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  1. Jun 26, 2012
    I think we can resume the game with one word that summarize everything: AMAZING!!! The web swinging mechanic might be a little bit simplistic but overall the game is exactly what I was looking for. Nice Story plot too. I'm not a Marvel fanboy but I did really enjoyed my experience so far. Thanks Beenox. Keep the good work coming!

    **I keep reading something I have to clearify here: Alot
    of people think that once the Main Story is over, there is nothing else to do as some people were saying Manhattan become empty as you finish the story. I can state that it is far from being true. Completing the main story represent about 30% of the game. Once you finish the game, there are side-missions/petty crimes and collectibles to collect throughout Manhattan. One of my favorite collectible so far are the "Comic book pages" which the player can collect in order to build complete old school Spider-Man comic books!!**

    Once again, good job Beenox!! I can't wait to see your next ASM title!!

    A must have!!
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    This game is pretty much everything I was hoping for, as someone who has just been waiting for a Spider-Man 2-like game. The open world, fun side missions, and cool story are all there. Once again, I can spend a good hour simply swinging around the city and going parkour crazy and it's tons of fun. The story is actually really well done, I wasn't expecting such a gripping tale from a movie spin-off game. The little petty crimes and side missions are fun, and are a good time waster between missions. I absolutely LOVE the little details that the designers threw into the game like how when you're on the street all the people talk to you and a lot of them take out their phones and snap a picture. Really makes the whole experience a lot more fun and Spider-Man-like.

    Web swinging I think is actually just as good as Spider-Man 2. Yes, on one hand the webs don't hit the buildings themselves and kind of just go to the air which is a downside. But on the other hand, they do this in a way that keeps it realistic and not really noticeable. You can't web swing in a place where there are no buildings around you, and if you're higher than all the buildings, then the web swing won't work. They made the web swinging realistic in a way, but not to a point where it takes away any enjoyment and it really makes you feel like Spider-Man. (In Spider-Man 2, every once and awhile you'd get that awkward smack-into-a-wall or can't get any momentum going because of the web placement...In The Amazing Spider-Man, the web swinging makes it so you never hit those stall points and makes you feel more like Spider-Man).

    My only complaint is that the fighting isn't quite as fun and complicated as Spider-Man 2. You pretty much use a few buttons (X to strike, Y to counter, B to shoot webs, RB to use the environment and web strike people from far away). I liked how in Spider-Man 2 you could do crazy stuff like web up enemies to light poles and stuff. But even though the fighting isn't quite as good as S2, it's still overall very satisfactory. I never get sick of beating up baddies and the animations are so well done and it never gets boring to watch Spidey whip out so many different acrobatic take-downs.

    Overall, I love this game and think it is the worthy successor to Spider-Man 2. 9/10.
  3. Jun 26, 2012
    Simply AMAZING...nothing about this game got annoying. Collecting comic books and then reading them was a brilliant treat for those of us who like collecting. The graphix are as lose to next Gen as I've seen this cycle. Having both linear and open world aspects really makes the game feel whole. It is a must buy for me.

    WARNING!!!!! '' renting this game will cause an intense need to
    purchase it '' Expand
  4. Jun 27, 2012
    I'd like this review to give you a very good idea of what you'll be getting into if you decide to play The Amazing Spider-Man. -Overall- Spider-man is back in the sandbox where he belongs swinging from skyscrapers and webbing up bad guys. A slick new fighting mechanic and nice visuals make this a fun game to play. The game also had a decent level of challenge to it which is nice. However, the game is way too short and has next to no replay value. I'll be honest, when I first picked up the game I was hoping for a fusion of Spider-man 2 and Spider-man: Web of Shadows. This is not the game I was hoping for. -Story- The story is mildly entertaining. Its just there to move you through the boss battles. It wont be winning any awards and you'll promptly forget it after you finish it and move on to the next game. -Gameplay- There is fun to be had in spider-man the swinging mechanic is done nicely and Beenox has added something called "Web Rush" which is their take on web zip. The web rush is a nice idea, I can see how they wanted to show the insane agility of spider-man, but it isn't fluid enough. It shouldn't freeze time it should just flow like spidey parkour . I found myself using it sparingly. The combat is fun and can be a challenge, but there just isn't enough enemy variety to keep me coming back for more. I also have to say that while the combat was decent, it just wasn't as good as Arkham City. Unfortunately this comparison has to be made, simply because this is a superhero game, and Arkham City has rasied the bar dramatically when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting mechanics. The boss battles are very cool though, but much like the entire game they come up just shy of being awesome. -Summary- The graphics of the city are beautiful, and swinging around will make you feel like a pimp. Yes, there are some challenging parts of the game the length is unacceptable. This game does not deserve a $60 price tag. It is a rental at best. Or wait until it comes down in price dramatically. To be perfectly honest it doesn't seem like Beenox listened to the fans, maybe next time they will. Expand
  5. Jul 3, 2012
    Allow me to give a wholesome review for the Amazing Spiderman game. You have to split this game into two different aspects of play: the free roam web swinging and the awful mission-based campaign. The web swinging is as good as its ever been, especially because of the addition of the new web rush mechanic, which allows players to slow down time and direct Spidey to very specific locations in the city. It works well and is one of the few features of the game that actually makes you feel you're playing Spiderman. There's also a ton of collectibles in the city (an astounding 700 comic book pages!), as well as hidden Spiderman logos that unlock new costumes for Spidey. There are some questionable issues with swinging around Manhattan, such as swinging over a park when you know your web is supported by nothing, but most of these are minor.

    Unfortunately, that's where this game's fun factor is cut short, because The Amazing Spiderman has one of the worst campaigns I've played this year. I'll get to the technical issues later, but biggest issue with the campaign is that instead of swinging around pulling off web-based combos that fans of Spidey games know and love, I found myself being forced to stick to the shadows in order to make it out alive in a way reminiscent of Batman Arkham Asylum gameplay, especially on hard mode. This game makes Spiderman, a superhuman with super strength and an iconic ability to detect and react to danger, seem powerless to anyone holding a gun. Instead of dodging bullets and web-slinging the gun out of the foe's hands, you'll be forced to retreat to the far side of room until you break the line of sight so that you can perform more stealth takedowns. As much as you want him to be, Spiderman isn't Batman, Beenox.

    Once you thin out the number of armed thugs in a room, you'll might actually be able to drop from the ceiling and really get into a fight. Sadly, the game falls short here as well. Once again you'll see a system ripped from recent Batman titles, using one button to throw out basic attacks and another to counter your opponents' moves. The decision to copy the Bat's combat system sounds great, but it plays terribly in the Amazing Spiderman. The combos strings aren't fluid and are repetitive. Sometimes you'll see Spiderman awkwardly perform the same attack animation multiple times in a row before changing up. The counter system works well (as long as the the obnoxious red low-health indicator isn't clogging the screen and blocking your counter cue), but out of all the times I used a counter, I saw maybe three or four different kinds of counter animations. Boss battles indoors are also a bore, requiring a strategy almost identical to any of the lower enemy types. The best boss battles happen outdoors, where Spiderman can swing freely and you actually feel like you're utilizing his superhuman agility. I found the sequences when you are being chased by hunter robots in the city streets and must use the web rush mode in combination with your web shooters in order to gain the upper hand to be the campaigns's greatest moments.

