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  1. Nov 2, 2011
    Yes, there are plenty of valid points in some of the negative reviews, but IMO they are mostly over thinking it. Just enjoy it for what it LoTR material you haven't been through yet. If you're not a fan of LoTR, you probably won't be a fan of this game. But those who are should enjoy it if you can step out of the game critic mode and be a kid again.
  2. Jan 8, 2012
    An excellent co-op game experience and compelling solid story with great combat skills (with timed critical hits), special moves, nice level up trees and re-spec option at a price, some characterization of your character and beautiful graphics and cinematics. Wish it could have been longer, as we did not want it to end. Highly recommended as a co-op experience. Replay importing your level and skills. Textures and details beautiful. This game was made with care and a homage to Tolkien. Pity about the negative press, take no notice. Women in real armor too, nicely done Snowblind. Expand
  3. Nov 1, 2011
    don't believe the negative hype... not a "perfect" game by today's standards, but then again, today's standards mean, take a genre, streamline the hell out of it, add shooting, action, a little puzzling and a dash of RPG and never make the gamer read anything... this game reminds me a lot of the Baldur's gate dark alliance games snowblind made for the PS2. i love the game, yes it has some bugs and yeah i'm seeing lots of mediocre scores, but this is the first time i have played a game at launch from the time i picked it up until morning, since dragon age origins.

    the gear system is great, you see a nice visual treat every time you find gear and it does a real service to the LotR lore. all gear is crafted by either an area or a race. like dwarf armor has a certain style to it, or swords made by men of bree etc... again, very much like DAO here, it feels like a real world of artisans have been pumping out gear for your survival and enjoyment. and you never have too much to deal with, its the perfect amount of gear to sell and upgrade without ever feeling overwhelmed... and you never have so much gold that you can buy anything and everything you want, the game has a nice amount of difficulty and a great finesse combat system thats very rewarding. do yourself a favor and AT LEAST rent this. i can't wait to play some more tomorrow!!!
  4. Dec 10, 2011
    Got the game this week, and after seeing all the mediocre reviews i'm glad to say i can't agree with most of them. First of all, i see this one user review here where he compares it to D&D daggerdale. Saying it's the same quality, but daggerdale is just cheaper. That has to be the dumbest thing i've read this year. Owing both games, i can say that WITN is tons more fun to play and has hundred times better production values. No comparison at all. About WITN. The graphics are ok, but nothing special. Yet, the diversity of the locations and the atmosphere makes it good. The combat is fun and enjoyable. I played a great deal of Arpg's and those games are always a bit of a grind. what makes an ARPG stand out though, is if the combat feels good, so the grind isn't tedious. The skilltree is sort of shallow. It's ok, but i wish it had a more depth. It has a decent loot system which i really like. I'm looking forward to playing all three chars all the way through legendary and decking them out with the best gear. The story is nothing special. Nothing gripping, but it has enough lotr stuff to read and dialogues to keep it interesting. Facial animations are not that good, but the voice acting is really excellent. Anyway, i for one am glad to finally get a very decent ARPG on console. I see myself pumping a lot of hours in this one. The combat may get a bit repetitive, but i can think of a lot more arpg's that got higher scores, yet felt a lot more tedious to me, despite having a deep skill tree and great loot system. Good game, imo at least worth 7.5 - 8. Expand
  5. Nov 4, 2011
    RENTAL SCORE:10/10. SINGLE PLAYER SCORE: 5/10 My wife and I are really enjoying this game. With a lot of disappointments lately in the genre (Daggerdale, Hunted) perhaps our standards were lowered, but this is everything we wanted it to be and more. The one thing I have to say, though, is that it seems that the AI of your party members is somewhere between the intelligence of a rabbid raccoon and a stump. Sometimes we even forget we have a third party member. That said, if you make the third member the warrior.... good luck. Fans of the genre will love it. People who want Reskinned Generic Shooter:Modern Warfare 8 look elsewhere. Expand
  6. Dec 30, 2011
    I think of this as the "Force Unleashed" of the LOTR video game series, except better graphics wise. In reality, I give this a 7.75, but an 8 is just as good. If you don't get the story right away, you really can't play this game yet until you either read the books or watch the movies (extended versions, they help more) as you can use this to understand the series better. The story uses some original event indicators in the first chapter, but the fellowship is no longer referenced after the beginning of the second chapter except for when the game ends. In other words, it's too disconnected from the original series of events, but I like that they made their own story that may be a bit dull, but it works. The graphics look great and the environments are just big and beautiful. Some even resemble what they looked like from the films. Some of the characters look and sound different from their film counterparts, which can be a problem is you are used to that voice from the films (no reprisals here, folks). But some do try, though.

