick you try to queue up a combo move, but overall, it is a fun game to go through, even if you do have to button mash like crazy sometimes. The camera angles can get a little tiresome, I found myself constantly pointing the camera back at a level I could work with. As far as characters, each turtle has his own unique fighting style and techniques. This lets you play around with different ways of fighting through the waves of foot soldiers. I played this solo, so there were a few spots where it would have been very handy to have a coop buddy or two. A lot of reviews have ripped this game apart, and maybe it was due to the bugs that are gone now, and it has it's flaws, but this game is definitely worth checking out. Expand
  2. Aug 7, 2014
    The game is very cool,I buyed 1 month ago and I just founded 3 bugs.
    The characters talk some times,but not every time,plus,they have more than 5 phrases.
    The graphics are cool.
    The PC Version is the best,because it's the hardest to play and the graphics are the best,but the lag is annoying.Yes,the lag made the game don't have a 10.
  3. Apr 2, 2014
    This game has only had technical issue after technical issue. All your fandom, and wishing to play a TMNT game combined, will not make this game worthy of a single dime. Do not waste your time with this horrible frustration of a game. Redfly is a terrible gaming company with a record for being barely mediocre. Their public relations is essentially non existent. Any gamer who has attempted this poor version of a TMNT game can tell you that they have not received any relief from all the glitches that have plagued this game. DO NOT BUY. Expand
  4. Nov 22, 2013
    Why? JUST WHY???????? The game is repetitive and boring period. The only fun thing about this game is the training mode lol! XD Even the Nickolodeon version that came out afterwards SUCKS! WHEN will we EVER get a TMNT game like Arkham City? CAN ANY GAME DEVELOPER DO THE SERIES JUSTICE??? Jesus Christ.
  5. Oct 30, 2013
    if you want a review go checkout totalbuscuit the cynical brit cause i don't want to review this game go do it now he has awesome videos that are better than this game
  6. Sep 16, 2013
    I thought this was going to be more like TMNT:Turtles in Time. Boy oh Boy was I wrong. The game is painful to play, absolutely painful. If you're a new member to the TMNT world you may like it. If you grew up watching the 80's cartoon stay away.
  7. Sep 10, 2013
    I'm not going into the technical stuff.
    This is a great game for players old and young. From 6 to 36 TMNT does not disappoint. The Turtles look great, the back and forth banter is top notch and will have you cracking up. Basic controls are easy to pick up and enjoy. Local co-op 2 player campaign gave us freedom to explore, kick shell and experiment with team moves. All without being
    held back by each other. Three turtles to take down The Foot one to explore & grab pizza. One of the best things was that I could play this with my sons & daughter. Arcade mode 4 player classic Turtle action with the Unreal engine awesome, awesome, awesome. As a family we continue to join this game. Quoting my son why aren't there more Super Hero games that we can all play together. TMNT answers the call for old and young. Expand
  8. Sep 8, 2013
    This game did have a lot of potential, but I can't really tell if Activision, and Red Fly Studio's realized it.
    The game did seem kind of a let down for me, with an awkward camera angle at times, and the gameplay just didn't seem amusing to me.

    Maybe they can learn from the mistakes of this game, and improve with another game, whether they put it in the arcade, or sell it on the
    shelves, or they can ditch the whole idea, and think of something else. Expand
  9. Sep 8, 2013
    The game is true to the turtles, if they can fix the glitches and the weird camera would be amazing... now, is just GOOD. Makes me wish it was a open world like arkhan City.
  10. Sep 6, 2013
    Nostalgia aside. This is the best TMNT game to date. By default. OBVI. Now, before I start I must say that I was born into the Turtles. The cartoon basically aired once I achieved consciousness at around 3 years old. Since before I can remember I have been Turtle fan #1. Gameplay: This game is basically a copy of Arkham City in it's combat, with some major differences after you've upgraded each of the Turtles... and that's not bad news. At times, it can be frustrating but oh-so satisfying when you get that one good combo run and totally funk everyone the shell up... especially with Raph. (Although, Donnie played incredibly well to my personal strengths as a gamer).
    The learning curve is pretty vast and I found myself spending hours with each character just to get each fighting style down to a science. Aside from story, there's Challenge Maps which are essentially a 4 Round combo fest. Then there is my personal favorite, Survival Mode. This will test your skills with the combat in every way.

    Here's hoping for more DLC. Anything will do.

    Pretty basic story stuff here. April has gone missing. Find and capture her.
    What set this ENTIRE game apart though is the dialogue between the Turtles within downtime.
    I found myself, many times, just standing in a room and listening to each conversation. Each one is better than the last.

