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  1. Sep 12, 2014
    Skyrim is an enjoyable RPG in which one can get themselves lost in for hours on end

    Gameplay: 9/10 - Skyrim employs the classic fantasy game formula: level up, collect items, go on quests. It's the usual fantasy RPG style stuff, but Skyrim manages to make it feel fresh and enjoyable. It's kind of hard to describe it in words; you have to play to see what I mean.
    Visuals: 9/10 - From
    long distances to medium distances, textures in this game are some of the best I've seen, but the problem is that if you get too close, you can see bits of pixilation and blurry spots.
    Audio: 10/10 - Nothing is out of place here; everything sounds as it should sound. In-game battle music really changes the tone of combat, while non-combat music makes travelling long distances worthwhile.
    Customisation: 7/10 - Great, but could be better. Add in a more detailed slider for eyes, nose, mouth, (Sims style sliders) maybe? This would add even more customisation choices for an already amazing feature.
    Overall: 9/10 - Skyrim is an amazing piece of art. With superb gameplay and graphics, it's no wonder it's widely considered to be one of the best games ever made.
  2. Aug 19, 2014
    I do not know what is wrong with the PS3 version but I am glad I played it on the Xbox because it is an amazing experience to even watch someone else play this game. Fantastic game and a must play for everyone!
  3. Aug 18, 2014
    Great game filled to the brim with content. Only negative aspect is it has a large amount of bugs. But considering the scope of the game it is largely understandable.
  4. Aug 17, 2014
    10/10 Skyrim is not a game to be missed. In fact, Skyrim is more than a game, it is an experience. Skyrim mixes an interesting story with excellent gameplay and a wide variety of side quests, characters and items. I loved using my shouts and know that I will be pumping in hundreds more hours into this masterpiece.
  5. Aug 13, 2014
    A rare one of a kind game. These games only come once or twice in a generation. Skyrim is a true fantasy epic with a story that involves civil war, dragons, magic, evil and purity. On top of that you have a massive and I mean massive open world to explore. There are hundreds of quests and random events. Some side quests are so detailed it felt like I was playing a moan story line quest. Skyrim has an excellent leveling up system, deep detailed combat with tons of play styles from magic, to knives, to swords, to battle axes, to shouts. so much. This is the ultimate rpg fantasy game. A must play. Expand
  6. Aug 11, 2014
    Skyrim, The fifth Elder Scrolls game............And one of the best video games ever created, EVER. The exploration was very fun and even better using the Dragonborn DLC which makes the game 20x better. The fighting was simple yet funny, and Easter eggs were a fun thing to come across. The other two DLC's (Hearthfire & Dawnguard) added a touch of danger to the game, vampires --->Dawnguard/ and living on the edge ---> Hearthfire..........The game made no mistake. Thank you Bethesda Softworks for the great game. Expand
  7. Jul 30, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a must have for any RPG fan. There are tons of quests to do and lots of land to explore. All the side quests are very good but the main quest line has a little dullness to it. The graphics and scenery are beautiful but some of the environment can be a little dark and dirty. The music in the game is absolutely amazing and I love listening to it all throughout my adventure. Character customization is one of the best in any RPG; you can literally play any type of character you want, and you can switch playing styles at any point without making a new character. This is one of the most fun and adventurous games that I have ever played. It’s simply amazing. Expand
  8. Jul 27, 2014
    All I can say to this game is... WOW. Bethesda Softworks blew fans away with this game. From plundering an evil dungeon, to murdering a civilian by candlelight, this is a MASTERPIECE. The graphics are absolutely amazing, and since its an RPG, its your game. You can be honorable, and live to your word, or even a sneaky assassin. The story line is incredible and the DLC make it even better. BUY THIS GAME Expand
  9. Jul 23, 2014
    This is easily a game that can absorb alot of your time and you can play it two or three times over and there is literally so much in this game that every time you play it feels different. This is the only game I have ever played that actually makes you feel like there are no boundaries. You look at the landscape and there are massive jagged peaks far in the distance across rolling plains and the best part about it is that this is in most cases not some generated background as it is in most games. You can actually go explore those mountains. The map is massive and some of the most exciting part of the game is seriously traversing from one town to another. This is one of those games everybody should play once or thrice:) Expand
  10. Jul 20, 2014
    This game is HUGE (Open world) it's combat system is fun. Has lots to do, and improving your skills is more than just leveling up. If you sneak your sneak improves. The best RPG EVER. It's my favorite game of all time.
  11. Jul 20, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might just be the best RPG of all time. Heck, it IS the best, In every aspect. The world is as stunning as it is massive, the combat is great, the voice acting's pretty good, and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to completely run out of things to do. You can help people, hunt, kill monsters, find a powerful relic, start a family, and change the course of this massive world's history. Quite honestly, if you are a massive fan of the genre, ( Like I am!) it is massively difficult to pick out something wrong with the game as a whole. The gaming industry has been forever changed by Skyrim. Expand
  12. Jul 14, 2014
    Possibly the greatest RPG of all time? I think it probably is for the foreseeable future. I'm writing this review after replaying it a lot and I had forgot that this game came out in 2011. Still magnificent to behold, a rich and deep world that feels a much more real place than Cyrodil (Taking nothing away from Oblivion of course!).
    I feel there isn't much that needs to be said other than
    if you have ever enjoyed a game with swords, dragons, magic or robbing people blind, play Skyrim. Expand
  13. Jul 5, 2014
    This game is good, but Oblivion was better. Guilds: in Skyrim - 1-hour crappy dull quests, in Oblivion - those quests are large and interesting(i love the final quest of the Thieves Guild). Main Quest - dull in both games. Gameplay - well, in Skyrim your weapon and armor are unbreakable, but auto-leveling are better, BUT. Dragons are too weak, and why the hell you can't block with dual weapons? World: in Skyrim there are big pretty world... without any quests. Just ugly caves.
    Skyrim is a good game, but a **** sequel.
  14. Jun 28, 2014
    I honestly feel like this is the most overrated game of the last 5 or so years. I played it for a week(about 15 hours of gameplay) and it just wasn't enjoyable and it didn't draw me in at all. I remember playing Fallout 3 for the first time back in 2010 and it drew me in the first couple hours. For me Fallout 3 and New Vegas is just so much more fun to play. It has insane weapons, cool atmosphere, huge world, and an overall a more interesting and appealing ambiance to the Fallout franchise. The only thing Skyrim has going for it is the dragons and graphics in my opinion. Other than that the quests, characters, setting, enemies, and ESPECIALLY combat is boring to me. I do not understand how so many people can play this game for 100+ hours and not get bored out of their mind. Oh and the reason why I compared this Elder Scrolls game to Fallout is because they share some similar qualities and they are made and or published by Bethesda. Expand
  15. Jun 27, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action adventure-RPG that is completely accessible to all gamers, and easily one of the greatest games ever created. Gamers from all genres will find something to like here, whether it be the incredibly detailed environments and settings, or the intuitive combat and leveling system. Each Dragon encounter is memorable and intense, and that feeling after taking one down and absorbing its soul is gratifying to say the least. I loved this game, and it winning Spike TV’s 2011 Game of the Year award, was completely warranted and deserved. Kiss real life goodbye, and prepare to lose yourself in the beautiful world of Skyrim! Expand
  16. Jun 27, 2014
    This game is Amazing! Wow, so good.
    - well there is a main story, elder scrolls games are about lots of stories, different factions to join, armies to battle for skyrim, people to help and punish. The main story is essentially kill the main dragon. Cliche yes but great. You don't play skyrim for it's story, it only provides a backdrop of why your doing stuff. And that's perfectly
    fine. Doing all these stories and not just one, makes it deeper then anything though.

    - the most important thing. Well it's great. So many different options, all feel powerful, stealth works well, not 100% realistic but it's a fantsy game after all. The swords and mettle feel heavy, feel powerful, two handed weapons more so. Magic feels powerful and feels like you have total control at your fingertips. Stealth like an Assassin makes you feel dangerous and a professional and a thief makes you feel smart and silent. I have created numinous characters, to try out every style I could think of. And thier all fun. The one I enjoyed the most is conjuration- to create magical swords and summon creatures from oblivion to help and distract, one handed obviously for the bound sword spell, aletartion for magical armor and restoration for healing and ward spells to block breathe attacks from dragons etc. menu system is great, easy to navigate. Oh and Shouts? Their awesome. It adds like a 4th layer of gameplay here, and anyone can use it, and standardly there is 20 of them. To slow time, push enimies, burn them, freeze them etc.

    Looking closely is muddy. But take it as a whole it is great. Due to skyrims massive scale it can't be a crysis level looking game? Maybe with mods, but graphics look great no matter what. Framerate is stable, it can get iffy. Colours are amazing, landscape has so much variety.

    Voice acting is great, soundtrack is best I've heard. Weapons, magic, have variations. Shouts are cool.

    Well this game is practically never ending, but max level is 50 (standard), lots of gear and customisation. I spent thoundands hrs of it. Different characters and such. High replay ability . Very high.

    Things I didn't like.
    - sometimes too much walking, got bored, wanted to fight something but nothing's around.
    - glitches, that repeating jumping sound. It's annoying, broken quests. Every 40hrs or so it will freeze.
    - loading screens, some are too long.
    - a lot characters sound same.

    Overall a 9.7/10 no game is a 10 nothing is perfect, but this is close. Buy it, download it, mod it what ever just play it.
  17. Jun 26, 2014
    Good game, just good. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It does not do anything specifically amazing... or great... just good. Especially compared to the prior games in the series.

    Oblivion and Morrowind had impeccable writing, design, presentation, and sound. Skyrim relies on its predecessors to make it look good and thats how critics reviewed it. If it did not have Elder Scrolls in its
    title, it would not have been received so well.