    The characters are just as you expect. Ranger, Dwarf, and Elf fight together in many battles against many enemies. The voice acting can be flat (I'm looking at you two, Ranger and Elf!) and the characters, while a big part of the war, can be forgettable. For enemy AI, it's impressive. They can put up a fight and can kill you easily if outnumbered or don't do enough damage. The bosses are just as hard, as they have some hard attacks than kill you instantly if you are not paying attention to what you are doing and what the enemy's next attack is. Your companion AI, I can't say the same. They help a lot in fighting and healing, but in healing, if two people are down (including you), they'll go to the one nearby, while you are left for dead. You can call them all day, they won't come unless the one nearby is healed. If you have other friends playing, it's fine. So, take warning.

    RPG elements are present here, and they can help you a lot in battle. You can level up your combat, stamina, or health with level up points. Skill points also help, as they can allow you to dual-wield weapons, add more arrows to your crossbow, or help you unlock skills in combat. These feel rewarding, as you are helping yourself survive more, defeat enemies easier, and help out your companions. Weapons are also collected throughout the game. You can wield them, drop them, give them to someone who needs them the most, or sell them for a great price. Armor and other articles of clothing can also be collected to help you increase your armor. Everything can go dull, so you may have to change stuff every now and then, or you can get them repaired for a great price from your coins that you collect all throughout. You can also buy weapons, potions, and armor from the shop located in a spot of the level or your current hub. As the first M-rated LOTR game, it does a great job trying to present a new story about a war that was only mentioned briefly in the content and text. It gathers a lot of bloody details (and I really mean bloody) and brings them all together into a nice LOTR RPG. This has almost all you wanted from a LOTR game, but a few problems stop it from achieving greatness. But, as I have detailed throughout this review, it may be close enough to it. Give it a chance if you feel like it, and you may like it, as I have.
  7. Nov 9, 2011
    The game is very good,i expected much less,haves Co-op for three players.The graphics are much pretty,the character's moviments are good,character's look is good too,In this game you meet the trilogy characters and can hear a lot of interesting things about the saga.
  8. May 26, 2012
    This game got lost in the great game avalanche of late 2011,& thats a shame,as this is a REALLY good game.. At first glance,it would appear as your usual multiplayer roaming beat em up,that happens to be set in the Lord of the Rings universe,but when you play it,you soon realise that it actually has RPG elements with a very tight & enjoyable combat system.You have hub locations where you can talk to certain characters Mass Effect style,both new & familiar faces,buy & sell your weapons,armour,other useable items & loot,repair your weapons & armour & pick up side objectives off NPC's.The inventory system is fast & fun to use,that also lets you give items to the other two characters(Be them Computer controlled or player).Combat wise,theres not a great deal of variety of moves in your basic attacks,BUT theres some nice moves & skills to unlock in your skill trees as you level up,& the combat itself requires a sense of timing with your strikes,blocking,counterattacks,evasive rolling & use of other skills,Its all extremely satisfying.As far as i'm concerned,this is the best(& darkest) Lord of the Rings game to date(bar The Third Age,but that is a turn based combat game,so is a different kind of game).Thats tells a nice backstory to the main story,& while i love this game alot,i have to point out that the game isnt as large as it implys earlier on.There are many locations on the map,that you can hover over & read about.They look exactly like the playable areas in every respect,but to my suprise upon completing the game,it turned out that these many other locations are not playable at all,but are merely there to read minor details of those areas,even though they play no part in the game.That was a bit naughty by the makers,because as i say,it implied that the game was alot bigger than it actually was.I must also point out,that its great that the game also supports split screen for two players & up to 3 via system link,but theres a ploblem if you play system link,in that voice chat does not work in system link,so if your planning on playing this game via system link,you need to keep that in mind.. Its a shame,as i would've liked to have played it 2 & 3 player system link,but the no voice chat kinda killed that idea.This is an excellent game on the whole though,& if your planning on playing it either alone,online or split-screen,then you honestly cant do much better than this game if you love your fighting games with a bit more meat to them,or Lord of the Rings.I really hope theres a sequel,War in the West perhaps? Then the East after that,thanks. Expand
