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  • Summary: THQ and Relic Entertainment take explosive World War II combat to the next generation in an all-new 3rd Person Action Game. Combining intense squad-based combat with the freedom of total destruction, The Outfit takes players behind enemy lines, battling the Nazi War Machine through a variety of combat missions. Choose from three playable squad leaders - each with their own skills and abilities, as you lead a squad of battle-forged soldiers on missions ranging from reconnaissance and rescue to search and destroy. With interactive and fully destructible environments, you have the freedom to shoot, blow up or demolish anything in your path. As you complete mission objectives, you'll gain Field Units (FUs), a currency that can be used to order "Destruction on Demand" - air-dropped into the action at any time. With "Destruction On Demand" (D.O.D.) you can order in everything from tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and other combat vehicles to machinegun nests and anti-tank emplacements, or call in for squad reinforcements, air-strikes or artillery strikes. Experience the cinematic intensity of WWII combat through 12 epic Single-player missions or go online for a variety of Multiplayer modes, including Co-Op and Versus. [THQ] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 52
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  1. 100
    Wrapped up with gorgeous presentation all round, with sumptuous 360 visuals and booming, atmospheric sound and music, the gameplay never fails to be anything less than engaging and enjoyable, both throughout the single player campaign and in the fantastic and fully online multiplayer modes.
  2. A simplistic, but solid, light WW2 strategy game with fierce action. The clunky vehicles are annoying, but the destructible scenery and the furious net play make it worth a try. [June 2006]
  3. While the single player is definitely below average, the multiplayer in the game is well-balanced, requires a new style of strategy, and is most of all fun.
  4. If you’re on the look out for ‘the next big thing’ then keep looking, but if you quite fancy a laid-back shooter that’s best enjoyed with friends, then you might want to give this a shot.
  5. 69
    Neither attractive looking, nor is it as arcade-like and fun to play as it should be. The single-player game is repetitive and plodding. There is tons of potential to be explored here that isn't.
  6. There is definitely a market for The Outfit, with its fast action and (initially) interesting premise, but it has neither the raw staying power nor the type of epic presence needed to grab and keep the average gamer for long periods of time.
  7. 50
    Everything The Outfit does has been done better on lesser hardware.

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  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Nov 9, 2011
    While there are a lot of games like it, this game will satisfy. You are limited to 3 characters to use during levels or matches, but it has some cool weapons and many fun gameplay modes. Expand

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