    The storylines in each of the guilds is very predictable. It was basically, "Which one of the guild members is corrupted and will eventually turn on the guild?"

    The sound is not anything to brag about, just recycled songs from previously and what is original is forgettable.

    I have ragged on the game quite a bit it still offers a lot of interesting things and some of the quests are quite unique. The daedric quests in particular are really interesting and offer great rewards. The game also has a few interesting characters such as Cicero, a jester in the Dark Brotherhood.

    Is it worth buying? Yes, because it offers some good moments and a lot of hours of gameplay however some of those hours feel wasted due to fetch quests. It was not worth $60 however, you could pick up the Legendary Edition now with all the DLC for $30.
  18. Jun 23, 2014
    Was writing some pretty negative reviews, so I thought I would just say, I don't like fantasy games, but this was the best game of all time. If you haven't played it yet, your missing out
  19. Jun 10, 2014
    what can you say about this masterpiece? It is is over 140 hours long, and it is only single-player,(i am more of a single player fan) and it is one of the most epic quests there can ever be, you really want to go on with this game and most importantly your decisions change the gameplay completely.
  20. May 26, 2014
    This game is Amazing. The story is epic, the game play is great. Also the feel of if u see it u can go their is awesome. The open world feels alive and there r no invisible wall and no hand holding. BUY THIS GAME!!
  21. May 25, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is THE game. Going on three years since its release, I'm still finding new things to do, and I've dropped almost 200 hours into this game (and I don't regret it one bit). The world is huge and beautiful, and full of hidden treasures and things to do. There are so many ways to play that you will never replay the game the same way twice. And talking to your friends about it and finding out about their experiences with the game makes for a fun conversation. The game is the perfect fantasy RPG in every way, shape and form and will definitely being going down in the video game Hall of Fame. Expand
  22. May 2, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I honestly don't know why this game is praised this highly. Not at all. In fact, this game really makes me wonder what people look for in a game today.

    Good graphics? I agree.

    The game-play, though, is already stale enough. It's way too difficult (I swear there has to be some sort of glitch... That stupid Frost Troll insta-kills me every time.)
    The story? Bland, meh, average, overused.
    Characters? Nothing interesting here.

    I don't see the point of buying this unless you're freaking Chuck Norris on steroids epic at games. This game is popular because of what? Perhaps the stupidest power in the game? Arrow to the knee? Another reasonless meme.

    But I'll give it this: it's the best of a terrible series of games. Well done Bethesda. I buy my first Elder Scrolls game. I instantly lose the respect I had for you after playing Fallout.

    In conclusion, not worth your money. Probably lower 50's/100.
  23. Apr 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. people are very different it seems, some hate skyrim cuz its worse then oblivion, others hate oblivion cuz its worse then skyrim, others hate them both cuz morrowind is better.

    or its too big and boring, its too easy, its cold feeling and too snowy while others felt oblivion was too much of the same also with green grass everywhere. so it cant have too much snowy places nor can it have too many grassy areas, seem we should just have ruined cities and desert for these people!!

    the only thing i can agree on with them is the main quest is shorter then i would have wanted but people also said bad things about the main quest in oblivion, i felt the main quest at the ending or morrowind was bad(giant zombie thing?) otherwise if your that unsure of this game, dont listen to friends, just rent it. otherwise if you have to like exploreing open world areas, if you like that then you will like this game.

    also some people were complaining there was no good armor around, like they leveled to 40 just hoping for some full set to drop in their lap? the best armor is stuff you make dude, its easy enough to get into smithing since your not constricted by major and minor skills anymore, so quit being lazy and make armor, then it will be good armor.

    also I have seen people complain that the game is too easy cuz the armor is so over-powered for them now, so now people are getting too strong of armor while others are getting too little of armor?

    rent the game, if you like it, then buy it. its been out for a long time now so it should be cheaper and the expansions make the game that much better, i love hearthfire mainly cuz i like building and haveing my own house and this lets you build 3 which are better then most if not any of the other house you can buy from being mister special thane of a town.

    the island you go to(dragon born expansion) also gives you a house at some point and thats fun to explore and the vampire expansion is fun to fight them as well, even though if you experiance fighting the master vamps early on they are kinda impossible and i hope you have town guards around.
  24. Apr 17, 2014
    GOOD: World is so big; So much content that it can last you for about 100 hours; Ton of replay ability; Interesting story lines; All races are unique; So much weapons and armor; No longer will you be punished after leveling up "incorrectly," instead you can level up as you see fit; Game rewards you after doing all the quests possible; All of the dragon shouts and spells are unique and useful in their own way; All of the guild and daedric quests are interesting; No two quests felt the same; All of the DLCs bring something new to the table; Makes you feel like you are actually living in the medieval times with all the things you do, even purchasing your own property; books everywhere to read and learn about the lore and some lead to quests; Some nice puzzles; Okay map; Great soundtrack; Decent attention to detail; Great day to night cycle and weather effects

    BAD: No cooperative or competitive multiplayer at all; Boring NPCs(even if you are married or close friends with them); Lacks mini games(like arm wrestling or arena fights); Main story is not as interesting as the side and guild quests; After doing major quests that "change" the game, all of the NPCs react poorly and when they do, it's just forgettable; Character creator is a disappointment; Graphics are not that good; Some of the animations are half-assed(Ex. when you mount your horse from the right, you'll teleport to the left then mount and no sleeping animation); Kill animations are rare; All the game choices cannot affect your emotions; when you claim badass weapons from ancient people, you will most likely have a weapon that is already better; Alduin(the main villain) is not bigger than the other dragons, he is just spikier

