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  1. Apr 18, 2012
    @Dacai: you didn't take into account that 1) in some regions this game was available from the 14th of April and 2) there are quite a few people who bought it on xbox who played it on pc before, thus they ARE able to give an in-depth review after just a day of playing. Please remove your unfair score and make a review only after you have actually played the game. My review: Marvellous story, where your decisions really matter. Gorgeous graphics. Intensive gameplay. Solid voice acting. Original and captivating music. The Witcher 2 has all that and much more. Expand
  2. Apr 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Witcher 2 does what Dragon Age 2 should have done to DA1 aswell. Namely, making a great RPG even greater. You don't have to bump down a RPG when you add a realtime action combat system. You don't have to recycle the same locations all the freaking time. You don't have to make the game look cartoony and much much much easyer. Bioware look at the real pro's cause CD Projekt whooped your butt there. Yes Witcher 2 is hard on medium difficulty. But its so satisfying when you defeat that boss or group of thugs. You really have to find a patern and adjust to it. Potions are a must. Making sure you got the right gear is a must. But unlike other games i haven't found it frustrating yet. Although i had to peek how to defeat the swamp monster cause the entire game you can't just jump on obstacles just like that and suddenly you have to without me knowing you could...died there allot of time dodging what he trew at me before i knew how to progress, then it was easy. XD Expand
  3. Apr 17, 2012
    Best game in my life :) Great storyline, so beautifull world created by Andrzej Sapkowski in his novels, satisfactory fight and nowhere to be seen such great voice acting !
  4. Apr 17, 2012
    "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings" is an Action-RPG with a dense plot and faster action, but that needs to be planned, addressing several controversial issues and complex gameplay, that have various levels of customization.

    Many people likes to compare the game to another RPG, Skyrim, but that doesn't apply, because they are different genres of RPG (although I like more the freedom of
    the first), this game would be more comparable with Dragon Age I / II style, to who does not know the game (I did not know it before).

    The opening it is very bloody and with great graphics, and in the gameplay this realistic look is maintained... I just noticed that in some transitions, or in some textures of distant elements / effects, sometimes we see some pixels while the game get a visual focus, but nothing to worry about.

    I wish that we had some minor details: when playing, you have virtual boundaries of the scenarios, for example fumbling the plants (they are static), or the mouth of the NPC scenario moving when that talk, but, as I said, they are minor things that hopefully can clean up a fix. In general, all the graphics in most cut-scenes use the game engine, and are very realistic.

    The songs are epic orchestrated, well suited to the game, and without any criticism - do the dubbing, which is perfectly well acted, and the main dialogs all have voices.

    Just noticed that sometimes varying the position of the camera, the characters voices are weaker (like a distance effect) or suffer interference from other local sounds (eg wind), which makes it temporarily too low - which does not cease to be realistic, but sometimes annoying.

    Get ready for complex dialogs, because the story itself is based on books: there is much to read, and discover the main quest and side- quests, and there is blood, sex and violence in the script!

    At this point it surpasses from far the "shock" images / themes of Dragon Age as well: here is something much more explicit, either in blood or in the nude scenes (which is total, showing almost all in the womens).

    In the main Gameplay there four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Dark, and because of the variety of strategies to use, to defeat and survive your enemies, together with the controls with multiple functions, Witcher 2 can be a more challenging game to some people.

    The combat is pretty cool: pure action, you switch between two classes of swords, the silver (monsters in general) and steel (humans in general), which have hard and fast strokes, which must be balanced according to the enemy attack, having also the block, dodging and preemptive strikes.

    Also, in the core of the combat is the use of your character's spells (magic is explained in the plot, because they are able to use her mutant), which have various categories such as domination, fire, stun, a great variety! The use of spells before and during the combat is essential to survive and plan your combat strategies.

    In addition we have also a Skill tree that extends to four sides, each one of a kind, between numerous classes of Skills. In your Main Menus, you can develop armor, and see the extensive details that the game gave, in the description and background of almost everything in the game, and in the Meditation Menu, you can do more actions, like alchemy to create potions.

    In sum, these game have a gameplay that just blends fast action and strategy in the right dose, with great and realistic graphics, audio and a well developed story - more than recommended to the ones who like a serious RPG. My score: 9,0 / 10,0 .
  5. Apr 17, 2012
    Having played this originally on the pc i did wonder how the xbox version would hold up and for a system almost seven years old it does a more than admirable job. The graphics for the xbox are some of the best. Yes there a slight glitches but they're few and don't detract enough from what is a great gaming experience. The story is rich and involving as are the characters and the world they inhabit. The mature nature implied with the content is also welcome as alot of developers (bioware im looking at you) have a tendancie to play it safe. The difficulty like the pc version can be quite brutal, but once you realise that you have to plan and make provisions for every battle and use potions and the salves available it makes the combat even more interesting and rewarding. All round not only just a great Rpg but a great example of story telling and consequence in gaming. Recommended. Expand
  6. Apr 17, 2012
    I'm out of words. CDR pushed xbox to its limit ! You will not find better looking game on x360, story? excellent, gameplay? pure fun. I'm not a fan of rpgs, but this is just pure joy.
  7. Apr 17, 2012
    I find it ridiculous that every single person giving this game a zero are jumping on the same damn b.s as everyone else, saying that they are the developer/publisher leaving the reviews, simply because they only reviewed the Witcher 2 on pc, 360, or both. One - this game is more than worth the nines and tens being given. Two - who is to say that they didn't play one or the other, and simply wanted to contribute to the score now that the game is in the spotlight again? Anyway, to you people - stop being damn hypocrites. Don't, based on your suspicions alone, claim that the game is given biased, upped reviews from someone in on the game, then turn around and give the game a zero because of it. It's not you "evening the playing field". It's hypocrisy.

    Anyway, long story short, this game is a masterfully crafted, well written piece of gaming goodness. The 360 version, despite some technical shortfalls, is just as impressive as it was on pc. Anyone interested in a tactical, mature themed, action rpg with stellar writing and a great sense of atmosphere, you won't find a better title, on console or otherwise. Highly recommended.
  8. Apr 17, 2012
    Nothing less than what the new standard for RPG's should follow. Addicting combat, gorgeous environments, and characters that you will actually care about. It goes to show you how far time and dedication as a developer can go. The only thing you will feel left wanting is The Witcher 3.
  9. Apr 17, 2012
    The game is really good it has come far. For a first xbox360 release i think CDProjekt Red done an amazing job. I hope you enjoy the game as much as i did!!!
  10. Apr 17, 2012
    One of the best games I've ever played graphically on the 360. story wise. and value for money. everyone that's an adult should enjoy this game best RPG game on the 360.
  11. Apr 17, 2012
    Truly fantastic game. It's a shame that some people are so unfair to post "0" without any serious reason. The Witcher 2 is a feast for the eyes and for the brain. Fights are more difficult than in the first part, for the first time in ages I had to think before the battle what strategy to use. Brilliant! Everyone who don't like to fight can use "easy" and feel the wonderful world of the Witcher. Buy it it's worth it. Expand
  12. Apr 24, 2012
    Best game ever.Great Storyline,characters and world.The graphics are very beautiful !Ofc it doesn't look quite as good as the PC version but still a very respectable port.
  13. Apr 17, 2012
    I think it's funny that people rate the game openly based on what they think a publisher is asking someone to do, not on what a developer has developed. A pity for such a wonderful game :)

