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  1. Apr 25, 2012
    Simply amazing, from start to end. The story and gameplay mechanics is what makes this game, and is a truly worthy addition to the TV series and Comic. Hopefully the following episodes will be just as good!
    However, one playthrough will last around 4-6 hours, but there are plenty of decisions to be made, which adds to replay value. 9/10
  2. Apr 25, 2012
    Episode 1: This game is totally different than any game I am used to and so I decided to try it. The main reason I gave it a go and many others is because it is Walking Dead related. I spent $20 on all five episodes and I do not regret it one bit. To me it was just like watching another episode on TV but this time I had to, solve problems, make hard choices and lead a group. It took me a little over 2 hours to finish the episode and it left me wanting more. I loved the graphics Telltale has chosen; it fits right in. The blood and gore is also amazing. I loved this episode and I cannot wait til the next is released. Walking Dead FTW! Expand
  3. Apr 27, 2012
    Let me get something out of the way first; for those who're expecting another zombie action game a la Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, save yourself the trouble, don't be an ass and just don't expect "The Walking Dead" to be like those games. Cos it's NOTHING like that. It's just something DIFFERENT and sometimes I think we just need a little difference.

    It's engaging from start to finish,
    your (mostly timed) choices will affect how other characters approach you, what they will say to you, and whether they will trust you. Cos honestly buddy, you're stuck in a **** of a zombie apocalypse and friends are just who you need. For those who have played Telltales' Back To The Future, it has the same mechanics but very polished this time. Combining 'move and click' style gameplay, added with dramatic set pieces and camera angles, TTG managed to tell the story with all guts and glory. Yes there are few QTE segments, but it's done right as it doesn't feel out of place. Mashing the button hasn't felt 'right' for some time now.

    Each of your choices determine how the story goes, and it's not a gimmick. It actually feels smooth and not at all scripted. That dynamic (which also affects the "Next on Walking Dead" preview cutscene at the end of the game) is the recipe of making you not putting the controller down.

    Timing it at 1-2 hours of gameplay, it's short, sweet, and is making me crave for the next 4 episodes. Kudos TTG! Can't wait for the next episode!

    P.S: Those who don't like story oriented games, can go continue playing L4D or RE and whine somewhere else.
  4. May 1, 2012
    The game tells the story of an inmate, Lee Everett, who is being transported to prison, but in the middle of the ride, on the freeway getting of Atlanta,, begins to see a strange movement of police cars racing to the city. While talking to the officer who guides the vehicle, an accident occurs that begins the story that will unfold in five episodes of the game.

    The story and character
    development are excellent, and really have a background with a deep depth pscicological theme.

    The game's graphics are very good, in a comic book in Cell-Shadded, style: in general the game have a good graphic detail in the style, but some details are bad with squared textures, but nothing to panic.

    The game sounds and music are perfect: the background music goes back to the show, flawless, the same can be said of voiceovers, all dialogues are dubbed, with good actors, like other games produced by Telltale.

    The gameplay is based on classic adventure games, of point-and-click: the latest example of it is the game Jurassic Park: The Game for Xbox 360. It is based on simple commands: one sees in the perspective of the character, or in third person, and using the analog to move left, while the right controls the cursor.

    With the cursor you search the environment and select objects of interest, and in these, the courses have a format of four arrows, one for each button control, which corresponds to a specific action to be performed (when possible), in that sense the game has the classic component of exploration, to continue the game, and to get more clues about the story and characterization of environments.

    The difference being, however, the games mentioned, is another fact: as the game involves zombies, and not static scenes, to fight them, using the same method (eg using the cursor, selecting the head of the zombie The clicks and quickly to kick it). The same applies to the dialogue: it has four options, one for each button on the Xbox 360, and one of the options bar at the bottom shows the time to answer (otherwise you stay silent).

    The game's story and some details of it are shaped by their responses or actions, because always when you respond or do something important, appears written on the top left, "Noted You / will remember your response / action.".

    The big problem, is the duration of the game: the chapters of this episode (they are 7), are very fast, are basically mini-acts in-game total ... in 4h minutes, knowing nothing of the scenarios you can end it.

    But in the general context, is an excellent game for XBLA, that goes for fans of The Walking Dead, and people who love classic style Adventures style point-and-Click, with attractive graphics and a great story - a great style comes back. My score: 8.6 / 10.0.
  5. Apr 25, 2012
    As an adaptation to the comic book series and to the TV series; Tell Tale Games sought to bring us a true to the mark Walking Dead Game. As in their fashion; this game is to be released in 5 episodes for THIS season they say. Many people are skeptical about this game due to the developers low point with the recently released Jurassic Park.

    Can Tell Tale rise above the critics and bring us
    a unique gem?