    FINAL VERDICT: Even though this game has a lot of problems, it mostly can be over looked of the stuff you can do, that's why this game will end up as a 9/10. Because there is no multiplayer of any kind, just like the past games, it cannot be named as an all time legend but is in my opinion the best game of 2011.
  25. Apr 16, 2014
    The game's a bit over-hyped. "Oooh, I can kill dragons simply with my voice" is basically half of what these reviews are saying. The combat is awful, you just stand there, not trying to dodge or anything. You just stand there, swinging or casting away while the enemies feebly try to fight back. The quests are one-in-the-same, kill that, fetch that, and go here are what makes most of these quests. Daedric items suck if you're high-level and Combat with dragons is unbalanced at high-levels. They just fly, doing tons of damage while you shoot at them with a meekly bow. The graphics look awful and the guilds are not that original. It barely alludes choice, just by making you choose what to say. No matter what, the same outcome happens either way. Even with all the patches, it's a chuttering mess. Expand
  26. Apr 13, 2014
    I like how the world of Skyrim looks as your character is exploring the huge icy wastelands. I played as a Bosmer with illusion and necromancer skills. Then I leveled up my pickpocket skills that it allowed me to steal armor from the guards and unsuspecting enemies. I also liked the music as my character explored but I never liked the fight music. It never felt inspiring like the action music in Mass Effect. The main story was not interesting at all compared to Oblivion. I never felt like what side I choose in the beginning of the game mattered. The guild missions were too short and boring. The voice acting was terrible. The dual spell casting was good it seemed like that was borrowed from the Bioshock games. I liked Skyrim but I liked the Fallout games and Oblivion:The Elder Scrolls better they have more deeper stories and a better worlds to explore. Expand
  27. Apr 12, 2014
    You know,all the time i've searched for great games,they only come up with good or bad games
    but this game manages to heal that wound and make you feel more fun
    This game is like the best RPG Game Ever
    I did not actually enjoy morrowind that much but this is amazing!! i love it like this it has a great replayability
    Just Get This Game Already
  28. Apr 12, 2014
    Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the game that much i still play it today, combat is amazing, armor and weapons are amazing, so is shouts. i give this game 10/10 because it was an amazing experience.
  29. Apr 10, 2014
    This actually is a mustplay! BEst RPG ever. It has some bugs but they are most of all funny and laughy. JUst play it! youll have lots of fun. Thats go
  30. Apr 7, 2014
    I should say what an amazing game this is. Bethesda really did the job in this one. It's a really fascinating game. You can explore the world, kill animals, and do quests. The graphics surprised me as well. But the thing that bother me is because there are a couple of bugs that are still unpatched unnoticeably. Some people are still exploiting glitches and bugs, and are just really annoying. But, by all the beautiful scenery and the AIs implemented to this great game, this game deserves a 9 metascore. Great job. Expand
  31. Apr 4, 2014
    Skyrim, the Predecessor of The Elder Scrolls Online and the successor to Oblivion is in.. I don't know where to begin! The map will keep you occupied for hours upon hours on either your PC, XBox 360 or PS3, it doesn't matter WHAT you have, nothing can stop you from having the best time in a video game. In the far future, we will look back at thou masterpiece and thou will worship till thou's ends!
  32. Mar 24, 2014
    Bethesda made the revolutionary 1990 open world game "The Terminator", which was pretty much GTA III with crappy graphics and such an overlooked masterpiece. In 1996 they made the revolutionary game " The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall" which features thousands of towns and hundreds of thousands of NPCs (random & procedural generation). "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind" (2002) was another classic. Finally, this game. Skyrim is the product of decades of advances in virtual worlds, the evolution of video games almost seems like a miracle. Todd Howard is a genius. Expand
  33. Mar 21, 2014
    Adoringly embrace your entire life (your friends, family, work), before sitting down to play what some people have lauded, "the greatest RPG of all time", Skyrim. Literally kiss it goodbye. As a player, and as a person, I must have spent well over ten hours just sitting there and enjoying a delectable delight with precariously addictive gameplay and an awfully colourable world that drags you in like a murderous dragon searching for its unwary, gullibly credulous prey, some Elf or one Nord or another. It is maybe not the single most glorious RPG of all time in my own personal opinion, but, with its genius strokes, sharp textures, unbelievable playability rate, and majestic soundtrack, it comes pretty damn close and anyone who owns an Xbox 360 NEEDS this to add to their collection. Expand
  34. Mar 18, 2014
    Oh man this game was a lot of fun to play. I really immersed myself into the role playing. I think the only thing that could be improved would have to be the character models and the amount of voice actors. It takes you out of the immersion a little to hear the same voice actor over and over and over. The character models were a little too stiff compared to other great rpgs like mass effect. I hope next time they work on those parts a little more. Great game, I was never into the whole mid evil dungeons and dragons type of thing but this game was just too much fun. Expand
  35. Mar 14, 2014
    Personally, I love this game alot, and pretty much adore most sandbox games that reward inquisitive minds, exploration, and a love of rich lore and plentiful characters. Skyrim is no exception in this sense, the world is massive and sprawling, with a ton of interesting quests and characters to meet, as well as multiple dungeons littered with their own unique stories and background. For me personally, I love the fact that the world really feels alive, every NPC has their own schedules, mountains you can scale jut into the sky in the distance, the cry of dragons rolls through the hils from a distance before you see one circling overhead, and it gives the impression of an epic world which will continue to live and breathe even when you put down the controller. However, this is what I love about the game, and in all honesty, I have to confess many things which might deter some people and downright put off other gamers. Alot of the dungeons use recycled assets, as well as many houses, and if there is one way to describe a flaw of Skyrim it is 'repetition', both in terms of NPCs generated over and over 'hence the infamous 'arrow to the knee' to every other tavern looking basically the same. Some people say that Skyrim is 'as vast as an ocean and as shallow as a pond', but I think that's only half true. They're right in that many quests in Skyrim are downright boring, if not insulting to the average gamer's intelligence. 'Oh hai there Dragonborn. You're here to slay the World Eater? Well could you also deliver my axe to my cousin across the hold? There's a good boy! 'Oh hey stranger, mind checking my catacombs for generic skeleton warriors to retrieve my 'insert levelled loot here'? The five dozen guards outside can't be bothered.' These quests are beyond terrible, and many dungeons have been designed as cookie cutter areas to ensure the same NPCs send you to the same places over and over and over to retrieve vague, non-specfied loot. If you judged Skyrim on this alone, you would not be faulted for throwing it outside the nearest window. However, for me, I think gamers who only see this don't recognise the true flaws and beauty of what an open world like Skyrim means. Skyrim is a buffet of gameplay and quests. Some of the quests taste like filet mignon, they are interesting, the gameplay choices available are though provoking, and the characters are well detailed and engaging. Other parts of the buffet though are like bland, stale mashed potatoes, a mushy mess of bad gameplay decisions, poor gamer choice and uninspired dialogue and stories. This is the nature of the beast though, Skyrim is massive enough that in some parts it will inevitably miss for some people, but in others, so many parts connect so well, that it just makes you absorbs you for days on end(even without mods, and having played with mods on my PC, and without them on Xbox, I still feel Skyrim vanilla is a great game in its own right). As for the bugs though, although I gave Skyrim a pass because I loved the concept behind it of a massive world filled with possibilities, there is no doubt this game is packed full of glitches and bugs(though in my experience, not as many crashes as Oblivion). I love what Bethesda try to do, but seriously, when Red Dead Redemption provides a game of that size and complexity without many bugs, it really makes you wonder when Bethesda will jettison its crappy Gamebryo engine for something that doesn't suck. If you love interesting concepts and expansive, immersive sandboxes, buy Skyrim. If you prefer tighter, more focused RPGs buy the Witcher 2. In my opinion though having played and finished both, my love of one does not diminish my love for the other, and as long as Bethesda and CD Projekt RED continue to develop games, the RPG genre has a rich and exciting future ahead of us. Expand
  36. Mar 14, 2014
    omg i LUV SKYRIM! for a game made in 2011 AMAZING graphics! its amazing that the elder scrolls has survived since the 90s. on my main account, im a level 56 Imperial. i have to give credit to my cousin for telling me about this beautiful game. if you saw what i rated it, i rated it 9. you may be thinking: "why did he rate it a 9 if he says its perfect?" well it does get kind of boring at times but that heppens rarely. whenever i play skyrim, im slaying dragons, learning shouts, collecting special weapons and even just looking at the amazing scenery and graphics! whenever i hear someone talking about RPGs, Skyrim is the first thing that comes to my mind. if you are thinking about buying it, do it! P.S cant wait for Elder Scrolls Online!!!! thank Talos for skyrim!!! Expand
  37. Mar 11, 2014
    I have spent over 100 hours playing this game, and the time was worth it. The game kicks ass. With its beautiful graphics, great combat mechanics, lots of creative content, and DRAGONS! You have yourself a game of the year. It is a masterpiece! Best one in the series! Hell, one of the best free roam RPGS i have ever played! I would recommend this game to everyone. When you here the word Skyrim, yell "FosroDAH!" Game of the year for me. Final Verdict:10/10! A true elite title! Expand
  38. Mar 11, 2014
    A game with much content, though little in depth. It is a disappointing romp through the treacherous, harsh and grey land of Skyrim, a realm in which conflict is a natural way of life. At the cost of conveying this message, the game seeks to depress you by lots of mud, dirt and grey snow. Gone are the days of quirky, funny and colorful Oblivion, and back to the dreary days of Morrowind. "Why, this is a positive!" one might say in response, as they sip from their "hardcore" coffee mug full of mountain dew.... Nay, it is a negative. While Morrowind's world was full of depth, originality and just plain awesomness, Skyrim is boring, bland and dreary.

    Combat is over simplified, as are the skills. No longer can you be a class and label yourself as such, but choices are very much confined. Either you be a mage, assassin or warrior! No longer can you be a Bard, Rouge, Witchhunter or Pilgrim... A gameplay style other then combat is impossible.
    The game is for morons, extremely linear and easy... Though still I enjoyed my time here, and there are most definitely positives, such as the epic sense of exploration, immersion and lore.
  39. Mar 7, 2014
    An absolutely spell-binding RPG that holds your attention through hundreds of hours of game time. The visuals are incredible and varied, the soundtrack is second to none, and the controls and combat are tight and balanced between the various styles available to the player. Never before have I played a game that I thought I could lose myself in like this one. Bethesda has recaptured what they had in Morrowind and lost in Oblivion, and that is an environment and social structure that exist quite independent of your adventuring and advancing.
    This is a game where you are most fulfilled when you slow down, take the time to look around, and realize you are in another world that lives and breathes on it's own without you. (Metaphorically, it is still fake and they are still just AI.)
    I have only two issues and one fear related to this game.
    1. The infinite missions this game was hyped to have are mostly endlessly performing mundane tasks for various guilds that have no additional storyline once you complete the main one for that group. It would be like me endlessly giving you a grocery list with the same items on it and saying that I was giving you an endless variety of chores.
    2. The good old Bethesda bug machine keeps on rolling right along, crashing sporadically. Go 8 hours crash, go 30 minutes crash, fail to boot up, go 30 hours, crash. They must come up with some patches to stabilize this game and this is the sole reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10. This type of poor code writing should not be glazed over anymore!
    And finally, I have a fear that if they choose to remove anything else from this game for the next installment, less will start to become less. They did a wonderful job of trimming the fat from Oblivion, but anymore and this won't be an RPG for long.
    A brilliant game that only the serious gamer should undertake, otherwise you'll only be frustrated that you don't have enough time.
  40. Mar 6, 2014
    The game has it's positive sides and have really nice graphics and all, absolutely, but we can't go around and judge a game for only it's graphics. Today it feels like most game developers focus on graphics and doesn't think to much about the content itself. This game made me very disappointed because, sure, as I said the graphics are nice but the game has extremely many bugs and glitches in it and the builds of the classes doesn't have a good balance. The game simply doesn't feel "done". I've played extremely many RPG games and when i heard my friends speaking so well about Skyrim then I felt that I had to play it. But this game wouldn't even hit my top 10 list of RPGs. If it wouldn't have been for the visual graphics and the detailed environment then i bet this game wouldn't have been so popular. There is so many other RPGs out there which is so much better in every way and i can seriously not understand how people can still choose to play this crap. It's sad to see how many "graphic whores" there is out there. Expand
  41. Mar 2, 2014
    Call me a fanboy, say its overrated, call it a cash in, say whatever you damn well please, but know this: I had more fun, qualitatively and quantitatively with Skyrim than I have ever had with any game, by a long shot. The game isn't built to work on everyone; some will find it boring or cheap and give up. I respect that. But this game took me to new places. It pulled me in, (after an admittedly rough start), and kept me engaged, interested, and inspired. The game is so massive, it can have dozens of flaws, and still have so many hundreds of things to make up for it. Storylines are weak, for the most part. I don't even care. The game is so beautiful, graphically, stylistically, musically, aesthetically, and any other adverb I haven't listed. It blew my mind. The complaints people have about this game, I've never noticed a bit of. I don't know if it's my fault, but Skyrim is a masterpiece. Expand
  42. Feb 8, 2014
    If you're a novice, this game will be too big and too punishing. It doesn't hold your hand. But if you know what you're doing, it's a joy. Beautiful game.
  43. Feb 5, 2014
    Skyrim, there is no other word you can use to describe this game but epic. Skyrim the 5th game in the Elder Scrolls series is by far the best. You can only ow in the enormousness of the map. The campaign is great but its not what makes the game. What makes the game is all the side quests. There are over 200 side quests that i have found so far. almost every CPU in the game has a side quest. And theirs even more side quests that you can discover on your own. Many people complain about the loading screen in sky rim and how there is so many loading spots. The problem is if the game were to load all at once at the beginning of the game it would take 45 + minutes. That's how big the map is. over all Skyrim is an amazing game that i would recommend to any one even if they didn't like free roam dungeon crawls. Expand
  44. Jan 27, 2014
    Skyrim is a masterpiece of gaming, it is on such a scale than is truly awe inspiring. Since it's such a large game I'm going to break it down into each aspect of it, starting with the technical aspects. The game has pretty great graphics, but the draw distance isn't great, and some textures leave a lot to be desired. But on the whole it is very graphically impressive, I'd even say some parts are spectacular. The game runs smoothly and rarely has frame-rate issues, but there are long loading times and they are very frequent, which isn't a huge deal but it does break up the fun and make it a little tedious. The interface and HUD are okay, the HUD is nice and minimal, showing off the beautiful game world, but the menus could you some refinement. The world design is one of the games strongest aspect, there are nine holds and they are on a grand scale and are well fleshed out. You have forests and snowy mountains and frozen swamps, there is a great diversity in the world design. On a smaller scale the level design is less fleshed out, interiors are nicely done and have a good atmosphere, but dungeons are crypts while creepy at first, get repetitive. Onto gameplay now; for Bethesda games, the gameplay has always been on the back-burner. The combat system leaves much to be desired, though it is more varied than the older Elder Scrolls games, it is still boring and stiff. There are no strong or quick attacks, no parry's or dodges or rolls, there is blocking and power attacks, but honestly the close combat leaves alot to be desired. If you mix this with ranged attacks it feels less repetitive. The range attacks and weapons don'f fair much better, the bows are nice, but the system doesn't have any substance, it has no meat. The same thing with the spells, they are better varied but feel old and stale after a while. While the skill trees add cool things to it, the combat system feels floaty and weightless, certainly not a strong point, but passable. Onto the storyline, the storyline is made strong not by being clever or original, but by having so many aspects and things going on that it feels like a real world. The main storyline was disappointing to me, it was okay length, but I just wasn't blown away at all. The civil war storyline is good and I like the premise, but my main complaint with the civil war is that it never feels like there's a war going on. There's never any battles or any evidence of the fighting, this could have been developed much better. The faction quests, are like the main story, just disappointing, not much to say about it at all, just could have been better. It may have sounded like I hated the game, but I only really pointed out the negative, the positives far out-way the the negatives, and this is a great game which is a must-buy. Expand
  45. Jan 25, 2014
    Recently I bought the legendary edition of this game and it was nothing short of a true masterpiece, I like the feeling of a breathing living world that feels like it was there before you arrived and will still be there long after, i have never experienced so many quests and side missions before - One cannot simply finish Skyrim, it will last over 100 hours and still be entertaining, with all the daedric quests, armors, guilds, or even the nords hilarious accent, and then there's: Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire, the dawnguard quest is HUGE! and can be played from 2 completely different perspectives - and who doesn't want to be a vampire and I'm not talking about the 'Twilight Disco Ball Vampires' I mean you actually get weaker in the sunlight, Dragonborn gives you a whole island to explore - just don't go there unprepared, Athen there's Hearthfire,it may be only a minor DLC but would you: a. give 5000 gold to a stewerd to a Town house, Or , B. buy a plot of land, build a HOUSE add anything you want to it and then adopt 2 kids like Blaise and Lucia, and then have a wife like Ysolda (hint,hint), this game is truly something to remember and i will happy to See an Elder Scrolls VI (6) wherever or whenever it may be. And no one can forget the main theme song. Expand
  46. Jan 22, 2014
    It's a decent game. I liked morrowind more. I know it's supposed to be played as a northern game, but I just feel cold and dark everywhere I go. It's decent design and the story is somewhat there. The music takes the game higher than it should be. It's a good game if played with mods. Otherwise it's too unbalanced
  47. Jan 17, 2014
    A big, expansive open world RPG with lots to do and nice graphics, let down by the forgettable plot and dated combat system.