    I'm just a fanboy, not an employee. Don't punish CDPR because you think someone at WB is being d1ck.
  14. Apr 21, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is a very impressive and detailed RPG. They clearly took their time converting it from the PC to the Xbox360. It controls very well and the world and story is very detailed. The game is also very unforgiving and doesn't hold your hand. Don't take that as a negative but as a positive. I feel these days many RPGs let you carve through everything with little challenge. The Witcher provides a challenge and makes you prepare beforehand for battles. My only criticism is that the mini map is occasionally hard to follow and the world is detailed to the point where the story can be a bit confusing. But overall the game has a fantastic story, great combat, and Geralt is the ultimate bad ass! Expand
  15. Apr 17, 2012
    Fantastic game!! I can't stop play.......Graphic, battle, spells, fireball, everything is amazing!! A lot of jokes in the story i love it! i back to play!!
  16. Apr 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Excelent game, beautiful graphics, superb story, a must play computer game Expand
  17. Apr 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am one of the lucky ones. Even though I had pre-ordered and paid off the Dark Edition, I applied and was chosen as a reviewer. I received my review copy from CD Projekt Red on Mon. the 16th. I ripped open the packaging with all the excitement of a kid on Christmas day. I received the full game, a thank you letter and access to a special ftp site to use in my review. I even took the time to install the game to my hard drive. So by the time I was ready to play, my excitement level was through the roof. Of course I was promptly disappointed. After an amazing new intro scene I was thrust into a tutorial mission. This mission would have been fun if not for the constant, irritating and poorly timed tutorial pop ups. Often times describing the play and controls in a less than optimal fashion. This ended in an ever more typical arena fight that decided the recommended difficulty for the game. Of course I did poorly and it was recommended that I play on easy. Of course I chose to play on normal and went forth to delve into the actual story of the game. Within five minutes I had a better grasp on the controls than the tutorial gave me. Within another 5 minutes I was hooked. While the movement and camera work is a little on the sloppy side, the game as a whole is incredible. The graphics are better than most and honestly at times downright beautiful. The story is deep and immersive. Though at times you might feel a little lost if you didn't play the first game. Especially when you run into characters from the first game who reference things from it. It also doesn't do a great job explaining your memory loss issues that persist from the beginning of the first game. All of these things are minor gripes. There are control issues and glitches as with many other modern games, but nothing game breaking. Nothing even close to the issues from Skyrim. Every issue I have with the game can easily be patched out. Can we get an adjustable camera speed please? Even as it is I love this game. As I'm writing this I can't stop thinking about when I can get back into it. I want to learn more about the characters and story. I want to flesh out the world. I want to milk all the juicy goodness from this game. MMMmmm delicious. One of the more odd things I've found is that I can't stop walking. For those of you that may not understand. In games like this you walk faster and then begin to run the more you tilt the analogue stick. I just can't get myself to run. As I walk I feel like a traveler in this world. I want to walk at a normal human pace for multiple reasons. I want to enjoy the beauty of the scenery. I want to hunt for herbs and ingredients. I don't want to run into a group of bandits I didn't see coming. I'd rather get the jump on them. The Witcher 2 just makes me feel like I'm Geralt of Rivia and I love it. All the decisions I make feel real with legitimate repercussions. Not just pointless filler that pretends to have an affect. I am shaping my world and my story as I play. All of these things add up to one wonderful game. Oh and to prove my point, I went in this morning and picked up my pre-ordered Dark Edition. If you have any interest in this game and have managed to get to this point in my wall of text, just get it. You won't regret it. Thanks for reading. Expand
  18. Apr 17, 2012
    The three losers giving this game a 0 because you somehow think that CD Projekt is putting the high are pathetic and delusional. Didn't you think that maybe it's PC gamers who love this company so much that they're coming back to review the 360 version now? Unless you've been living under a rock you should know how much PC gamers respect this company and many of them have made accounts just to show support. Go to any game and you will see fans who only reviewed that one game to show the developer they care about support. I hope your reviews are deleted. Obvious trolls. Anywho, played this on PC and amazing game. Highly recommended 360 gamers. Expand
  19. Apr 17, 2012
    You people that keep giving the game a 0 and writing about how you think employees or people getting paid are giving the game a 10, ARE EVEN WORSE then the people doing that if that's even true. your giving a brilliant game a 0 even though you haven't completed it, haven't left a review for it and probably haven't even played it. you people should be banned from this website. its obvious from looking at critic scores or just talking to people that have played the game there opinion. that these so called "fake" reviewers scores of 10 aren't far off from what the game actually is. like i said the only disgrace is you idiots giving a game a 0 without a review. Expand
  20. Apr 17, 2012
    Intruiging story, politics, women, hard choices, amazing graphics, awesome protagonist. I could go on and on and on. But I won't. Instead, I'm just gonna play this awesome game. And if you like one or more of the above: so should you.
  21. Apr 17, 2012
    The best game I have ever played. Unbelivible good story told in very mature way. I cannot belive that it looks so good on my console. Great job CDProjekt Red!
  22. Apr 17, 2012
    I remember when I play the PC version of The Witcher, I love the game, after when I hear about a version of Xbox 360 I´m feeling happy. This version is excellent, have some mistakes. The gameplay is excellent, awesome, the controls, the graphics, all. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings- Enchanced Edition (large name), is awesome.
  23. Apr 17, 2012
    This has got to be one of the best RPG's out there. Not only is this enhanced version an amazing gam, CDprojekt RED is a developer many companies and other developers could learn from. Their continuous support is truly amazing. If you're only slightly interested in RPG's, fantasy worlds, politics and much, much more, you should definitely give this game a try!
  24. Apr 17, 2012
    Im in love!! They took everything from witcher 1 and just made it better! and no im not getting payed to give this review even though it's my first review, I just loved it so much I figured to contribute to the review..and so what if the other people are real reviews or not. What does that do to change your life, and make you so angry? If something like this gets you so angry, then kid you might not make the next 10 years. Expand
  25. Apr 17, 2012
    Best 360 rpg by far. Choices matter in this game unlike Mass Effect. Great graphic, story and game play makes this a masterpiece. It was also the best rpg on the PC. It is very re-playable because the paths are largely different.
  26. Apr 17, 2012
    Simply put, a brilliant game. One of the best RPG's i ever played and the most beautiful one. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is pure fun and the story line which drives you forward is really well made.
    It has some flaws of course, as do all games out there, but seeing the "0" scores from some people is just ridiculous. They claim that CDPR staff are coming here rating their own
    game, so they can justify their low scores, cause in the two negative posts so far i haven't read an explanation as to what drove them to rate with a "0".
    Review the game with how much you like it and how it plays, not just because of the ghosts you see around you. Childish behaviours.
  27. Apr 21, 2012
    Great game. Real, tough, mature decisions. It's not like "Elves are good, so helping them makes you a good boy". Everyone has his reasons and motives to do as he does, so you don't choose between good and bad. You simply decide who you identify with and who has convinced you to him. You won't find this kind of plot in any other game (except for original Witcher). I guess I don't have to write anything about replayability, but I'll write anyway - because of all this choices you get totally different quest, so there is a reason to play game again. Music is marvelous, graphics makes Xbox keep sweating. What else..? Oh, fight is quite challenging but not frustating. The only things I consider the disadvantages are equipment and map - equipment is divided in too many categories (about 20) and the map is really confusing. Expand
  28. Apr 18, 2012
    The Witcher 2 for X360.

    What can I say, I reviewed the Witcher 2 when it came out on PC and I loved it, I had just finished playing the first game and found the sequel to be extremely satisfying.

    I bought it on X360 to get the new enhanced content and see how it ran on a big screen and the game does not disappoint. Witcher 2 continues the Witcher story without missing a beat. The
    tutorial is quite fun and lets you get a handle on how to use the player character and lets you see that if you want to you can make him more than just a slash and hack swordsman (although that is quite fun), but lets you make that call for yourself.

    The game does require a little more finesse to play effectively than just bludgeoning your way through it with either sword or spell as you might in Skyrim and it will punish you again and again if you fail to employ the many defensive and basic evasion techniques at your disposal. To beat your AI opponents even the very basic ones you have to think about your approach in terms of tactics or you will expend all your resources very quickly and may find the next group of enemies harder to pin down.