    STORY: Episode one of this continuing series introduces us to the character of Lee. You start off in a police car heading to prison for events you will later learn about. All around you; you begin to notice countless police cars, and choppers all heading towards Atlanta. Due to your knowledge of the series; it is obvious that s**t has hit the fan!

    You later encounter a little girl named Clementine who was left with a baby sitter while her parents are out of town. With nobody to care for her--you take her in and protect her with your life... You encounter familiar faces as well as new ones. Some will be friendly; others a huge pain! BUT it is all up to you on how that will play out. The game is HEAVILY choice centered, what you say and how you go about things will immediately effect the story. What makes this story so good is because of the well rounded characters, great voice acting, and facial expressions that pull off key emotions.

    Filled with emotion and atmosphere--Tell Tale has put together an near breathtaking adaptation to this beloved series. GRAPHICS: Yes, it is massively cell shaded. It may turn off some people who would rather have a realistic look than something that looks like a drawing. But despite the game looking like a pencil sketch; The Walking Dead is a looker! Details have been placed into the world and it creates an instantly engaging world surprisingly.

    But it does have its problems. Sometimes the scenes can become slightly choppy and animation frame rates can drop shortly. But it is a little quirk in one of Tell Tales most stable games yet. It may not be the most pretty thing in the world--but it does the job right.

    GAMEPLAY: This is NOT like a game of today. If you played an old point and click back in the 90s--then this game should bring back fond memories! It is an old style of play, but it works fantastically!

    You control the character with the left stick, and the cursor with the mouse. If you see a little blip in the environment; you click it to preform the action. It is the same way when you encounter walkers. EVER SINGLE MOMENT that you fight--it is a suspense filled, heart pounding, fight to survive as you ponder to yourself "will I make it in time," as you drag to cursor to the right spot.

    It all happens so fast--but it is highly engaging and rewarding when you come out on top... Another thing that is engaging is the dialogue. Like an RPG game; you choose what you say. BUT it is timed-and you may be thinking now "WTF, how can I choose to right one?"

    Well, the characters and so well made and the dialogue is well written that it will pretty much roll off of your tongue when it happens.
  6. May 4, 2012
    This game is great. I was weary going in, as most games based on tv shows aren't to great but this one is definitely an exception to that rule. The story in this game is stellar as well as the rich textured environments. The voice acting is spot on and the decisions you make in game really do feel like you are making an impact on the world you are playing in. Only warning I would give is that this is NOT AN ACTION GAME. It is a story driven game with a few spurts of action sure but the gameplay mechanics are not tailored for fighting or shooting. All in all I highly recommend this game to both fans of The Walking Dead and zombie fans alike. Hell for $5 bucks you can't go wrong even if you end up not liking it (but that won't happen). 10/10 Expand
  7. Apr 29, 2012
    Very impressed, well done Telltale. I didn't know what to expect going into this but having gotten half way through i must say that i find it compelling and hard to put down. Its well written and has superb cell shaded visuals. The last point and click game i played with such enthusiasm would have been one of the older Broken Sword games and this is just as enjoyable and an instant classic in my opinion. I'going to go finish it right now and eagerly await Episode 2. Expand
  8. Apr 29, 2012
    This is the perfect game. A perfect blend of horror, action, and drama. The storytelling is great and so is the gameplay and mechanics. What makes this game truly perfect is the ability to make the game yours with your own decisions that shape the game into whatever you want. What also is contributing to the reason i love this game is the fact that the storytelling is marvelous and keeps you hooked till the end. Cant wait for the next episodes! Expand
  9. Apr 28, 2012
    I can't stand point-and-click games, and the unimpressive script and limited conversation options in dialogue-driven games are the reason I avoid them. The Walking Dead, however, has put an exciting new spin on point-and-click, and the dialogue is excellent. There were a few times that I found myself wishing for less linear gameplay options, but it's very clear from the outset that this isn't a game as much as it's an interactive animation. And as such, it's a huge success. It's great to see a game based on traditional media that can actually stand on its own - this would have been just as entertaining without The Walking Dead branding. Collapse
  10. Apr 30, 2012
    I have played many point-and-click and many zombie games before, but this is the first time I see someone mix both ideas and come up with such a fun game design concept.

    I actually felt like I was the character, and the action sequences become way more tense, in a survival horror way, because you have to select your target or the weapon before attacking. The only problem I had with my
    roleplaying was the fact that I did not know everything about my character, so some questions made to my character made me wonder what was the truth.

