• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Mar 13, 2006

Mixed or average reviews - based on 52 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 52
  2. Negative: 0 out of 52
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  1. AceGamez
    Wrapped up with gorgeous presentation all round, with sumptuous 360 visuals and booming, atmospheric sound and music, the gameplay never fails to be anything less than engaging and enjoyable, both throughout the single player campaign and in the fantastic and fully online multiplayer modes.
  2. 90
    Though a bit rough around the edges in places, The Outfit's fearless fusion of action and strategy pays off in a big way. It's engaging, it's addictive, and it's ferociously one-of-a-kind. [Apr 2006, p.74]
  3. Official Xbox Magazine
    The Outfit does not aspire in the slightest to reflect the sights and sounds of real-life combat in dubya-dubya-two. It aspires to be one thing and one thing only: fun. [Apr 2006, p.82]
  4. The vehicle controls are a sticking point. Many of the maps in The Outfit are big, so vehicles are the main means of transportation. It’s so easy to zig in vehicles when you meant to zag - a major no-no with enemy A.I. this tough. The rest of The Outfit is a superfine romp that any action gamer should experience.
  5. The unique gameplay is extremely well conceived, if not perfectly pulled off, and coupling it with some super hot multiplayer action earns The Outfit a medal.
  6. 80
    Meshing a perfect blend of action and strategy while maintaining an enjoyable experience is no easy task, but Relic has captured it perfectly.
  7. Relic's game achieves so much, almost creating a new console genre, combining the shoot-'em-up with the RTS. While it fails slightly in not being tactical enough (at least in Campaign mode) or quite compelling or consistent enough as an action shooter, the range of game modes and levels on offer means you get plenty of bang for your buck.
  8. Play Magazine
    Online action provides the game's best thrills, with up to eight players slogging it out at one time. [Apr 2006, p.28]
  9. Computer Games Magazine
    As such, not only is The Outfit worth having, but it's probably the best reason to have an Xbox 360. [Jun 2006, p.90]
  10. Pelit (Finland)
    A simplistic, but solid, light WW2 strategy game with fierce action. The clunky vehicles are annoying, but the destructible scenery and the furious net play make it worth a try. [June 2006]
  11. Game Informer
    For those whose tastes run more toward competition of challenge, this could well be a recipe for disappointment. [Apr 2006, p.129]
  12. There are a lot of shining moments, especially in multiplayer, that make the game a lot of fun.
  13. While the single player is definitely below average, the multiplayer in the game is well-balanced, requires a new style of strategy, and is most of all fun.
  14. You're either going to love it or not. With the right people online, there isn't anything on XBL that plays quite like it and you're sure to have a blast with likeminded players. Those who are content with "G.R.A.W." and prefer that style of gameplay most likely won't get the appeal of The Outfit.
  15. 76
    Almost a little above average. It has a great idea, but it just fails to implement it properly or with any real sense of fun.
  16. I think The Outfit was a good first effort, now all the need to do is wrap the DOD feature in some innovative solid game play and you’ll have yourselves a real winner.
  17. The RTS share is fun fun fun! The single-player is inexcusable.
  18. Even those seasoned RTS gamers may think twice about this game based purely on its awful driving implementation.
  19. But even so, there is a solid core gaming premise here and one that I hope is polished and refined in a future sequel. Until that day, your military service might better be served in any of the other battlefield-style games.
  20. Relic and THQ are actually onto something here. The Outfit is not a bad game really, it's just not on the level of "next-generation".
  21. The concept of the game represents creative thinking the industry desperately needs. In execution, however, The Outfit falls short in delivering a gaming experience gamers will keep coming back to. War fans need only rent it.
  22. 70
    Sweet in that the title boasts a massive, fully destructible environment with an impressive arsenal of weaponry and some really fantastic and innovative multiplayer. Sour in that the single-player experience grows repetitive and boring over time, and the broken vehicle mechanics really drag down gameplay.
  23. Edge Magazine
    It’s a game built with focus and one that’s going in a truly worthwhile direction, but that falls short of greatness. [Apr 2006, p.7]
  24. If you’re on the look out for ‘the next big thing’ then keep looking, but if you quite fancy a laid-back shooter that’s best enjoyed with friends, then you might want to give this a shot.
  25. Sure, it's a little itchy at times in terms of its single-player redundancy, the graphics could've been a little bit more detailed, and there's something to be said about actually struggling to control a tank, but it still delivers some satisfying team-based action, with different soldiers at your command and the ability to really blow anything up.
  26. It is a must-rent title because it is a unique game for the 360 and will be a welcome break from all of the 1st person shoot-em ups.
  27. Probably the most notable issue however is driving the various vehicles which can be extremely cumbersome.
  28. The game is rated “M” and one of the descriptors is “Language.” This is because the nondescript soldiers shout out obscenities when under fire, randomly and without much purpose. It’s a weird little quirk, and one wonders if the designers did just to ensure an “M” rating.
  29. This shooter brilliantly integrates some RTS elements into its core gameplay, but eventually becomes too repetitive for its own good if not for its superb Live support.