    Another issue with this game was its story. It's pretty lame. It takes place after the events of the movie, with the Lizard already defeated and behind bars. Basically, Oscorp's cross species experimentation goes wrong, the test subjects are released, all breaks loose and it's up to Spidey to save the day. Missions involve beating up corrupt Oscorp guards trying to cover their tracks and deny the company's involvement and smashing through waves of infected to get to the next uninspired cross species boss. Iconic Spiderman villains Rhino and Scorpion make appearances, but in this alternate universe their origin stories are retold and they don't act like the Rhino and Scorpion fans know and love. Beenox tries to make a compelling storyline but it ultimately falls flat. By its end, players will just be happy to finally see their trophy/achievement pop up on their screens.

    Ultimately, this game falls short and this is NOT the Spiderman game fans were clamoring for since Spidey 2. The indoor environments are bland and empty, and although I said the web-swinging in this game is fun, the city doesn't have much to offer in terms of graphics either. I bought this game because I love Spiderman, and because of the E3 demo (which was only free roam gameplay might I add), I thought Beenox nailed it this time. I was sadly mistaken. I probably can't talk you Spiderman fans who have yet to buy this game out of it, but please, put that 60 dollars to use somewhere else this summer
  6. Jun 27, 2012
    Beware of first-day stellar reviews from User Reviewers with just one review in their history. They are put their by the publishers and developers when a game has a launch-day professional review embargo so that the only opinions you have to look at if you want to buy the game on release day is their own.

    That said, the game is a competent Spider-man simulator who's web-slinging lacks
    the grace of the best of Spidey's games. Still an enjoyable way to spend some free time if you're a fan! Expand
  7. Jun 26, 2012
    "The Amazing Spiderman" is an action adventure game in open world, developed by Beenos, who made the last 2 games of the character. The story takes place after the events of the film: Oscorp is developing new technologies such as nanotechnology and robotics, as well as genetic fusion between species. When visiting the laboratory of Oscorp, Peter Parker (shown in the beginning in 1st person - and remembering the introduction of DEUS EX), the hybrids species react to him, and just freak out and breal loose.

    Scientists who not dead (no blood in this game), are infected by them, and it begins to spread in the city: Peter's friend, Gwen is infected and he seeks to be able to get an antidote for it, and stop the threat.

    The graphics are mixed: we can compare them with the Spiderman: Edge of Time, good for characters and things closely, but are worse for distance items (the city skyline), eand specially the animations and details of the faces do not are very well done, and we see some promblems, for example in the city, where vehicles and civilians move freely, there is no impact against them, nor against walls or objects, and you pass your arm through them.

    The CG sequences uses the game engine, the best part of the graphics (but nothing surprising). Overall the animations are a bit disjointed with no sense of overall weight, and being a little too fast and artificial. In animations and environments that crosses the city, the effects are well done, plus a little confused by the sudden change of directions and guidelines (which I actually think that matches what you should feel). Urban environments are fairly detailed, but the reactions of the characters circulating is artificial, and the details are poor - Prototype 2 is light years better in comparison, in this aspect.

    Audio: The game's sound effects are good, but on average, the songs are typical of the action games of superheroes, being good, and orchestrated. The dubbing of characters is ok, but the overall lines os other characters is generic.

    The gameplay, is based on Batman: but do not expect a too polished gameplay. We have a general story that is accessed at specific points and NY is show at different times, and after completion, they can be accessed again to be played via Peter Parker's apartment (in order to get points or collectibles that we forget).

    Among these stages, we can move freely in the city, using the RT to launch a web long without orinetation to the side where we're going, or RB, to use the Web-Shot, which goes into slow motion and shows the points where we can the boost more quickly, with a golden silhouette of Spidey - we also have a mini-radar to help.

    Throughout the city, usually on top of buildings or flying, we see pages of comic books circulating - we can see them with a golden glow, and using the RB and we can get them. In the city limits, make Spiderman go back, and as in the Hulk's game, if he falls into the water he jumps out of it.

    The stages that make up the story are indoors, usually linear, where we use his skills to cross and face the enemies - we also found these pages of comic books and audio files.

    Among the powers, we are launching webs, with B, which also serves to give the signature move, jump with the A, the motion commands such as RT and RB (which also serves to grab enemies, knocking them) and Y serving when when the spider-sense tingles, jumping to avoid enemy attacks. The fight against normal enemies, is like-wise Batman's, but not so good: between a succession of blows, dodges and cut scenes, they will be defeated, but it is still artificial (and enemies all similar to each other).

    The highlight of the game is in the action of Bosses fights, who are more exciting: usually they are in closed arenas, and for example the fight against the first Boss, a giant mechanical spider is composed of steps, and it's pretty cool, needing to hit key points in it.

    On the main screen of the extras, we can access the files of game characters (in 3D with text), comics (complete), images, videos and credits. The collectibles are present in the form of 41 upgrades, 166 objects indoors Pickups, 600 pages loose and 100 pages of comics and comic flying.

    The upgrades in the game are available on a screen that is accessed with the back and CICLA between tabs with the LB / RB, among several options, such as emails, character powers (which takes the Level Up), powers Tech (as specific points), map, and statistics.

    In short, the game tries to take elements of Batman, the free world mixed with a mixture of other games, but are not very well employed and end up being a little mechanical and artificial. The same can be said that the graphics are not anything new close to what we saw. After all, who liked the last two games of Spider-Man, is an experience like, being a little above them - being just a good game option pending among other better titles.
  8. Jul 5, 2012
    Potentially the worst Spider-Man game ever made.
    The camera reminded me of Cloverfield and The Bourne Ultimatum and I almost threw up at some points. It's nothing like the Spectacular (heh) Spider-Man 2 or Ultimate Spiderman.
    Instead of having the swinging mechanic popularized by 2 where the web actually ATTACHES to something and you swing from that point, Spider-Man opts this time to
    swing from the goddamn moon or something. Not that you'll care because due to the camera, swinging will be nigh impossible anyways.
    Combat would be passable (maybe even cool and good)... if YET AGAIN the camera didn't screw you at every opportunity and shake every second of the game. This is seriously the worst camera for any video game I have ever played, period. At least in other games with bad cameras it'll just get stuck on objects or something, in this one it just shakes around everywhere and most of the time (especially apparent during web-swinging) Spider-Man himself takes up half the screen because the camera is too close.