    This game is a great value for such nice content. I took about 3 hours while exploring everything!
  11. Apr 27, 2012
    The revolution that the Point & Click Adventure genre has been in desperate need of. As a fan of the graphic novels (and a person disappointed with the direction they've taken the subject matter in the show) I can say that I am very pleased at the return to form presented in this game. Some people will gripe (as has already been demonstrated) that it is not a shooter, or an free roaming, open world game. This is because they either dislike the classic point and click adventure games (Sam & Max, Monkey Island Franchise, Loom), or they've simply never played them. The puzzles in the game are less challenging in this title than the other franchises I mentioned, but it keep the pace moving at a steady (and tense) clip. I highly recommend this Episode (and probably the whole series) to anyone who is a fan of either Point & Click Adventure titles or the Graphic Novels. For the rest of you, there are the MW3's and Mass Effects to keep you busy (but you're missing out on a gripping and novel gaming experience). Yes there are Quick Time Events, but they are done so expertly, that each one seems to have you making it through by the skin of your teeth. There is nothing quite like having to kick a zombie in the face while scrambling backwards and desperately searching for anything you can use to beat it to death. The gore is excellently done and every featured zombie is unique and well crafted. In summation, if the Episodes continue to be this length, you're going to get 20+ hours out of it. Given the gravity of the choices so far, the excellent character development and all the possible alternative outcomes, I can't thin of a better way to spend $20. Expand
  12. Apr 25, 2012
    Achei realmente interessante o jogo, desde o começo analisei ele com maior carinho pois não sei quem disse que jogo de zumbi tem que ser shooter. Gosto da mecanica, gosto da tensão, da história não vou nem comentar, Walking Dead é interessantíssimo vale a pena conferir, mas não entre no jogo achando que você é um semi deus da violência e que com uma pistola na sua mão vc salvará a raça humana. Não vejo a hora de pegar o 2. Expand
  13. May 7, 2012
    First off, you can't go into The Walking Dead expecting wall-to-wall action like in most zombie games today. Rather, it's a character-driven choose your own adventure story. I want to emphasize the word STORY here because that is its real strength. It has more in common with the comic books than with the TV show, but fans of either will enjoy the game because it reflects Robert Kirkman's terrific writing. You play as a new character with his own motivations who interacts with other characters who are just as interesting (not to mention a few cameos from some series regulars). The game forces you to make quick decisions that can mean the difference between life or death and whether or not others will trust you in the future. Characters remember your actions, lies, contradictions, and loyalties, and I'm eager to see how these play out in coming episodes. Once you make a decision, you have to live with it. A lot of it is gut instinct and I like seeing how I might respond when under pressure if zombies ever take over the world.

    I loved my first play-through and it only takes a couple of hours to finish depending on how obsessive you want to get clicking on everything. I hope that they continue to keep up the fun in the next episode.
  14. Apr 29, 2012
    The 360 version, being an XBLA title, comes with a trial. Play through it to make sure you're ok with the lack of a Dead Rising style zombie killfest, as this is definitely more about story telling, character building and emotion. Just a warning incase the lack of a zombie kill counter didn't tip you off.

    The visual style is love-it-or-hate-it - personally, I like the unique comic look
    of the game, but there are a few noticable 'edges' that don't really fit in and the outside areas have a mass of blur instead of a detailed landscape, but overall, it works. Everything is cartoonish enough to look unique and suitably comic-booky, but realistic enough to pack a (frightening) punch.

    The pacing feels similar to the tv show - there are quiet times where you talk to the other characters, perhaps bonding with them through the branching conversation system, and they'll react to your choices, either then or at a later date. Other times, it is a frantic affair when a walker has you in their sights. The art style allows the game to be a lot more violent than if it was photorealistic, but the zombie apocalypse clearly takes a physical and emotional toll on the characters.

    Some of the gameplay elements feel forced, because they are. One character struggles with a radio. Turns out they hadn't check if it had batteries. Handing batteries over doesn't end this sidequest! The incompetent dolt can't put them in the right way around. There's another point where, for reasons I won't go into for story spoilers, you need to prove a zombie worked at a pharmacy so you have due cause to go out into the street (and potentially into walker-related danger) to see if the zombie has the keys to the back room. Said zombie wearing the UNIFORM with an ID BADGE of an employee doesn't seem to be enough for the gate guard. Another point had me choose between two people. Turns out that whatever happens, the same person dies.

    These moments are weak links in what is otherwise a very compelling, personalised game. If you play with the standard HUD, the game tells you when a character makes note of what you said, be it aggressive behaviour or a polite interest in their back story. Playing with the HUD off makes for a more cinematic experience, but then you aren't told what your can/can't interact with from a distance. This is made more difficult due to the controls. The left stick moves your character, the right controls a cursor and the face buttons choose how to interact with what the cursor is currently floating over. Naturally, with no camera controls, this can make certain parts harder than they should be, but it works overall.