    I did all main Qs plus all but a couple of sides and clocked about 60 hours which is a big plus. Some 'AAA' games only manage 5 or 6 hours of single player.

    Like all Elder Scrolls games, get used to caves. You'll be seeing a lot of them. Plot is tired 'you are
    the chosen one ' as always with TES. Dull colours, forgettable NPCs. A result of having such a large game world? Obsidian did OK with New Vegas.

    That aside (and I can forgive all that), my major gripe is the dated combat TES has had since way back. No active dodge, no target lock. Blocking seems pointless, dodging means you move slowly backwards or to the side and hope you don't get hit. Or just charge in with power attacks and potions; you'll be fine. Magic has been simplified to the point of having little use beyond healing spells.

    And of course, dragons; less would mean more. Towards the end of the game I just ran away because I was so bored of them.

    Another Elder scrolls game that sticks to the generic fantasy formula but has a lot of value for money. If Bethesda had taken a chance on some changes to that formula, this game could have really deserved all that hype.
  48. Jan 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. skyrim is an amazing game with all the dragons and freewill in the world. its a big game so there are bound to be a few bugs like people on your team attacking u for no sudden reason and sometimes mouths moving when no one is talking. but overall its a rpg game which I love and has hundreds of hours sticking to the main missions, but overall amazing game. Expand
  49. Jan 10, 2014
    Skyrim is my #1 favorite game of all time. when I firs played skyrim it wasn't hard to get into, even though I was never a fan of these type of games, until I played this game. it is fun. I spent over 700 hours in this game, starting over and playing as a new character, and hey I still find stuff I never explored or I enjoy he benefits of dlc and the updates, and lastly I still have fun no matter what I am doing. the only thing I hated was the fact that there isn't more dlc. I personally, highly recommend this game. Expand
  50. Jan 8, 2014
    I don't even know where to begin!
    This game is absolutely unbelievably amazing! Even if you aren't a big RPG fan (I am not) do yourself a favor as a gamer and play this game! I had it since about a week after launch and still find myself lost in 5+ hr long sessions! I could go on all day about how immersive the world is and how much fun I have had and will continue to have witn my 3
    characters but just do yourself a favor and experience it for yourself!
    One of THE greatest gaming experiences ever made!
  51. Jan 2, 2014
    This game will last you entire months in playability. There are many quest lines and characters, and an open world big enough to hold over hundreds of quests. The open-world has at least 200 locations that can be discovered, loot that never ends, and many fun ways to progress. There are some bugs, but that shouldn't take the fun from the game. It may be dull at first, but once you level up and become stronger you will never want to look back. This game is a golden ticket to RPG paradise! Expand
  52. Jan 1, 2014
    Skyrim is nothing more than a gigantic, boring, repetitive map with small pockets of vaguely interesting mythology scattered here and there.
    It doesn't feel like a game or an immersive experience; more like a tool for browsing all the tiny stories and mythology that the developers came up with, and then did absolutely nothing with.
    In short, Skyrim completely fails to accomplish any of
    the features it was hyped up for having, and the only explanation for all the positive reviews is that people are just too busy slobbering over how huge the world is to notice how desperately dull and half-baked the game is. Expand
  53. Jan 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the most outstanding games I've ever seen graphics awesome fighting technics amazing also giant spiders skeletons awesome flaming hands swords my type of game Expand
  54. Dec 28, 2013
    Truly one of the greatest video games of all times. Skyrim is complete with an epic story line, terrifying monsters and enemies, incredible visuals and an overall fantastic experience, making it a timeless masterpiece.
  55. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece. It's not perfect since there are a few technical problems like glitches and crashes. The melee combat is also nothing more than decent and third person combat is awful. There is also some grinding for gear in this game and the main story is a let down, specifically the last few parts of it. Despite all of this, this game is one of the best this console generation has to offer.

    This game's art direction is drop dead gorgeous and the world is so well developed and jaw dropping that it sucks you in from the beginning. This game is very immersive and full of fun missions, locales and characters. This game has some of the most odd and interesting characters, deep lore, tons of beautiful and deep caves and locales to explore. It has a wide variety of fun enemies to fight including dragons and trolls. Some of the side quests, the thieves guild quest and dark brotherhood quest are all extremely fun with great stories and make up for the main story. The magic combat and bow and arrow combat are fun make up for the lackluster melee combat. This game is not a great RPG since there are really no choices to make that have significantly different outcomes and the rpg elements are more streamlined but this isn't so bad since it opens up the genre to more people. Despite being an average rpg, skyrim is an epic and wonderful action/adventure experience that every gamer should go through.

    Its is a testament to open world games since not only is it's world huge, but it is also full of excellent and fun content. This game is so many cities, towns, dungeons and other excellent locales to visit and play in that it can be overwhelming sometimes. It's terrain ranges from snowy mountains to large cites and deep caves. It should last you over a 100 hours of very high quality entertainment.
  56. Dec 24, 2013
    There's simply no other fantasy game that comes close to being as engaging, fun and jaw droppingly deep as Skyrim.

    While I'm actually hugely disappointed with the entire dragon mechanic, meaning the fights are not exciting at all and there's nothing different about them compared to fighting any other hostile creature. Closing the oblivion gates was far more exciting.

    Having said that
    most of the best quests are to be found off the beaten path and away from the story mode and to that end, one of the finest fantasy RPGs ever made. Expand
  57. Dec 23, 2013
    skyrim is amazing in every sense,this game is undoubtely the best game of the year and one of the best games i have ever played in my hole life.The only problem are the terrible bugs.
  58. Dec 23, 2013
    A little bit of a disappointment. Oblivion was my favorite game so I expected a lot from Skyrim. It feels a lot dumbed down for casual Call of Duty type gamers. Don't get me wrong it's a good game, but the quests aren't unique, the plot is simple and short, and there is little to no true rpg aspects about this game. Your actions have the most minimal consequences possible unlike the games predecessors. All that being said, the game runs smoothly, has nice gameplay, and has fixed a few of the kinks in Oblivion. Expand
  59. PHJ
    Dec 16, 2013
    Ahh Skyrim, what to say about that pretty art work from Bethesda, lets begin the crtic.