  9. Jan 12, 2012
    This review may be a little bit biased since I am huge fan of The Lord of the Ring's franchise. I thoght this game was above average or 'good' nothing else. While it certainly doesn't raise the bar for co-op dungeon crawlers it was better than Hunted: Demon's Forge. I think they main problem with the game is threefold. 1. The characters are boring and not interesting, thats a huge mark down because the LotR franchise PRIDES itself with interesting and well developed characters. 2. Repetitive. No diversity in the enemy so most level feels the same with no new tactic needed. Most Dungeon Crawlers (I say most because Dark Souls did a top notch job) seem to have critisism for having little to no variety, this game is the same. 3. The RPG elements are lacking. If this game or a possible sequel could fix those problems it probably would have critical or may be even universal acclaim. Also if I wasn't a Lotr fanatic I woulda rated the game a 5 or 6. Expand
  10. Nov 2, 2011
    When I first popped this game in on my Xbox, the first thing I thought of at the first little chat was "Dragon Age". Yes, I am comparing this to Dragon Age, and yes, it is similar, but this is more dedicated to the Hack and Slash genre and less on the strategy elements. The graphics are also similar, and when I bring up the item screen, I just get nostalgia from the sound whiile scrolling through the items. Critics may hate, but fans will love. A LOTR fan must-play. Expand
  11. Nov 1, 2011
    Not the best or the worst RPG I ever played but Lord of the rings War in the North is a pretty good game. i actually liked most of the game but there was a little bit of problems.
  12. Dec 24, 2011
    One of the best games of the year and very, very underrated. I was eagerly waiting for this game since the start of the year and although there were other bigger games being released, this game never dropped off my little list of high expectations. I just bought the game for Christmas and have only played 2-3 hours of it so far and will be starting all over again on Christmas Day, in the short amount of time I have played, I have enjoyed every minute of it.. The quests are very innovated and challenging yet fun to complete. Co-Op works very well and there is no lag when playing, there are few bugs/glitches so you can tell this is a very well polished game, one thing that does bother me about this game is that although there is online Co-Op.. there is no versus multi-player which can make the game less re-playable after completion with all three characters. This game has been given negative reviews which are totally uncalled for as although this game isn't perfect, it's one of the great RPG's to be released in years and the graphics, gameplay and innovation makes this game a lot of fun to play and deserves more recognition... I feel this game has been overshadowed by Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which in my opinion sucks compared to War in the North.. I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to enjoy spending many hours completing challenging quests and who want to play with friends/family. Expand
  13. Nov 5, 2011
    A RARE CONSOLE LOCAL CO-OP QUEST. When you whittle down the number of co-operative games to those playable (1) locally, (2) full co-op campaign and (3) drop in/drop out w persistent character upgrades, the list becomes quite short and consists mostly of shooters. Finally, there is a full-featured action-RPG that you can enjoy from beginning to end with friends. It also solves the problem of not being able to coordinate gaming time with friends with a simple loot swap system: if you're not sure when your buddy will be able to play with you again, just have her give you all her upgraded stuff and your character can then give it to whomever you play with next. Plus, loot in the game, instead of being just shared when one player picks it up, is re-spawned and tailored towards the other player's character for immediate pick-up. Speaking of loot, management of all your stuff is displayed simply enough that anyone can understand it after looking through it, yet just complex enough for the decision-making and swapping to be fun.