    One final flaw - I don't know when Episode 2 is out. The ending was a cliffhanger (as you'd expect from Episode 1 of a five episode series...) and I really want to know what happens next to my character, as well as what happened before the game started. The phrase, "It's complicated..." was thrown around a fair bit with regards to the main character's chequered past. You get a 'Next Episode...' summary of what to expect which highlights how some of your Episode 1 choices have been interpreted by the other characters.

    For 400MSP, this was a bargain. A couple of hours worth of gameplay, a great story, unique controls and a refreshing take on zombie survival make me very excited for the next part of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead.
  15. May 7, 2012
    A really smart, innovative and interactive story that is affected by your choices. A formula like this adds up to interesting results which keeps you hooked until the end of each episode. For $5/per episode, this is definitely a must buy if you like controlling your own narrative.
  16. Jul 6, 2012
    If you are looking for killing zombies, this game is definitelynot for you. It's not Left 4 Dead 2, not Dead Island, not even something like that. Game is gonna be totally classic. One of the best game I have ever played. You feel like It's a real life, even through graphics like comics. If you are interested in zombie apocalypse and human relations and surviving in that period, this game is for you. Expand
  17. Apr 27, 2012
    Looking for a Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, etc. clone? Look elsewhere. These are all great games, but it is not the only way to properly do a zombie game. This game is that different way--it is much more focused on the story, interaction with characters, making decisions, etc. The art and music fit together nicely to set up a very emotional experience. The characters are believable with decent voice acting. If you are an action junky looking to blast the walking dead or dismember monsters you should probably pass (though on Xbox you can a trial for free so give it a try). If you are interested in a good story and character interaction, you should definitely give The Walking Dead a try--good chance that you'll find it to your liking. Expand
  18. Apr 25, 2012
    Extremely Boring Quick Time Event Game!
    Sadly as with Jurassic Park, all you get here is some Quick Time Events, that leave you wishing you really controlled your character. You also have to choose your responses in a timely manner before the timer runs out, as well as mash the button repeatedly to fight, and then to deliver a final blow, hit the right button just once!

    This is not L4D
    at all! You really have no control, other then predetermined walking, and picking some predetermined comments to characters. Players, these days, really do prefer to control their characters and have real options when in battle, sadly this is not the case with this game. It is a throw back to the 80's when we had point and click adventures, such as "Leisure Suit Larry". So you will find yourself clicking and watching, clicking and watching, and really nothing more.

    No Camera Control can lead you into blind spots. It also may appear you have a sandbox to play in, but sadly movement truly is really right to left or left to right.

    Artwork, comes off very comic book which is nice for this type of game, and the music is moody enough. Facial Animations can be a bit strange at time, and responses to questions don't always make sense, and leave you wondering what just happened. Also you may think you have a Sandbox, but you don't.

    Sadly this game could have been a nice tie in to the Comic, if it would have allowed for true openness as well as true control of your Character, but it does not. If you are in the mood for more of a Click the Comic Book kind of game then you may enjoy this, Sadly for the rest of us, the flaws and lack of true control make this a game to pass on, certainly at a price of $5.00 a chapter, or even the discounted price for a season pass is not enough!