    The storyline is original and well plotted compared to a lot of what is out there and if you are unfamiliar with the Witcher world you wonâ
  29. Apr 18, 2012
    One of the most beautiful, well crafted, and epic RPG games of this generation. I'm happy Witcher 2 was brought to the Xbox 360 so new gamers can be introduced into the series like me without a high end PC. Witcher 2 looks stunning on Xbox 360 with an extremely stable frame rate, the only issue ive seen with Witcher is some texture pop in. This game is an essential to add to your collection if you are remotely interested in RPGs, The combat is fresh and actually makes you be tactical and think about what your doing, such as placing traps before a battle, putting enhancements on your blades or rolling out of the way of enemy attacks. Plus the game comes with a free copy of the soundtrack, a full color detailed map, and a quest handbook all included with the game free. Expand
  30. Apr 17, 2012
    Perhaps the first "Mature" rated game I've ever played to deserve the rating. While it is far from perfect (I'm looking at you, archaic menu system/Stilted combat), it is perhaps singlehandedly restoring my faith in Video Games as a medium in which a developer can approach adult subject matter with nuance. When making choices in this game, I've been amazed as the gray area one can tread in. Gone are the diametrically opposed (and cartoonish) "good" vs "evil" choices of other RPG's (Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic). In their place lay decisions that carry great gravitas and perhaps more importantly, have motivations with which you can identify. In too many games, I feel as though I'm making an arbitrary decision between being an unrealistic portrayal of "good" vs "evil", hamfistedly engaging in acts that beat my character into one of two dichotomous roles. Not so here at all. If combat was a little smoother and the game had a slightly lower barrier for entry (be prepared to learn some lore, if you didn't check out the first title) it would be getting a well deserved 10, as it stands currently, 9 all the way. Expand
  31. Apr 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifwe[iokjgo[cwko0] 3eoyplvc3,e5yp0i0v.,4i5yv 49piyk4v9 [jm vo[jiye4vogj eopigj evg 9jevpyjv9 gre]vuj9 [e 9vhjg erujv ew5=
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  32. Apr 20, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is a superb RPG with a deep and meticulous world and story marred by many interface annoyances and a so-so combat system. GOOD: The story in Witcher 2 is beautifully detailed with a hefty amount of backstory provided for both the world and characters; For the most part, the graphics are superb and create a wonderfully believable world; Crafting mechanics and levelling system are deep and variable allowing for non-linear character progression; Most of the combat mechanics are fun to use and taking out foes is very satisfying; Music is fitting and voice track is nicely done; Morally ambiguous choices in the story flesh out a relatively linear story; Mature themes are mostly handled well and it's refreshing to see a story devoid of the good versus evil cliches; Signs are fun to use and allow for some interesting tactics against certain enemies. BAD: Menu systems are unintuitive and there's some strange sensitivity issues with using the control stick to navigate them (sometimes leading you to choosing a wrong dialogue option or accidentally selling something important); The environments are awash with muddy textures that can diminish the beauty of the game; Sometimes dialogue between characters is insanely quiet leading you to miss important pieces of information (this cannot be remedied by switching off the music strangely); Swordplay can be quite inaccurate at times leading to quick unnecessary deaths where sword blows don't connect; Controls are a little over-fiddly at times leading to some weird finger-crossing on the controller; Enemy hit-boxes are confusing leading to too much trial and error with certain enemies; QTEs for fist fights are boring and completely unchallenging; Mission/quest log doesn't always update correctly and it's confusing having 3 separate entries for the exact same quest leading to an overly cluttered interface. OVERALL: A superb RPG with some of the best story telling I've ever seen, with interesting choices and fleshed out characters let down by some lacklustre gameplay in parts and some niggling menu problems. However, the game is far better than Witcher 1 and improves upon on it in so many ways that I have really high hopes that Witcher 3 will truly be outstanding. Expand
  33. Apr 18, 2012
    Skyrim for adults--shows everything an RPG should be. Tough, demanding, and choices matter. Definitely take the time to read Geralds journal for context and background...
  34. Apr 20, 2012
    One of the finest games I have ever played. Great story, well thought out characters, impressive visuals, and gameplay that is both fun, yet very tactical, at least on normal or higher difficulty. Where most games seem to think that rpgs need to be dumbed down to stupidity (Skyrim), this game shows that gamers may not be afraid of the challenge and depth that was what the rpg genre used to be know for. Expand
  35. Apr 17, 2012
    i use to play first and second part of this game on PC, and now i bought Xbox version to support great CDP Red more (and play in front of tv of course :-). game is great, simply the best fanatasy RPG since Planescape:T .immersive , amazing characters and big (realy matter) choises, very good graphic (this lights in forest...i could watch it for hours). and one more thing - price is lower then most games, so do yourself a favor and buy this amazing game! right now! do it! :-) Expand
  36. Apr 18, 2012
    This game is Awesome everything about it is just amazing from the stunning graphics to the smooth gameplay. The Witcher 2 for me is one of the best Xbox 360 game's of all time. This is a must buy for everyone who loves playing RPG's this game is of the hook.
  37. Apr 17, 2012
    Witcher 2 was one of the games that tempted me to update my PC, but now that is is out on 360 I ,can save myself some money. The game runs great on 360, no freezes or framerate drops yet. The graphics are what I would expect from a console game. If your into rpgs and would like a new fresh game, pick th is one up.
  38. Apr 19, 2012
    I was so excited for this game; I was so jealous of PC gamers because the game just looked perfect. Now, as I play it, I realized how amazing and mature the game really is. The storyline is ambitious and it sucks you into the role of the Witcher. Your choices actually make a huge difference. The combat is fun, and there's a lot of... well, sex. A LOT.
  39. Apr 18, 2012
    just logged in to support this games rating. I am a pc gamer, would never play it on deadbox, however, this game deserves all the praise it gets. It is by far my favorite pc game in the last few years and one of the best looking games ever made. Those of you giving it a zero must either be bioware employees or butt hurt fanboys from COD who cant understand the complex mature story line as well as the amazing choice system where bioware DOESN'T EVEN HOLD A CANDLE TO. This game on PC is amazing and i am happy for you console owners that get to experience it. We get dark souls, you get withcer 2, fair trade if you ask me. Go with iorveth! he is boss! Expand
  40. Apr 20, 2012
    After the 4th play-through I definitely know, that this game is the best I have ever played. It is indeed complex as developers say and it`s definitely mature as well. The game-play itself gives me such a gorgeous joy that no other game have ever gave... And I have played a lot of different titles before: Dragon Age, TES Oblivion and Skyrim, Mass Effect 1,2,3... But playing Witcher you can feel the really mature game this time. Awesome, stunning graphics (never seen so highly detailed game before), choices you make incredibly affect the story and change the places completely. Combat is very challenging, but very spectacular and rewarding and its never the same, various enemies, various tactics to choose from.
    Simply unbelievable, well done CD Projekt.
  41. Apr 18, 2012
    I feel this game needs as much aplaud as possible That is why I am posting my pc review here as well. This game is the best fantasy crpg I've played since, I don't know, possibly even Baldur's Gate. Every single aspect of the game is well thought out, you can almost feel the game developers' love which they poured into their creation. Memorable characters and monsters, amazing story, best graphics I've seen (I don't even think this is an exaggeration), rewarding and dynamic combat system, nice music and voicework. And most of all - loads of fun, games are supposed to be fun and this one is overflowing with fun. I really have to think hard of things I would improve - maybe some menus that are hard to get used to, that's it I guess. I would recommend it to anyone who is mature enough to appreciate what the game brings. And none other crpg brings more. Expand
  42. Apr 20, 2012
    I really like this game! At first I was a bit overwhelmed with the sheer depth, but found myself getting accustomed to it right away. The graphics look great, not quite as good as I had hoped but definitely very good. The soundtrack is amazing (I put it on my iPhone!). The story is huge, and captivates the player right off the bat into getting involved and truly caring about the characters, which for me is mandatory for a true role playing game. My main complaint with the game is that some side quests lack a market on the mini map, making some of the side quests a little too time consuming! This game reminds me of an adult Fable story, with a more believable cast of characters and plot. I will be holding on to this gem for quite a while, and recommend it to anyone who loves RPGs and great sword fighting games! Expand
  43. Apr 17, 2012
    Just want to start out by saying I have played BOTH the PC and Console versions of the game, will not be giving it either a 0 or a 10 like most on here, and do not work for WB. I am just a lonely podcaster (LIQUID GAMER) trying to let you know what I thought of this game on console. First off the good, game play worked well with the controller, I was worried about that. Besides a few misses the graphics are slightly dumb'ed down than its PC counterpart, still colorful and well executed. And the story is and will continue to be excellent and intriguing. Unlike other RPG's the choices you make matter more than just giving you horns or orange scratches on your skin. They will adjust the story and the way things in the world play out. So choose wisely and enjoy it! Now for the not so good... Audio is a big part of gaming in my point of view, even though the score is great the voice acting and recording quality from that voice acting is horrible. Some moments felt as if the voice actors called in the lines over a land line to a cassette tape and then digitized for the game. Very noticeable and very bad. The game was glitchy but most games are now a days so I didn't mind it that much. So that's it, great game all in all, worth ownership due to length and involvement, but not work a 10 and totally not a 0. Good Gaming! Expand
  44. Apr 17, 2012
    The writing and the characterization really shine, the swordfighting is fun... this is one of the best RPGs I ever played. The complexity of the plot, the themes tackled and the element of choice puts Bioware RPGs to shame (such as Mass Effect or Dragon Age). I have minor pet peeves like some amount of fanservice (though it's never more than say, Game of Thrones) and a few lines of dialogue (an obvious joke about LOTR that damages the atmosphere for a moment and an NPC that says "emo", but this is a mistranslation as it doesn't happen in the Polish dialogue) but apart from this the game is perfect. Expand
  45. Apr 18, 2012
    I'm Russian, so my English is not perfect. Sorry for this, but I can't remain silent.
    Those people who rated at a 0 are fantastic idiots. Only your zeros corrupted the correct rating of the game. This game doesn't need to paid reviews, because it is just awesome. I hope that you will be ashamed of after meeting with the game.
  46. Apr 20, 2012
    The best RPG of this generation. The graphics are stunning, the game play excellent and the characters are deep and interesting. The game comes with the soundtrack, map and quest guide. It is an excellent value for a top-notch game. I highly recommand you give it a try.
  47. Apr 21, 2012
    I am writing a full review as I was one of the 1,000 chosen to receive a promotional press copy (CDPROJEKT RED are amazing just to even hold that contest!) I was like a little kid on christmas when I saw the overnighted envelope in my apartment complex's mail "wall"; and rushed back to my apartment door to rip open the package to see a personalized letter and the game; Having pre-ordered it on PC and playing it on maximum graphic settings with ubersampling and using Nvidia 3D Vision (The developers ensured it was "3D Ready" which is the highest rating for Nvidia 3D on games; it in my opinion remains the best looking Nvidia 3D Vision title; seeing the sword pop out of the screen at you seems like it really is right out at you); anyway; I made the choices I saw fit and played through the PC version finding it the best RPG (along with Dragon Age Origins) of the past 10 Years.