    For me nothing is perfect, it will be pretty hard for earn my 10.0 in a critics, and Skyrim for me it's a 9.5 game, lets take a lot by topics:

    - Gameplay: A perfect mix of 3rd person and 1st, and every gameplay with every item it's good, with archery it's good, with sword is good, with all items
    there is a diferent gameplay for each category and each gameplay it's well made. I stay with 9.3 for the gameplay.

    - IA: 8.5 it's a good score for the IA, it works well, the problem it's some bugs, this usualy happens when the world is pretty pretty big and open, by the size of the world the bugs are minimal, but they are. I saw some delay from the enemies when I was going the fight with them, but this is minimal. I give 8.5 for the IA by the bugs, nothing more.

    - Level Desing: What to say eh? The wolrd is greatest and glorious, from the mountains to the grass, the level desing it's breathtaking and gloryous, well made and perfect for and RPG game, I give 10 easily.

    - Graphics: I stay with 9.0, for 2011 the graphics is pretty good, obviously was dificult for Skyrim to compete with Battlefield 3 for an example, but the graphics was pretty good.

    - Hitory: Takes 10 easily, man WHAT a histroy! The main one it's the dragonborn one where you kill dragons and make other things, but every sidemission has a history, from help a simple guy to enter in a assassin's brotherhood, absolutly perfect!

    - Cons: Further the minimal bugs, to complete the game 100% it's nearly impossible, about a month length, not a month playing 2 hours a day, a month playing 24 hours every each day, so the game extension is ridiculous and can disappoint the most hardcore gamer.

    Finishing, it's a 9.5 game and one of the best RPG games ever made, one of the best games ever made, but isn't by TESV Skyrim that you must to creat expectatives for TES Online, witch is a pay MMORPG game.
  60. Dec 13, 2013
    One minute you're battling with bandits in a dungeon and the next you're sitting in an inn listening to the bard play traditional Skyrim folk music. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a visually perfect masterpiece of a game which provides hours of entertainment.

    The game had me attached to my character and sometimes I would actually feel upset when my trusty follower and protector died in
    battle or my wife was kidnapped from my house. The game offers a massive amount of variety. There are multiple quest lines that could keep me entertained for hours and the massive world of Skyrim is so beautiful that I would actually live there (if I could). The one tiny problem with Skyrim is the glitches, though they are hilarious, they do not make a big enough impact on the game for me to change my mind on if it is my favourite game of all time or not.

    I would seriously recommend Skyrim if you have played any previous of the Elder Scrolls games or not, I myself bought the game having never played any of them. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is my favourite and that will not change (until The Elder Scrolls VI comes out, I guess).
  61. Dec 12, 2013
    Skyrim is one of the best games I have ever played in my life! It's extremely realistic and feels like your in your own world, another life. It's a great game to escape reality and it's also quite relaxing with great scenery. The only downfall is the fighting itself isn't that good. The graphics of the people isn't that good but the scenery and everything around it is gorgeous and it does a great Job giving the game a mid evil type of atmosphere. Just a superb game right here. Expand
  62. Dec 2, 2013
    A great game that is definitely worth playing, but it is not without flaws. The map is HUGE and there are almost endless places to explore and quests to complete, but it really isn't much different than Oblivion, which I spent much longer playing. The game was glitchy at times which got annoying, and some of the quests are repetitive, but it is an overall enjoyable experience. One of my main problems with this game (as was the case with Oblivion as well), is that you collect endless amounts of gold, but there is no real need to spend it. Everything you could ever want can be found while looting, so you just end up with an insane amount of gold by the time you finish. The animation is good (some of the kill-scenes are awesome), but I somehow felt just a little bit disappointed in this game, although it is still a lot better than 90% of the titles for the 360. Expand
  63. Dec 1, 2013
    If this game isn't a perfect 10, then I don't know what is.
    By far the best game I have ever experienced.
    The large open world is endless, the number of side quests are endless and the enjoyment is endless!
    The story-lines (yes, many more than one) are unbelievable and draw hundreds of hours of your free time.
    A definite buy, and if you decide to buy any other game than trust me, it's
    a waste of your money. Expand
  64. Nov 28, 2013
    Skyrim is a wonderfully detailed, content heavy fantasy RPG which is held back from being legendary by an underlayer of flaws and glitches.

    The Good Expansive game world, vast array of quests, efficient level-up system, wonderful atmosphere graphics. Dark Brotherhood, Thieves' Guild, and majority of the main story quests are all Skyrim at its best. Overall an impressive open world to
    discover. Soundtrack is generally very good. Dragons add some needed combat variety. Armours are very well designed, and weapons are highly detailed and can be upgraded (though no visible difference is apparent when upgraded).

    The Bad Character models are quite ugly, very few NPC's have a unique personality, not a large enough variety of voice actors. Far too many loading screens. Saves can become corrupted. Freezing will be a frequent problem for many gamers. Quests can become repetitive, especially since the caves and barrows you come across are all almost identical. Radient quests feel tiresome and rather pointless.

    Verdict While this game definitely has a lot to offer gamers in terms of length of gameplay, and a fantastically detailed game world, Skyrim is let down severely by game-destroying bugs and glitches and a rather faceless cast of characters.

    Graphics 8 (Beautiful gameworld, not so beautiful character models)
    Gameplay- 9 (Detailed story and history. Many fun quests, although some quite unoriginal)
    Technical- 5 (Littered with bugs and glitches that hinder an otherwise very good game)
    Sound 7 (Pleasant soundtrack though not spectacular. NPC voices are repetitive)
    Overall 8
  65. Nov 27, 2013
    My wife and I have put hundreds of hours into Skyrim. In my opinion it's the best action RPG available this generation. Dawnguard and Dragonborn were excellent expansions too! The Hearthfire DLC was interesting, but completely unnecessary... but the price seems justified.

    Anyway, if you feel like getting completely lost in a game, go for it!
  66. Nov 21, 2013
    There is almost nothing bad about this game. The world is massive, the character customization is amazing, the dlc is great, combat is excellent, and the story is one of the best in an rpg ever.
  67. Nov 20, 2013
    I wrote a negative review when this game first came out but decided to play Oblivion and then go back to Skyrim and give it another try. It was a much better experience the second time around. All my issues with this game were resolved by playing Oblivion and getting a reference point. The only real issue I have is the slow loading screens and the rather brief main story but other than that it is a pretty good game, not as great as the critics say but still quite good. My sincere apologies. Expand
  68. Nov 17, 2013
    Quite possibly the game of the century. Flawless game play. Realistic story (a lot of the game breaking "bugs" re really you killing an important character). Beautiful graphics. Great levelling system. Skyrim won't be topped any time soon.
  69. Nov 15, 2013
    Let me first start by saying that this is the best fantasy RPG i have ever played. There is a tremendous amount of detail put into this game, the environments are beautifully crafted, and a big improvement over Oblivion is the character models. Those have seen massive improvement on detail making them look unique for each race especially the Kajiit, and Aragonian making them look more animal, and reptile like. Also a big improvement over Oblivion i found is the combat no longer feels stiff and lifeless. In Skyrim it feels more dynamic with the addition of kill animations, and being able to duel equip weapons or spells, for instance one sword in the right hand, and a fire spell in the other, or apply a healing spell to both hands making twice as powerful, the possibilities are enormous. Also i like how now when you have a conversation with an NPC it no longer looks like them game freezes in motion as it zooms in on a characters face when talking to them. No in Skyrim the conversations flow naturally, and when talking to you the NPC's go about their buisness, and because of this it feels more immersive and life like. Now the armor sets look awsome each one had its own unique look, and none of them feel useless or not needed. My personal favorite looking armor is the Dark Brotherhood assassin armor. Then there are the weapons, and each one looks unique also i like the variety because this game has everything from maces to swords to battle axes, to two handed axes, to great swords, to war hammers, and you can even take a regular weapon, and turn it into a magical one with its own properties, and even name it if you want to, same thing with your armors. Also the horse riding mechanic has seen improvement as well. Now the leveling up system has definitely been improved, in Oblivion it seemed like if you didn't level up a certain way your character would be at a severe disadvantage. Now in Skyrim you either put points into Magika, health, or stamina, so you won't be messing around with a bunch of stats. Also you now have skill trees with every time you level up you can put a perk point in any area you choose, and if you don't have what you need, then you can save it for later. Also now with level up system i feel like you can mold your character into what ever you want, for example if you want to be the brute with heavy armor, and two handed weapons with juggernaut like health you can do that, if you want to be a battle mage you can do that, and another example if you want to be an assassin who also has knowledge in magic you can do that. Now there are some faults with the game that i found. For one the voice acting for the characters is below average except for some standout performances like Micheal Hogan for General Tullius, and the voice actress for Astrid of the Dark Broterhood, and The voice actor for Ulfric Stormcloak. Then the main story isn't all that interesting, its just you are this legendary warrior, and you have to kill this evil dragon, but i will say the final boss fight was epic feeling. Now the story that the side quest i found more interesting especially the Dark Brotherhood quest line, the Thieves guild quest line, and the Companions guild quest line, all of those were filed with intrigue, and mystery. Also the Skyrim civil war quest line was epic, because by the end of it no matter what side you choose you will feel like you choice has had an impact on the world of Skyrim. Now this should never be the case where the side quest are more interesting than the main story because there is room for both of these to be interesting, and each should compliment each other. The final gripe i had with the game is that there were some times where the frame rate would drop making the battles i was in feel static, there were also times where some quest would not progress as in the broke, and also there were at least 4 times i expiereinced where my game would freeze, and sometimes i could not perform specific actions like i wanted to go to jail to wipe away my bounty in a hold, but when i chose that option it just sent me into a long loading screen that would take more than like five minutes to load. Now despite all these flaws i still enjoyed the game alot, and there is massive value for your money there is over like 300 hours of gameplay. So i would recommend a buy. This in my opinion could be a game of the decade. Expand
  70. Nov 14, 2013
    I wouldn't consider the latest edition of Elder Scrolls a mater piece, and instead of going on about how great the game is (which it is incredible) I'll instead focus on the negatives. The number one problem I have with Skyrim are all the cut corners. What really grinds me are the cities that have populations of maybe thirty to fifty people. In that time period those cities would be home to tens of thousands. I;'m positive that this is something that was addressed, but it would take far to long to accomplish fully interactive cities containing thousands of people. Either way still a piss off. The cut scenes are terrible, and I personally believe the series would benefit from cinematics. There are a few other problems graphically, but other than that another worth wild expenditure from Bethaseda. Expand
  71. Nov 10, 2013
    Extremely fun Extremely buggy though the hearthfire DLC froze my game so DONT BUT HEARTHFIRE!! it felt like hours wasted and money wasted when my game froze but a few months later I started it back up I've been player for days (about 80hrs!!!) and I only feel like I just scratched the surface but overall an amazing game (get it on pc its less buggy and you can mod) don't listen to the other guy PCforever you can go in (get ready for it): stealth with bows, stealth with daggers, two handed weapon, one handed with magic, shield and another weapon in your other hand you can be an alchemist and brew potions to help you, you can enchant/ make weapons, you can buy or get ALL the materials yourself, and finally you can be different magic types. PCforever also says the game is to easy but I guess he never saw the difficulty button its starts on the third easiest and also there is legendary which enemys kill you 3x faster and you do 1/4 damage to enemys so lots of dragons 2 shot you while you 150 shot them. anyway its my favourite game 10/10 Expand
  72. Nov 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is a serious disappointment. Its not the worst game ever made, far from it, but it has some serious flaws. The combat and customization is bad, the world is lifeless, and the story is boring, and before everyone gets the pitchforks and torches, please let me explain.