  19. May 14, 2012
    This game surprised me as I thought it would be in the same vein as Monkey Island, it's more in keeping with Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecies as you're a virtual passenger in terms of gameplay though with point and click. The brilliantly under-rated Deadly Premonition had a truly unforgettable story, this is good and a bold direction in terms of gaming. Though the different episodes are a clinical cash in, it's credit to Telltale that good things are being said of TWDE1. And (as Metacritic asked us, the users recently) I'm fed up of trolls who post when they BLATANTLY haven't played the game, and of users who can't review games properly ie decimal points for goodness sake. And anyone notice Edge magazine marking good/average games down and terrible games up? As they say, money talks! Expand
  20. rhe
    Jun 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I felt like the game was really brilliant with an excellent cast of really human characters and a fantastic opening story that leaves you questioning your choices which will open up opportunities for part 2 of the game. However, i only gave this game an 8 because first of all the game felt way too short for the asking price of 800 msp (hell I got it for half price and i still felt it was too short for the price i paid!) because for one whole play-through it it took me about 1-2 hrs and no matter how you cut it that's just too short for 800 (or even 400) msp. Furthermore, some of the choices seemed to be covered in a veneer of supposed choice but always really took you along the same root in the story,
    SPOILERS: for example, when you can choose to save Duck or Shaun really its just about who you choose because in the end Shaun will always end up dying or when you meet the bitten women at the motor inn and she asks for the news reporters gun to shoot herself even if you choose not to give it to her she will still get the gun and shoot herself anyway. These things tend to get in the way of making the game feel truly like a choice-based experience and make it feel like a linear (but excellently well executed) story. That is why overall this game got an 8 because its biggest problem which was that it felt a little linear but even with that i felt that this was a fantastic game that could have tons of replay value in the foreseeable future (which probably undermines my first criticism) just so you can see the effects of your speech in later games.
  21. Apr 29, 2012
    I'm positively surprised by the impact this game had for me. It has a new and fun gameplay. What I especially liked was the involvement you have on the story. Your choices matter and you realy care about the characters around you. Be warned though, don't come looking for a shooter like Left for Dead... this game is more an interactive story... Just one technical issue, sometimes it shows hickups while saving or loading a new area, but this doesn't interrupt the great experience you'll get from playing this game. If all episodes are like this... it'll be one great ride! Expand
  22. Jun 2, 2012
    Kind of interactive, quite short zombie comic with no replay value. Watch the trailers and you get an idea of what to expect and - in terms of game play and interaction - NOT to expect from the series. 2 hours video for 400 MS points - you to decide.
  23. Oct 6, 2012
    Usually games based off tv shows or movies are horrible but this one is worth a try.For Xbox 360 you may notice if something big happens it freezes for like 5 seconds and saves.Their are a few bugs and glitches like on episode 3 when Katjaa is holding duck he might be invisible.But if the bugs is just something that doesnt effect the gameplay it is worth a try.This is also probably the most successful telltale game out there. Expand
  24. Aug 21, 2013
    A great start to the series with some really interesting characters. The urgency of a world infested with the undead is instantly imposed on the gamer with the use of QTEs and having to choose conversation options within a defined time-limit. Some may find the puzzles too easy, but this is more about the journey, the characters and the story. Treat it as an interactive story and you won't be disappointed. Some decisions are truely heart-wrenching and have long-standing consequences throughout season 1. Expand
  25. May 1, 2012
    Never has a licensed game so perfectly embodied the original in both content and mood. I was first introduced to the Walking Dead when the show debuted, and recently I have begun reading the comics (on #90 now) and so far I was blown away. The show was great but after reading the comics it pales in comparison, now this game fits neatly in-between the two. Like the comics, the game will be released in short episodes every month, with five episodes in total. The game takes place during the early days of the outbreak while Rick Grimes, the main character of both the show and comics, is still in a coma. It stars a new character Lee Everett and is an entirely new story. I won't get into the story itself (you can read that anywhere) so I'll just begin with how the story works in relation to the game.

    I downloaded the game and beat it the day it came out, and then I played it again. Its a great combination of story and (gameplay isn't exactly the right term) interactivity. All the characters are instantly fun and relatable, I've never been so invested in a game in the first two hours as emotionally as I am with this. Players truly feel the weight of their decisions, whether small or large, immediately. Many of the choices you make in this first installment only get you acquainted with the game mechanics and set up the story for future episodes. As for this games appearance, when I first saw the colorful, cell-shaded screen shots I was worried that the visuals would set the wrong tone for such a dark and depressing universe, but I am happy to say that I was dead wrong. The eye-popping colors and visuals are a beautiful juxtaposition to the actual eye-popping and violence. The characters faces are unique and extremely expressive. There is more meaning in what the characters don't say, than what they do. One issue I have with the visuals is their tendencies to jump. People and objects tend to stutter from one place to another in brief cuts in the cinematic. This problem is brief and few and far between but still noticeable. As for the gameplay, action adventure is a very inaccurate term (more just adventure) and calling this game "point-and-click" doesn't do it justice either. During the main gameplay the player controls the main character with the left thumb stick, and a cursor with the right. When the cursor is placed on top of an object the player is given up to four different options to interact with it that are mapped to the face buttons of the controller. During action scenes the player must frantically find somewhere to place the cursor and hit the correct button to escape/fight. These interactions are often heart pounding and followed by a powerful feeling of accomplishment when successful (and you won't always will be). Most of these events are also NOT quick time events or QTEs. In fact there are very few of those, I only noticed three but they were very effective. With that said, this is not an action game, its about interacting with the environment and with other characters.