    T.U.R.T.L.E Power from the Original movie's end credits.
    'Nuff said.

    At first I was in disgust of the Turtles design. But, as time grew on they actually became my favored visual iteration of the Turtles. The enemies all look great and the scenery look grimy and fantastic for an Arcade game.

    Although not very inventive at times. Most just deal with repeatedly using specific moves for each Turtle. However, there are a few exceptional and challenging ones.
    With Achievements like "Shell YEAH!" how could you go wrong.

    A wonderful trip down memory lane that must not be missed by any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan!!!!

    *This game meant the world to me and for that it obviously earned itself a pretty high ranking with this obsessed fan.
  11. Sep 6, 2013
    This is a good game. All the negative reviews I've encountered thus far seem to be judging it as if it's a $60 game and had a Tomb Raider-type budget. It's not and it didn't.

    First, let's get the bad out of the way. The game does have quite a few glitches and many people have mentioned issues with the camera; however, the game isn't long enough and the checkpoints are plentiful enough
    that restarting from the last checkpoint if you get stuck really isn't that big of a deal. At most, you've wasted a couple of minutes. And, for me, I really didn't encounter a lot of issues with the camera. Only when I was in a cramped space did the camera tend to geek out a bit, but the vast majority of the levels give you plenty of large, spacious area, so those moments were rare, to say the least.

    The only issue I had was with the controls. I've heard people say that it's better on a controller, but my main problem was figuring out how to do all the strings, moves, and specials. Really, though, this has more to do with their training and tutorial features more than the actual game. Moreover, this only affected me when it came to the dojo as I couldn't complete certain moves. I can live without the dojo.

    On to the good: Everything else. For $15, not only do you get a decent-length story mode, but you also get a challenge mode and an arcade mode. You also get a leveling system with skill points that you can use to boost the various turtles. Some people have complained that certain turtles are bad, but I didn't think any of them were unusable. I played mainly as Mike, who is traditional the weakest of the bunch, and had no issues. Certain turtles may well be better than others, but the game is not hard in any sense of the word, so I don't see how it matters. The point is just to have fun.

    In any case, your level and skills transfer over to the various modes, which I think is awesome, and it's very ingrained in the fighting system, which I have to say is far more advanced than what I was expecting for a $15 game. I noticed a lot of people criticizing the fighting system for it's sluggishness (at times), but I had no problem adapting to it and, quite frankly, didn't go into the game thinking it would be as smooth or as polished as, say, a God of War or something.

    I also want to address the looks of the turtles. People seem to forget that the turtles have had a lot of facelifts over the years and have been depicted a lot of different ways. (Any one remember that they used to ALL wear red masks?) The only "goofy" thing with these turtles is that they look more like... turtles. In the past, the turtles' physiques far more resembled humans than turtles. In truth, most depictions have them looking a lot like beefy green guys wearing a shell suit rather than actual turtles. So, it was a simple design choice to stress the "turtle" part of the characters, and it's not really one that bugged me at all.

    On a minor note, I was floored when the game first started up and I heard "Turtle Power" playing. That right there almost made me score the game a 10, lol. Music selection A+++++.

    So, I gave this an 8 and the only thing that prevented it from getting a 10 was the lack of help in figuring out the controls (and the fact that you couldn't change them); otherwise, it was a fun game and definitely worth the $15. And keep that in mind: IT'S ONLY $15. If you see it on sale and you're a TMNT fan, you're doing yourself a huge disservice in not picking it up. Remember, if something like this is successful, there's always the possibility they decide to give it a bigger budget and do a bigger, better game.
  12. Sep 4, 2013
    "Give the game a chance especially if you are a turtles fan. It is not perfect, far from it but most of the problems are technical not game-play related. At its peak when the combat comes together, especially online, it provides a great turtles experience as four players perform a team taunt giving each other a "high three" or a funky dance in celebration. Overall a very decent buy for any fan-boy of the TMNT genre, a forgiving gamer will have definite positives to take away but a picky, discerning or unforgiving gamer interested in only triple A titles may want to give it a wide berth"


    This game mixes it up a little and draws on the themes from the recent TMNT Nick series whilst also attempting to create an atmosphere that purist fans of the comics (like myself) will enjoy. In the face of recent brawler games with large budgets it is easy to compare this to Batman: Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden etc. and it is important to distance yourself when looking at what the game has achieved. It is after all a third of the price and has far less money invested in it. The combat system is deep, easy to learn and hard to master offering longevity and replayability on this front. The personalities of each turtle shine through their individual movesets and animations. Also within the game are tons of little tips of the hat to the different games such as turtles in time for the snes that precede it such as the jump-kick move and leonardo's dash move; as a fan I really appreciate the effort. Four chapters are provided to play through and a multitude of challenges which offer a near complete range of difficulties for players up to extremely difficult to complete. Each chapter has a different style, setting and colour set and for £10 they are nicely done, but offer nothing new to generations of 3D brawlers with a largely simplistic level design; I would argue that if you bought it for that you made a mistake as it was never going to be that.