    First, The combat is not deep at all. It is literally just spamming the same attack( whether melee or spells) over and over till the foe is dead. It really feels like it was made for fans of COD style combat. The new duel-wielding system is broken and completely useless. I did like having a sword in one hand and a staff in the other like Gandalf), and having a spell in each hand was a hoot. But, having a sword in each hand is worthless. It amounts to little more than attacking from a different direction. Basically, the combat is the exact same as Oblivion, with some useless additions.

    Next, the world is a empty place, with little to see or do. A good portion of the country is snow, and is very similar to New Vegas's baron desserts. The parts that are more organic are okay, but you will lose interest soon. There are a few cities and towns that all look the same. The dungeons are the biggest letdown for me. While they look good, they really aren't that interesting to explore. I had a ball checking each of the caves in Oblivion, because each felt like they had a story and each had a new foe to face. Here, most of the "Dungeons" are crypts, where you will face the same type of enemies(mostly undead, spiders, and a new non-playable race called the "Falmer"). The one place that I really did enjoy was the "Sovngarde." It was the most unique place that I went, but it was near the end, and you don't get to stay long.

    Now onto a really important feature for me, and that is Customization. The character models do look better, but there is very little in the way of making a character your own. I made several different people, and they all ended up looking basically the same. On top of this, the level system has been dumb-down to an insulting degree. They took out the point system and made a useless skill-tree( its sort of like Fallout 3's skill tree, but nowhere near as good. This is suppose to be an RPG, not brainless shooter. It really is an insult for game developers to be dumbing down games like this. Also, the amour has been reduced to being a single piece of clothing( with a few exceptions), so no more putting together your own outfit.

    At least the graphics though. That is when you get out of the friggin snow and ice. I didn't notice any real pop-ins or screen-breaks. All the architecture and "dungeons" look fine. It also has some of the best water I have ever seen in a game. Not much else to say, its a beauty.

    Finally, the main-story and side-quest are a giant step-down for oblivion. Oblivion had a great story of trying to stop an evil Dadra Lord from conquering the world. To stop him, you had to gain allies, salvage ancient items, and go to the Hell itself. Here, you do stuff that doesn't seem important and meet people that are forgettable. The Main Dragon is as dumb as the other brain-dead dragons and doesn't come close to the greatness of the "Prince of Destruction." As for the side-quest: most are not very interesting( like just about everything else about this game). They amount mostly to either "Go here and kill this guy" or "Go here, and get this item." This would be fine if the rest of the game was okay. The guilds don't fare much better, not even coming close to the brilliance of Oblivion's guilds.

    Well, that is my view of the game. Its a dumb down version of Oblivion, with pretty graphics. The combat is shallow, the customization is terrible, and the story is just not interesting. I really cannot recommend this game to anyone, when there are better choices. Go play Dark Souls, Dragons Dogma, or even Oblivion for that matter, just leave this one alone.
  73. Nov 7, 2013
    Though graphics and quality lagg and the gamedesign is awful you can have a lot of fun with this one. The best skillsystem in a game I played so far offers very much hours of gaming and nice developement of the character. But quality and design could be a lot better.
  74. Nov 4, 2013
    I've been playing skyrim for two years and still haven't seen everything
    Pros: combat, the guilds are all awesome, rather awesome quests you find in the world, dragons, the battle of whiterun and solitude/wind helm, immersive and interesting world, dragons, guild side quests are tons of fun, making your own stories, did I mention dragons, improved progression
    Cons: main story is a bit
    lacking, a f%# ton of bugs (I once saw a decapitated head of a civilian lying in the streets and I thought "oh my god riften has a serial killer" but then the head said hi and was still alive, albeit decapitated) this isn't really a problem but just hitting a guy and then him falling down dead is a bit boring. I feel this could be improved by Bethesda adding the gore from their fallout series AFTER ALL A SWORD IS MORE LIKELY TO DISMEMBER THEN BULLETS. That's just my opinion though
    All in all buy skyrim. Btw your friends may report you missing to the police
  75. Oct 30, 2013
    The fifth entry in The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, is far from perfect but it is impossible not to award a game with such epic ambition at least nine out of ten.

    Anyone that has played any of the previous entries in the series, or either of the most recent Fallout games for that matter, will know what to expect. This time around however things have been taken to a whole other level with a
    free to explore game world of caverns, fortresses and villages full of all manner of creatures and secrets. It is quite possible to play for hours and end up with more quests on the 'to do' list than when you started.
    Combat, while still a long way behind the best in the action genre has also been improved with players free to use swords, axes, bows as well as a whole host of different types of magic. The much hyped Dragon battles make very good use of these different options even if they do become a little repetitive when faced with the twentieth almost identical winged beast (although they never become as dull as the Oblivion gates from the previous entry in the series).

    Yes the game is full of bugs, none game breaking that I encountered, and the loading times between some areas are still too long but any faults are easy to ignore when immersed in arguably the most complete fantasy world in video game history.
  76. Oct 28, 2013
    I found trying to love skyrim very difficult. Not only is this game overrated but it is nowhere near the game i thought it would be. I find walking for a long time to get to certain quests boring. The combat is average. Graphics are very good as a whole. This is not a bad game. I just didnt find it my cup of tea. Exploring the caves was a chore. Puzzles, more bad guys. However, the missions on land were better. There are some good things. Its not a BAD game. Its just not interesting or fun to play. Most things feel stiff Expand
  77. Oct 27, 2013
    If I could only play one game the rest of my life, this would be the one! I don't know how Bethesda is going to top this, but if they do OOOOOHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOODODDDD!!! hook me up to the Matrix, delete my memory and just stick me in the Elder Scrolls series and I'm a happy man.
  78. Oct 26, 2013
    I've never gotten so lost in a game. Even 2 years later, I still come back and find endless things to do in the world of Skyrim. It's unbelievable how addictive this game is, and that's coming from a casual gamer.
  79. Oct 25, 2013
    How anyone could give this game a lower score than a perfect 10, is beyond me. It is so open-worlded that you can literally play this game 5 times and log around 50hrs each time and still thoroughly enjoy it. There are so many ways to play through this game, whether you want to be a hack and slash type, an archer, a mage, or a combination (my personal favorite). You can upgrade everything. The only thing I wish they would add is being able to shoot an arrow and control the arrow like you can in some games. I think it would be a perfect "power up" after you get your bow skill to a level 100. This game is also beautiful. The fact that people don't enjoy this game proves that there are idiots in this world. Expand
  80. Oct 1, 2013
    A game that's jam-packed with content is the best way to describe it. And this isn't stuff that Bethesda spent 5 minutes designing; NO! Sometimes, you can get more enjoyment out of Skyrim in ten minutes then you could other games as a whole. The only problem is it can be a little glitch like this one time a saw a mammoth or something floating in mid air :P Beautiful Music, Variety, Great Graphics, amesome replayability and superb quests and storylines, Skyrim is a game that will never be forgotten. Expand
  81. Sep 27, 2013
    Dragons Dogma Dark Arizen is way better. You can customize 4 characters in your party and the boss battles are amazing. Scrolls is even in the same league. The combat is so slow and benign. Dogma has a style similar to Dragon Age but enhanced in every aspect. Dogma is $40 new a steal with the bitter black island content that challenges even the hardcore rpg players.
  82. Sep 23, 2013
    Before I get bombarded by fanboys, I need to make it clear that, unlike many of these reviews, I have had 2 years to formulate this review, of which I have spent a lot of time debating with myself how good this game is. I hope you will take that into consideration before reading this review.

    Overall I think Skyrim is a good game and an enjoyable experience for a period of time. However,
    I think the game has a lot of shortcomings. I'll try to highlight both the pros and cons.

