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  2. Negative: 26 out of 110

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  1. Sep 16, 2013
    This game is SquareJP's finest work this generation. The story, whilst being somewhat generic is a shining example of how you take a generic concept and make it more than that. In this game, you do not control a few singular characters, instead you have 'unions' which you form with a key character acting as a general so to speak, with bodyguards and special units in the union. You can have several unions depending on your battle level which allows for some jaw dropping gigantic battles against hostile unions. The traditional Japanese roleplaying elements are heavily modified, with RTS style tactics of engaging and 'deadlocking' enemies in a close combat fight whilst your other unions move around to flank them or intercept enemies who are trying to flank your unions whilst they are in a deadlock. All of this is controlled with a sleek, stylish interface and battle controls identical to a traditional JRPG and is very easy to use whilst having respectable depth. If you think that the game is an actual RTS in the way it handles, and are put off by it, don't be because it isn't. This is a fantastic example of how you can merge two genres together whilst catering to every bodies tastes.

    I'm not even a huge JRPG fan at all, and other than Final Fantasy 4, 7, 13 and Lost Odyssey, I have never played any other ones and I have to say this one is easily the best. If like me you were left with a sour taste in your mouth after the latest, awful Final Fantasy games, The Last Remnant is a breath of fresh air, a fantastic new IP and proof that Square have not lost their touch.
  2. Mar 5, 2013
    I realize I'm incredibly late to the table for this, but it's been in my game library a long time and I never played it. Cheesy characters aside (except for Torgal!) the combat in this game is ridiculously boss. It's like playing a mix of Fire Emblem and an RTS. You have multiple unions of multiple people going around fighting enemies in different parts of the battlefield, and the angle you're attacking changes the ways you can both attack and get attacked. At times it looks like a movie. You also recruit people (like FE, again) and set them in your unions, building them up yourself. Now, the problem a lot of people had was a slowdown during combat. I think this stems from two things:
    1)The game needs installed on the 360's harddrive. Having done this, I notice almost no slowdown. Almost... leading to my theory on number 2

    2)There is no QTE in-battle in the beginning of the game. It's implemented later. When implemented, the battle slows down to let you hit the correct QTE button. I think, in the beginning of the game, the battle is slowing down for the QTE, but since it's not part of the game, you juts see slow down. Made sense to me, though it sucks for the beginning.

    Otherwise, this game is excellent. Since it's so old now, you can pick it up for a few bucks and then blow a week playing it. Great game.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    This is a great addition to tge scarece population of rpgs on next gen systems. And in depth combat system using sets of units in place of 1 single fighter granting you endless opportunity to build each combat group the way you want. The graphics are fine the cimbat is fun and in true rpg tradition there are towns shops gear and items to be bought. The games story is goid enough but the combat makes you want to play more and more. This was a very underated game given its 1 of only a handfull of rpgs to be released this decade. I suggest it be played by all rpg fans as theres guarenteed to be things in it to remind us all of the goid days when turn based rpgs were the big thing. Its pure nastalgia even down to the wonderfull soundtrack Expand
  4. Mar 19, 2012
    The Last Remnant, whilst flawed and far from perfect, contains enough creamy goodness of the Square-Enix flavour to deliver an experience that JRPG fans will enjoy getting a good fix of. Whilst a step behind in terms of presentation (the game contains far less voice-acted sequences than most modern RPGs) this is soon forgotten once you're into the thick of the game, as what it does contain is enough actual RPG elements (stats, side-quests, exploration, etc.) to give you a very enjoyable experience. The combat system, whilst not fully fleshed out and also a little cheap at times, is a great side-step from previous Square Enix titles and could well be the base they need to build upon in order to re-invigorate the JRPG/FF series. Fighting as units, and having so much depth involved in their management (due to the stats and abilities which make up those units) truely gives you something to really get your teeth into. Combine that with a fast paced "trigger" system during battles which keeps you on your toes (eg, sometimes it's better not to hit the trigger as you want to delay your healing moves, but you only have a split second to make that decision) and battles can be very tense affairs indeed. It's just a shame that there's not a more comprehensive tutorial of the system and that some of it's elements during battles are left outside of your control and can be completely random. SE could have really gone to town with the union setups and fleshed both them and the battle system out into something fantastic - as it is though it's just good and refreshing as opposed to brilliant and epic. The game itself is also very large, but doesn't feel repetative nor padded out until the very end - and even then that's only if you choose to persue all the side-quests (which are there more as an after-game experience for you to come back to - especially the companion/collection ones). And the story? Well, it's a bit cliche'd as you would probably expect, but it's cool enough to keep you playing and it also contains some nice down to earth humour at times (as well as a diet version of the usual JRPG cheeseyness too). Those of you craving JRPG kicks for the 360 should deffinately check it out - the performance issues, whilst still present, are mostly fixed by installation to your HDD, and so long as you're prepared to bare with them and do a bit of digging around on-line to help get you into the game then there's plenty here to keep you satisfied. It falls short of being spectacular but it's a very, very, very solid game with plenty of fun to be had. If you're prepared to put a bit of time into it, and want that taste of JRPG goodness which is becoming rarer by the day due to companies such as EA raping companies which still have a creative core, then you should buy it without hesitation. It may not be for everyone, but I loved it. Expand
  5. Dec 13, 2011
    I enjoyed the story but found the combat system to be a bit of a frustrating mess which although it probably isn't, just felt unfair. i thought the main characters were likable and the voice acting was good. i just feel i would have enjoyed the game allot more if the combat system was different, perhaps if it was grid based instead of the just attacking whats in range then being stuck fighting. although i disliked the combat system, it was unique and the story kept me playing till the end. Expand
  6. Sep 20, 2011
    I was expecting big things from the makers of Final Fantasy, one of my favourite gaming series. However, The Last Remnant isn't up to the quality of its sister games. Don't get me wrong, once again the story and the characters are well rounded and the basics of gameplay work well on a simple RPG level. However, I'm not a fan of not actually being able to do anything for most of the battles you encounter. After selecting one or two command options at the start of the encounter, you just sit back and watch for the rest of it, and this can be a good ten minutes or so for boss encounters. Really boring. Nor did I like the calling system, having to call enemies into battle before they touched you in order to strike first, its repetitive and it doesn't fit with the overall feel of the game. Nor do I like not being able to customise my characters and their stats, being able only to customise a whole unit of soldiers on a basics only level. There's also a number of bugs with this game; freezing and superspeed characters and most notably, and often, poor environment textures which would look good on a N64, not a 360. Most of the environment is pop-in and the game is littered with constant load screens and jumpy framerates. Last Remnant just seems like a hash of a game that Square-Enix coughed out to fill the gap between their big releases of Lost Odyssey and FF13. Expand
  7. May 9, 2011
    Ok the beginning of this game was ok, it had potential. The graphics where decent, storyline was going well and i thought this might be a decent rpg. Nooooo, After 5 hours into the game i had 12 people plus in my party. The action battle sequences where hellish to watch, you just didnt know what was going on. The leveling system was also extremely poor. This is a game i would not recommend. You may enjoy the first few hours but trust me that will be all. Do not buy. Expand
  8. Feb 9, 2011
    While some concepts are cool, and the art direction is basic if not attractive JRPG fare, this game sucks. You more watch it than really engage in the looooonnnnnggggg battles. And in a game that requires so much grinding, that just too awful. skip it, avoid it. Its awful, and a continuation of square enix sulling its good name.
  9. Nov 8, 2010
    While the lead character is the most unlovable alter ego I ever had to play in any game and the story is hackneyed beyond belief, what makes the game so addicting is the incredible fun and intriguing combat mechanics.
    There is an astonishing amount of detail gone into the design of a really good user interface with useful features that make gaming a lot more fun. Save anywhere you want,
    to start with, which is something still unusual for most jrpgs.
    Additionally, combat remains interesting until the very end, which is also an unfortunate rarity for JRPGs (Lost Odyssee comes to mind as an example of how not to do it.)

