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  1. Mar 8, 2014
    This game goes back to what makes legos fun. Original lego games where about retelling movies in lego format. Recent entries in the series (Marvel, DC) have foregone any movies to tell their own story and they were greatly lacking. Even worse is that the games devolved into twitch gaming for hardcore games rather than games that kids can play. Fortunately this game goes back to basics and tells the movie story with only a minor portion being hub based. Unfortunately telling the lego movie in terms of legos looses a lot of luster. All you really do is watch scenes from the movie and then play a lego level. I have to admit that the bonus room was pretty cool though.

    This game gets back to making legos fun rather than trying to challenge gamers with reaction speed. This is a nice change back to the original games. The activities in the hub level have also been dramatically reduced so you can focus on the story and not all the extra junk that has seemed to take over recent games. There are a few questionable design decisions though. A couple of places you fall out of control with only minimal control over your character. These sections are frustrating and add little to the game itself other than to waste your time. The free play areas (which were meaningful before) are really useless now. Fortunately you don't actually have to complete the FP levels, just get all the stuff and exit out. Nevertheless I didn't really feel much desire to play through the FP levels.

    Perhaps the largest glaring issue with this game is the characters and their abilities. Legos have always been about playing with different characters (or the primary character). Emmet just isn't interesting. Nor are any of his cohorts. Bafflingly there are several abilities that only a single/few characters have forcing you to use them in certain areas. This is especially frustrating when you get to the final couple of levels and suddenly you need a brand new character. It seems like they were stretching to find characters to add (which is further strengthened by the 10 outfits for Emmet of which 2 actually appeared in the movie). It just seems like a waste of characters and abilities.

    Overall this game returns lego to formula. I really hope TT goes back to the basics for their future games rather than the hub-ladened mess that recent lego games have become.
  2. Feb 17, 2014
    The first impressions of The LEGO Movie Videogame (or LMV as it will be called from here on out) is that it is colourful! Very very colourful! Like rainbow throwing up on a rubix cube colourful! The little pre-menu introduction video takes you on a flying tour of Bricksberg and shows off how vibrant the game is going to be as well as acting as a little introduction to some of the characters, rounded off nicely by the camera knocking poor sweet Emmett off of a building. Kind of sums up everything you need to know about the little yellow protagonist of this story! The game starts as all games do; with a tutorial level. It kicks it off with footage from the movie that ties in nicely with the gameplay, this gave me a good feeling inside as it generally means that the levels, although they are undoubtedly going to be padded out for length, will stay true to the story of the movie. This is always my biggest issue with movie tie-ins, we’re already off to a good start here and the game hasn’t even begun! The tutorial here does as all tutorials do and runs through the basics of the game; only this time you have Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman & Shakespeare in the mix which sort of makes this the best tutorial ever!! (IMDB seems to suggest that the actors from the film are not in the game but they sound almost 100% exact which is frankly good enough for me!)

    As the game progresses you are introduced to a few of the features that are new to LMV. Firstly you have the instruction manuals. You need to collect a certain number of these and take them to a control panel to launch a neat little mini-game. This mini-game throws a Lego set together and you have to select the missing part from a list, the quicker you get right the more coins you earn, simple and effective! The other mini-game you are thrown into was a surprise to say the least. I was going about my business trying to get some construction workers back from their coffee break by fixing some speakers to draw them out of the office (actual mission objectives). As soon as I succeeded in this they came out of the office and I was immediately thrown into a dance party, complete with disco ball and light-up flooring. This played out like every other rhythm game ever designed; you have a bar at the bottom of the screen and different buttons scroll across it. Press the right buttons at the right time and you will successfully throw down some killer shapes.

    At the end of every level you are greeted by what will be a very familiar sight to anyone that has played a LEGO game in the past; the round-up screen. This is where the game runs through all of the important stuff like how many coins and instruction manuals you have collected. Finally it also runs through the gargantuan list of characters you have unlocked (and the huge list of them that are still to be unlocked). The list of characters in this game is Insane!! After I completed the first level and was first greeted by this for the first time it was borderline daunting how many there were but when it comes down to it the sheer amount of unlockables and collectables is one of the highlights of games like this!

    The levels themselves are one thing however every LEGO game needs to have a hub. Star Wars had the Cantina and Harry Potter had Diagon Alley but they all had one. LMV gets a little greedy in that respect. As you go through the game and move into the different areas of the universe the hub levels change to match, you can also travel between the different hubs as much and as freely as you want. The hub is where you get to mooch around between levels and explore to find all the little hidden nooks and crannies as well as buying the characters you’ve previously unlocked, either by talking to them in the world or taking the lazy option and buying them through the character screen. You can also wander around and help other LEGO citizens that are in trouble in return for coins or instruction manual pages. Alternatively if you’re not feeling social or helpful you can just screw it and follow the green studs to the next mission. The choice is 100% yours!

    As you get further into the game you end up falling further into the rabbit hole of craziness that is the LEGO universe as everything starts to become slightly more insane and equally hilarious! Craziness has never, nor shall it ever be, a negative, especially where LEGO is involved!!

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  3. Feb 15, 2014
    This was one of the best lego games ive played. The levels are entertaining and fun and its good that you can change the view throughout the game. You get play with a great mixture of characters and the open world is one of the best ive ever played. Free play is legos best yet where you get to change characters and play your favourites levels again. Its good that there are mini cutseens from the movie which give an extra touch. Play this game! Expand
  4. Feb 27, 2014
    This game is pretty awesome, I've played it and I am impressed by the story and the development team it was THE best Lego game ever ! Simply Love It, PS : The Story Deserved 10/10.
  5. Mar 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Game is kind of ok but what I don't like about this game is that their not enough movie clip for the cutscene, and I think this game was made in a rush, but What I like is All Level & Hub word(Expect the bonus room when it non made of lego) Are made of Legos. Expand
  6. Mar 15, 2014
    It's a good game for the family! Awesome game,is cool! not a hardcore game,its too easy,but for the kids is the best! TT games makes a really **** games!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 8 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. Apr 22, 2014
    The Lego Movie Videogame follows the instruction manual too closely, hitting the same same plot points as the movie, and even rehashing some of its gags. This is the kind of tie-in we thought we'd seen the back of.
  2. Mar 21, 2014
    It's not a bad game, but it's not a "must have" either. The LEGO Movie Videogame does a decent job telling the movie's story and being its own licensed tie-in game -- to its own licensed tie-in movie. Thankfully, both are fun in their own right.
  3. Mar 21, 2014
    The Lego Movie Video Game offers a shorter campaign, fewer secrets and a more boring character gallery than usual. Despite this, it manages to still be one of the better Lego games from the TT factory thanks to the charm and the high pace. Seeing the movie first is strongly recommended though.