    All and all this is a fantastic game, especially to fans of either the comics, or of smart, emotional, story driven games that make players think and feel as much as they act. I not only cannot wait for the next episode, I'm already looking to the future hoping this game will be continued after the five episodes have concluded by October.
  26. May 1, 2012
    I have already gone through episode 1 twice, each lasting about 2 to 3 hours worth of "game play". Please note, this is not a "run and gun" zombies game. This is more of a "choose your own adventure" gameplay style. In the course of the game, I believe the zombie death count you deal is about 8. If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then you know that you try to avoid zombie encounters, not encourage them. This game is no different. No guns a'blazing (loud sounds attract them) or anything like that. It's a game that will make you think and react. A neat little gimmick at the end of the game shows you what will be happening in Part II....depending on your actions and who you decided to save during the course of the first episode. It is definitely a game you'll want to play more than once, as the multiple choices you are given shape the game in different directions. Expand
  27. May 16, 2012
    Episode 1 surprised me. Instead of being another mindless shooter, the developers have created what could be viewed as a thinking man's zombie apocalypse simulator. If you want to experience the psychological tension you always see in the movies this is a great game. The decisions you make while interacting with characters and deciding how trustworthy they are really adds an interesting dynamic to this title. The story is great and the art style is an interesting comic book type. If you want something unique I highly recommend this game. Expand
  28. Sep 20, 2013
    What The Walking Dead: Episode 1- A New Day lacks in game play it makes up for in story and player decisions that impact episodes to come. This isn't to say the game play isn't good; it's great but is more focused on dialogue and quick, vital decisions. The story is engaging and is as good as (if not better) then the TV show. Each episode is $5 which isn't too much but each episode won't take you more than a few hours to complete. The voice-acting is excellent and the cut scenes are very involving. The visuals have a comic book-esque look to them and work quite well aside from the sometimes clunky facial animations during dialogue. It's not perfect but has me wanted to play more and I am definitely excited to play the rest of the episodes! Expand
  29. Jun 20, 2012
    Great game, characters are all interesting and fleshed out. The story is that nice blend of good story, good mechanics and well thought out characters, really looking forward to seeing how the story develops in later episodes

    The games short, but its an episode, taking about 3-4 hours. Still it's cheaper than a pint and a solid experience.
  30. May 4, 2012
    I was taken by surprise by The Walking Dead game. After Jurassic Park, I wasn't too confident in Telltale's ability to make "serious" games, but the Walking Dead is a triumph.

    Story: This is only part 1 of a 5 part series, so the story's only getting started, but what's here is great. By the end of its 4 hour run, I really like Lee and the other characters. The story had a good mix of
    excitement and genuine emotion.

    Gameplay: Telltale Games isn't exactly known for their action heavy gameplay, but it's handled nicely here. Even though it's not quite Left 4 Dead, you still involved in the action.

    Graphics: The game goes with a cool comic-book style approach to visuals, and it works well. As usual for Telltale's games, the graphics stutter a bit here and there, but not nearly as some of their other games.

    Sound: The voice acting is pretty top notch, as are most of the sound effects. However, what really surprised me was the music. At times, it really racked up the tension and emotion. I was impressed.

    Overall: This was a great start to the series, and a step forward for Telltale Games in general. I'm really excited to play the rest of the series, and even if you"ve barely heard of The Walking Dead, I highly suggest this game