    Where the game falls short is in some of its technical issues. Camera angle problems can be frustrating at times whilst glitches and bugs are present throughout the game. As previously stated levels are simplistically designed and in some cases inhibit play. An ever present hacking game slows down the pacing at times to a crawl and is really unnecessary, feeling as thought it has just been chucked in there to extend playing time. Dialogue and video cannot be pushed past while in online mode and also you cannot reliably select your turtle of choice on the selection screen (if someone else selects the turtle before you have readied yourself you lose the turtle). Little things like this I hope will be solved in a later patch but unless the game is supported this becomes less likely to happen. The current overly negative reviews in my opinion will probably kill the chances of this game living up to what it could potentially be.

    These issues surely would have been solved with a greater testing period and herein lies a potential reason to the game's problems. Release scheduling was already delayed for the game and online gamers kicked up a fuss...I might guess that in order to keep with the second schedule for release and the XBOX summer of arcade the game has been released a little early. Either this or that the team ran out of money to maintain keeping the title at at the £10 price mark.

    Overall it's a flawed game with lots of passion in it and for this I keep returning to play it. It has a deep combat system with lots to offer, which cannot be mastered in one sitting, but it is a flawed and glitchy experience.

    Yet when I pick up the controller, I forgive all the game's negatives and really enjoy the experience...
    ...I cannot tell you how much delight I get from performing the team taunts, it's the closest to feeling like your favourite turtle you may ever get...
  13. Sep 4, 2013
    This game provides a lot of options. Your turtle can jump, leap, roll, climb, crawl, squat and shuffle. And all this freedom comes mapped to a single key. If that isn't convenient. So, you only have to locate the right hotspots to navigate the environment. Fighting is luckily more fun, but repetitive as mashing buttons can be. Technical problems further enhance the experience. There are only four resolutions available and no other graphics settings. Expand
  14. Sep 3, 2013
    I had to register an account just because I felt compelled to leave a review.

    The graphics were sub par, the music was more than generic, the lighting was poor, and combat system was sluggish, and why do my ninjas move so slow. Uhg. I couldn't have been more disappointed. Even the cut scenes looked like slapped together, comic book paneled, story boards with really terrible voice overs.
    Is that what the turtles sound like now? They couldn't be bothered to do decent cut scenes or at least give me some sort of quality in the cut scene comics?

    It's a button masher at it's core, but unlike other combat based button mashers, I really didn't have any fun. Playing this game kinda felt like work, especially since they managed to somehow make the characters less likeable. It's Ninja Turtles people. Just make a fast paced ninja centric combat game but replace the ninjas with bi-pedal turtles and make the baddies Foot Clan. Can it really be that hard? It's like someone said, "Hey! Let's do to TMNT what was done with Mega-Man and Sonic! It'll work this time!" It didn't.

    I would have rather played a pizza shop sim where my guests were the Ninja Turtles.
  15. Sep 3, 2013
    It is not a perfect game by long shot, but it is entertaining game for few nights, and brought me back some memories. for a turtles fans I recommend it since it is only 15 euros. and single player campaign is long as current gen AAA titles.
  16. Sep 3, 2013
    Best Turtle game yet. Combat much like Arkham games. Lacks in many areas, but a step in the right direction. Cannot beat the price point either. 6.0 id much too low in my opinion.
  17. Sep 2, 2013
    Give this game a chance. For a turtles fan, this is the first game that does justice to them. It is definitely flawed. Game lacks a lot of polish..but the devs need to be commended for what they achieved. The combat is elegant and a lot of fun with an insane level of depth. I hope the devs stick with it and support it. With a couple of patches, this game can truly shine and do well with combat fans. Expand
  18. Sep 2, 2013
    This game is far the BEST T.M.N.T game that I've ever played.... Yes, this game may have its PROS and CONS, but for a 15 dollar title, I won't complain... Arcade mode is an AWESOME way to say nostalgia!!! As far as game controls I really haven't had any problems with the responses.... If ya'll just give this game a chance then I'm certain it will change your mind.... People are so critical when it comes to this game, especially, they know it's only 15 bucks... If it was a 60 game, then I would've expected more, but it's only 15 dollars... Expand
  19. Sep 2, 2013
    This game is a lot of fun and getting a lot more flack than it should. It does have notable bugs and glitches, but they are not game breaking by any means. The combat is reminiscent of Arkham games in how it plays, but there is so much depth to it. You definitely need to play the game long enough to upgrade your Turtles a bit to get full extent of the combat, because the more you upgrade the better it gets. Each Turtle also using fighting styles tailored to them and having different statistics (speed, strength ect) just adds more the gameplay since neither of them play the same. Voices, cut scenes and story are meh...but I didn't get the game for that, I just wanted to beat up some Foot soldiers, Mousers and various other enemies with my favorite Green Ninja Team, and it delivers for sure on that.