    Turn over to the 360 version; while (beating a dead horse) the graphics obviously can't look anything like the PC version due to 7 year old crap hard-ware; CDPROJEKT RED re-designed and re-coded the game for the 360; and changed the art direction even; that is pure dedication;

    People say theres screen tearing; I haven't noticed any in my near complete play through of the game; yes I noticed some textures that load and pop in but I basically notice that in any console game that wasn't designed to just run on a console with graphics that look "Great but great for a console"; The Witcher 2 is one of if not THE best looking games on consoles; as an RPG it has the best story telling and plot twists; and your never sure when your in the wrong or the right- or the middle; decisions are based on who YOU are as a person; if your quickly reacting- or how you think your playing the character but it may not end up the way you think your trying to play the character; this is brilliant as it is not a RED OR BLUE type choice ala BioWare; so you cannot play Pure "Red or Blue" you play as if you had been in these situations, thus I think people have VIVIDLY different experiences with the games stories, quests, armor/weapons, characters, areas, ending etc based on the type of PERSON you are in real-life; brilliant design.

    Combat is fast paced without taking away from being a hardcore RPG; you need to prepare with potions prior to combat; with sword upgrades like oils; and quickly damage each target bouncing back and forth; then using Traps; Bombs and throwing daggers to injure enemies at a distance so you don't get swarmed- Using the dodge and roll allows you to get away fast enough to regain vigor allowing you to cast Magical Signs everything from Kinetic Force (may stun an enemy for a 1 shot kill animation, or blast them off the edge of where they stand for an instant kill that feels amazing); one that is more like a magic trap; explodes injuring the target and possibly rooting them; one that shields you from harm for one hit (and counts down incase you don't get hit); one that shoots a HADUKAN looking fireball at an enemy (Atleast in the "Kill Cam" style kills when it is used; it looks like a street fighter move heh); and one sign allows you to lure and charm an enemy to fight for you for a bit; having these spells at your disposal from the start allows you to use combinations and get a greater understanding of them incase you decide to go further down the magic skill-tree rather than swordsman ship or alchemy; I prefer going deep and finishing the swordsmanship tree as the movement and combat bonuses it adds makes the gameplay even more fluid; in a Batman Arkam City style way of flowing to each enemy with finesse and beauty; also raising adrenaline (eventually you can get this ability) when Adrenaline fills up you can execute it and slay anyone around you in a certain radius to a very rad "Finisher Kill Cam" style display of the event.

    The game is completely satisfying in every way possible; endless weapons, armor, quests, locations, free roaming and doing things the way you would like to; experiencing the game differently than others in more ways than just the evolving developing plot changes etc but how situations are tackled while someone may benefit from using the CAT potion and seeing the trails of enemies / friends, blood stains; seeing through walls and seeing what type of enemies you may be facing to prepare for them; and having everything lit up is very different than someone who decides to go in a dungeon / cave in the dark and figure it out on his own; Things like this are what make The Witcher 2 a MUST PLAY console title just as it is a must play PC title; for RPG fans; and for ANY gaming fan (if you can't take the hard combat; put it on easy mode for more of a hack and slash event; the difference from easy to normal is HUGE; the difference from Normal to hard is even larger (it seems normal is a regular games Harder hah;) then DARK MODE is for those that want to make Dark Souls look like Mario 64;10/10.
  48. Apr 18, 2012
    A fantastic game, challenging and captivating throughout the whole journey. This is one of my favourite wrpgs and will remain to be for a long time. The devs have managed to bring an amazing experience to the 360. I would suggest all who enjoy a challenging mature game to purchase this game.
  49. Apr 19, 2012
    A very good rpg with very welcome mature themes.Despite the fact that this version is filled with minor tech issues,it's amazing that it even works on the aging hardware at all and indeed looks good most of the time.For a story driven rpg,the plot is decent but comes in fits and starts and is hardly a masterpiece.Geralt was the only character I felt anything for and that wasn't much at all really.While the loot is pretty dull throughout,the crafting and alchemy are quite good as is the combat .A step back for me is the linearity of the game.After Skyrim,each rpg I've played has felt constrained and though The Witcher series is good,especially its themes and intricacies,it can't approach the majesty of Skyrim and it's open world. Expand
  50. Apr 20, 2012
    Every that the PC version is but better, the 360 version is smoother, and is theb est looking game on the 360 to date, this game is in the same league as Skyrim, can't believe I had to consider getting this game, it's just great!
  51. Apr 20, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is the most amazing rpg I've played since the Mass Effect series*and that's saying allot*at first I wasn't sure how this game would hold up on a 7 year old console,but i'm really impressed by how well this game was done on xbox360.I have to say that the Witcher2 is Not and I mean NOT meant for ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18!!!this game has a mature story line and allot of graphic frontal nudity as well as sex and violence that pushes the limit of the Mature rating from the e.s.r.b rating board.with that said I do have a few complaints, like sometimes you will get screen tearing*which can be reduced by playing in 720p instead of 1080p*also sometimes you will get a random bug that turns you're screen black for a split second and then goes back to normal.besides those few flaws this game is a piece of art, even better than Skyrim.if you love a good adventure/rpg game this is a must buy. Expand
  52. Apr 18, 2012
    I have played it on my Pc now playing on Xbox. Truly great game. Best thing about it is how your choices are impacting the later parts of the game. Based on your decisions you can have completely different experiences. Decision system is far superior from what we could see in Mass Effect for example. I love how game is not giving you any clues which decision is better so in some points you are sitting and wondering for 5 min if your decisions are right and what outcome they might bring. I recommend that game to everyone that are interested in mature and complex games. Expand
  53. Apr 19, 2012
    As I started playing the Witcher 2 I felt I should go through the tutorial as I had not played the original. Going through the tutorial definitely helped me to get the feel for the controls and movements of the characters. Unfortunately while in the tutorial I encountered a glitch. This glitch came when my mission was to throw a bomb at an attacking thug. I simply could not throw the bomb?? I had the bomb equipped, but could not throw it. I sat and tried everything, and read the info box several times. I decided to start over and go through the tutorial again. This time the bombs worked and the tutorial was over. I started the main game and have not experienced further issues, but I am not that far into the game. The graphics are very well done. The game has a great story going into it, and the atmosphere that is created is very well implemented. I am only giving The Witcher an 8 because I believe this game should not have bugs at all. This is a port not a complete rebuild of a game. I do love this game so far and will continue my quest. Thank You for bringing this game to my Xbox 360. Expand
  54. Apr 20, 2012
    @ jerf: Fair enough, although I find your second argument to be weak at best. You cannot base a good review of the 360 version on game-knowlegde gained from the PC version. That being said, my review after 8 hours of play (32 inch hd-ready);

