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  • Summary: Episode 3 of a 5-part game series set in Robert Kirkman’s universe. Treachery within the group leads to a devastating series of events. Will the tough choices you made in episodes one and two come back to haunt you or prove to be worthwhile decisions?
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 16
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  1. Sep 4, 2012
    If you've been on board with the game up to this point, Episode 3 will fail to disappoint. It's another excellent entry in what is easily shaping up to be Telltale's best work yet, and there's no reason to stop playing the series now.
  2. Lee is the best protagonist we've seen in years, and his relationship with the group continues to fascinate. Delicate, thoughtful, and unreservedly brutal - The Walking Dead is one of the most mature gaming experiences that money can buy. This is the most exciting game of 2012, and you won't even find it sitting on shelves. Hop onto Xbox Live and buy it immediately, before we're forced to destroy your head and/or brains.
  3. Aug 30, 2012
    If you care about The Walking Dead, zombie games, or just spectacular storytelling, The Long Road Ahead will hook you to this series if you weren't already. And if you were hooked to begin with, then you're like me probably, begging Telltale to get on it and release the next episode already!
  4. Sep 27, 2012
    Now that Telltale has captured my attention with this entry, they've got the difficult task of keeping it. This episode is so full of smart character moments and interactions it seems impossible for them to continue it any further, but we'll just have to see what they have in store for us next. Of course it's a lot of pressure to keep the momentum going, but the series is starting to look more cohesive and it feels like it's actually going somewhere, which I appreciate after the second episode felt so aimless and one-off. For the first time since it started, though, I'm looking forward to the next entry in this series, and can't wait to see what happens.
  5. 89
    Much like the previous two episodes, The Walking Dead: Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead is a fascinating tale of survival and is filled with more gut wrenching decisions.
  6. Sep 5, 2012
    After two successful episodes, you truly start to care for Lee and Clementine. The events of Long Road Ahead are therefore hard to process but make an even greater impact than any of the other episodes. This is without a doubt the best episode so far!
  7. Aug 30, 2012
    The team at Telltale Games have done an incredible job keeping the series fresh, and they don't look like they're going to rest on their laurels anytime soon.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 12
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 12
  3. Negative: 1 out of 12
  1. Sep 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This episode was pure video game brilliance. The characters are so brilliantly written that they'll make you feel real emotion. When Carly was killed by Lilly, I was just overwhelmed with anger and left Lilly to die but then when Carly's death sank in I was genuinely depressed. It's a weird felling when you feel proper emotion for people you know are fictional. I felt so depressed after this episode that I deeply regretted ever buying it but at the same time I can't wait for the next one. Highly recommended. 10/10. Expand
  2. Oct 12, 2013
    The third episode not only proves to do the previous episode justice, but it many ways surpasses it as decisions become increasingly harder with more impactful consequences. The story is also as strong as before with a slightly longer playtime and more tension. The Walking Dead does not disappoint one bit with this third entry in one of the best story-based videogames out there. Expand
  3. May 20, 2013
    Episode 1 was great, and episode was really good! So will Episode 3 rise or die? Well I can say episode 3 was amazing! Episode 3 really impressed me. So much emotion over your fellow survivers like I never thought would be possible in a video game. This episode makes you decide if you like or hate your survivers. Story is told so well. Only bad thing is the amount of ti, es it froze on me, really annoying. Overall Telltale is just making the episodes better and better, and can't wait to get more microsoft points to buy the next episode. The Walking Dead: Episode 3- Long Road Ahead 9.1/10 Expand
  4. Oct 1, 2012
    Telltale seems to make each episode better and better. With superb voice acting, fun gameplay, and an unforgettable story, this is definitely worth the money. The twists and turns in the plot keep you absolutely addicted. Personality, I probably wont come back to reply it any time soon, but even as a one time run of this game, it is more than worth the money. The occasional freeze and strange controls are the only downside, but is more than made up for with the dialogue choices and amazing storytelling. This game is definitely worth your money. Keep it up TellTale! Expand
  5. Aug 21, 2013
    This was one of my favourite episodes of season 1 of The Walking Dead. The tension between the characters and the shocking events that follow really takes the player along on a rollercoaster ride. I don't remember a game in recent memory that has been so successful in making me feel for the characters involved. I should quickly congratulate the voice-actors who have done a fantastic job in making the game more believable. I also thought the puzzles were at their best in this episode. Another thing I like about The Walking Dead games is that there is very rarely a "perfect answer" to many situations you HAVE to choose between various options which may mean losing a group member that you have become fond of. Also, intense situations can lead to tragedy, heat-of-the-moment decisions are made by certain characters that will have important ramifications later in the story. Expand
  6. Sep 2, 2012
    Honestly, if this doesn't deserve an almost perfect review, then I don't know what does. The story is literally incredible. Every 5 minutes something you completely don't expect happens. Everything is right. There's so much to write about the game, but simply put... it has to be the best I've ever played. If you expect to play this episode over two, maybe three days, it's not gonna happen. You're going to be glued to the seat until the very end. The only thing that stopped me from giving it 10/10 is the fact that it's so short. I easily could've been playing this for 6 hours non stop. Great overall. Expand
  7. Sep 3, 2012
    I really wanted to like this game because it`s definitely different. But a handful of glitches in a three hours episode (including a severe one which leads to a number of re-starts from the last saving point) killed my sympathy - plus the fact, that you can`t change the storyline with the decisions you make. All you get at the end are slightly different dialogues. Will think twice if I want to spend additional money and time into the next episodes. Collapse

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