    The game is thoroughly enjoyable to play with a friend because it removes many of the headaches of coordinating a co-operative quest. I got it $15 off at Best Buy using this month's coupon, but it is not a serial game and will probably become more affordable sooner than other games. I always buy my games used and under $25, yet this one was unarguably worth the $45 i paid. The user score given is 9/10 because your AI character is stubbornly independent. That being said, it does at least automatically equip the best equipment and weapons it picks up/you give it, so you don't have to worry about carefully managing it and then being frustrated that it doesn't retain your configuration.
  14. Nov 1, 2011
    This game is the best in the saga of The Lord of the Rings, for all: atmosphere, graphics, sound, length, fun ... some people say it is very repetitive, they do not understand, really. Great game.
  15. Dec 17, 2012
    Lord of the Rings War in the North is the best lotr game yet. I picked it up 2011 at the midnight launch and I haven't stopped playing it since. I'm on my third play through doing co-op with my brother and i'm still finding new content and things to do. The graphics and art style of the game blends perfectly with something you'd have pictured in the books and it also looks very much like the movies. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, probably one of the best soundtracks i've heard in any game or movie for that matter. Snowblind did a great job making the music match with the gameplay, story, and the surroundings. It just made me feel like I was actually in Middle-Earth. War in the North hardly had any glitches, for my version at least, the only thing that could've been better is when you use the long range weapons. The mechanics are fine but when you're zooming with a weapon and moving it left or right slowly it tends to jump just a little. I don't have Xbox Live so i'm not sure if they patched it yet, but even if they didn't then it's no big deal becasue I doubt most people will even notice it. I also honestly believe that Snowblind must've had some insight on the orc designs for Peter Jackson's new movie, The Hobbit, because they look very similar lol. Please make another Lord of the Rings gsme Snowblind! =] Expand
  16. Nov 1, 2011
    Had a lot of hope for War in the North. Popped it in struggled through the first hour. Was hoping the story would would grab me and take me for a ride. Alas it did not! This game is a button mash bore fest. Please rent before you buy.
  17. Nov 2, 2011
    A really enjoyable game, has always been a fan of lotr games, and conquest was really a let down, this is a major improvement to that, while it is not the perfect game, has it's flaws and could be improved , i really enjoy this game and if metacritic allowed it i would have given it a 8.5. A definitive buy for those who are fans of lotr and or hack and slash.
  18. Nov 2, 2011
    I suggest that fans of the series not dismiss this game - if nothing else, then when it hits the $40 mark. The characters and campaign are somewhat bland, but well framed in the LotR storyverse. This is fundamental to the success of the game - the combat is fun, but simplistic... a term which could be applied to the loot system, skill system, etc. Still, the elements are cohesive and as someone who enjoys the films I found that a game which would have been otherwise forgettable has been as fun to play as some AAA titles I've picked up this year. The game IS well-made. It's clear that the developers didn't have the time that they needed to really flesh this out and could have done more polishing. Nonetheless, it's one of the best games I've played in this franchise. I picked it up from Gamestop with a Game Guarantee and am unsure as to what I'll do with it. Expand
  19. Nov 5, 2011
    This game is great (if not a little odd). When I first started playing it, I thought "OK, it's a mild action RPG with not much freedom, but hey, the combats fun". But now, after playing for hours and hours (I'm at around chapter 4 I think) all I can say is "awesome".
    The combat becomes very fluid once you understand the mechanics, and once you unlock more skill sets, the combat becomes
    very addictive. The game is actually VERY large. I'd compare it to Dragon Age: Origins in terms size. The graphics are great, armor covered in snow, water (and gore/blood) after battles, huge draw distances, great lighting and some of the best shadowing I have EVER seen on a console game (Mirkwood forest anyone?).

    The one thing that really ads to the game, is the music. its fan-f***ing-tastic. I cranked up my surround sound when I was taking on two trolls, and it sounded like a movie.