    This game is definitely made for the Truest of true Turtle fans, and if you are one It is worth a buy. There is a substantial amount of material in this game, and the Combat depth is awesome for a $15 title. Non turtle fans may not appreciate it as much, but Turtle fans will enjoy finally being able to play their favorite Turtle how they should be played, and enjoying all the little throwbacks to every form of Turtle media their is.
  20. Sep 2, 2013
    I bought this game before I read the reviews and I'm not disappointed at all. The fun factor is there and the nostalgic game play is there if you ever played the original. While it's not on the same level as the classic turtles in time, or even re-shelled, it's still fun to play. Giving this game anything lower than a 6 I think is a bit harsh and a 7 would be over exaggerating.

    It has
    an OK combat system when stringing combos and what not. the combat system is a bit more involved than your classic turtles in time, but once you get use to it and learn a few of the combo strings it can be rewarding for a bit, (Although the strings ARE pretty easy and straightforward). Needless to say you can still mash x and y all day and get through the game just fine w/o all the flashy they added. Personally I would have preferred the latter, but they tried to improve upon something and I commend them for attempting. While they didn't fail in that department, I prefer the classic button mash. I have played through both the classic and re-shelled earning all the 360 achievements, so when it comes to turtles, I'm no noob. While this game isn't as good as re-shelled or turtles in time, it's still fun. If you truly enjoyed the other two you will enjoy this one....just not as much. Expand
  21. Sep 2, 2013
    With horror I had already seen a few months ago as the new Turtles look disfigured. Who designed the ugly models? I had the Turtles differently in memory. Because they were human and they immediately gained access to the figures.
    As for the rest so you miss nothing. Trivial Brawl against stupid opponents.
    The game is so far the biggest arcade scrap of the year. A real kick in the balls
    for the people who grew up with the four turtles. Expand
  22. Sep 2, 2013
    Don't know why this has received very low scores, for 15 bucks this game isn't too bad and im not even a big tmnt fan! if I paid 80 or so bucks for it then I would feel ripped off but as it is its pretty fun. Yes,it isn't as tight and polished as it could be but what are reviewers looking for these days? (actually ive been enjoying many games lately that have received low scores from reviewers than ones with higher scores, all they care about now is if its got a compelling story and something totally new) Expand
  23. Sep 1, 2013
    So many absolute reviews for this clearly being put up here by the makers of this game, Do not believe any of the crap you read about it bringing back that nostalgic feeling from the 80s arcade game, it doesn't, this game plays like it was made by someone who was having the old arcade game explained to them down a phone and the person coding it has never played a video game before or had fun in their whole lives.

    **** let down exactly the same as flashback, trying to cash in on older gamers nostalgia factor with utter rubbish.
  24. Sep 1, 2013
    Huge TMNT fan and of course played EVERY single TMNT game release. Most pretty bad, but this is absolutely one of the best. Not sure why everyone is being so crushing in their impressions. Sure, the "Campaign" mode has some gameplay flaws (navigation, sluggish camera, gfx glitches) BUT no game is perfect. That should not outweigh the good the game brings: unique high quality turtle models, serviceable platforming, excellent Arkham combat, solid story, extensive move set with leveling up ability and good variety of enemies/locations.

    Plus it's two games in one. You the over the shoulder action game plus and side-scrolling beat 'em up. The other "old-school" mode has much fewer issues and should appeal to those of the series' roots.

    Trust me, give it a chance and you're sure to feel the Turtle Power! ;P
  25. Sep 1, 2013
    Seriously ignore all of these cynics morons this game is pure gold. If they have a problem with it it's because they got it on steam and it's buggy on PC. Get it on a console because the combat is amazing. The replay value is very high and the online mode is a blast! Even once you beat the main campaign there is plenty left to do such as leveling up all of your turtles, playing arcade mode which is much like oldschool turtles games and even a survival mode. Unlock new weapon upgrades as well.