    Story; Captures you from the outset and doesn't let go. You do need to pay attention, or it can be overwhelming. It also causes a sore lack of actual
    "playing" during the first couple of hours.

    Graphics; Send a mixed message; Some areas are great, as are the character model and cutscene. In others (interiors) textures seem to be out-dated. The lighting is great to pull attention away from this outdoor. Overall impression is overwhelming, details are far less so.

    Sound; Descent

    World; As a history teacher I have never seen a more truly rendered feudal setting in a game (minus the fantasy elements of course).

    Gameplay; Controls could be smoother, although it does the job. Nothing very innovative

    Freedom; Not free-roaming, although you have some room to explore. Think Risen, not Fallout, Skyrim or even Amalur. This doesn't factor into my score, but I think there are people out there that want to know. Conclusion; Great game for those who enjoy heavily story-driven clasic western rpg's. Still don't see it being a 10/10.
  55. Apr 19, 2012
    The Witcher 2 makes a stunning transition from PC to 360; it compromises minimally, and will certainly serve and please an adult audience. It is the pinnacle of RPG on the 360, and a must buy!
  56. Apr 18, 2012
    There's something special about a game that looks you in the eye and bluntly states "what's the matter?, I thought you were good at video games." The Witcher 2 probably won't appeal to every gamer. The enhanced edition puts to rest some of the **** that gamers who lacked talent were complaining about. You now get a tutorial, and some added tips. One thing I liked about the original release was that the game didn't give that much support to help you in battle, but instead asked you to grow some balls and deal with it. I've noticed a couple glitches still seem to be hanging around with this release (anyone else hit the h key then j to view their journal and got a black screen?).

    Suffice it to say this game is amazing, and as far as games go there isn't anyone who can say the developers didn't realize their goal with this games release. The graphics are beautiful the gameplay is immersive, and the story is superb.
  57. Apr 21, 2012
    A superb RPG, trumps similar games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. It's not similar enough to Skyrim for a direct comparison, but if were to be compared it has better voice acting, graphics and action, looses out on scope and freedom. It's a tough game, make no mistake and tired me out faster than any DA or any ME games. It's adult, dark with difficult decisions yet brings some nice humour and fruity language too. It really makes you think and consider your actions. People lie and cheat and try to manipulate you. Completing a missions or encounters often bring a real sense of achievement. Oh, and the graphics are **** hot, top of the draw stuff. On any system. Do you self a favour and play it again, but help the other one. Expand
  58. May 23, 2012
    This is one of the most disappointing game purchases I've ever made. I read all the positive reviews, and rushed to Best Buy to put down my $60. I wanted to love this game. Unfortunately, after playing for a few hours, I really hate the game. Here is why. First session of playing the game, I start the tutorial. I get to the part that requires throwing a bomb - and the control to throw the bomb DOES NOT WORK. And the tutorial will not advance until you throw the bomb. No way to cancel the tutorial....I google the issue, its a bug. Have to exit the game and loose my progress so far. Restart the game, and have to replay 10 minutes of tutorial to get to the same point. 2nd play through the controls work.

    That kind of bug getting through QA - just not acceptable.

    Combat is another reason that I don't care for this game. There are too many cases where the combat is just no fun, and the controls seem to work against you. Specifically, if you use the lock-on feature - there is no rhyme or reason as to which enemy you will attack - and using the feature often has you diving into the middle of several enemies and quickly dying. Second, as you walk through the world - you will randomly get dropped into a group of mobs - and have very little chance of surviving the encounter. During these encounters - its not a question of playing well. You simply get overwhelmed by the number of enemies and you die. You then have to wait 1-2 minutes while the game stops, tells you you are dead, and you have to reload your most recent save. A poor design decision that really takes you out of the game. And since dying seems to happen fairly regularly, this process amounts to an unecessary frustration. There are plenty of other RPGs, that have a better design so that dying is a sign of challenge - but doesn't lead to anger and frustration. Next, is the quest and map system. At multiple points in the first chapter - you will be left clueless as to where you have to go to move the quest along. Sometimes the map will show you a general direction - but at others it gives no useful information. So you will spend 30-40 minutes wandering around cursing trying to figure out how to advance the quest and the game. Worse, however, is a quest system that actually breaks a main quest into 2-3 separate quests in your quest log. And, its unclear that you have to finish multiple separate quests before trying to tackle the boss fight at the end of the quest chain. So, in my case - I'm in a boss fight that I cannot win - because i didn't realize I need to finish a separate quest to manufacture a special trap. So....I can basically lose 2-3 hours of gameplay; or, I can stop playing the game.

    Finally, I spent way too much time watching cut scenes that are meant to convey the complex story. With brief forays into actually playing the game. Followed by a lot more cut scenes. Followed by a brief amount of game play.

    Don't get me wrong - there is an interesting and complex story in this game. But, too many of the developer's design decisions make actually playing the game a frustrating and un-fun proposition. I enjoyed the story - but I never enjoyed playing the game. The combat controls work against you, and the quest design and map/UI are confusing and useless multiple times in the first chapter.