    First things first, this isn't a Role Playing Game in the true sense of the phrase. A lack of solid class system means people can be the spellsword/tank/thief jack of all trades (and master of all, to boot). While this isn't a necessarily bad thing for a game, allowing flexibility in character development, it seems to take the 'role playing' out of the equation and leaving in the action, perhaps "dumbing down" this aspect predominant in the series.

    Keeping in the vein of mechanics, the quest system is boring and holds your hand. A pointer takes you directly where to go, kissing goodbye the investigative nature of Morrowind. It's a shame, since Morrowind (and even Oblivion, to an extent) was so strong due to this. Again, dumbing down is present. In terms of narrative, the quests in the basegame, bar a few exceptions, are mindless, unimaginative and tedious. The Daedric Quests are the only ones with any real depth to them, and the main storyline is more or less trash.

    The strengths of Skyrim lie in the well-overdue overhaul of Bethesda's game engine. The gamebryo engine, which seriously restricted Oblivion and Fallout 3, has been exchanged for the Creation Engine, which does Skyrim justice more can be done in terms of animation and design making Skyrim more immersive. However, the promises to improve combat in Skyrim seems superficial the only real additions to melee combat were dual-wielding and some (seriously artifacted) finishing moves, but otherwise the combat is as immersion-breaking as in Oblivion. However, the magic system is considerably improved in terms of mechanics, while the range of spells is disappointing. Archery (or marksmanship or whatever) is the true beneficiary of Skyrim, as the bows feel more weighty and is much more rewarding, so credit is due there. The stealth mechanics haven't improved noticeably since Oblivion, but it is serviceable and enjoyable enough. Overall, I'd give the general mechanics around 7/10, with some disappointments and steps back from Oblivion in places, with the interface feeling pretty clunky both on Xbox 360 and on PC.

    The graphics are where this title really saddens me. Even when the game came out, I thought it looked HIDEOUS. While there was some really nice shading and decent landscaping, the artstyle is drab. The huge colour palette of Oblivion is replaced for grey, white, black and more grey in the lands of Skyrim. While I appreciate that it fits the cold, northern setting of Skyrim, it feels as though the (clear) graphical improvements that Bethesda have made is wasted somewhat. Furthermore, the NPCs look downright creepy, with dead eyes that made me think of Polar Express some real uncanny valley stuff right there (look it up).

    My final point regards how many hours I put into the game before putting it down. I finished all of the main questlines and ALL of the considerable side quests in about 30 hours of play, over 2 characters. While there was initial wanderlust as I explored, the enjoyment trickled away over time until most of the game became a drag due to the aforementioned problems. If the game offered you more, then good for you! Nevertheless, 30 hours is a considerably quantity (while not compared to hundreds of hours spent in Oblivion and Fallout 3), but the quality wasn't entirely sound. While moments were truly epic (the first dragon appearance, for example), these were diamonds in the rough, with memorable parts too few and far between. This is disappointing in contrast to the myriad of other Bethesda titles, and while I have returned to Skyrim periodically since my initial playthrough(s), the visits were short and uninspired.

    Overall, I give this game a 6/10. It's better than average in most places, however there was potential for so much more. The combat was mostly unimproved, the quests were awful (both in mechanics and narrative) and the aesthetic was drab and poorly used. However, Skyrim has its merits in terms of its engine, and for this reason I do respect it somewhat.
  83. Sep 18, 2013
    Maybe my favorite game ever! Awesome graphics, character customization and hundreds of hours of exploration. Ton of quests and fun combat. Its very hard to play any other western rpg after this!
  84. Sep 7, 2013
    ---Rating--- Design: 4 /5 (some "streamlining" but the core experience mostly remains intact, repetitive quests) Polish: 5 /5 (the impressive graphics bring life to Skyrim and give an awe-inspiring sense of scale) Value: 5 /5 (a huge open world to explore, one of the few games that deserves the high price tag) ---Review--- The dramatic evolution of TES' graphics quality could almost be likened to the radical transformation of the Fallout series, with the last two installments presenting much more accessible versions. In many ways Skyrim follows in the direction laid out by Oblivion, but there is a general impression that Skyrim is more fleshed out, better polished, and certainly more streamlined than its predecessor.

    The most noticeable- and in some ways disappointing- shift from Oblivion was the complete omission of attributes from a rather decidedly dumbed-down set of mechanics. The emphasis has shifted from specifying one's character abilities during the character creation process to defining them through play, a change that will please some and disappoint others.

    The second major criticism I have is the degree to which the layout of the setting seems contrived and inauthentic; there is one "city" for each hold, with a single player-purchasable home in each "city". I use quotes because this assumes a rather loose definition of what comprises a city; there does not seem much to do in half of them. For having depicted the scale of physical geography in the most compelling manner of the games I've played (seeing the Throat of the World towering in the distance and gradually approaching it is an almost surreal experience), the scale of human geography in Skyrim isn't the most convincing as far as RPGs go.

    Dragon encounters provide some variety in combat gameplay but their novelty seems to wane quickly. The questing experience is adequate aside from a torpid opening scene and formulaic faction-related questlines (initiation into the ranks, learn about hostile faction, defeat hostile faction, possibly dealing with some betrayal along the way), and is still dominated by floating quest markers and instantaneous fast travel a la Oblivion.

    The highly touted inclusion of a second magic system in the form of dragon shouts will no doubt irritate anyone looking to play a pure melee character. A more comprehensive crafting skills system sounds at first like a welcome addition to the series open-ended ideology, but in reality the implementation feels incomplete and disconnected with the rest of the game in my opinion.

    Skyrim is undeniably great in very many ways, but strategic complexity is simply not one of those. If one can enjoy it merely for its more or less immersive yet casual experience, one will be in for a treat like no other.

    (I've since found that- while adding some performance issues- mods can greatly enhance the Skyrim experience on the PC platform, but I can't really justify taking this into account when rating a game that I mostly experienced on the Xbox 360.)
  85. Sep 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge. The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. Alliances form as claims to the throne are made. In the midst of this conflict, a far more dangerous, ancient evil is awakened. Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons. Expand
  86. Aug 30, 2013
    So, I purchased this game after getting bored of Fallout: New Vegas (~50 hours played). I was expecting it to be really good because of the positive reviews, and tons of people I know telling me it was good. So, long story short, this is one of the worst RPG's I've played. I totally wasted $60 by purchasing this game. By the time I was ~8 hours in I was literally bored out of my mind. I forced myself to play it though so I didn't feel like I wasted $60, and I was hoping it would get better; it didn't. after 12 more hours of forced play time I couldn't take it anymore. My favorite genre to play is an RPG, this didn't feel like an RPG at all. Pretty much ZERO equipment upgrades, no super cool weapons that do crazy no cool armor, exploring got tedious and questing bored me after the first few I completed. I literally have nothing good to say about this game and I'm not sure what other people see in this game to rate it so high. To each his own, but I definitely feel like I wasted my money on this. Expand
  87. Aug 19, 2013
    I thought this game would be much more exciting than that it actually is, especially since all professional reviewers claimed it as a must-have. The gameplay is slow and dare-I-say tedious. The storyline is thin and absent from much of the game, in fact you can't really tell the difference between a main quest and a side-quest. So the main storyline is not that engaging, it does not stand out from the other quests you do. Likewise the characters in the game are flat and robotic. It is true that this game is visually impressive and that you have a huge open-world to move around, but everything else was just too boring for me. I wish reviewers, professional ones in particular, could recognize that people like different things in their games and I wish their reviews would reflect this fact, instead of pushing their bias unto others, claiming their judgement as Absolute. Bottomline: if you like pretty graphics, interactions with your environment such as learning a trade and getting married, and a huge open-world to move around in you'll probably enjoy Skyrim a lot. If you want a deep storyline, characters with some degree of personality, and variation in your gameplay look elsewhere. Expand
  88. Aug 18, 2013
    [9.2] A well-deserved instant classic. Skyrim is the definitive role-playing game, fun for even those who don't enjoy the genre. It is an immersive and incredible experience.
  89. Aug 16, 2013
    Skyrim is an absolute masterpiece of a game. From its rapturous, stunning atmosphere, to it's living, breathing world this is an instant classic. The gameplay is incredible, as you can do nearly anything you want, and the combat is visceral and engaging. The environments are detailed as much as an open-world game can be, and the creatures, (I know I'm using too many ands), are incredible. It does have a couple glitches, but no game of this scope and ambition can be completely bug free. Bottom line, this is one of the best games of all time. It may define this generation of consoles, and you need it. Expand
  90. Aug 3, 2013
    this game is a game that final fantasy and other fantasy rpgs and rpgs in general will look up to bow down to and need to ask for advice because personally I think final fantasy dropped 7 feet when it realeased final fantasy vi for ds it failed
  91. Aug 2, 2013
    skyrim is the best rpg so far it is so expansive and is full of side quests guild quests main quests and much more. Dragons have been added to the series the graphics are awesome you'll be going ooh ah often thats why skyrim gets a ten out of ten.
  92. Jul 29, 2013
    The character classes and customization have been streamlined and dumb downed to encourage more casual gamers to play. This is good and bad

    It is good because my girlfriend will play and not think of it as too nerdy

    It is bad because I liked that stuff. Games made from a business and marketing standpoint instead of a creative standpoint irk me the way of Dragon Age 2 and the later
    Mass Effects.

    Graphics and exploration are really great in this game. It is the most open and free-ing game I have played. You rarely have to do something in order.

    The loading however gets really awful after playing awhile. The time gets longer the more you play and this game loads all the time. There is a tons endless hours of content but there is also tons of hours of load screens which keep this from getting a higher score.

    The random dragon encounters also get tedious and frustrating when your just trying to get from a town to a cave. It was exciting the first 5 times but after a while they could cut back on those.

