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  • Summary: Play as a soldier from the Union or Confederacy in secret missions of the Civil War. Take action in covert operations behind enemy lines that disrupted the armies of both the North and the South. All events are inspired by the actions of famous partisans, scouts, and rangers. Go on 11 Secret Missions! Be a part of a secret sniper mission at the Battle of Gettysburg, conduct a covert train raid on the B&O Railroad, sabotage artillery outposts during the Lewisburg Deception, and many more! Fight as a member of a famous fighting unit, including Mosby’s Rangers, Sheridan’s Scouts, and Grant’s Secret Service. Experience the weaponry and military advancements of the Civil War; shoot Gatling Guns and Coffee Mill Guns, the automatic guns of the era. Use repeating rifles, grenades, sabers, exploding artillery, shotguns, and more. The game features intense, tactical combat. It’s based on authentic Civil War combat methods, artillery barrages, urban assaults, sniping, and stealth. Set charges, place explosives, sabotage enemy strongholds, and destroy enemy buildings to complete objectives. Relive History. Each level begins with a documentary video describing your mission and the importance it played in the Civil War. [Activision] Expand
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  1. Those intrigued by 19th-century strife should wait for a price drop: $50 is too much to ask for such a slim package. [Jan 2009, p.75]
  2. History Channel Civil War: Secret Missions treats what should be a rich historical palate as a first-person shooter backdrop and nothing more. Both parties – history buffs and shooter fans – will be disappointed. This is essentially Battle for the Pacific re-skinned and repackaged.
  3. Alas, Secret Missions fails to be that glorious Civil War first-person shooter that not only gives gamers a good glimpse of what the tragic war was about but also experience the secretive side to famous confrontations during that period. With too many problems holding it back, those gamers with an eye towards history should simply consider renting this one instead.
  4. If you don’t really care about the Civil War then just move along and go play a better shooter.
  5. 50
    A bland title with weak and nonsensical mechanics, as well as generic visuals and sound. This doesn't impart a sense of these missions, nor does it cover enough of the Civil War to do the battle justice.
  6. Civil War Secret Missions is simply not recommendable. It can't be considered educational as it spreads more misinformation than it does factual information.
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  1. Apr 27, 2013
    its a decent game if your a history buff. the gameplay reminds of call of duty less polish. the story really cool with actual historic figures in game like stonewall jackson and u.s.s grant. Expand