    Just as insulting to the Spider-Man video game franchise as the movie is to Sam Raimi's incredible Spider-Man 1&2. Just look up gameplay footage and tell me THAT'S the game you want to play before you go and buy it, because the camera is an abomination that makes what could have been a decent game unplayable
  9. Jun 26, 2012
    Spidey is back and in a big way! This game pretty much addressed most of the issues that past spider-man games suffered from. One of main improvement is definitively the web swinging. The camera closes in on spidey and gives the player a closer insight and a actual sense of being spider man. Buildings flash by as your speed increases and it's just awesome to watch. The combat system has also been revamped and borrows from the Batman: Arkham games which isn't a bad thing. The fighting animations showcase spidey's agility and acrobatic skills pretty well. The open world environment and the overall presentation of the game is also done well. The voice acting is memorable and entertaining while the city landscape is a sight to see! The game also offers linear gameplay, side missions and collectibles if you finish the campaign. Collapse
  10. Jun 30, 2012
    O melhor jogo do cabeça de teia em anos, talvez esse seja o melhor jogo de todos os tempos dele. Tudo bem que muitos estao chamando ele de Spiderman Arkham City, certo tudo no jogo tem o DNA da Rocksteady. Mas nao era isso que a gente queria? Menos polido, menos bonito, menos envolvente mas nao menos divertido. ate porque a velocidade e as teias do aranha sao muito mais legais que o cinto de utilidades do cavaleiro negro. Amazing Spider-man sofre de falta de polimento, talvez alguns meses na fabrica e ele viria mais Amazing ainda. Nao eh culpa da Beenox e sim da pressao que todo jogo baseado em filme sofre. So digo uma coisa, ate que enfim um jogo a altura Espetacular do Espetacular Homem Aranha. Ansioso pelo 2. Expand
  11. Jun 27, 2012
    If I had to describe this game in a single word I'd say FUN. From the opening scenes, featuring a frantic boss battle, to the stealth elements later on I really felt part of something. The free flowing nature of web-swinging about Manhattan combined with the almost claustrophobic sewer stages also offered a welcome contrast in game-play. The controls are simple and somewhat familiar for any fan of Rocksteady's Batman games and the sense of speed you get whilst traversing the city-scape is reminiscent of Radical Entertainment's Prototype. Two games that I'm sure Beenox draws a lot of inspiration from. It is in part the games biggest asset and also it's biggest flaw. The lack of originality is evident in almost every part of the game and you just feel like it's all been done before but slightly better by other developers. Although don't let that diminish the level of enjoyment to be had from the game. After all Batman's Arkham games and the Prototype titles are a very good template to work from.

    The amazing Spider-man gives you tons to do. There's hundreds of collectables, lots of challenges and side missions which perforate the main story well. I did spend my first 2 hours exclusively hunting out comic book pages without losing interest and was delighted to get a chance to view the comics afterwards in the extras section. The unlock-able costumes are also a welcome addition which, all in all, give this game a decent amount of replay value.

    So despite it's lack of originality I believe Beenox have done a stellar job in adapting this movie franchise into a very substantial package (ahem). As with the Batman games previously you really do get to feel what it would be like to don the red and blue Lycra, pull on that mask and become 'amazing', if only for a short while.
  12. Jul 1, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man offers a nice fighting system and super-fun web swinging mechanism withlots of great stuff like readable comics,alternate costumes etc.
    Even story is not good the presentation is well done.I'm not sure is it worth buying but sure it's a great rent.Spidey funs will love this game.So did i
  13. Jul 2, 2012
    Yes, we have seen some of the elements in other games. Yes, this game copies from Batman Arkham City (but joyously so); yes, it has an abundance of collectables to unlock and seek out (so what?); yes the boss battles follow the age old pattern of working out the boss activity pattern and reacting to it (plenty have); yes the story reeks of Prototype and Prototype 2; yes it has some issues with it's controls at the odd time (not often). But, you know what, The Amazing Spider-Man shows me that Beenox love this character and really do understand what makes a good Spidey game. It's a joy from start to finish to play; the web-swinging and rush mechanics are wonderful to play with, adding such freedom that at times I forgot I was playing a game and felt that I was swinging through Manhattan Island. Don't believe the nay-sayers. This is well worth paying for. In fact, do pay for it and don't rent it. There is plenty of replay value within it. Go get 'em Spidey. Expand
  14. Jul 10, 2012
    Alright so I'll be honest I don't find the game to be worth the $60.00 I payed for it. The combat system was rather lazy, you repeated the same attacks multiple times until it changed up, and unlike other reviewers I was not a fan of the swinging and web rush system. The whole purpose of my purchase of the game was because I was a huge fan of the Spider-Man 2 movie game's web swinging. Just so we don't get confused with the Playstation 1 Spider-Man games which we're incredible nonetheless. However, despite the web swinging being rather fluid(I suppose), I didn't feel as if there was enough control over the swinging. You just held down the swing button and used the analog stick to go in whatever direction you please. You couldn't accelerate the velocity of your swing as you could in Spider-Man 2, or Web of Shadows, and the web rush system seemed useless because of it freezing time. I appreciate that you could web rush onto the side of a building and run across it using Spider's webs to help you move across it, and at times the visuals of the city looked amazing, however the movement in Spider-Man 2 seemed almost flawless to me. If you'll allow me to reminisce you swung from building to building and ran across the walls leaping, twirling and swinging which you had complete control over. Again the swinging in Amazing Spider-Man you hold down the swing button and control where he goes with the analog as he does a spin or falls through the sky until his next swing. Another big bother for me was when I was high up in the air at times and high above all the building only to find out that I was just swinging from thing air. The controls got a little annoying as well, sometimes I was trying to get onto a small platform and would get caught on a guardrail I would have to jump off only to get caught on the rail again. The storyline was okay at best for what I think could have been really interesting but I could not get into the game to the point to give this a good review. Expand
  15. Jun 27, 2012
    This is a totally solid game. It isn't too pretty to look at but it's extremely fun! The combat is very quick and fluid. They have taken an approach to combat that is very close to the Batman Arkham franchise. If you're searching for comics, stopping crimes, or playing the main story it is solid through and through. It won't be the best game you've ever seen but you WILL have fun! The main downside is for one the voice cast is not from the movie, plus it is short, and i mean beat it in one night short. If you can get past things like that then i suggest you let your inner spider out and play The Amazing Spider-Man!!! Expand
  16. Jul 3, 2012
    I desperately wanted to like this game. Unfortunately, eight years after Spider-Man 2, I'm still waiting for another game to match the web swinging physics of that game. I don't want an automatic "hold this button and point a direction" for swinging, I want to feel like I'm directly responsible for where I go, and I want the game to let me screw up and smack into a building. Web rush is fun, but it just felt like auto mode on top of another auto mode. I found the game's missions incredibly boring, but that complaint is secondary compared to my disappointment in the swinging mechanics.