    The game does a great service to the older games like turtles in time and i honestly can't understand all of these terrible reviews. The only thing i can think of is they lack the skill to play this game because it takes time to learn how to counter and it's not an easy game. Haters are going to hate. All in all this is one of the best arcade titles out right now hands down!
  26. Sep 1, 2013
    I think its good that they gave each turtle a different look cuz it gives change to the series.Turtles in time was awesome and i think this game is good as Turtles in time was.TMNT fans out there i think this is the game you guys have been waiting for.Also these stupid critics are TOO PICKY just because there is ONE HARMLESS glitch in the game they think its the worst game ever! You critics have to learn how to enjoy the game for what it is! Expand
  27. Sep 1, 2013
    Don't believe the negative hype, this game is FUN and worth the $15 bucks.The combat is awesome, the combos are challenging. It's a good TMNT game taken right our of the 80's/90's and if you are looking for more, then go play God of War or something similar. The unreal engine is awesome, I would love to see a M rated game something along the lines of Arkham City. It's got moments where it's not perfect but I really like this game! Expand
  28. Sep 1, 2013
    Arcade or not, this game is completely unacceptable in this day and age. There was clearlt no game testing done on it before release. Anyone rating this more than a 3/10 is talking absolute non-sense. One of the worst gaming experiences of my life. Terrible rubbish altogether.
  29. Aug 31, 2013
    I have to give TMNT Out of the Shadows a 5 because I did and do enjoy it. I can't give it more than that because it seems like a game that may have had a lot of potential, but that the developers rarely (if ever) tried to realize.

    The combat system does have some creativity to it, as the developers chose to vary the fighting styles of the Turtles appropriately. That said, the special
    weapons--as cool as they are--seem out of place. Or at last Donnie's does. But to speak of Donnie brings me to part of the reason TMNT Out of the Shadows can't come up past a 5.

    As someone who's a fan of Donnie, and who chose to play as Donnie, I thought he was slighted. His combat had so much potential with his range and defensive ability, but they gave him a gravity glove as his special weapon. I understand: He's supposed to be the geek who can reverse engineer Kraang tech; he's not as violent as the other Turtles so he wouldn't use something that was overtly offensive in design and use. But he could have modified his Bo in cool and interesting ways. I digress, though. What really bothered me was that Donnie never had a cool finish in a cut scene. Why not? Why the hell not? It's unforgivable.

    That is all I have left to say. Play it, enjoy it, but if you're a fan of Donnie, you may be a little disappointed.
  30. Aug 31, 2013
    While "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: From the shadows" is not the game of the year, we do not take visual slap either, but considering the price (14.99 on steam), I find this latest version of our 4 favorite turtles is fairly decent overall, although it has quite a few flaws A camera which is annoying at times, dialogue difficult to follow because they pass too quickly the screen during the phases of combat exploration (do not worry, the dialogue brings nothing vital to your progress), and a full screen is disabled when returning to the main menu, as well as start and a few minor bugs here and there ..

    Side of animations, character and level design, I found it really quite good, but it is true that it will not please everyone (the "character" design is inspired by the latest series of "TMNT "produced by Nickelodeon). The only downside in my opinion is the lack of a minimap in order to move. But this is not really a problem because it allows you to explore and pick up some bonuses and extras stashed along the way ..

    Gameplay is very easy to pick up if you have a pad (I have a 360 pad and have therefore not tested the keyboard), the combos are easy to make and quickly takes pleasure in kick ass, especially if it is accompanied by one, two or three other friends cooperatively.

    So the game features a campaign mode (single multi coop and LAN), a dojo (training hall) to tweak its combos, an arcade where we find our turtles to the traditional Beat'em all, and a workshop where you can improve weapons, plus the ability to view your stats and enhance the capacity of its turtles.

    For the lifetime, I can not say because I intend to play sparingly and did therefore not yet finished but I would say 5-6 hours (like many games), without much advance me though.

    Now, as I said at the beginning, the game is not perfect, but it is far to be rotten and promises some good slices of fun (and vilains) if you have the opportunity to play in co-op (and I am against the kind of tester that dares 2/10 to this game at a low price, it really is not justified)

    In conclusion, if you love beat'em all, if you are nostalgic for turtles, ninjas and pizzas, do not hesitate and start your adventure COWABUNGAAAA ^^
  31. Aug 31, 2013
    was this the best tmnt game ever no is it worth playing def yes. i gave this game a 9 because most of the errors in it can easily be fixed via update. now i know i shouldn't think that way but all the extra stuff made this game really bring me back. arcade mode actually felt like old school tmnt with a little more oomph. now i can gladly say when playing this those bugs did not bother me because well i was playing with my friend and we both just could not believe the moves we could pull off together and by our selves. if you like tmnt this is a must buy. Expand
  32. Aug 30, 2013
    This game is way better than some people are rating it. I haven't played online, so I haven't seen the bugs that others have reported... but I'm having a great time. I'm more of a local coop fan... and it has 4 player local coop! The combat is excellent... if you've played Arkham you'll catch on quick.