    Its a unique experience however and I would recommend it for sure.

    1)Morrowind- Fantastic
    2)Skyrim- Great
    3) Oblivion- Average to Good
  93. EJA
    Jul 29, 2013
    I wanna give this a 9 or a 10 but the loading times get RIDICULOUS after playing for a while. I mean they just get longer and longer. And this game has tons of places where it needs to load so there might be 100 plus hours of gameplay but you will spend 100 plus hours in loading screens.

    What a shame because the scope of the game is huge. It is a tad shallow in terms of character
    development but exploration is the name of the game here. The visuals vary, the dungeons are individually unique, and the terrain is grandiose.

    It's in the same vein as Oblivion and Morrowind so if you like those you will love this. Morrowind is still the best but this is way better than Oblivion.
  94. Jul 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Skyrim is in a way the best RPG game ever made. The Elder Scrolls series is now got the crown after Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim all have GOTY awards and top ratings. But what makes it good? It isn't the gameplay, the story, or the graphics. It's the creativity and imagination in it's universe that gives it it's spark.

    The game takes place in Skyrim, a state of the Imperial government on Tamriel. You play as, The Dragonborn, a figure so highly regarded by the people of Skyrim and is the only hope for dispelling evil from the world as a Dragon named, Alduin, is going to destroy the world. The Dragonborn sets out to learn the ancient magic known as, Shouting, a form of magic that is the Dragon's own form of language. You can breath fire, knock anything out of the way, turn yourself into a ghost, call animals to aid you, detect enemies around you, or even call other Dragons to aid you. You master these abilities in order to combat Alduin.

    The game is heavy with exploration and quest. As you can travel all around Skyrim to fetch a stolen amulet or stop an entire Civil War. It also shapes to your character and how the world is formed around your actions. As guards of cities will comment on a powerful Deadric weapon or item you carry, your features of being a Werewolf or a vampire, or what you do to enhance the world around them.

    Combat is varied through several type of abilities and skills. Like sword fighting, casting magic, assassinating, or poaching a helpless bandit with arrows. Physical combat can be lacking, but enemies can match for skill if you turn up the difficulty. Magic has several 'schools' of magic that can cover illusions, destruction, alterations, conjuring, or alchemy that can effect combat in many other fields. Stealth is slow paced, but deadly. Archery is for marksmen that can deal serious damage to unsuspecting enemies or pegging them one by one before they can even get close.

    Graphics are amazing, and make the immersion almost mind blowing. Even on 360 does it look good, but PC players will have thought life was sitting in their monitors.

    Skyrim is a must buy for people that love RPGs.
  95. Jul 18, 2013
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is probably the best game on this console generation, it is insanely big. You can do anything what pleases you in this game, you can be a mage, a warrior, a batlemage or even cook if you want to.
    I have spent a lot of hours in this game and I still have a lot of things to do on it. I don't realize why there are Elder Scrolls "fans" that say that this game is
    boring and that kind of sh*t, I've played morrowind and oblivion and they are amazing games too, I loved them as much as this one, so I can't understand why they are pissed off.
    If you don't have this game, play it, it's a masterpiece.
  96. Jul 10, 2013
    I've put it 100's of hours of gameplay for Skyrim, It is a brilliant game. There are certain aspects which stop it from getting at 10/10 such as graphics, in game NPC's and the combat system but the levelling and content far out way the negative. A very addictive game regardless of it's flaws.
  97. Rem
    Jul 10, 2013
    If Skyrim is not one of the most feature rich games I've ever played, then I haven't played them all. Starting out as a prisoner once more (I see a trend here), you go about Skyrim which is achingly beautiful. It is beautiful and that put many linear games to shame. The gameplay is where it stands out, spells can finally be dual cast and with a sword in hand. You progress through the game at your own pace rather than choosing at the beginning. The story here while not enthralling or engaging, is truly epic. Exploring what this vast world has to offer will consume days if not weeks. But in Bethesda's traditions, with a game this big come many bugs. While not as gut wrenching as Fallout 3, to manages to annoy and break immersion. I want to keep playing Skyrim, and I just might do that right now. Expand
  98. Jul 8, 2013
    The simplest way to put this review: if you hate the short comings of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion then Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim fixed all of those short comings. The combat still needs work but it feels cinematic, dragons in this game make it amazing to fight, dual welding, magic is badass, the leveling up system improved so much the NPCs don't look the same, a ton of quests and locations beautiful terrain

    there is so much positive things about Skyrim that makes it not as the best as Morrowind but it goes to show how far the TES series has come in just sheer scope
  99. Jul 4, 2013
    I don't think I have ever put as many hours into a single-player game before, but it doesn't surprise me that this game has swallowed so much time. It is easy to get emerged into the beauty and the sheer scale of Skyrim is amazing. There is always more adventure waiting for you around the next bend, so you will never run out of things to do, which is a huge plus in my books! The overall look and feel of the game is superb, even though there are a number of glitches present. These glitches are understandable though, considering the sheer size of the game and it's content. This is not only the best RPG I've ever played, it is the best game I've ever played, no doubt about it! Expand
  100. Jul 3, 2013
    How can I put this? Skyrim is one of the best role-playing games ever, if not the actual best. There is literally too much to talk about in 5000 characters. So I'll split this review up into s sections: 'Your Own Character', 'The World And Lore', 'Unique Combat Features', 'Negatives and Tips' and 'The Final Verdict'. So lets get started.
    --Your Own Character--
    So like in Oblivion, you're
    a prisoner at the start of the game. You are then treated to one of the best character customizers in an Xbox 360 game I've ever seen. It's not perfect, but it works, you can make a good looking character. The character models from Oblivion are fixed, nobody looks like a potato anymore. Good. And once you're done with the character, you can explore the world. There are several deep combat systems that help bring the game to life. And unlike in Oblivion, if you feel like giving up on two-handed weapons and feel like doing archery instead, you can. The levelling system is one of the best, even better than Pokémon. Whilst doing some of the activities like alchemy, enchanting, smithing, speech, archery and many more, each perk tree levels up individually and when your overall character levels up, you add 10 points to Magicka, Health, or Stamina, and a single perk to any of the trees. If you reach level 100 on some perks, you get some awesome stuff, like Dragon Armour, Paralysing sword strikes and dual enchanted weapons and armour. It gets pretty deep, but easy to manage.
    --The World And Lore--
    The world in Skyrim is so detailed, beautiful and explorable. Yes, that's right. It's actually a joy to explore. a thing very few open world games get right. You find locations like caves, dungeons, ruins, villages and shrines, which you can fast travel to if you have discovered them. All of these locations are hand-crafted with beautiful graphics and a good draw distance. These places can be filled with interesting items, enemies, puzzles and books. Speaking of books, reading them helps, and helps immerse you in the world. Some even teach you spells and quests. And the quests can be dynamically activated around the world. For example a talking dog leading you to a daedric shrine, then fetching an axe and debating whether or not to kill the dog. Speaking of quests, there are so many. I've counted over 90 quests in 140 hours of gameplay. And the world is in no way linear and it doesn't hold your hand. It's simply a game where you do whatever. Seriously, you barely find nonsensical invisible walls. Even if you look. Hard. With good AI and NPC's to put the icing on the cake.
    --Unique Combat Features--
    Skyrim already nails the world and your own character. And yet still, we have unique combat. You can make your character more unique with weapons and spells. One of my favourites, archery, is nailed. Using the bow and arrow is intense and it feels like you're using it properly. The way you aim with it, the fluent animations, the breathing while slowing down time in zoom mode, it feels real and intense. Two handed weapons like war hammers feel clunky and heavy. Swinging them about like a madman can be a joyful experience, and the hit detection is very accurate and real. Dual wielding two swords make you feel agile and you can kick some pretty serious ass with them. All physical attacks are well animated and feel like you're actually using them. Then there's shouts and powers which help you in combat. Battle Axe isn't doing too well? Bring out Yol Toor Shul and set you enemies ablaze. Using magic is, unfortunately, a little bit awkward. The hit detection for magic can be a little bit broken sometimes, and using it up close seems to do nothing, as the characters you're hurting barely move. So as you can see, the game has problems, and now let's talk about them.
    --Negatives and Tips--
    Some quests can get broken, like killing a certain NPC which you need to talk to, which means you cannot collect your reward, and the broken quest is stuck in your dossier forever. Also, after about 15 years in the business, I'd have The Elder Scrolls would have implemented some form of multiplayer, like a TDM style battle set in dungeons, but it didn't, which I found a bit disappointing. Also, and this might be from a personal point of view as I got a downloadable copy, but the game is ridiculously glitch. Everything from falling under the map to character spasms. Also, I'd like to see us being able to create logos, which we can raise over captured castles and dens like in Guild Wars 2. So maybe we'll see that in Elder Scrolls 6. And every other issue is just a nit-pick, and none of these issues break or ruin the immersive experience.
    --The Final Verdict--
    Skyrim is the best RPG ever made. I don't know how Bethesda will top themselves next time. I was going to give Skyrim a 9, but it deserves a full, and strong standing, 10 out of 10. The game has flaws, it can crash at times. But it doesn't matter, because Skyrim redeems its problems with everything it gets right.

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  1. Feb 6, 2012
    This epic role-playing game might be Bethesda's best game yet, and offers an unique and spectacular world filled with fun. The freedom ensures a great experience for both the casual and hardcore gamer, as you're free to play the game how you like.
  2. Dec 16, 2011
    Skyrim is the largest, and most compelling work that I've had the opportunity to play this year. It's engaging, engrossing, and will take over your gaming life for many months to come. Not only is Skyrim among the best that 2011 has to offer, but for me, this is, without hesitation, the Game of the Year.
  3. Dec 16, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.