    After a few hours, I returned this game to Redbox, and went and spent $8 on a used copy of Spider-Man 2. It might not be as pretty, but at least it's fun.
  17. Jul 13, 2012
    Okay critics, we need to have a little talk. This video game is amazing! Why did you give it mixed reviews? My only real complaint about this game is that it is way too easy. Other than that, I love it! The gameplay is excellent. You really feel like you're Spider-Man as you brawl your way through the levels swinging webs, punching villains, and executing combos. The story is an epilogue to the movie that shows what happened after the Lizard's rampage. The biological attacks on the city of New York have turned into a virus, and it is up to Spider-Man to stop it. There are many incredible twists throughout this story, and I love that. As for the graphics, they are among the best I have ever seen. Believe me, this is coming from a guy who plays a lot of video games, and praises them for their story, gameplay, and graphics. Of course I have seen better graphics than this, but not by much. Everything in this video game looks exactly the way it should from New York to Spider-Man, and I really enjoyed that. As for my overall verdict, allow me to sum up this entire review in a sentence. If you loved the movie, love Spider-Man, or are just a huge beat-em up fan, then this is your game! Expand
  18. Jan 2, 2013
    Certainly a game built for children, on the hardest difficulty this game is laughable at it's intensity. But I think it's good that it's this way, it's a game that can be played by children (6+). It contains no terrible scenes that I saw, then again I only played long enough to chase the rat man. It's just not a game for me, I was expecting a game like 'Spider-Man 1 & 2' but it just didn't happen. I feel far to constricted and that the freedom this game gives is very small and insignificant, sure you can leave the apartment at will and stuff but there was no real motive to do anything other then follow the story line. I just didn't like it, but someone who loves the story enough would likely enjoy the game. Personally I think a good thing would've been just a bit more time spent in development and an option to turn off and on things to make the game less childlike. I mean with a very obvious sex joke so early in the game it's clear the game has wiggle room to add things that doesn't make it feel like power rangers. Expand
  19. Jun 29, 2012
    Really well done, had a story I would not have expected from a movie game. The swinging is too simplified for my tastes but I had still had tons of fun swinging around the city. The camera is the best it has been in a spider-man game so that was a big plus. My only real complaints are that the movie cast didn't lend their voices to the game, though I ended up really digging the game cast. The campaign was only about 5 hours unfortunately, I was hoping with the 2 and a half hour development time that we could get a story mode that lasted me at least 8 hours. Oh well, still an excellent game Expand
  20. Mar 28, 2013
    I think the Amazing Spider-Man is hit and miss. I think the story is decent, and combat is reminiscent of the recent Batman games (which is a plus). I like the collectible comics, I like the different bosses and characters you get to fight in the game, and I really like the sandbox kind of game it can be at times. However, there are some quirks to the game. Sometimes when you attempt to evade an attack via web, the camera angle goes all over the place, making it hard to control. Same goes for simply crawling on the wall, the camera angle will lead to confusion. Also, it isn't always evident where or what you have to do next. It can lead to you going back and forth for a bit until you're back on track. I really enjoy the game though, it's as fun and enticing as the last couple of Spider-Man games. I'm still waiting for a great game, still waiting for an "Arkham Asylum/City" breakthrough for Spidey. Expand
  21. Jun 30, 2012
    Have to be totally fair on this one, I'm someone who doesn't like spending top dollar on new games when I want them, so you can imagine my surprise at buying spiderman, especially when all indications point toward another crappy movie tie, but wait, there's more.......spiderman is less like 2,3 and web of shadows and more like the very first spiderman game on the xbox. the world looks better, spidey is bigger and the inside sections are better designed, now throw in a bit of arkham asylum's predator system and some good music and you got the amazing spiderman. the game takes place AFTER the movie and introduces more enemies mutated by the same experiments lizard used. Scorpion, rhino and more make an appearance but sadly have lost what it means to be a supervillain and act more like mindless beasts. In fact, the first encounter was more like several sex starved rapists sniffing out their next victims. Spidey himself retains his natural laugh in the face of danger quirkiness as he fights off hordes of mental patients, mutated creatures and robots. The combat has reverted back to the age of last gen and web swinging is simplified with a simple press and hold system,kind of eliminating the fun and challenge. The combat is a bit one touch too with a second button acting as a subdue or seems they've finally sorted the sticky hands problem and now you can walk near walls without attaching to it like a virgin's sheets, that said, wall crawling is now nicer and you don't need to stand on your head to understand where you're going. Enemy ai is pretty standard and the few battles I've encountered so far were fun but not challenging. Anyone looking for a challenge may be disappointed and would highly recommend putting the difficulty on hard. Overall, the amazing spiderman does for spidey what arkham done for batman, sadly though, beenox have been limited by the movie and anyone who played shattered dimensions will know what they are capable of. Despite many usual flaws and it being a movie tie in, TAS is still an enjoyable game, its just a pity its set in new York, the most common gaming setting ever. Expand
  22. Jul 2, 2012
    Firstly, they didn't do a sucky cash-in but went for an original story arc instead (events after the movie). Not really spoileriffic, but there are some nuggets here and there. Making the villains all 'cross-species' is kind of a cool twist, most probably in line with the theme of TASM the movie. Thankfully because of this we don't get a guy in a rhino suit being a villain 'just because'. Gameplay wise, I would call this game "Arkham City Lite". From the start (especially the indoor stealth levels and those 'photo' mini-games) you have a sense of de ja vu until it hits you smack in the head; they took a lot of notes from Arkham City. They even referenced to 'bat-men' in one of the earlier cutscenes, which was a cheeky and funny move.
    Of course, what's a Spider-man game without the swinging? I'm glad that Beenox made swinging through Manhattan an awesome experience - the new animations, the fluid one-button swinging mechanic, and some 'mini-boss' sandbox encounters which require you to engage in combat WHILE swinging is just FUN and you look cool doing it. It does get repetitive, but the experience is never boring. Overall, TASM is a FUN game. Camera glitches aside, you should pick this up if you're a hardcore fan of Beenox and Spidey games.
  23. Jul 3, 2012