    I'm very impressed with this game, but the trailers and videos the game maker released do it no justice. It's NOT just hack & slash, its a full blown RPG. And YOU CAN change your characters face/hair/beard etc. You just need to find a mirror in any of the cities.

    Anyone who likes a good action RPG (seriously, think DA:O), and especially LOTR fans, I highly recommend this game.
  20. Nov 5, 2011
    If you like hack and slash RPG's pick this game up. The art and music are both very well done and the gameplay is simple yet very pleasing and fun. If you are looking for a game like mass effect or elder scrolls this is a diffrent style of gameplay (more action less rpg).
  21. Nov 8, 2011
    this game might be the best in the series but i like the co op expierence and a well thought story but criticies the exact gameplay like dark allicance
  22. Nov 27, 2011
    I love this game. For those who are fans of LOTR, do not avoid this game because of mixed reviews. I for one was put off by reviewers such as IGN, but don't let them fool you. This is one of the best games I've played in a while, and the best LOTR game yet without a doubt. The gameplay is really addictive and fun, and you feel really powerful. The loot is also great, I love looking around trying to find little pathways to chests and loot. The only complain I have is with the characters, they are very weak. As an avid Tolkien fan, the characters in this game do not do the story any justice. They are very pale in comparison. I would have liked to of had some flashbacks to explain their story or something, so we got more out of them. That aside, it's great to visit locations not seen in the movies or other games, such as mirk-wood. Some characters which you read about in the books also appear, such as Radagast the Brown wizard, which really surprised me, and I loved. Although the dialogue is a bit weak in places, it's amazing to see some of these characters brought to life. We also get to see eagles and other creatures (not mentioning to avoid spoilers) talking like they should, which doesn't come across childish for once. I did say you get to see characters not seen before in this game... I also meant to say you see characters from the movies too such as frodo, gandalf, ect. If you liked dragon age (think more dragon age 2 with a decent story) and you like LOTR, you will LOVE this game. Trust me. The story isn't no way near as good as the LOTR trilogy, but it's still interesting and will keep you hooked to see where the adventure unfold. Without spoiling too much, you do come across some good bits of LOTR lore that hasn't been seen yet on screen. This is a linear game, so don't expect free roam. It plays like dragon age, where you progress from what part of the map to the next, and are free to explore those parts again when you finish a level. As for length, I'm around 6-8 hours into the game and i'm only half way through, if that, so it's a legnthy game. There is also challenge levels, which I haven't had the chance to explore yet. These levels take place in southern middle earth (the game takes place in the north) which is great. I pray one day we get to free roam middle earth when the war for the ring rages on, but until then this is a solid LOTR RPG that fans of the series should not pass on. Avoid the nay sayers, buy it. Expand
  23. Feb 4, 2012
    This game isn't perfect by any means, however it is very enjoyable. The storyline is interesting, and the graphics and design are great. However, the inability to switch between character types on the fly hurts the overall experience, especially concerning side quests. The combat is also somewhat repetitive.
  24. Nov 22, 2011
    I think one word describes this game. Solid. It is a very solid Lord of the Rings the title. It reminds me of Dragon Age in some respects... Well Dragon Age lite. It also brings back good memories of the old Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Return of the King games I used to play on the Gamecube. The story obviously isn't as good as the actual Lord of Rings story itself but there's enough of the Lord of the Rings universe that keeps the LOTR nerds satisfied and keeps the game moving. It runs on a hack n slash like system of combat with a lot of rpg elements added in. Like I said Dragon Age lite. But it's an amusing game! Nothing quite like cutting off an orc's head. It's worth the full 60 dollar price tag but it will probably be discounted soon and it will be worth it then. Expand
  25. Nov 22, 2011
    I have a love/hate relationship with action-RPGs. When they're good, I love them, when they're not-so-good, there are fewer genres that I hate more. The formula for a good action-RPG isn't even that hard, to my preferences: give me plenty of progression choices, and make them interesting; make the combat fast and exciting, with ample diversity in attacks; and for christ's sakes have a somewhat passable and entertaining story. LOTR: War in the North provides none of these things in any significant way.