  31. Oct 20, 2012
    First off this not the sought of game I would play, however after being persuaded by a friend and watching the TV series I gave it a go; and to be honest since then I am hooked. What it lacks in game play, Telltale makes up for in excellent story-telling, real moral choices and a well crafted setting with polished characters that affect nearly every dynamic of the game. I personally admire the decision to release the game in an 'episodic format' as well; it stops many people rushing to complete it and realise they should of taken it more slowly. What this format does it make people hungry for more, and also appreciate the game better as a result. Episode 1 - A New Day is a welcome addition to The Walking Dead Franchise; it intergrates nicely into the context of the universe. While the story in Episode 1 may not be as heart pounding as later episodes it does do a good job in introducing the choice & consequence system and the characters themselves Expand
  32. May 8, 2012
    More games need to be like this. I love that there is a time limit to the questions you have to answer. Instead of trying to make a well thought out calculated answer that will make your character look good, you have to make decisions in just a matter of seconds. I really enjoy all the characters, especially the main protagonist and I am invested in everything that he is doing and actually care about the outcomes of his choices. Also, i thought it was awesome that Glenn was wearing a Hieroglyphics (band) shirt, and apparently he wore it in the comic books too. I enjoyed this game very much and I can't wait to play the next episodes to come. Expand
  33. May 6, 2012
    Much like the Back To The Future episodic game, The Walking Dead plays much the same. It utilizes the same "Move and Click" mechanics that the BTTF game had, and for the first time in a long time, has quick time events that fit, and feel right. As well as that, the game states that your actions actually have impact on the game world. This rings true on more levels then the major choices like choosing who to save, as how you talk to people impacts how they in turn will react to you, and from the "preview" of how your experience of the second episode will likely turn out, many minor choices do have impact. The art design is meant to look like everything was drawn in a comic book, and for the most part, besides trees off in the distance, works quite nicely. The sounds, and music are also well done, and a lot of the music is recognizable from the actual TV show.
    Speaking of the TV show, and Comic books, the game has clear connections to both in its inspiration, and in the physical events that take place in the game, meeting characters that are actually in the TV show, and drawing absolutes in the timeline of what happens in the show.
    All in all, an excellently well done first installment of five, and a refreshing take on many old game mechanics since criticized for their use in other games (quick time events being a great example of this). All of the characters are characterized quite well, and the game itself is very well written.
    The only negative I can think of is having to wait for the next installment to keep playing.
  34. Aug 30, 2012
    As a fan of both the comics and the TV show I picked this title up as soon as it was released. You play as Lee Everett, a teacher in Atlanta who is on his way to prison after committing a murder. On the way there your transport crashes and you awake to find yourself surrounded by the living dead. Rescued by a little girl named Clementine, both of you set off to find shelter and meet up with some new folks along the way. However it seems that even the end of the world cant hide Lee's past and its up to you to decide his future.
    The game looks like the comic books which is very nice and artistically unique, the only problems I encountered with the game are the occasional sound issues such as the hectic finale becoming overly distorted and sometimes cutting out completely but its nothing that ruins the game.
  35. Jun 3, 2012
    i love this game best game ever only thing is it not like what i thought it be going out killing zombie this more like how to survive in zombie holocaust
  36. May 2, 2012
    A great return to the old time Point and Click games - Telltale has done this before, but with games that didn't get the public atention as much as this one. If you like Monkey Island and other, get it!
  37. May 9, 2012
    This was a fun and entertaining game fragment. The controls are a little clunky but the value of the story more than makes up for any shortcomings perceived. I wish the characters were voiced by the original actors, besides that I can not wait for the next installment. Well worth the five dollar price.
  38. Apr 28, 2012
    As a big Walking Dead fan, I was skeptical when the first set of gameplay for the game released. Fortunately, the game far surpassed my expectations. "The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day" is not only a truly badass point-and-click, but also completely captures the atmosphere, exposition, and gruesome zombie-killing originally set by The Walking Dead. However, if you only play zombie games like Left 4 Dead for the brutal action, beware. "The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day" feeds off the story, as the choices you make when interacting with certain characters will overall affect the way the story plays out. Action is somewhat present in the game, but is not something a consumer should alone purchase it for. The game grips you, immerses you, and doesn't let you go. I have very few complaints, which are only that the game stutters every now and then, sometimes the character animations don't quite go well with what they are saying, and the game is short (a little over 2 hours. But hey, for five dollars, you can't really complain with a product as good as this). Nevertheless, I was very impressed by this execution from Telltale Games. Nearly everything about the game was executed well: The graphics and lighting are awesome, the interface works perfectly, the sound and voice acting are incredible, and the gameplay is intriguing and memorable. I will without a doubt be returning for each of the four remaining episodes as they debut over the rest of the year. At just $5, "The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day" is something every dedicated zombie fan deserves to try out atleast once. Expand
  39. Apr 29, 2012
    An exceptional first episode for the TellTale series. Heavily story and decision based, The Walking Dead is no ordinary zombie game. Upon finishing episode 1 I went back to Left 4 Dead, and it was not the same. The Walking Dead makes each zombie kill so meaningful and memorable, that blasting the the hoard in L4D had lost nearly all meaning. For those who are looking for a strong narrative, this is the adventure for you! Expand
  40. May 2, 2012
    The Walking Dead combines intense decision making with very human characters to craft an adventure game that will draw you in and leave you anxiously awaiting the coming chapters. Based on the mythos of the graphic novels and TV show of the same name, The Walking Dead: Part I- A New Day centers on new protagonist, Lee Everett. As the game begins, Lee is traveling in the back of a police cruiser imprisoned for a crime he may, or may not, have committed. This tight, intimate introduction to a man at what is likely the lowest point of his life serves to immediately connect the player to his/her on screen avatar. This link between the player and Lee can largely be credited for the gameâ Expand
  41. May 3, 2012
    A very enjoyable game. Having never played any type of point and click adventure or any previous Tell Tale game i really didn't know what to except or whether i would like it. The controls were perfect - not too intuitive to make getting an item seem too easy when a zombie is gnawing its way towards you nor too complicated allowing the player to focus on the story and the primary game play -decision making. The game has atmosphere and story and i was really happy with that. Everything else has been said in previous review - just wanted to add to the support for the game ! Bring on Episode Two.. Expand
  42. May 7, 2012
    This is a breath of fresh air among a sea of derivative zombie shooter games. The focus is placed firmly on character relationships (as is to be expected of all the strongest zombie fiction like Romero's classic movies Night of the Living Dead, etc.). The game forces you into some tricky situations in which you must make truly difficult on-the-spot decisions.

    The action sequences are
    admittedly somewhat shallow (the rarely go beyond a typical QTE sequence) but they create tense horror experiences that remind you what's ultimately at stake.

    The art and animation do the job well enough (just don't look at any of the trees). I'm always surprised at how little work Telltale seem to put into the visuals, but at the end of the day it's not the main attraction here and they're really just a tool used to tell an interesting story, which this game does very well.