    Swinging around the city and doing random crimes and collecting comic books is fun but the city is only really there for traveling between missions. All the missions are in buildings and are pretty crap. The Arkham City combat system was great in Arkham City but here its just a pain in the ass. Spiderman has never been about stealth, hes about punching people in the face and having a variety of web based moves. Here you have none, just basic attacks, a dodge (not even direction based like batman) and stealth attacks like Batman. Most enemies have guns or spit acid which kills you very quickly forcing you to jump around and run away like Batman but it just isn't implemented well enough and is annoying. Spidey has an exp based upgrade system the same as in Arkham city but the upgrades are so completely uninteresting you throw your points into any old crap and hope its in some way useful. The story is also mediocre, with typical spidey villains like Scorpion and Rhino being just boring biological experiments instead of actual characters and QTE like boss fights. Expand
  24. Jun 26, 2012
    This game, while it has its flaws, is an excellent game and worth $60. The Graphics are not as good as they should be, the game is sometimes to easy, and the side quests can be very repetitive. That being said, I loved everything else about this game. The new, over-the-shoulder camera really does make you feel as if you are Spiderman. Web-swinging is absolutely exhilarating, while the mechanic may be simplified. The thrill of diving of a tall building, only to swing a web moments before you hit the ground is exciting every time you do it. The combat, while not as good as Arkham city, is very fun and acrobatic. The animations during the fight scenes are fluid. Sometimes the frame skips, and the character animations are not good enough at all. the game's story is good, but not stellar. If you do not want anything spoiled for the movie, I suggest you wait until you see the movie, and then buy the game. The quality of the boss fights vary; all of the ones involving robots are huge, breathtaking, and non-stop fun, while a couple of the boss fights are anti-climactic and too easy (vermin, scorpion). The voice actors are all very good, especially Spider man. The soundtrack is forgettable. Manhattan seemed a little too small for me; this is a small, personal gripe, but I was hoping for a larger New York City. Beenox does very well at creating many indoor levels; much of the games missions take place inside, and this is where the game shines. The environments are great, and there is a lot of detail put into them. While these levels are great, I still could not wait to get back into the open-world to use that new swinging mechanic! While this game does have its flaws, it is probably the most fun I have had playing a game since Assassin's Creed 2. This game sets an excellent foundation for a series, and hopefully the sequel improves upon the few areas of error. Expand
  25. Jun 26, 2012
    "The Amazing Spider-Man" is a definite treat for the fans of the Spider-Man Franchise and not just another movie game. The Amazing Spider-Man, developed by "Beenox," Canadian developer established in Quebec has released their best Spider-Man game yet. The game looked very promising before the time of its and it is, but in all honesty, game could have been better. Story: The story of The Amazing Spider-Man was great but not amazing at best.(No pun intended) It was definitely interesting and did suck me in at times but it felt a bit cliché all at the same time. I won't delve into the game's story too much as to not give away any spoilers. Speaking of spoilers the game DOES have a few spoilers of the movie. Not too many but spoilers should be kept at a minimum to none. All in all, story was great but not fantastic and Beenox should have decided to release the game AFTER the movie came out. Graphics and Animation:
    The game's graphics are great but not fantastic. Spider-Man of course, looks fantastic but the buildings and enemies are slightly behind in terms of texture. Yes, the game has excellent graphics compared to Spider-Man 2 or 3 or Shattered Dimension or even Edge of Time but you have to realize that we don
  26. Jun 29, 2012
    Everything I was hoping for. Finally I can put my Web of Shadows to rest. It is not perfect, but a lot of fun. It borrows heavily from Batman Arkham, but that is actually a good thing.
  27. Jun 30, 2012
    i was psyched for a wonderful game since i heard about it, however it really didn't last. I'm not talking story or graphics or even design here, those where perfect, rather the combat. all you saw where the same moves over and over. same with takedowns, no cool combos or anything, even the stealth, i was the same three ways all the time. and the swinging was too simple and he ran too slowly. and about the costumes: i think you could have added better, more fan-favorites. like the cross-species, i myself only used it like at lest three sort times. i think it would've been better to use the man-spider fromthe 1990's as well as the classic black suit . and speaking of the black suit, why didn't you make regenerate? I've never seen it ripped without self-repairing before. and the things that you could throw (should've been more} where poorly done. meaning most of them should be an instant ko's or blind them temporarily in some cases, which is another thing, like coke machines for example, they were all empty. i should've seen cans and spilled soda at lest. not to mention you really couldn't hold it and throw it when ready. and i was kinda hoping for hideouts and stuff and i also think the rhino challenge could have been more fun and why not be able to play hero as the lizard? and also think it would have been better with a replay option where you could replay the game with all the stuff you already unlock. and finally, i think that free roam would've been better if the crimes and such. because after you get 100% what's left to do? another plus side though was the acting, it was perfect. Expand
  28. Jul 4, 2012
    So I honestly think that most critics are harsh on this game. For one thing the graphics are not that bad, in fact the graphics are amazing. The combat system is amazing and very simple, it kind of reminds me of Batman: Arkham Asylum/City which im sure we all agree are two very amazing games in themselves. I'll admit the story is dragged a little bit, but being able to swing through Manhattan freely and with every perch and flag pole to your disposal, it more than makes up for the story line. I love spider comics, merch, and movies. Now, im not trying to put anyone down but I think that a lot of people are harsh on a game that was originally made for smaller children but was still adapted for young adults and older. Expand
  29. Jul 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall I enjoyed this game, wouldn't go as far to say that it's a bad game. It's one of the best Spidey games I've played. The storytelling is flawless, the game just looks beautiful, love Emma Stone keeping her role from the film, and I LOVE how you can collect comic books from 50 years ago. I love the photography thing from Whitney, taking photos of specific things unlocks concept art and I really loved it, especially when you can see the pictures you take in the main menu. The one bad thing is the combat, not all of it just some of it, like in one moment in particular I felt useless because of a gun, I went into Oscorp to rescue scientists and had to flick switches after their windows were barricaded, I wanted more than anything to just take the enemies out in a normal punch up, but I got beaten and beaten and beaten again, it's mainly the turrets, I think they're WAY overpowered, 4 hits and you are a squashed spider. I will admit I rage quitted after getting killed in that one place by the turrets and 4 guys with a machine gun 3 times, which put a damper on my experience as a whole. I also wanted to go somewhere else OTHER than Oscorp Tower and the sewers, the massive city of Manhattan is wasted as most of the missions are indoors. Also I HATED the sewer missions, I lost count how many times I got lost and went the wrong way, it was so frustrating.