    To be blunt, I was bored within the first 15 minutes. This game truly feels like a 10 year old, cardboard cutout, cheap-development-to-make-a-quick-buck adventure game jazzed up with modern visuals. It's as if the developers hadn't played a learned from some of the better action-RPG titles of the past decade, namely the Diablo series, which should be the standard by which all other games of this genre should weigh themselves (not be clones, mind you). Hell, even more recent lackluster offerings are far more tolerable, such as Bedlam Games' Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale, and that game was a fraction of the price of this one. The only redeeming quality of WITN is you might have a slightly more pleasant experience if you are playing with friends in a multiplayer/co-op session. But even then I hesitate to make any implication that you won't be bored in this fashion, as well. Did any of the creators stop and ask themselves basic game-design questions...such as "Hasn't this been done before, but better?"..."Can we really solely rely on the fan base of this franchise to back up this game?"...or the obvious "Is it really fun to mash a couple of buttons repeatedly and spend 5 minutes killing a measly pack of goblins, with little reward?" It's as if these groups are filled with oblivious yes-men types that just sing the praises of their own creation the whole way through, rather than being critical and trying to make the best game possible (just as some reviewers can never really bring themselves to say negative things about a game when it is necessary). Then they push out an inferior product with a huge price tag and try to ride of the coattails of the game's namesake, basically taking you for a fool. And then you'll write positive reviews about it on Metacritic trying to convince yourself that you didn't just waste your money on this game.

    I should clarify more thoroughly that all of my negative ranting is hinged on one rage-inducing factor about this game: it's price. D&D: Daggerdale (I make this comparison again because I think, realistically, these two games should be considered within the same quality scale) debuted at $15, I believe, and this game debuted at $50. WITN may be a bit lengthier, but it no way justified this price. And let's not forget Skyrim was only $10 more expensive than WITN. Let that sink in.

    As a single-player experience it is a complete mind-numbing chore. With friends, you can pass away a few afternoons having some fun, and it is tolerable (maybe with some beer in you, to help out). And if this game was say, $20 cheaper than its debut price, I probably wouldn't be so harsh. Wait for it to lower in price if you really must partake in this LOTR tale, because there are far better games you can be playing with those 50 dollars.
  26. Jan 26, 2012
    Negative reviews had me gun-shy for awhile, but I'm glad I finally bought it. My son and I are having a blast playing through it in co-op. It would even be better in 3 person co-op. In 2 person co-op make sure to leave the Elven loremaster as the AI character. IMO graphics are stunningly detailed and atmospheric, and once you get through the mechanics curve you have great control of your character in dealing out hacks. slashes, hammer blows, bows, crossbows, and arrows. Halfway through the game have encountered no glitches yet at all. all in all a solid fun game, and a definite must for LOTR trilogy gamers because it's the best LOTR game yet. Not giving it a 10 for design reasons, mainly because I think they should have provided better save game options. Expand
  27. Jan 2, 2012
    Snowblind Studios has done a fantastic job on this game. By far the best Lord of the Rings game available. While the industry has been cascaded by bad movie-based games of the universe for a decade, War in the North has many aspects of a great game:
    The game play of War in the North is a blend of Hack 'n Slash, and ranged combat, depending on the character you choose, and other small
    things reminiscent of typical RPGs. There are three characters of the game, either being melee heavy, ranged heavy, or balanced. The game also supports full three played co-op (only three characters in the game to play as) which makes for hilarious, and addictive game play. It should be noted that experiences in the game world change depending on the character you choose, giving more incentive to replay the game as the other characters. Alongside the lengthy main story line, there are also a multitude of side missions, which vary between collecting a variety of different objects, and talking to different characters. As well as the combat, and the missions, there is a nearly unlimited supply of Items, armour, and weapons to use, and each wears down as it is used more and more, typical of most Role-playing games. The level-up system for the game is like that of most others. Kills things, and do quests to get experience, experience levels up your character, levelling up gives you points to spend on numerous abilities, and combat bonuses. The graphics of the game are amazing, adding a level of detail never before seen in a LOTR game before, and the sheer scale of the game makes for an epic adventure, making the game feel like another movie. Character design is very good, with many recognizable faces from the movies, and this detail also makes it possible to understand the emotions of the characters, which has always been an essential, key aspect of the LOTR universe. This is also the first game set in the world of Middle Earth with true gore, and destruction as enemies will die from decapitations, dismemberments, and disembowelments frequently accompanied with clouds of black gore. The grittiness, and bleak atmosphere do nothing but add to the greatness of the game.