    The main campaign is okay... combat is solid and beats are great. Once you beat
    the game, its all about Arcade Mode and Survival Mode. Arcade Mode is a side-scroller mode. Its hard, but crazy addicting! I had 3 friends over to play and it was a blast. Challenge/Survival is all about leaderboards... which is where I spent a ton of time in Arkham too... so I'm all about it.

    If this was a $60 retail game... it would be a 6. But its $15 and it has TURTLE POWER in the credits! 9
  33. Aug 30, 2013
    So many competent developers out there, yet the Turtles always get stuck with anyone who's clearly not up to the job. It's really a pity to see them go like this.
  34. Aug 30, 2013
    This is by far the best TMNT game this side of Turtles in Time, the voice acting is superb(EXCEPT for Mikey), you can finally be a ninja and pray the dark NY rooftops, and the battle system, oh boy the battle system. It basically takes the Batman Arkham games freeflow system and heavily improves it. When you unlock all the moves(and there is a lot of them) your fights will look like superbly coreographed kung-fu movie. Also for everybody feeling nostalgic you have "Arcade" mod, where you play alone, side scrolling, limited-lives style! This is, at least for me, the best combat system in a video game in a long time. Expand
  35. Aug 30, 2013
    Played the game some more and i must say this game is soooo awesome!! The diversity in the levels are outstanding and there is so much to upgrade and u can also purchase a special weapon designed for each turtle. It baffles me why some people are rating this game so low, if i could go higher than a 10 i would. I want to savor this masterpiece of a game because im having a blast with it. There is one problem with this game that totally annoys me, its the camera, the camera sucks in this game, thank God its only in the campaign mode though. I do not want this game to end! Expand
  36. Aug 30, 2013
    Survival and challenge modes are the the pizza in this game, really well done. The combat is good after you get all the upgrades for the turtle you want to play, but before that its button smashing. Its a shame how you start the game with really bad looking tutorial and after that you have to play story to unlock all the good stuff and some people just think that this a bad game because of that and stop playing where this game really shines is survival and arcade mode its strange that story mode seems really bad and chunky where in survival and arcade these problems disappear. So if you are turtles fan or like the batman series this might be a game to pick up, In the end there is more good in this game than bad. Splinter is a Boss Expand
  37. Aug 29, 2013
    I have been a Turtles fan since childhood and seen a lot of creative artistic license taken with the appearance of the Turtles, but this is the ugliest and clunkiest one yet. Out of the Shadows follows a very unoriginal storyline, but who cares: it's the Turtles, and I just want to hack-and-slash my way to the end.

    Unfortunately, even just hacking and slashing is proven difficult due to
    the unresponsive controls. Your Turtles here are very large and bulky, and their movements feel slow and awkward. What this means in a combo-heavy game is that you are going to have a hard time performing combos along with blocks. Additionally, the game requires you to switch around between the four Turtles if you aren't using XBOX Live, and this system is also very slow to respond. Think Batman: Arkham City combat, but with a much clunkier feel to it. Even the original TMNT game for the NES felt more responsive than this.

    Lastly, the game isn't joking about being out of the shadows. The levels are so dark that it's often hard to tell your Turtle brothers apart from the Ninjas, and the environments look lazy, as if lazy art was covered up with dark shadows and colours.

    Major bummer.
  38. Aug 29, 2013
    You really have to give this game a chance to appreciate it. The camera gets pretty rough at times, and there's a few weird issues with movement. These issues are made up for with the combat. I doubt the people trashing it played it enough to actually see the strongest point of the game. Once you get through the campaign you open up the other modes of play that are all straight fighting. It really changes when you develop each turtles skills too.

    It's easily worth $15. Give it a shot.
  39. Aug 29, 2013
    Poor graphics, animations and voice casting, frustrating camera view, no atmosphere, no humour. The only thing could be fine is fighting (except camera view) with combos, special moves and counter moves. But it doesnt save the game from being really bad.
  40. Aug 29, 2013
    Thinking about buying this game? Well you should do a little research first then. A friend of mine and myself bought this game because we thought co-op would be fun with it.

    As it is right now co-op is only barely working. You can only join random games, if you try to invite a friend, it just doesn't work. The developer states that they are aware of the situation and are working to fix

    As far as the rest of the game goes, I am not really impressed. It is most definitely a budget title. As far as actual game options go, there are very few and far between. Upon running the game for the first time, it will start in windowed mode.