    Overall though the pros outweigh the cons, I enjoyed it just as much as I did Spiderman 2 and Web of Shadows, the freeroam is excellent and the optional missions are a delight.
  30. Jul 15, 2012
    This game is good but nothing special. It has some great new features, but some bad ones as well. Manhattan looks great and is a blast to explore. There are a ton of comic books to collect around the city. But as soon as you go inside the game becomes boring and repetitive. The combat is the best of any spiderman game but only because it mimics the batman games. But it is still not nearly as good as the batman combat. To me this game isn't anywhere near spiderman 2, and is about as good as shattered dimensions. But I look forward to see what beenox has for us these next few years. Expand
  31. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is so incredibly bad, I don't understand why all the reviews are good, it has taken me this long to play this game in short spurts in hopes of just completing it. The combat is such a horrible knockoff of the Batman Arkham series, webslinging is basically one button, that was the most enjoyable part of Spiderman 2. The missions are so very very very bad, they are just annoying, it must be 4 year olds playing this game to think that it has polish and give it good reviews, as a long time Spiderman fan, please give the rights to Rocksteady because Beenox should not be allowed to make another game, PLEASE!! Expand
  32. Aug 26, 2012
    Fresh off a movie blockbuster, The Amazing Spiderman has now become a fully worked sequel and boasts an open world in a homage to the revered 2004 Spiderman 2 hit. TASM ends up being a game with great combat with flashy reverance to the Batman games. Spidey is also fabulous to swing with, as his web shoots out creating a natural but empowering feeling as you traverse the city. What isn't so hot are the environments, bosses and graphics. The environments are dull, you're either stuck in dank sewers or the Oscorp science tower facilities and some of the rooms feel like blatant copy and paste jobs. The boss battles are totally letdown by button spamming quick time events and general button mashing. The graphics aren't impressive either, with a weak draw distance and the familiarity of NY doesn't help matters. Also the side missions are painfully dull and short, especially the robbery pursuits. On the other end of the stick you get wonderful comic book pages, which unlock entire comics in the extras menu and there are a wealth of decent upgrades to sink your teeth into. As an open world Spiderman game, The Amazing Spiderman plays a great game, with action which is indicative of the marvel superhero herritage. The game may be too easy for some as well but despite the issues, The Amazing Spiderman does a decent job of keeping the streets safe......and keeping your intrigue fed. Expand
  33. Jul 8, 2012
    This game has the dubious honor of being the first Xbox 360 title to make me motion sick. My 10-year old as well. Well, I did feel ill after Grand Theft Auto tavern visits, but those were supposed to do that. Anyway, I suspect it is slurry graphics. Never had this happen on previous Spiderman games... Combat is pretty stark, but web rush is a cool idea.
  34. Sep 17, 2012
    Great Spider-man Game, not quite up there with Spider-man 2 but still very awesome! This is right up there with the Batman Arkham titles. I wasn't quite so fond with the boss battles and the graphics need a little bit more work to make the Ultimate Spider-man game but this is a good start.
  35. Aug 17, 2012
    This game is great: smart, fast, brilliant. Gorgeous graphics, awesome dubbing, clever dialogues. I would rate it 8 out of 10. Metacritic reviews score is unfair with it.
  36. dz9
    Jun 26, 2012
    This is the epilogue to the upcoming summer movie of the same title, this game contains heavy spoilers of the movie so be warned. This game combines the fighting combat mechanics of Batman Arkham City, and a few remnants of the Infamous and Prototype mechanics buried in the open world exploring. The problem is that it never comes close to matching any of the competitors. When mainstream reviews take points away from games for the in-game camera, I usually just assume that they are just looking for something wrong with the title. But that's not the case in The Amazing Spiderman. Many times you will just lose the Web Head from the screen during a closed in web shoot or when you are trying to reach a platform with precision... Now... bad camera has plagued just about all of the Spiderman games, but whereas Shattered Dimensions made a lot of improvements, this title brings it right back to square one. What else does The Amazing Spiderman do wrong? Not much else, despite a few noteworthy boss fights, the rest: including Scorpion and Vermin. are boring mundane fights composing of tapping attack and dodge in a repetitive fashion. Also, the Amazing Spiderman, despite Spidey himself, lacks presentation, the environments are bland, the city seems to be only alive enough to support web shooting across it, and the side quests are all challenge-less and get boring rather quickly. This game may have some small flaws that add up, but it does a lot right. Spiderman is rendered perfectly, and the combat, however not quite on par with Arkham City, is fun nonetheless. This game may not deliver on the extra frill but it gets the essentials right... fun fast addicting gameplay. You will never get tired of web slinging across town, beating up bad guys, and saving citizens even despite the repetition. In the end: This game is fun and addicting but the few flaws it has significantly keeps it from greatness. Definitely give this title a rent or wait for a price drop. This is a pretty good game but nothing ground breaking enough for it to "stick," so unlike Infamous, Prototype, or Arkham City, the fun will probably be forgotten in a few months. Expand
  37. Jul 3, 2012
    A positive direction for a franchise that sorely needed it. It isn't anywhere near the Batman Arkham games, yet this game is like a classic compared to recent entries. Fun and responsive open world spider slangin' and some fun stealth options highlight this game. Good rental, try it.
  38. Sep 8, 2012
    if anyone gave this game something lower than 6 is either a blind hater, or a little kid that never got to play the N64 spiderman game.
    This is as close as a Spiderman game will ever get to that amazing game. They even recreated some fights, like Rhino's fight in the electric power plant. It isn't perfect, and I mean: the graphics aren't good, the puzzles are dumb, sometimes you can't do
    something if you aren't at the right angle, but hey, it's nice to see an acceptable game of Spiderman. Enemies can get annoying, but if you level up constantly by doing random side-missions, the game gets pretty cool. Although I can not lie: it DOES get repetitive, a lot Expand
  39. Dec 29, 2012
    Next to Batman: Arkham City, this is the best superhero game ever made. A great open world environment, state of the art graphics, a genius plot, and unlike most video games, good character buliding and major story events. A very, very good game.
  40. Jul 9, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. Not since Spider-Man 2 (SM2) has a Spider-Man game come along that really nails the swing mechanic. This is a game I can play to just swing around Manhattan. In this game the web lines do not literally connect with building like they did in SM2, which worried me before I played it, but this is barely noticeable since the exhilaration of swinging is really delivered in the camera. In SM2 you could hang on to a web line indefinitely, in this game you automatically release another web-line when you reach the apex of your swing, but you can let go early if you want more forward than upward momentum. There is also the web rush mechanic in this game. While I'm not a huge fan of seeing little silhouettes of spider man indicating where I can perform this action, it actually proves pretty useful and is a fun and welcome mechanic. One last noticeable difference is the absence of performing mid-air stunts, which now just happen contextually and automatically as you swing. This really didn't matter to me at all.
    Despite these differences the swing mechanic is just as fun, if not better than it was in SM2, because as I mentioned before they do a really good job of selling the exhilaration through camera, which to be fair takes a little getting used to at first. As for combat, it's pretty much straight out of Batman: Arkham. This is a good choice, Batman Arkham set the bar for fighting in an action game, and it would be foolish to not emulate their mechanic. The game generally has modes of play, Exterior (free roam around Manhattan) and Interior (linear confined levels). For the most part the game works the same on both areas except there is more emphasis on stealth gameplay in interior areas. There are a butt-load of collectables in both areas but most can be found in the exterior gameworld of Manhattan. For presentation, the game has excellent sound, music, and dialogue (which can get a tad repetitive). The front-end, HUD, and menus are all elegant, minimal, and well thought out with nice transitions. Just the right amount of options too. Graphically, I've seen better, but to be honest there was nothing jarringly bad. Beenox did a good job of prioritizing visual quality and I have to say the game actually looks better playing it than it does in many of the preview videos I've seen. I like that they created an large open world full of cars and pedestrians, the city feels alive.

