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  1. 74
    Saboteur's gameplay isn't brilliant, but the presentation is just well done. We've seen it many times before, a game about the Second World War, but it's good to see that The Saboteur is original in a kind of way.
  2. The Saboteur could have been one of the year’s most impressive games. Sadly, Pandemic tries to do too much, and players are left with a game that never becomes more than the sum of its parts.
  3. A new example of a great concept poorly executed. The Saboteur could be a surprisingly good sandbox if Pandemic just finished it. This game has neat ideas and the potential for being funny, but its gameplay suffers because of its weak development.
  4. 70
    This vision of nazi-occupied France is an interesting proposal but has some flaws in its conception.
  5. There’s an abundance of things to see and do, and some great moments are present; however, they’re too few and the sense of missed opportunity too strong to make a convincing recommendation.
  6. The Saboteur delivers some good fun with the atmosphere of its beautiful setting. On the other hand, gameplay could disappoint demanding players, used to higher quality productions. If you like free roaming and Paris, you should at least give it a try.
  7. The Saboteur is another victim of the hype fever that nowadays some titles in development use to suffer. The historical context is very appealing, aesthetics and artistic production are well worked and it's a hooking story. It's even an attractive proposal to mix different genres to create a personal style, but fails to make a fully enjoyable adventure.
  8. The Saboteur had potential, but is let down by a weak combat mechanic and some terrible stealth/AI issues.
  9. It could have been much better, but also much worse. You won't regret giving this game an opportunity.
  10. A solid swansong for a struggling developer. It vastly improves over Mercenaries 2 with a lot of enjoyable, explosive combat and a fantastic visual style. The characters and story leave a lot to be desired but it’s a fun ride and a cool take on the World War II genre.
  11. Pandemic's effort is commendable, but The Saboteur feels like it had a saboteur of its own lurking in the code. No matter how many times I came back to The Saboteur, or how badly I wanted to love the game, the unrefined gameplay became less, and less tolerable.
  12. A highly enjoyable game in its own right and it succeeds at being pure, rollicking entertainment. Players who are prepared to look past its derivative gameplay, will find its silly characters, ridiculous plot and even some of its technical flaws may just be part of the reason they continue playing it long after the first couple of hours have passed by.
  13. Great visuals, unique WWII-era storytelling, and explode-and-run fun made me love the game, but the shooting, driving, climbing, and stealth gameplay made me want to choke myself. The game improves with time and is enjoyable, overall.
  14. X-ONE Magazine UK
    If the setting, style and attitude win you over, the gammy mechanics are that much easier to bear. [Issue#54, p.78]
  15. 67
    As soon as you hit the city, the game's pace drops off, and the sub-par graphics and poor controls steadily bog down an otherwise terrific idea.
  16. The limited variety of each type of weapon, the fact that Nazis can see through disguises too easily, the lack of auto-targeting for melee combat, and destroying Nazi property with dynamite over and over again does make boredom set in faster than it should.
  17. The Saboteur, despite technical and gameplay issues, is a funny game that will carry the player in a wonderful version of occupied Paris, in the shoes of a rude Irishman in search of brutal revenge.
  18. The Saboteur can be both addictive and engaging, but also rather stale, all at the same time.
  19. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    A decent idea that falls short for a variety of eminently fixable reasons. [Feb 2010, p.80]
  20. 62
    Unfortunately the reality is something that harks back to the darker days of open world games, its individual elements uninspiring and its story a poor patchwork of clichés sewn together with juvenile smut and swearing - and it's a melancholy swansong for the once brilliant Pandemic.
  21. Not half as bad as the limp first few hours suggest. It's perhaps not the greatest company epitaph in the world but, as Devlin might say, while throwing himself out of a speeding car, knocking back a slug o' the good stuff and mashing a Nazi's head in with one punch: "It coulda been a lot worse."
  22. 60
    But it’s a big game best taken in small doses: An hour or two of clamber up the side of a building, snipe some guys, drive like hell, lather, rinse, repeat was plenty. Any more than that and I started to think maybe the Nazis could just have France, if they wanted it so bad.
  23. 60
    But while the combat and destruction portions of playing as the Saboteur are fun, the story and effect you have on the world are disappointingly underdeveloped.
  24. But The Saboteur's gameplay systems never let you forget that you are playing a game, and the nakedness of the underlying machinery is one of the game's greatest shortcomings.
  25. 60
    The Saboteur could have been excellent. It has presentation, usually solid mechanics, characters that you are at least interested in if not actually engaged by, and things look pretty when they explode. However, the simply unforgivable control and climbing mechanic is justtoo hard to get past - constantly interfering with your game to the point of swearing and projectile gamepads.
  26. games(TM)
    A beautiful but flawed farewell. [Issue#91, p.112]
  27. The Saboteur had a lot of potential thanks to the unique setting, but this hasn’t resulted in a good game. The story never gets really interesting and the gameplay is too bare-bones to really make an impression. Not a great farewell for Pandemic Studios.
  28. As it is, nothing really separates it and makes it unique. Despite the cool setting, this is by the numbers game design that you’ve played a million times before.
  29. It's hard to imagine why anyone would opt for The Saboteur when they've got Assassin's Creed II as an alternative. Beyond its Parisian setting, The Saboteur fails to add any new ideas to the sandbox genre other than breasts.
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  1. Pierre-MichelF
    Jan 10, 2010
    Fantastic game. Fun, entertaining and very long which add to the experience. Those who liked Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed will feel at Fantastic game. Fun, entertaining and very long which add to the experience. Those who liked Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed will feel at home with the Saboteur. You can play at your own pace. Some missions are difficult and they require that you use common sense to complete them. If this game would wear a ROCKSTAR or UBISOFT crest, the ratings would be higher... Full Review »
  2. Feb 6, 2012
    Seriously, WFT is wrong with the likes of IGN and Gamespot giving this such a low score? Just how much are those lowlifes getting paid by theSeriously, WFT is wrong with the likes of IGN and Gamespot giving this such a low score? Just how much are those lowlifes getting paid by the companies to rate AAA titles so highly when they are sh*t, yet great games like this so poorly when they are great? The Saboteur is your usual sandbox game with a few tweaks. Set in WW2, both the graphics and audio aspects of the game go to create a superbly atmospheric world and as the game starts out it promises to be an outstanding experience. Unfortunately that promise falls a bit flat when you get out into the world and realise that it's just another sandbox game. However, when you persist past that you find that the game itself is just an absolute boatload of brilliant fun. Because of easy going freerunning controls and quick + exciting controls in general (makes combat loads of fun), cars which don't explode within two crashes, loads and loads of explosions + nazi killing and a ton of missions this game just chuffing rocks and rocks hard. Stealth is a bit sloppy (esp the disguise aspect of it), you can find yourself looking at your radar throughout the game a bit too often for my liking, and if there was a tiny bit more of an RPG aspect to the character interaction the game would be better for it. But overall the game's a blast - it finds a quality balance of OTT action and down-to earth realism for you to fear danger at most turns, but not be afraid to let lose and go crazy when you have to. In Nov 2011 I purchased this for £8, at Xmas 2011 I bought Skyrim + Dark Souls. Come Feb 2012 Dark Souls and Skyrim got consigned to the "games to swap bin" a while back and I'm still playing this which is firmly rooted in my "games to keep forever" collection. Buy it now. Full Review »
  3. Apr 14, 2013
    si bien digo que los sandbox no son lo mio pero puede que algo me llame la atención por ejemplo en Sleeping dogs fue su acción, en este casosi bien digo que los sandbox no son lo mio pero puede que algo me llame la atención por ejemplo en Sleeping dogs fue su acción, en este caso fue por 2 cosas:

    1:Tenes el estilo de assassins creed(o otro juego con el que se entiendan mejor), en que sentido? podes escalar los edificios y el sigilo es como una de las cosas principales en hacer.

    2: Matar nazis.

    Bueno el juego esta basado en París en el año 1940, una época en donde los nazis tenían tomado a toda Francia. La historia esta desarrollada durante la segunda guerra mundial, aunque lo que seria lo principal del juego seria en la lucha del protagonista sean lucha contra dierker por venganza. Si hay que definir la historia en un resumen seria "Traición y venganza".

    Lo que mejor hice en este juego, ademas de matar nazis y destruir zeppelin nazis fue subir a lo alto de la torre eiffel y suicidarme :D no se que tiene que ver pero me pareció algo genial decirlo.

    El juego en general esta en blanco y negro, excepto el símbolo nazi que eso se marca para que identifiques, el fuego y la sangre, porque esta en blanco y negro? porque asi sabes que zonas están tomadas por los nazis y cada vez que liberas una zona, se vuelve a color.

    Gráficamente el juego luce bien no es la gran cosa pero esta bien. Jugabilidad buena nada de que quejarme. Todo lo demás es correcto.

    PUNTOS A FAVOR: Historia, ambientación (París y una pequeña parte de Alemania) y matar nazis.

    PUNTOS EN CONTRA: Una historia no muy bien narrada, bugs(aunque es entendible).

    The saboteur sera un sandox a lo gta pero con algo de innovación, no lo compararia con sleeping dogs porque tienen cosas distintas y cada uno tiene lo suyo.En fin es un buen juego a los que les gusten este estilo se los recomiendo.
    Full Review »