    Very much looking forward to the next episode!
  43. May 22, 2012
    If you like the Walking Dead series you will love this adventure! The cell-shading look fits perfect to this title and the gore-effects look cool. The story-telling is amazing and the gameplay simply impressive... I want Episode 2... Nooooooow!!!!! xD
  44. Jun 20, 2012
    I never was one for comic books, nor was I one for point and click adventures, but why does the Walking Dead offer me both of these aspects, and deliver on each? For a lover of the comic books of 'The Walking Dead', Telltale games delivers a well deserved video game depiction of the universe. What truly appealed to me was it felt more like the comic than it did the television show. Some argue the television show is surprising and goes dark places but in comparison to the comic, it's a children's show! The game offered a point and click adventure with a new character in the same surroundings and situations of the tv show and the comic. I played the game through in two sittings and instantly game to the conclusion, 'I want more.' I have been checking every two to three days for the second part. It's not often that will happen. I was delighted to see it retail for 400 microsoft points, cheap by all standards. If you like the show, its worth a try. If you like the comics, it's a must. Don't expect you're typical zombie survival, but do expect yourself trying to survive. Expand
  45. Nov 21, 2012
    I am writing this review meaning to encompass all five episodes.
    This is very different to any game I have played before, I guess it could be called 2012's answer to the adventure game genre and is certainly the nearest anyone has got to the 'interactive movie' type game that people tried to make back in Sega CD days. There is no 'skill' involved, every player should be able to reach the
    end of the game, but the question is WHICH ending! I was stuck squirming as some decisions are really difficult to make, even though it is a video game! This game made me really care about the characters, and at the end of the game my eyes stung. A really good touch is that at the end of each episode the game tells you how many other players in the world made the same choices that you did through the episode, there is re-play value to see what different choices do. Things the player says are important as NPC remember what they see and actions will have repercussions! For fans of character and story driven games. Expand
  46. Jun 30, 2012
    This is a very unique game based on the Walking Dead comics which focuses on it's story and character development, the game has a comic book style look which suits the game well.
    What I like about this game is the choices you can make in dialogue sections, which can effect how the game plays out making each playthrough a unique experience.
    Is the perfect blend between horror, drama and
    action and is a must for fans of the walking dead. 9/10 Expand
  47. Feb 5, 2014
    A well adapted episode from The Walking Dead, good dialogues, hard choices to make, Clementine is the brightness of the all game.
    Choices to make, very good dialogues, well adapted from the comics, some good puzzles, Clementine.
    Lee's dead eyes look, just few characters from the comics appear, the stupid radio puzzle.
  48. Oct 11, 2012
    The Walking Dead was a different style of game than I had in mind. I don't know if this is the right way to frame it but the 3d point and click adventure style is intriguing and frustrating at the same time. Movement throughout the environment feels a little clunky and the frequent freezes don't really help. The pointer being mapped to the stick that uses the finger that also clicks the buttons to make choices doesn't feel quite right and took some getting used to. The second aspect that initially pops is the art style; I like it, and mainly because it is different. It doesn't look like any other game and along with a seemingly unique gameplay mechanic The Walking Dead really stands out. The story was definitely the driving force in this game; however, I didn't really find it great. I thought that while the storyline is well written it wasn't overly exciting. Maybe I'll have a different perspective on this once I've played the other parts of the story as episode one may just be the character development. I'm going to play episode two as a tester to see if I want to keep going as I don't know if one was enough to base that decision on. Expand
  49. Mar 2, 2014
    Although this episode doesn't rank as well next to the later ones it's still a fantastic starting point for the series. It does a good job with the tone and the characters and setting up players for the rest of the harrowing adventure to come.
  50. Apr 28, 2012
    I can't stand point-and-click games, and the unimpressive script and limited conversation options in dialogue-driven games are the reason I avoid them. The Walking Dead, however, has put an exciting new spin on point-and-click, and the dialogue is excellent. There were a few times that I found myself wishing for less linear gameplay options, but it's very clear from the outset that this isn't a game as much as it's an interactive animation. And as such, it's a huge success. It's great to see a game based on traditional media that can actually stand on its own - this would have been just as entertaining without The Walking Dead branding. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
  1. Jun 19, 2012
    A dark and serious take on an otherwise oversaturated genre. [Issue#86, p.102]
  2. May 28, 2012
    A superbly shocking adaptation that drags the point 'n' click genre into the spotlight. [July 2012, p.84]
  3. May 24, 2012
    Like Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, this is short, and is going for 400 points, which is barely anything. It's not so long that you get bored, and it's not so short that you feel robbed with the cost, unlike a full retail game which can outstay its welcome. The Walking Dead Episode One is a great experience which makes an overused genre interesting once more and tells a nice tale along the way. Hopefully the next episodes can keep the momentum going.