    I don't mind a challenge, or dying. I enjoy demon souls | dark souls. I do mind a game that has poor design choices, and pulls you out of the game too frequently. After getting into the boss fight w/no chance of winning without significant back tracking - I'm going to trade the game in.
  59. Apr 21, 2012
    I'm out of words. CDR pushed xbox to its limit ! You will not find better looking game on x360, story? excellent, gameplay? pure fun. I'm not a fan of rpgs, but this is just pure joy.
  60. Apr 19, 2012
    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a very, very good RPG. Its world is especially unique to explore; it's a world that is filled with amnesty, intensity, radicalism and violence. But it is also a very lovable world, as it is filled with some of the best characters in any fantasy RPG. If Mass Effect is the king of Sci Fi characters, the Witcher 2 is the king of fantasy characters. The combat is also very refreshing; it's very tactical and very strategic, and one wrong move can make or break a battle. It keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly. The side quests, any fundamental part of an RPG, are probably the best out of any RPG I've played on the 360. They're meaty, quite long and moderately difficult mini-stories packed into a bite size chunk. And they are all very well done. The Witcher also sports some of the best eye candy on the Xbox 360; even though there are some framerate hiccups here and there, The Witcher 2 really looks positively unique and beautiful. The reason for an 8.5? The Witcher 2 is very, very rough around the edges. Common control issues, weird and frequent AI brain farts, and plenty of just random bugs that permeate the experience, both massive and little. And, despite the Witcher 2 only being out for a year now, it is already showing age. Some moments are shockingly archaic; the dragon scene in the prologue, for instance. It is incredible how much this game progresses past so many of its RPG brethren, yet stumbles and falls flat in other areas that games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect have all done very well. Now, don't worry, The Witcher 2 is still a phenomenal game. It's mature in the sense that the story is about intense relations between kingdoms, and the game doesn't hold your hand to tell the story. You have to make an effort to remember characters and link personalities and such; it's a refreshing way to tell a fantasy story, and it's done really well. I don't care much for the nudity or the cursing because A) you don't have to have sex to make a mature game, without it (or at least conveniently censored) the Wticher would still be wonderful (BTW, for those wondering, you skip any scene with such content by pressing the X button), and B) they didn't really have the profanity that we have today back in the medieval times, which the Witcher tries to replicate. One thing I keep asking myself is why I continue to play the Witcher 2...I play games to escape from reality, especially RPG's, not get caught up in political clout and other problems in a medieval fantasy RPG. But that's just it; The Witcher's world is so finely crafted, it almost seems like a natural parody of our world today. So I must admit, The Witcher 2 is a great, great game. It requires a little more leniency in terms of bugs and glitches, and the mature content almost feels silly to have, especially in a fantasy RPG that tries to tear you away from the real world. Whatever you may think of the content, there's no forgiving a nearly one year old game for being buggy and glitchy. Despite the gripes, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is well worth your time; the story is wonderfully told, the world is totally unique, the combat is stellar, and the game overall is a blessing to finally play. Thanks for the great port! 8.5/10 - rounds up to a 9/10. Expand
  61. Apr 22, 2012
    i dont care what other reviewers say- Either ones that give it 10 or ones that spitefully give it a zero!
    i know its one of the best games ive played in a while and i like it much more than Skyrim or Dragon age origins ( although Dark Souls still has 1st place for me)
    so it is an excellent RPG, one of the best and much more interesting than Skyrim and with better combat mechanics and
    better story and music ....i would give it a 9/10 but i am angry with people and reviews who would give it a zero for no gaming related reason so there.. Expand
  62. Apr 18, 2012
    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a Masterpiece. Ported over from PC, this game looks fantastic and plays extremely well. It takes little time to learn the wide array of creative mechanics before you feel comfortable playing like a pro. The engaging, realistic, complex, and mature campaign is gripping and soon you feel lost into the character Geralt. In a sense, you feel like you have become a Witcher. This sense of fitting right in to the character has only been accomplished in a few other games, such as Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, and Uncharted. Without a doubt, this is an excellent game with pretty much nothing to whine about. If you don't like playing on PC, then the Witcher 2 is more than enough of a reason to get an Xbox 360 so you can dive in and join the Epic-ness before you miss out! WARNING: this is not a child's game. There is explicit nudity in this game. Expand
  63. Apr 18, 2012
    Not get me wrong it's a great looking game just not the best looking game that i've seen on the Xbox360. Pesonally that honour goes to Rage for the use of there Id's Tech 5 Engine, but mainly because the way the characters come across a bit stiff/wooden and not very realistic when there having a conversation, it almost feels like your playing Dragon Age 2 in that respects, plus the voice acting is rather poor in my opinion. I do find it fishy that some people have only reviewed two both being the same game (yes i know that the PC version came out nine months goes) and have given Skyrim a very poor 3 out of 10 for a franlky amazing game. As good as Metacritic is it does frankly have too much power over whether a game/developer lives or dies. Look at Homefront for example, the game sold over two million copies, yet due to bad reviews on here the developer was closed by THQ. (I know it wasn't a great game as i've played it) Which i think is crazy, when frankly the sales figures and feed back from the fans should be the most important thing. All in all, it 's a good game, but there are definitly better games out there for the graphics and game play, just don't read too much into what other people have been saying, as after all it's your choice and that's the joys of being a modern day gamer. Expand
  64. May 18, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPG of this year. Is a seriously contender for the GOTY in it's category (RPG). I hope that Microsoft public more excellent games from PC because that is the way to obtain more hardcore gamers to their console. Thanks CDProjekt. The only thing that I think the game needs is replay after the end, only that.
  65. May 18, 2012
    Simply fantastic game. The best RPG that come out on consoles. The story, combat, graphics, the whole world is just amazing. Worth playing multiple times.
  66. Apr 26, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is an almost perfect blend of action, story and RPG goodness. It will probably not appeal to the button masher crowd, nor will it satisfy the turn-based RPG purists, with which I more closely align myself. However, for those of us who like action with our RPGs, it hits the sweat spot. I can only hope that the folks at Bioware that are working on Dragon Age 3 will play this and take some notes about the right way to provide action and a good story without compromising the elements that define the RPG genre. Better yet, they should hire some of the folks at CD Projekt as consultants, or see if they will give them access to the RED Engine. Do be aware though that this game can get frustrating and requires patience and planning, especially on higher difficulty settings. If you go into this thinking you can just mash X over and over and still come out on top, you will be disappointed. However, because you don't win every battle, finally getting through a tough one after several tries and strategy changes comes with an even greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. If you like RPGs, you should really give this a try. Expand
  67. May 30, 2012
    I agree with what many of the negative reviews have said: the game is very linear, you can't walk off a 3-inch ledge and are constantly walled in, the combat is usually awkward and many times consists of rolling around avoiding enemies while your health regenerates (TERRIBLE choice for an RPG IMO), the potion system is annoying, and the lack of loot/equipment/customization is disappointing for a supposedly hardcore RPG.

    But all of that *could* be forgiven, because as far as I'm concerned, whether you like W2 will come down to one thing: how much you're invested/interested in the story. I can appreciate that there's a complex story here, but I absolutely don't care about it or any of the characters. Also, for all the comments about how great and mature this game's writing is, I think in many places it's sloppy and juvenile. It has bizarrely anachronistic language for a game that's supposed to be in some alternate universe Middle Ages-type setting. Also, saying "cocksucker" a bunch isn't mature writing, it's how a college freshmen writes when they're trying to come off as older and edgy. Oh, and the sex scenes are laughably bad. So for me, W2 is a big disappointment, and I really tried to like it. In fact, I almost bought a gaming PC just so I could play this when it came out. Obviously it was a good decision not to do that.
  68. Apr 27, 2012
    An absolutely master full RPG. CDprojeckt red have done a fantastic job porting the game over to the 360, and despite some technical limitations the game sill looks and performs great. The map and inventory system could bea little better as they can be confusing and some of the mission objectives can be difficult to find but these are minor niggles that subtract little from the overall experience. The game has fluent and challenging combat, and a great story. A must for and RPG fan. Expand
  69. Apr 23, 2012
    This game is the most beautiful RPG I played. You can feel it, be there and experience something magical, hard to forget. For me, the epic moment was when you run during night through the forest from danger in it and suddenly a front of you appears well known village in flames... Outstanding.. I really enjoy playing this master peace. Thank you Poland!
  70. Jul 15, 2012
    the greatest RPG ever made- maybe the greatest game ever made- if you are a gamer, or have ever had any interest in gaming you simply must experience this work of art- CD project are cemented their legacy with this wonderfull stunning masterpiece
  71. Apr 24, 2012
    The deepest, most well designed rpg on console. Some technical shortcomings aside, it is just as amazing an experience as it is on the pc. Possibly the best pc to console port so far.
  72. Apr 28, 2012
    Great game, great story ... I really have nothing to complaint. I enjoy the difficultly and each fights is intense and epic. Cant wait for the next game!
  73. Apr 21, 2012
    wicked combat, engrossing story, good character development, BEAUTIFUL VISUALS (especially on nearly 6yr old hardware) and great voice acting. All together make this one of the MUST HAVE rpg's of the year!!!! These guys kno how to make a game that sucks you right in and doesnt let go until the end.
  74. Apr 23, 2012
    This game is very good. The story is extremely engrossing. The combat is difficult but very fun. Everything about this game makes it one of my favorites of all time.
  75. Apr 25, 2012
    Great story, great gameplay, and a great soundtrack, something you find rarely in current games. This game sets an example for any Role-Playing Games out there. It has a nice, flowing combat system with exciting gameplay. The story is very interesting, well written, and very mature. This game is not like many other competitors, in that it is very non-linear. Many current Role-Playing Games, to date, have a very linear and boring story line. I have not encountered any flaws with this game and recommend it to anyone who is interested in a mature, compelling game. Expand
  76. Apr 22, 2012
    I have to say, I really don't get the full scores here - the game has an interesting story from about halfway through but the gameplay is repetitive, dull and utterly frustrating at times. Seriously - why the hyperbole?