    As far as I can see, there are no options to actually change the game's performance. I don't know if what it plays as, is what to expect or if it just automatically tweeks settings based on scanning your hardware, which we all known is a very imperfect practice.

    The game doesn't look good. It looks like a late PS2 game in my opinion. The game is actually based off the new Nickelodeon cartoon, which I am not entirely a fan of, but regardless of that, I feel that it would have looked much better if they had attempt to follow the actual art style of the cartoon instead of going with this gritty, dirty style they actually went with.

    As far as game play goes, the actual story mode feels clunky. You will be performing feats of ninja like agility, but it's all "context sensitive", you won't have to time jumps or learn any real skills, because the only time you'll be performing said feats is when you are near an object that requires it.

    Combat is mostly a standard beat-em-up with some light puzzle elements and exploration, although to be perfectly honest the game feels mostly straight forward, it does not encourage exploration on any level.

    There is an "arcade mode" that closely emulates the old arcade style of the classic TMNT games and that is were the good stuff lies, no matter how little it is. I honestly feel this game would have simply been better if they had just designed the entire thing based on around an arcade game then what they did.

    My opinion, the game is broken right now and unless you like playing with strangers or by yourself, the game isn't worth actually picking up, but even when these extra features are eventually fixed, the game is hardly worth the $15.00 price they are asking for admission.
  41. Aug 28, 2013
    The Turtles are back.... But not as you may remember them. I don't know what happened to the turtles, but they don't look anything like they used to. They look like a group of turtle-inbred freaks.

    The whole game is dark and gritty. There is no atmosphere in the game. The music does not suit the turtles. You start the game, and feel how unresponsive the controls are. The game is
    slow, and the action is not satisfying at all. So much for the ninja part of the game. Where ninjas are fast and smooth, here its like your actually trying to control something that just ate 10 pizzas.

    The game is awfully short, and the action is not something you would come back for.

    Im very disappointed as the trailers looked promising.

    This is turtles for the new generation or something. But not for the generation that wants Nostalgia.
  42. Aug 28, 2013
    The best game of ninja turtles which I could play.
    For its price it worth to be bought.
    Fighting is the good, dynamic, and are well in hand.
    Only the radar map is lacking.
  43. Aug 28, 2013
    So here is how I am starting this review. I am giving it a 5 to start at neutral and then adding or subtracting points from there. Here we go...

    + title screen music and overall soundtrack is awesome

    - spent almost an hour just trying to successfully get through the training. It was very very frustrating and after finally getting through it..I cant remember how to do half the things
    I just learned.

    + Art style is actually awesome. Originally after seeing pictures and videos of the game I thought the turtles and art style looked kind of stupid. After seeing it on my own screen in all its HD glory, it really works well. Things like the elephant turtle foot really bring a new approach and for some reason makes kicking a foot soldier feel way more heavy and thudful yep..just made that word up).

    - Wow oh wow. The voice acting is horrible in cut scenes. I would have gladly paid double the price for better actors. With that being said though. Some of the conversations they have in game are hilarious.

    + The game is $15.00 for a TON of content. These devs really listened to feedback the interwebs spewed about the 'Turtles in Time' game that was released a few years ago. There is so much to do here for the small price tag its unbelievable.

    + Gameplay is great. Regardless of what some are saying, this is not a button masher. You will have to learn to pay attention to your surroundings and counter enemy attacks. It plays similar to Batman Arkham City. Just as that initially took a little getting used to timing attacks and counters, this does as well. Once you get the flow down though it's great. There are some times it feels like it could use a little more polish, yet the developer is trying things no other turtles game has (team attacks, counter system, stealth). Another awesome thing is being able to switch turtles at any time which can be useful in keeping combos going and each turtle is their own with a health bar separate from the other 3. One more positive to note are fun little additions such as the mini games.

    + Lore: The lore in this game is awesome. A uniquely TMNT soundtrack, pizza, mentions referring to certain fun things such as 'what if there was a 5th turtle'.