    The sound in the game is well done, with decent voice acting, and an outstanding sound production that makes the already epic game even bigger. However, some of the voice actors chosen to play as pivotal characters to the franchise seem out of place, especially Frodo, and Bilbo Baggins, and Aragon which can be spoken to at least a few times.
    Now while I have spoken a great deal about the good of the game, there is some bad. There are a few very minor game bugs, which can take you out of the moment, and the combat can get to be repetitive closer to the end of the game. They also give you the entire map of Middle Earth, and every locale in the universe is mapped on there, yet you won't, and cant travel to every location, and some of the places you can end up being small, seemingly tacked on arenas of a survival mode.
    Overall the game is an excellent game, with an original story in a soiled franchise, addictive, and gory combat, and a stunning environment to walk around in make for a stunning game. I can't wait to see what Snowblind Studios does next if they are able to make such a great LOTR game.
  28. Jan 3, 2012
    Very addictive in CO-OP, thanks to random magic stuff (Diablo II style), RPG levels and, of course, LOTR environment.

    I give an 8 because I love playing with my wife, but we faced too much saving crashes to go to a 9.
  29. Jan 8, 2012
    Loved this game! My wife and I played it right through on co-op and I have to say this is the best co-op experience we've had next to Borderlands, even though they are very different games. This game is faithful to everything in the Lord of the Rings world and totally immerses the gamer in this exceptionally beautiful and at times dark and sinister world. I really don't understand why so may critics did not rate this game more highly as the characters are solid, the graphics are gorgeous, the game play interesting and the story is compelling and ties in nicely with Tolkien books. I would give it a ten but the game is a little short. Sadly with the mainstream gaming websites critics poor reviews they probably have ensured that we never see a sequel or any DLC for this awesome game. Expand
  30. Oct 19, 2012
    Boring and no fun on your own and its okay with friends, no amazing borderlands co-op. Lord of the Rings: War in the north 5.5/10
  31. Apr 30, 2012
    War in the North is a fun title if you enjoy a good hack and slash, or Snowblind's prior works such as Champions. While nowhere as well done as Return to Arms, it certainly shows the influence. You have three character choices with actual different play styles and game opportunities, and combat is visceral and largely satisfying. The game also has a really authentic art and beautiful art style, each piece of equipment is true to the lore set by the films and varies depending on the craftsman (be it man, elf or dwarf). The things that really water down the game (and its score) are the concessions to casual players. Treasure is everywhere and multiple players (the best way to play) can all loot the same chest. There are these 'magic shops' (is it even explained?) that serve as the main way to pawn off gear (no need to even town portal Diablo style). And because of this, the teamwork of trading items and gold doesn't even exist. A few FPS style last stand sequences with ballistas feel out of place and overall it is a little easy. However, it looks nice, plays well and is one of the better games to bear the LotR franchise. I debated giving it a 6, but it received an extra point for being a fun coop game that supports system link. Expand
  32. May 18, 2012
    As a huge fan of games like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath I was hoping this game would be very similar. It is, and it isn't. the combat is different and the camera angles are slightly different but overall in the way the game is played, it is very similar. Fighting through the levels, looting chests, and stash piles. This is a nostalgic game to play because it takes you back to games like Dark Alliance but also adds some new things like greatly enhanced graphics compared to the predecessors by this developer. It's very fun to level up your skills and better your character in this game. the leveling system is well done, not ground breaking by any means, but well done. it allows a lot of freedom on what you want to level up. I did not have any problems with repetition in combat. Especially with easily being able to switch between melee and ranged attacks in the middle of a fight and being able to level up and unlock new moves for your character. The storyline is good, not award winning but it will keep you interested. Overall this is a solid game that will keep an RPG fan playing until the end, and a definite must play for any fan of the Tolkien universe. Expand
  33. Oct 22, 2012
    Hands down one of the worst games I have ever played. The combat is as clunky as it gets, and there is no balance whatsoever to it. If you're looking for a game where the mechanics make no sense and a frustrating player experience, then this is exactly what you're looking for.