    For a sequel to a game that does not actually exist on Xbox the lack of exposition is shocking - also being provided with a map of which you actually play a literal
    fraction of in the game itself is pretty odd too.

    Hard to see why anyone would rate this over Skyrim or Dragon Age Origins - in terms of its button mashing and characters with whom its impossible to really care for I'd say its closest parallel was Dragon Age 2, which on a high note does also feature some of the same political intrigue. As for 'mature' gaming - to a 16 year old maybe, throwing some T&A and colourful words in doesn't qualify it as having greater depth.

    To summarise then - it has its moments but have to (literally) hack through plenty of garbage to get to them that they just never feel worthwhile.
  77. May 24, 2012
    I have no idea how this game has such a high rating. Its not for the open world loving RPG fans that will of played the likes of Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout. This game is scarily similiar to Fable II. It has little to none leveling and upgrading abilities for your character taking any any unique feel to the game. The areas are quite beautiful graphically but small compared to other games. Pathways are set out and you cannot deter from them like a genuine sandbox game. This games only positive i can draw is the interactions with NPC's and dialog. If you want a game thats based purely on dialog and choices but not much substance out in the actual playing world then this is the game for you. Expand
  78. Apr 24, 2012
    There is a lot to do in Witcher 2, with an interesting take to the open world Genre. However, the entire system used here, such as the menu's and potion system, are simply tedious. If it wasn't for the story, characters, and some impressive settings, then this game would just be another RPG to add to the packed market.
  79. Apr 24, 2012
    The Witcher 2 is an incredible blend of story , gameplay mechanics and immersion into a fantasy world that is breathing and rich at the same time. Created from the already established saga , The Witcher written by Andrezj Sapkowski , the game let's you delve deeper into the cobweb of plots and stories that inflict The Continent and all of its Kingdoms. I loved the first Witcher and The second one is just as , if not , more amazing. This game offers you a unique fantasy world , filled with mythological creatures , damsels in distress , anti-heroes , kingdoms and kings vulnerable and threatened , and many more. This game is the paradigm of fantasy variety and also a delicacy to RPG veterans , having lots of things to do while you deal with the main quest and if you can count an epic developer team that satisfies their customers pleasures by delivering patches , support , extra content and many more , you are in for an amazing ride because The Witcher 2 is a true epic. Expand
  80. Apr 22, 2012
    Played it and my personal opinion is that it's a good game but the combat and targeting make this game frustrating and cheap. The beginning you are going to get your ass handed to you on a regular basis. The skills you have wont be enough to get through the prologue seemlessly I can understand difficulty but when the game is restricting your ability to attack or target that makes it not difficult but cheap. The dialogue and story are great but memorable not in the slightest. The characters are the same stereo-typical characters you've seen in movies, games, and multitude of stories littered about. There is a great variety in the game which I did like from weapons to bombs and traps. The visuals are nice as well. This is not a game intended for casual gamers but for a more dedicated gamer that is really looking for content as well as depth in story. I don't dislike the game but I'm not totally enamored by it. In the end just stick through it because it does get better but if you're looking for a user friendly game look else where. Expand
  81. May 9, 2012
    Very disappointing game. By and large you play the game on rails, you can wander a bit around the location you're currently in, but thats it. An example would be in a wood, where you can't leave the predefined paths - you may be the mighty witcher, but you cant cross a small bush to a path you can see just the other side of it, you have to wind your way around the predefind paths. Hope you're psychic too, because the potions you need for combat you have to take before you even know a combat encounter is coming. Expect to lose a fight, restart, take your potions then fight all over again. Frustrating and spoils the flow of the game. You'll need some ear plugs too, because there is loads and loads and loads of unecessary swearing. It may give the teens a giggle, but it starts to feel like the spongebob 'spicy language' episode after a while and just gets tedious and faintly ridiculous. Expect lots of americanisms in the broadly british voice acting. Lost of good welsh, scots, irish and english voiceovers, but hearing them say words like "holler'ing" instead of "shouting" just spoils the medieval atmosphere completely. Oh and don't worry, the hero has an american accent. Bottom line, I sold this game just three days (and about 5 hours gaming) after buying it. Maybe I was spoilt by Oblivion and Skyrim, but I found I even preferred Divinity to Witcher2. Expand
  82. Apr 25, 2012
    They hit the nail on the head with the XBOX version, it's very seamless, not to mention all the extras and the fixes we got with the Enhanced Edition. Enjoyed it fully! A definitive must have.
  83. Apr 26, 2012
    Wow I'm not used to having good RPG's on the 360, and this is easily one of the best.

    Story better than Skyrim
    Gameplay better than Skyrim
    Dialogue better than Skyrim

    I could go on.
  84. May 14, 2012
    Having had the time to really sink my teeth into this one, I can easily say it is one of the most satisfying titles of a long, long while. It really is a game that, whether you like it or not, does not restrict itself in order to pacify those who maybe aren't equipped to handle a hardcore experience. This is (sadly) something rarely seen in games today.

    This is one of the first rpg's in a
    long while that left me truly satisfied. Skyrim was too shallow and it's quests mediocre. Kingdoms of Amalur's world and quest design was too restrictive and static. This game hits the mark in most areas I concern myself with when it comes to rpgs. Geralt, while a pre-established main character, holds a lot of personality, and the developers still found ways for you to make him your own. The character development is deep and varied, allowing for vastly different tactics through different playthroughs. Your actions have real weight and consequence to them. So much so that the entire second chapter can be flipped, offering a vastly different experience depending on the choices you make. And the world, while mostly linear, is highly detailed, allowing me to really put myself into the game. Anyway, I really couldn't recommend this game enough. Easily one of the top rpg's to be found on console (or pc for that matter) this generation. Show CD Projekt some love and buy this game, whether it be on pc, or on the 360. Expand
  85. May 3, 2012
    Great game, my sole complaint would be a bit short final act, but then again, you do get to play two completely different sides starting from the end of act 1, which makes the game that much longer. next to Skyrim, best RPG fantasy game out there for 360.
  86. May 19, 2012
    Great story, plenty of humour, superb voice acting, complicated and interesting side quests. Choices you make do matter. Finally on XboX. Great game.
  87. Apr 24, 2012
    Fantastic game.Best RPG ever.Really beautiful graphics.The story is extremely engrossing,The Witcher 2 is the most amazing rpg I've played.If you have a Xbox 360 and you want to have a good game, with excellent graphics, terrific history and more of 100 hours of entertainment.
  88. Apr 27, 2012
    Great game. I think that's the best RPG on xbox right now. Congrats to devs for theirs work. I started a counting for Witcher 3. I will say it one more time: Great game.
  89. May 24, 2012
    A good concept that falls short in execution and game play. The story is interesting and original with some wonderous landscapes. Unfortunetely, the controls and battles are so complicated as to make the game near unplayable. Combat is performed through a series of trigger pulls and adjustments of the camera, all while keeping an eye on all opponents to figure out your counter attack timing, whether you should parry or dodge, as well as random alerts all over the screen. While one or two opponents are managable, a gaggle of foes will turn your experience into a wild slugfest, and the auto-save feature is unforgiving. Expect to die often and replay several stages over again. This game also suffers from being too closely tied into the first one, making you feel left out of conversations between characters, especially when given dialogue options. Overall, great idea that needed more work before finding its way to shelves. Expand
  90. Aug 4, 2012
    One of (if not the best) role-playing experiences on any console.

