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Summary: Oblivion is a single-player game that takes place in Tamriel's capital province, Cyrodiil. You are given the task of finding the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty, the previous emperor having been killed by an unknown assassin. With no true Emperor, the gates to Oblivion (the equivalent of hell in the world of Tamriel) open, and demons begin to invade Cyrodiil and attack its people and towns. It's up to you to find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel. In keeping with the Elder Scrolls tradition, players have the option to experience the main quest at their own pace, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the vast world and make your own way. Numerous factions can be joined, such as the thieves or mages guilds, and each contains its own complete storyline and the chance to rise to the head of the faction and reap further rewards. Oblivion features a groundbreaking new AI system, called Radiant AI, which gives non-player characters (NPCs) the ability to make their own choices based on the world around them. They decide where to eat or who to talk to and what they say. They sleep, go to church, and even steal items, all based on their individual characteristics. Full facial animations and lip-synching, combined with full speech for all dialog, allows NPCs to come to life like never before. [Bethesda]
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Rating: M
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Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Genre(s): Role-Playing, First-Person, First-Person, Western-Style
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore Language Sexual Themes Use of Alcohol Violence
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Resolution:1080i 480p 720p
Cast Credit
Craig Walton Lead Programmers
Bruce Nesmith Quest Design
Todd Howard Executive Producer
Kurt Kuhlmann Additional Programming
Kurt Kuhlmann Quest Design
Jeremy Soule Original Music
Robert Wisnewski Dungeon Art
Emil Pagliarulo Quest Design
Dawn Hershey Voice Casting
Ashley Cheng Senior Producer
Ahn Hopgood Programming
Mike Lipari Programming
Matt Picioccio Additional Programming
Steve Meister Programming
Hope Adams World Art
Istvan Pely Lead Dungeon Artist
Rafael Vargas World Art
Noah Berry World Art
Christiane Meister Lead Character Artist
Ken Rolston Lead Designer
Matthew Carofano Lead Artist
Scott Franke Programming
Chris Innanen Programming
Mat Krohn Programming
Gavin Carter Producer
Frank Ward Dungeon Art
Jonathan Bryce Voice: Argonian Males
Gayle Jessup Voice: Female Redguards
Wes Johnson Voice: Imperial Males/Dremora/Arena Announcer/The Prophet/Pelina
Wes Johnson Voice: Lucien Lachance
Michael Mack Voice Baurus/Owyn
Michael Mack Voice: Redguard Males
Elisabeth Noone Voice: Argonian Females
Brian Chapin Quest Design
Davor MrKoci Additional Programming
Brendan Anthony Programming
Erik Deitrick Programming
David DiAngelo Additional Programming
Joel Dinolt Additional Programming
Michael Dulany Additional Programming
Jean Simonet Additional Programming
Guy Craver Lead Programmers
Ralph Cosham Voice: Breton Males
Ralph Cosham Voice: Vicente Valtieri/Jauffre
Craig Sechler Voice: Dark Elf Males
Craig Sechler Voice: The Adoring Fan
Craig Lafferty Producer
Erik J. Caponi Designer
Clara Cafasso World Art
Tony Greco World Art
Grant Struthers World Art
Megan Sawyer World Art
Sally Huang Additional World Art
Daniel T. Lee Additional World Art
Ryan Sears Additional World Art
Andy Barron Additional World Art
Alan Nanes Quest Design
Mark E. Nelson Quest Design
Christopher Hynes Programming
Nathan Nordfelt Programming
Brian Robb Programming
Jeff Sheiman Programming
Dan Teitel Programming
Joshua Andersen Additional Programming
Orin Tresnjak Additional Programming
Jeff Ward Additional Programming
Todd Broadwater Dungeon Art
Tim Lindsey Dungeon Art
Michael E. Ryan Dungeon Art
Lynda Carter Voice: Nord Females
Lynda Carter Voice: Orc Females
Patrick Stewart Voice: Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Terence Stamp Mankar Camoran
Terence Stamp Voice: Mankar Camoran
Terence Stamp Voice: Mankar Camoran
Sean Bean Voice: The Lost Heir
Patrick Stewart Voice: Emperor Uriel Septim VII
Sean Bean Voice: The Lost Heir
Terence Stamp Mankar Camoran
Terence Stamp Voice: Mankar Camoran
Terence Stamp Voice: Mankar Camoran
Lynda Carter Voice: Nord Females
Lynda Carter Voice: Orc Females
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