    Overall this game is already shaping up to be MORE than the small $15.00 price tag. I can't imagine what these guys could do with a bigger budget in the future. With all these things in mind I am giving this game a 9. Could be higher with a longer campaign and more general polish. Seriously, buy this fricking game it's worth it.
  44. Aug 28, 2013
    TMNT OOTS is a big flashback to me.I just keep remembering my good old school snes times.If you are a fan of the serie,this game is perfect for you! And just for 15 bucks,it worth every cent.It have some flaws(the counter system is teeeeeeeeeeeerrible and laggy) but it is the second best TMNT game to date!(almost good as TMNT turtles in time
  45. Aug 28, 2013
    Best TMNT Game out there Best comic books game this year and one of the best ever Don't whine about anything if you are not a TMNT fan
    This one is for the Fans XD
  46. Aug 28, 2013
    This game hasn't quite reached my expectations yet, don't get me wrong it ain't bad.
    The dissapointment i had was that me and my brother can't splitscreen and go online to play with my other friends. This is something we were hoping for. Second is the fact that splitscreen is done incredibally annoying.
    It reduces the screen size abnormally mean that both of the screens are too small to
    actually enjoy the game.
    But besides that, the game is incredibly impressive. It has a deep combat system which is kind of difficult to explain here, but believe me it is deeper than it looks and some of the more spectaculair moves are pretty rewarding since they are difficult to pull off.

    In the terms of graphics the game looks okay, it has some bland textures in some levels and you shouldn't expect any awe inspiring scenery, but it gets the job done. The four shelled brothers themselves look impressive, the first time i saw them they came straight out of uncanney valley for me, but it actually looks cool. They look realistic, not cartooney or sci-fi, they look like creatures you can find in the sewers yourself.

    For 15 bucks you get a lot of bang. 4 modes, five hour campaign, training mode, an incredibly difficult arcade mode.

    One tip overall, before you start doing campaign missions: DO THE TRAINING MODE AND LEARN THE MOVES.
  47. Aug 28, 2013
    Summer of arcade goes out with a bang with its best for last title tmnt out of the shadows. I'm a huge fan of tmnt so i was excited to hear about this game. I can proudly say it is not a disappointment. Red fly studios developed a true to series tmnt game with a combat system similar to batman Arkham series. It's very satisfying to pull off counters and beat the snot out of ninjas and other fools that get in your way. Besides the campaign you have arcade mode, dojo to practice your moves and learn the basics, concept art, leveling up your turtles, challenge mode etc. this game is big and it's only $15! The graphics are really nice for an arcade title and the turtles look realistic albeit a little creepy. The only complaint I've had with this otherwise extremely appealing title is the voice acting. Some of it is BAD. None if any of the cast from the nickelodeon television series are present here. Overall though this game is awesome and is a blast to play. I highly recommend it if you grew up with or love the tmnt series as a kid or if you're a fan of the it now! Expand
  48. Aug 28, 2013
    BEST TMNT Game since Turtles in Time. Loving how Nickelodeon brought back Turtle Power with an awesome new Turtles Cartoon Show and now an awesome new Game for all fans to enjoy.

    The Campaign mode is solid, clocking in about 5 hours and 32 minutes with a ton of set pieces and memorable characters. The Boss battles are epic and extremely challenging (especially Karai and Shredder).

    Arcade Mode is my absolute favourite! It brings back so much nostalgia and fun I used to have with the old TMNT Games. They got it perfect with 6 levels that are all excellent, different experiences!

    Challenges are also fun and help max out your favourite Turtle, which adds a whole new level of depth to the game as you progress.

    Best XBLA/Steam Game by far, this year! BOOYAKASHA.
  49. Aug 29, 2013
    I have been a Turtles fan since childhood and seen a lot of creative artistic license taken with the appearance of the Turtles, but this is the ugliest and clunkiest one yet. Out of the Shadows follows a very unoriginal storyline, but who cares: it's the Turtles, and I just want to hack-and-slash my way to the end.

    Unfortunately, even just hacking and slashing is proven difficult due to
    the unresponsive controls. Your Turtles here are very large and bulky, and their movements feel slow and awkward. What this means in a combo-heavy game is that you are going to have a hard time performing combos along with blocks. Additionally, the game requires you to switch around between the four Turtles if you aren't using XBOX Live, and this system is also very slow to respond. Think Batman: Arkham City combat, but with a much clunkier feel to it. Even the original TMNT game for the NES felt more responsive than this.

    Lastly, the game isn't joking about being out of the shadows. The levels are so dark that it's often hard to tell your Turtle brothers apart from the Ninjas, and the environments look lazy, as if lazy art was covered up with dark shadows and colours.

    Major bummer.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

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  2. Negative: 17 out of 28
  1. Oct 21, 2013
    Patchy. It suffers from bugs that see you teleporting from one place to another, graphical glitches, unfortunate design decisions, and poor level design. On the upside the arcade game is so good it should have been its own game.
  2. Oct 16, 2013
    There’s just not enough cowabunga in this undercooked game. [11/2013, p.84]
  3. Avoid like you would a corpse flower. [Nov 2013, p.95]