    The things about this game that I did not like: For the most part the fighting between camera and control are minor, but this did cause me to fail on a couple of occasions.
    There is no way to exit an interior until you finish the level's progression. This is a problem for players like me who just want to plug in the game and swing around, but not really a big deal since the interior gameplay is pretty awesome.
    Somewhat Repetitive Dialogue (though to be fair the voice acting was excellent)
    There are different times of day and weather, but they are scripted and not dynamic (you can choose your time of day when you complete the game).
    The "Overcast" time of day actually makes the game look ugly, but thankfully this is brief (reminded me of I Am Alive). The open world gameplay is (or feels like it is if it isn't) very scripted, I wish there were more dynamic events to keep me busy.
    I was disappointed that I did not unlock more outfits after finishing the game. You get one and it's not great. There ARE more outfits to unlock, but more in an easter-egg fashion rather than as part of the progression, which would have made for better rewards IMO.

    Should you buy it? YES. This game is awesome. Lot's of fun to just swing around. A satisfying combat mechanic right out of Batman, and lots of cool comic collectables for Spider-Man fans.
  41. Jul 16, 2012
    I've been a gamer and a Spidey fan for years. Best Spidey game ever made. Spider-Man 2 had a great swinging mechanic,but the rest of the gameplay was just ok. The swinging mechanic in this game is simplified,but the gameplay is awesome. This is the first game that made me feel like I was Spider-Man. I can understand why Beenox made the webswinging so simplistic. If you are Spider-Man, webswinging should be as easy as walking. I can't begin to tell you how many times I fell to the ground while playing Spider-Man 2 because I missed a building. It takes you out of the moment. To maintain the illusion that you are webswinging,don't shoot your webs until you're by a building. I spend a lot of time free falling and webzipping until I get close to a building. This is the first Spidey game I played where the in game camera wasn't an issue. The other games gave me a headache. The combat is the best that it's ever been,Spidey's animations are fluid and the detail in his costume is impressive. If you are a Spidey fan,like me, the game is loaded with Spidey fan service to keep you coming back for more. SPIDEY FANS REJOICE!!!! Expand
  42. Jul 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This has got to be the best Spider-Man game yet! From fighting Rhino to fighting Lizards all over the city, the game is filled with free-roaming fun! Unlock exclusive content such as comics, costumes, artwork, etc. Expand
  43. Aug 20, 2012
    Probably the best open world Spider-Man game in terms of gameplay, but the missions are very repetitive and it tries too hard to be like the Batman games. Shattered Dimensions is still the best work Beenox has done with the series.
  44. Jan 18, 2013
    Remember the plot from Web of Shadows? It's here again except that it's now mutant animal cross species zombies. The plot while decent offers a nice gallery of villains even if the boss fights are pretty average at best. I never knew outside the final few bosses how close I was to victory due to no health bar for them or myself for that matter, and the final bosses were all just the typical 3 strikes your out which was fine and all, but why not mix it up with 4 or 5 strikes?

    The combat is fine if not slightly broken. I managed to hit a 84 hit combo on one guy before getting bored and only got 150xp for my efforts. The Stealth is nowhere near as good as it was in Shattered Dimensions but it worked well enough. The upgrade system however broke and I had to start a new game to get all the achievements. Only one photo in the game is miss-able and when you find out to late that you can't get 100% you'll probably be ticked off.

    The web swinging changes from indoor to outdoor environments, but Outside and inside you'll be using Web Rush anyway. It makes you fell more like the Spider-man of the films in those cheesy final shots in each film, but it takes the fun out of it when it's just simple point and click.

    The post game is just rounding up collectibles and finishing off petty crimes, but after that you are left to either swing around or replay missions. It's a solid movie title that has several problems major and minor that hold it back from being perfect.
  45. Jan 28, 2013
    This is the best Spiderman game I've played since the SNES days. Web slinging through New York makes you actually feel like a super hero in a way, and the story picks up a few months after the story of the newer movie so it's not a direct movie game either. One of the coolest things is the ability to crawl upside down on ceilings and do stealth attacks...although the updside down parts take a little getting used to at first. Expand
  46. Nov 26, 2012
    The Amazing Spider-Man is a great epilouge of a video game which comes right after the Amazing Spider-man film left off. Plot: After the defeat of The Lizard, Dr. Connors is locked in an asylum as Alistor Symthe has led Oscorp industries in an era of robotics. When Gwen sneaks Peter into the lab, they witness that there are cross species being quarantined within the lab. They react to Peter's own cross species nature and begin to break out and attempt to spread the infection throughout New York. To make matters worse, Symthe has programed the robots to eliminate all cross species involving Peter! Peter breaks Connors out of Prison in the hopes they can create an antidote to the newly infectious virus. My opinion: This is a well done movie tie in, and I reccomend this to anybody who enjoyed the movie or anyone who wants to plain well feel the adrenaline of being the masked web crawler. Web Rush: at any moment within the game, a first person view into Spider-Man's mask will let you slow down time and co-ordinate any angle at which you want to aim your webs. This is by far the best Spider Man game out there with no time paradoxes and a classic feel on the Spider Man video game franchise. Expand
  47. Dec 13, 2012
    A good attempt at trying to do what Spiderman 2 did, but just doesn't make it. The narrative follows the events of the movie nicely and sticks to the same tone of the movie, while at the same time trying to also show its respect for the comics. While the outdoor areas are a ton of fun to play through, the in door areas just feel a little clumsy and don't work as well as they are supposed to. Overall: A good game that is probably the best Spiderman game on this generation's consoles. But it really is only for fans of the comics and the movie. Expand
  48. Feb 8, 2013
    The Amazing the Spider-Man is overall a pretty good game. Even though I find it to be a cheap knock off of Batman Arkham City. The game and the campaign are fun, the side-missions are enjoyable, the voice-acting is cool, and the graphics are great to look at. Although the voice-acting was for the most part good, it kinda sucks that they don't use the actors from the movie to do the voice overs in the game. Instead of their being one antagonist The Lizard, fans of Spider Man are treated to see some old enemy named Rhino, and one of Spider Man's girlfriends from the comics The Black Cat. The control is pretty much the same from Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum and people who have played this game will have an easy time adjusting to Spider man. This is one of better movie license games and I highly Suggest you buy this game. Expand
  49. Mar 20, 2013
    graphics not bad some costumes always helps some bad ass bosses just it was boring in some missions and to many fantasy the game films always arent the best but this game is normal
  50. Jun 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. [Condensed]

    For a game with so much promise, ultimately The Amazing Spider-Man is almost as far from amazing as you could possibly get. Good try Bennox, and as of now- even with 1 win and two losses, I still think you have a chance at turning the series around. Try something more along the lines of Shattered Dimensions again, but try to leave the open world formula behind. Especially now that we put it into the ground with nails to seal the coffin lid shut...

    Concept: Another attempt at trying to successfully return Spider-Man to some of his more entertaining open world moments utterly fails for the most part, with a few blips of amazing innovation on the radar here and there.

    Graphics: While New York is nothing much to gawk at, it is far from terribly designed- and the characters, especially Spidey, move around quite nicely- if they are a little robotic at times. Animations are about the only thing on par throughout the main duration of the game, and stringed together quite nicely.

    Sound: No talent from the film comes to the game, which is quite a disappointment as it shows glaringly throughout the entirety of it. Also, the sounds are completely generic, which is to be expected- after all, it is a bustling city.

    Playability: The lack of challenge may be annoying for some and great for others, but since the game is a breeze and your movements are Spidey-fast, everything seems to go by in a blur for the most part throughout the game.

    Entertainment: The only truly entertaining part is exploring the city, and even that is painful sometimes in this iteration of the series.

