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  • Summary: Inspired by a true story, The Saboteur stars Sean Devlin, a street-tough Irish race car driver trapped behind enemy lines in 1940s Nazi-occupied France. Motivated by personal revenge, Sean fights, climbs, and races through open-world Paris, sneaking into the heart of the Nazi operations and sabotaging their every move. With the help of the French Resistance, the British intelligence, an arsenal of weaponry, street smarts and brawn, players exact revenge on those who aim to destroy Sean's life. From derailing trains and blowing up zeppelins to scaling famous Parisian landmarks and more, this action hero uses a broad range of weapons, explosives and vehicles to get the job done. As Sean takes down enemies, the citizens of Paris are empowered to resist the tyrannical Third Reich and their eyes open to the colorful world around them. This innovative mechanic, called the 'Will to Fight,' change the way Paris is seen and felt - from a dark and oppressed policed state to a bright and inspired world where the citizens fight back. As the player executes acts of sabotage against the occupying force, color returns to the stylized black and white world - both figuratively and literally. The ‘Will to Fight’ spawns an underground resistance that takes players not only through Paris, but across various parts of France. [Pandemic Studios] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. Obviously, The Saboteur isn't representative of the peak of next-gen gaming but for my money, this is the most fun and addictive gameplay I've experienced in 2009, and I'll probably be pulling it off the shelf in 2010 to work on those secondary targets.
  2. Silly slapstick mechanics and shenanigans aside, The Saboteur is a capable contender for this year’s fourth quarter brawl. Pandemic's last will be a sleeper hit, but hopefully enough will wake up and take notice of an impressive swan song.
  3. It's a shame that Pandemic Studios isn't around to work on a sequel for The Saboteur, because this is clearly one of its best games. The difficulty could've been tougher and the dialogue needed more work, but overall, this is a splendid action/adventure.
  4. It's a lot of fun to paint the town red in this black and white open-world game, but the weak stealth elements limit your options.
  5. A solid swansong for a struggling developer. It vastly improves over Mercenaries 2 with a lot of enjoyable, explosive combat and a fantastic visual style. The characters and story leave a lot to be desired but it’s a fun ride and a cool take on the World War II genre.
  6. The Saboteur is another victim of the hype fever that nowadays some titles in development use to suffer. The historical context is very appealing, aesthetics and artistic production are well worked and it's a hooking story. It's even an attractive proposal to mix different genres to create a personal style, but fails to make a fully enjoyable adventure.
  7. It's hard to imagine why anyone would opt for The Saboteur when they've got Assassin's Creed II as an alternative. Beyond its Parisian setting, The Saboteur fails to add any new ideas to the sandbox genre other than breasts.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 47
  2. Negative: 2 out of 47
  1. Pierre-MichelF
    Jan 10, 2010
    Fantastic game. Fun, entertaining and very long which add to the experience. Those who liked Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed will feel at home with the Saboteur. You can play at your own pace. Some missions are difficult and they require that you use common sense to complete them. If this game would wear a ROCKSTAR or UBISOFT crest, the ratings would be higher... Expand
  2. dmr30
    Dec 31, 2009
    This game has been highly underated. It is also huge I have now played for 20 hours and I have only finished 50% of the main missions and 20% of the freeplay goals. I just performed a mission in which I had to free a prisoner from a nazi prison and in order to do this I first stealth killed a soldier to get a nazi uniform, then I planted some explosive on a nazi vehicle and left it near the main entrance. Next I used a sniper rifle to clear the roof of guards and then used a rope to climb to the roof. I then killled a guard carrying a submachine gun with a suppressed hand gun and swapped out my sniper rifle for the submachine gun. I decided it was time to get loud and gunned down the two guards that were carrying flame throwers that were guarding the prisoner. The machine gun fire was heard and the alarm sounded and my cover was blown. I opened the prisoner cell, detonated the fuel tank which wiped out most of the guards on the front entrance and then sprinted to my pre-planted sports car escape vehicle with the prisoner and escaped to a area of the city which I had already liberated and which fought back against the Germans that were chasing me. I think that if this game gets any negative reviews the reviewer has not given it enough time to understand its nuances as it took me about 5 hours to realise the depth of options available with missions. Sorry to see Pandemic closed down after they release a game that is so great. Expand
  3. Nov 9, 2013
    This Game is Astonishing! i was so disappointed to find out that pandemic has shut their doors after the release of this game, this game is creative in its story and design, the plot is great!, Sean devlin is probably the most Funny,charming, rememberable character i have ever played as, The Graphics at the the time was ok', but despite that the gameplay overides that completely, its just plain Sandbox' FUN', smashing hit!, and i hope some game company can lift off from pandemic to make a sequel!! Expand
  4. Jacobw
    Dec 9, 2009
    The critics are totally wrong about the game, the story is great, graphics are ok but the gameplay is outstanding. While you played the first five missions or so you really get into it. Expand
  5. NickS
    Jan 1, 2010
    This is a game that not only compares favorably to some of the better GTA knock offs (CRACKDOWN) but in some aspects is as enjoyable as the GTA games. Great graphics, interesting missions and most of all addictive and FUN gameplay. Expand
  6. trophyhunter
    Dec 16, 2009
    The game was a very positive surprise - I went in not expecting much, but the game just pulled me in and wouldn't let go. Going by todays industry standards I was expecting the game to be a lot shorter, but in fact it has a deep main story with side missions to boost the play time even more. Plus the free-play will likely take ages to completely finish. I did encounter some glitches - like getting stuck inside a wall and having enemies respawn, but then again having more nazis to shoot at is not neccessarily a bad thing at all :) Expand
  7. Mar 2, 2014
    -open world, lots of stuff to do.

    Bad gameplay, slow climbing, stealth, cover doesn't work, difficulty spikes, tank controls
    are awkward.
    Bad graphics, this game does have a good art style, but it's often too dark, and once liberated the colours bring out the bad textures.
    Horrible voice acting, really irratating.
    Ridiculous story.

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