  30. It’s action all the way with this one and it will provide at least a few hours of fun gameplay.
  31. 70
    Going head-to-head can make for some surprisingly complex, drawn-out games, and if the single-player campaign is fun, going through it co-op is 10 times better.
  32. Even with great multiplayer the rest of the game is brought down by some major design flaws that mostly occur in the single player campaign.
  33. 69
    Neither attractive looking, nor is it as arcade-like and fun to play as it should be. The single-player game is repetitive and plodding. There is tons of potential to be explored here that isn't.
  34. The Outfit’s single player mode needs to be sent back to basic training, but the multiplayer game deserves a tour of duty.
  35. The Outfit, while it presents an interesting spin on the traditional take for a game of its sort, falls short of not only of its own developmental aspirations, but also of the rigorous standards of console gamers.
  36. The Outfit's aim for a bold blend of action and strategy gets sabotaged by a repetitious single-player campaign, but it is redeemed somewhat by a more-inspired multiplayer.
  37. Playing The Outfit through in the single-player campaign was a bit of a letdown. There are enough problems in the games execution to not fully endorse it.
  38. What ends up spoiling the experience for me, however, is the general slow and clunky feel of the game. If Call of Duty 2 is a blitzkrieg of shooting action, The Outfit is a leisurely zeppelin ride...underwater. It's still exciting, just severely hampered.
  39. There is definitely a market for The Outfit, with its fast action and (initially) interesting premise, but it has neither the raw staying power nor the type of epic presence needed to grab and keep the average gamer for long periods of time.
  40. There are a lot of great ideas contained in the game, but overall the game falls flat and leaves you feeling greatly unsatisfied.
  41. Fun to play in short bursts, especially over Xbox Live, The Outfit never expands on its original premise set in the opening missions. The gameplay is both repetitive and overly structured, and there's a rigidity that simply makes the experience just too linear in the single-player campaign.
  42. Variety is lacking, ensuring replay appeal is limited to the fun multiplayer modes only.
  43. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    For the single-player, re-treading your steps is frustrating. [Issue #6]
  44. The lopsided AI isn’t the least of the problems in the single player campaign. Most of the levels involve marching down a single path, with the level typically coming to an end when you reach the end.
  45. Despite its interesting strategy mechanic, The Outfit winds up feeling pretty typical. Its lacking single-player campaign is saved in part by its genuinely frantic, yet derivative multiplayer.
  46. Average looks and average personality makes for a less-than-ideal date in the real world, and in the game world.
  47. What we can't get past is how ordinary the combat feels, the distinct lack of tension throughout, the constant repetition and one-track lack of variety. And as much as the multiplayer is better, you're still hamstrung by uninspired combat, not to mention the game's all-round lack of technical impressiveness.
  48. games(TM)
    Firing in the opposite direction of the seasoned games, The Outfit will only appeal to casual gamers who prefer to smash and grab their way through levels rather than apply strategy. [Apr 2006, p.126]
  49. Though the multiplayer premise sounds like an excellent watered down version of the Battlefield series, the same flaws that come to close to completely crippling the single player experience only detract from the overall quality of the game to the extent that it barely improves on the single player format.
  50. I tried hard to like The Outfit. I mean I really tried hard. If it weren't for the addition of online multiplayer and a co-op mode, The Outfit would barely be worth playing - there's just far too much here that could have been done ten times better.
  51. 50
    Everything The Outfit does has been done better on lesser hardware.
  52. X-ONE Magazine UK
    An undercooked mess of different genres that doesn't satisfy. [Issue#5, p.98]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 49 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 49
  2. Negative: 7 out of 49
  1. Nov 9, 2011
    While there are a lot of games like it, this game will satisfy. You are limited to 3 characters to use during levels or matches, but it hasWhile there are a lot of games like it, this game will satisfy. You are limited to 3 characters to use during levels or matches, but it has some cool weapons and many fun gameplay modes. Full Review »
  2. AdamD.
    Apr 30, 2007
    For only $20 new and $17.99 used, you can torch Nazis, drive cool vehicles, and enjoy a top notch action strategy game. The most important For only $20 new and $17.99 used, you can torch Nazis, drive cool vehicles, and enjoy a top notch action strategy game. The most important thing about any game is the "Fun" factor. This game is incredibly fun!!! Full Review »
  3. Mr.Review
    Dec 18, 2006
    Worse than simple mediocrity, The Outfit is generic in every position, at every angle. Starting with the visuals, which are respectable, The Worse than simple mediocrity, The Outfit is generic in every position, at every angle. Starting with the visuals, which are respectable, The Outfit is classy with the graphics. The most significant and aspiring element of the game is the gameplay, which is, for the most part, brutal. Slow as all rampaging hell, The Outfit creeps along at a slow and bland pace. The environments all blend together into one horrible array of ambience. Even the storyline, which is forgettable, drags on and strethces the senselessness it already is. The Outfit could be the largest disappointment of the last few months of gaming, as it looked very promising. But skip out on this title, unless your an achievement digger (online only), or unable to play the incredibly superior likes of Call of Duty 2 and/or 3. Full Review »