    Replay: Very Low

    Overall Score: 6.5

    Written 2012
  51. Nov 9, 2013
    It's been years since I've played a spider-man game. I waited to get this one because the reviews were not so good. Don't pay attention to the nay-sayers. This game was everything I was hoping for. The web swinging through the city is fantastic, I love the hit and run tactics essential to playing the higher difficulties. I feel like every combat situation gives me several ways of approaching the situation with plenty of environmental objects to use, stealth game play or just straight up beat em up approach. The controls are tight. Spider vision gives you a chance to slow down the action whenever you might feel overwhelmed, letting you get your bearings and evaluate your next move. Plenty of collectibles to keep you exploring the city. Overall, this is everything I want in a Spider-Man game, with good graphics, sound, story and game-play. Expand
  52. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is awsome all those pepole out there who are saying its bad don`t listen to them buy when you see its not a disappointment just believe me okay.
  53. Apr 28, 2014
    The Amazing Spider-Man. Let me start off by saying that I love superheroes, so as you can imagine, I am a huge fan of Spider-Man. I've also played several video games based on Spider-Man. I've played Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man 2 the game, Ultimate Spider-Man, and heck, even Spider-Man Web of Shadows. So yes, before I played this game, I played many of Spider-Man's best video games out there. This game was released to tie in with the new movie that came out just a few days after this game. Considering that most movie-based games are known to suck, many of you are probably asking, why did I get this game? Well, Spider-Man 2 the game tied in with the movie, and I actually liked it better than the movie believe it or not, so I had to play this game. So is this game like Spider-Man 2 in which it makes the movie its based on look bad, or should you just watch the movie instead? Let's find out. The gameplay of this game is very similar to Rocksteady's Batman Arkham games. In other words, you can beat each mission using either a stealthy approach, or a beat'em up approach. Of course, Spider-Man has his own twists that make him different from Batman, otherwise this game would just be a complete clone of Batman Arkham City. Spider-Man relies more on his web shooters than Batman's gadgets for example. He is also much more acrobatic than Batman, and he can cling to walls in the shadows to get away from enemies rather than gargoyles. Outside of the game's main levels, the entire city of New York is also available for Spider-Man to explore and do missions in. Of course the real question would be: is this game's gameplay actually better than Arkham? No, not at all really. For example, it is way too easy. Even on the game's hard difficulty you will not find much of a challenge here, where Arkham provided a challenge at pretty much every turn. The game is also really redundant. You'll find that you are doing many of the same things over and over again just to succeed. That's not to say the game isn't fun, because it definitely is. Even the most redundant of tasks can be rather fun to play. However, after a long while, you just might get bored of doing the same missions over and over in New York. Also, I found an odd bug in this game that renders it unplayable. All I can say is, for your own good, don't even try to get any of the game's alternate costumes for Spidey. This creates a bug in which, after you finish the game, you are greeted with an infamous "Neverending loading screen of death". However, if you just don't get the alternate costumes to begin with, you should be fine. Overall, this game's gameplay is fine as it is. It just isn't Arkham. As for the graphics, they look great, but not absolutely fantastic. The city of New York is beautiful, and the details look good enough, but the game also looks a little blurry and weird. The character models are also a mixed bag. Some, like Spider-Man's look good, but others just look weird, and look like something out of a Nintendo Gamecube, rather than a current-gen console like the Xbox 360. I'd say that the graphics of this game look great overall, but they aren't quite as spectacular as I would've hoped. As for the story, I think that it is the best part of the game. It is very original, and is actually set after the events of the movie. Basically what happens is after the Lizard attempted to take over Manhattan (see the movie!), Oscorp has been hard at work creating more test subjects like the Lizard (more human animal hybrids). They get loose, spreading an infectious disease, and it's up to Spider-Man to stop them. I'd say that this game's story is actually better than the movie it's based on. I can't say this game is fantastic, nor is it better than the movie (anywhere other than the story). However, I still say that this is a game that if you want to buy, go right ahead. It is a great game, it really is, one of Spider-Man's best as a matter of fact. The real problem is, it doesn't really aim higher than many of the Spider-Man games that came before it. I just hope that its sequel can do better.
    Gameplay: 7/10
    Graphics: 8/10
    Story: 9/10
    Overall: 8/10
  54. May 1, 2014
    I don't even know why people like this game. The swinging feels worthless becuse web rush feels faster, the hero or menace system doesn't have a meaning to exist becuse if your a menace than your making the game harder then it needs to be so you will always be the hero but to reach hero you have to do side missions that HAVE UNSKIPABLE CUTSCENES that show the same thing over and over and over with the same voice saying the same stuff everytime it gets tediuos doing the same stuff multiple times before reaching level 3 hero oh and I might I add the rank can fall randomly becuse you are not at 2 locations at the same time you can complete one side quest gain some points and then lose the amount for not doing the other quest that is in the other side of Manhattan. The gameplay is rather redundent and formulaic go there, beat up bad guys, fight a boss that even a monkey can beat (they are patheticly easy), repeat. Stealth sometimes feels impossible becuse of the AI being inconsistent sometimes the enemys will see you on the roof at complete night or they wont notice you when your standing behind a pole that doesnt even hide spidys body. The other problem for stealth is the controls, it can say that you can repeal from the roof but what spidey does is he jumps down to the floor getting instantly spotted. Fighting is like in Batman Arkham Asylum/City but less responsive you cant switch from an attack instantly to a counter becuse of a delay or downright unresponsiveness of the controls. Tho the game can be fun for the first hour or two but everything after that becomes pointless becuse fighting crime is tedious like I mentioned, colleting comics are only for the completionist or the Marvel fans and exploring Manhattan is pointless when there is nothing to do in the whole city after the main missions. The costumes are a cool idea, but I didint notice a diffrence from being original Spider-man, 2012 Spider-man, Vigilante Spider-man or any other costume it says that they give buffs but they dont seem to do a diffrence. Graphics are probobly the games most strongest thing field becuse the city looks great but most of the times inside of buildings you can see unrendered textures or bad textures but the map you swing around in is a feast for the eyes. Expand
  55. Aug 13, 2014
    This game just feels like one giant copycat. It's clearly ripped off Batman and Prototype and Crackdown, amongst others. And it doesn't rip off very well, either. The combat is extremely fun, but fails to capture the wonderful flow it tried to. The graphics are good, but not good enough to make me marvel at them. The plot tries to be a good tie-in, but it isn't continuous, and just isn't very well written. I can't recommend this, I'm afraid. Expand
  56. Jun 26, 2012
    Spidey is back and in a big way! This game pretty much addressed most of the issues that past spider-man games suffered from. One of main improvement is definitively the web swinging. The camera closes in on spidey and gives the player a closer insight and a actual sense of being spider man. Buildings flash by as your speed increases and it's just awesome to watch. The combat system has also been revamped and borrows from the Batman: Arkham games which isn't a bad thing. The fighting animations showcase spidey's agility and acrobatic skills pretty well. The open world environment and the overall presentation of the game is also done well. The voice acting is memorable and entertaining while the city landscape is a sight to see! The game also offers linear gameplay, side missions and collectibles if you finish the campaign. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 52
  2. Negative: 3 out of 52
  1. Dec 18, 2012
    As much of a cool mixture of '90s nostalgia and modern gaming, it doesn't mean that the game is all the memorable. Having the entirety of Manhattan to swing around between inside missions is a technological feat, but it might have done Beenox better to make a smaller, more densely populated environment to explore and experience different story beats.
  2. Sep 18, 2012
    The initial few hours are exciting and thrilling, swinging through the city, stopping crimes and collecting comic book pages. But it soon feels padded out and derivative. [Oct 2012, p.58]
  3. Aug 24, 2012
    The web swinging is better, and the combat system is much more effective (not to mention some awesome Signature Moves).