    While the minor side-characters are a lot of fun, most of the lead characters are pretty badly characterized. The hero's sister is the only believable main character, the rest just forcibly acts in a random way to drive the plot towards the next encounter. At no point in the game do you actually feel in control or contributing anything to the game world, which is a shame.

    A better story with more likeable characters, and the game would be a 10/10 without a doubt. Even so, the unique combat mechanics are definitely worth a look for anyone appreciating turn-based combat with a surprising amount of control and depths.
  10. Nov 5, 2010
    There are some technical issues: long load times, VERY choppy framerate in large battles (can be fixed a little by installing to the hard drive), and bad texture pop-in as textures load several seconds after the images have loaded (this can also be reduced slightly by installing to the hard drive). When the textures do load, the graphics look pretty good. The music to me was ok, but nothing memorable. The plot was so bland and boring - go save your sister. Wow. Nothing exciting really happens the whole game. The characters were boring, especially the main character Rush. The only main character I like was the four-armed panther (Torgal). The main villain, The Conqueror, looked cool, but the story was so weak that you didn't care about him. The gameplay was not very good in my opinion. There were hundreds of weapons, shields, accessories, etc., but you could only equip Rush. It was so pointless to have hundreds of weapons, etc. if you could only equip one character. The other characters requested components, and you could choose to give them the components or keep them, and when the character got enough component their weapons would upgrade. Sometimes characters would ask for a specific weapon and you could choose to give it to them. But for the most part, 90% of the items felt useless, as you could only equip one character. Also, there were hundreds of components, but you couldn't use them in battle. They could only be used to craft other items, which you didn't need since you could only equip one character. So I felt like was collecting hundreds of useless items so I could make more useless items. The battle system was tedious, and little strategy was involved. Most of the strategy occurred outside of combat when you created your teams formations. Also, in battle, you didn't really have complete control over individual characters, as you could only pick general team commands, and the individual characters would act on their own. Overall this game had a boring story with a tedious battle system. This game felt like a huge grind. Despite the fact that I didn't like it much, I racked up hundreds of hours and got 1000 gamerpoints. I think I spent more time on this game than any game I have ever played in my life, but that is merely because I have OCD. This game is not good. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 49
  2. Negative: 3 out of 49
  1. There are certainly bits and pieces of decent storytelling hidden throughout the game, but for every ounce of beauty, you get three humdrum pounds of grind. [Holiday 2008, p.78]
  2. In short, The Last Remnant that has all the trappings of a game in the RPG genre, but fails to stand out from the crowd. [Dec 2008, p.119]
  3. 60
    It's really too bad that The Last Remnant is so uneven. For every one thing it does right, there is a glaring fault that ruins the fun.