    The storytelling is excellent and the character has meaningful choices and consequences (moreso than any recent RPG in memory). In fact, the entire 2nd half of the game is different based on a decision you make around the half-way point.

    The controls take some getting used to, especially combat. However, I found it
    more in the vein of easy to learn difficult to master than poorly thought out or alien.

    The M rating is well deserved, and the mature subjects are dropped in just to show TNA, rather are dispersed in all the right places at the right time as you advance the story.

    The world is not open world, but there are many more exploration options, side quests, etc. than one typically finds in a Bioware game that is not open world.

    I really enjoyed this game, and recommended it to a friend who returned it in 3 hours. I suspect this is a game with very little middle ground. According to the user score distribution, that holds up.

    To me, this really felt like a mature Baldurs Gate done in 3D.

    Graphics are very well done (textures, color palette, animations).
    Sound is good, but some of the dialog mixes were under mic'd.
    Controls for the most part become intuitive pretty quickly.

    The arena is a great place to hone your skills as you consider playing through on Dark (hardcore) mode.

    Support companies like CDProjektRed! We need more games like this.

    I know I, for one, will be pre-ordering cyberpunk for xbox 360 as soon as humanly possible.

    Well-done CDPR!
  91. Apr 25, 2012
    Witcher 2 is one powerfully overrated game. Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, even Kingdoms of Amular are far more worthy of your money. I always thought I was an RPG junky, but this game I just can't get behind. I am console only gamer, so maybe if I sat around and played computer games, and then bought this for my console I'd be blown away. As someone completely new to the game, I can't get behind this game.

    The biggest flaw is the clunky-ness of the menus. Dreadful. Moving around is a bit of a chore too. Storywise I wanted to like Witcher 2, but whenever things start to get interesting you're once again stuck slogging through a very uninteresting world, that's not very pretty and difficult to navigate. Skip this game.
  92. Apr 26, 2012
    I'm only on part 1 really but already I have the feeling Witcher2 is the kind of game you will play over and over again - decisions here really seem to make a difference and guide your story along. it was a bit confusing at first trying to handle all the different menus / potions / magic etc. but you soon get the hang of it. I would though have liked to see a large scarecrow in the inventory so I could easy tell what difference the clothes etc. I wear make. Fighting isn't too hard but seems to ramp up considerably when you confront a boss - but you can drop the difficulty at any time. Visually beautiful I'm scoring it a 9 - it would have been a full 10 but the one downside for me is the map since it can be really difficult working out how to get to various locations. Expand
  93. Jun 30, 2012
    Just too choreographed, nothing new, too restrictive you cant walk through a couple of shrubs, map very small, not enough options during dialogue, not enough fighting moves, very basic, very disappointed.
    Im giving it 1 out of 10, really its a 4, but we need to be realistic on the average user score here, some guys gave it 10, nothing is a ten they must be on glue!!!!
  94. May 3, 2012
    One of best games i ever played.
    Feels like an open world game, the world is big , lot of exploration to do and lots of side-quests to complete.
    Amazing storyline, for adults, and non-linear story... every choice change your game.
    Im a fan of cd projekt now, i cant wait for Witcher 3
  95. May 24, 2012
    This game will suck the soul out of anyone who has one.. i didnt even get out of my training path tree because i thought my mind might implode. I cant see how someone would enjoy a game like this.. I certainly wanted to but You dont really play it you just watch it and interact when it says press A button now Tap x Button.. zzzzzzzz zzz zzz zz z God am i alive ? The adult theme is a step in the right direction but at its best its just Another tedious bloated unsatisfying rpg.. If the game world was seamless it could be a success.. unfortunately walking through doors watching loading screens watching cutscene after cutscene is akin to watching paint dry, crack and peel off. This game is just one sigh after another. combat is slightly better than skyrim.. not saying much though. In fact its a disgrace. Skyrims was possibly the worst i have experienced.. This type of game with its cutscene extravaganza is the death, scourge and plague of modern day games.. Dont be fooled by the high scores theres a lot of very very special people out there.. Expand
  96. May 3, 2012
    I'm giving this game a 10 despite the fact that it has faults i'll make that clear now. The inventory system in is not really designed to be quickly accesible, despite importing a saved game I barely heard about any of my decisions in the first game, and having to drink potions out of battle, while realistic, isn't something I like. Yet despite these flaws the witcher is one of the best fantasy RPGs I've ever played. The combat itself is satisfying and tense, and while it is easy to die it never feels especially cheap when you do. The leveling system is smart but sparse on points so by the end of the game you can't have the majority of the skills, or even a third of them, which really makes you think about which skills benefit your style the most as you can never have a maxxed character. The real draw is the story however, the dark gritty world where there is no clear right or wrong for any choice is something most games aren't capable of. When you play this game you will be sitting staring at the screen pondering which option to take, and sometimes the game will only give you a couple seconds to choose an option, enhancing the "Oh s*** what do I do!?!?" moments. The choices have consequences as well, depending on how you play through act 1 you can get a completely different version of act 2 so you really get to feel the impact you have on the story. When you play this game you will be sucked into a world full of political intrigue, war and racism from all sides, and the way you react to this world depends on what kind of witcher you want Geralt to be. If you like choice driven RPGs then this game cannot be missed, it has some flaws, but CDProjeckt did their job so well in most areas they can be overlooked quite easily. Expand
  97. Apr 25, 2012
    A fantastic game, great fun and a lot of things that can distract us. An amazing and compelling story with a good soundtrack and voice over. Although the map also be more irritating than one property is a relatively precise and the set of all this allows the creation of a good game.
  98. Apr 24, 2012
    Witcher 2 is a game in which you play. Personally, I'm not a fan of RPGs but this game is a championship. Great graphics, brilliant storyline and characters. With this game you start to realize how brilliant the game with RPG.
  99. Apr 24, 2012
    I have given The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings:
    A technical score of 85/100
    A personal score of 10/10

    Fore more details and the full reviews, please go to the following link
  100. Apr 29, 2012
    Witcher 2 needs a little help here. I love this game!! This is the sort of RPG that, quite literally, you get out what you put into it. Meaning that you have to put forth the effort to explore the story through journal entries, the Witcher Wiki, and REALLY paying attention to the story/plot. This is not the kind of game that you romp around and slash your way through all the bad guys to get to the next sequence. Take your time...let yourself get emotionally involved with the characters, and simply enjoy one of the best RPGs on the market. Though it has a semi-high learning curve with the combat, the more you play it, the more enjoyable it really is. I'll be back for a full review after completing this gem!!! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 74 out of 82
  2. Negative: 1 out of 82
  1. Jul 13, 2012
    Witcher 2 is a throwback in a lot of ways to old PC games, which certainly appeals to me. The delivery method is modern, no doubt, but the fact there's a lot of poking and prodding (and death) that happens even early on has me anxious for another instalment.
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    The high bar of visuals is followed by a good score, and descent acting, some of the spell and combat audio has a edge to it that sounds lower quality then the rest of the audio landscape.
  3. Jun 17, 2012
    The Xbox 360 port is an impressive technical accomplishment that brings a classic PC RPG experience to a new audience. The transition is not flawless, but those who stick with it will be rewarded with an intriguing and entertaining experience.