  34. Dec 15, 2012
    I don't play many video games anymore but this one had me coming back for more. It is a very fun game. There are some technical bugs that really do suck though and that's why it gets an 8 instead of a 10. The inability to switch players without quitting, not knowing what weapons and armor your allies have, not knowing when you give them something if they actually keep it, etc. I could probably make a whole list. The dwarf is too strong with some skills and the ranger too weak. Andriel becomes almost invulnerable with armor later in the game. You can open chests, exit to a different location, return and the chest will be loaded with more loot. But its still an awesome game. Expand
  35. Jul 1, 2013
    This game is fun despite some glaring issues with it. It is a very fluid hack-n-slash game that tries and fails to incorporate some RPG type elements into it (crafting, upgrading armor, etc.). Unfortunately it seems like the creators ran out of time to do the RPG elements correctly and so they seem to have been abandoned and thrown in the game half completed. The story line is simple but does not interfere with the canon of the LOTR books. Graphics are average and it is very linear but still an enjoyable game. Don't pay full retail for the game, but it is definitely worth the $20 it is going for at the time I wrote this review. Expand
  36. Aug 20, 2013
    XBox 360 Co-Op Player Review My friend and I bought this to play co-op. This is our thoughts about it. Pros: -Fun to play with friends. -New LotR story is entertaining if you are a fan -Nice to see fresh faces instead of the usual cast you would play in a LotR game -Overall fun hack-n-slash with RPG elements to add flavor -Each player receives their own loot from chests and such.

    (Tried to focus more on technical cons)
    -No save button or easy way to activate the auto-save when you need to quit mid-level. This is the biggest problem we're having. My friend and I both started characters together but the game claims we are both at different points in the game and therefore won't allow us to play together unless we wish not to save our characters anymore.
    -Lacks menu options depth
    -No changing controller layout
    -Split screen is only vertical. No horizontal view.
    -One early scene is unbeatable because the area won't load and we can't fast travel out of the area to reset it. Have had to reset our characters twice because of it.
    -Cut scenes won't load. Screen will go black with background music and then eventually will load but everything becomes disabled. Can't even pause game. Have to shutdown and restart.
    -Text like "Waiting for Player..." and quest objectives or tutorials won't disappear off of the screen. Takes away from the already small screens in vertical split.
    -Backpack is nice and expansive but the tough to navigate or sort. Also lacks certain elements you see in RPGs.

    Overall, the technical issues we're having with the game are taking away from the experience. We want to like it more, just not fun when you have to replay the first several chapters over and over again because the game says that one player is not at the same point as the other player, even though they are the same level and have all their gear from the last time you played.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 48
  2. Negative: 7 out of 48
  1. Feb 22, 2012
    I might have had less aggravation if I had a dedicated group of other players to go through the game with from beginning to end, but I wouldn't ask any of my friends to pay full price for The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Thankfully, since War in the North was released after Dark Souls, before Skyrim, and on the same day as Uncharted 3, there's a good chance the game is already in the bargain bin for a fraction of the MSRP.
  2. 60
    Lord of the Rings: War in the North is fine for a few hours of jolly good fun, but once you realise that the game has played its hand early and really has nothing else to offer then the lustre is soon lost. Poor AI, boring combat and pointless quests all add up to a disappointing game that would be better off dropped into the fires of Mordor.
  3. Jan 29, 2012
    This isn't too bad for a couple of hours of button hammering with two friends. [Issue#118, p.112]