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  1. Positive: 36 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. 90
    GamerNet is a game within the game, but it ends up being so overwhelming in your mind when you play that you start looking for unique opportunities to come up with shots that maybe nobody else has ever thought of.
  2. Sometimes when you’re golfing you nail a hole because you bail yourself out with a superb putt, chip, or tee shot. But this game is instead like masterfully shot hole, where each stroke feels just right.
  3. There’ some new golfers, courses and a few new features, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 isn’t much different than its predecessor.
  4. 90
    Just like in real life, Tiger continues to impress.
  5. 90
    No doubt about it Tiger Woods 08 offers up an excellent round of 360 golf. The gameplay upgrades are right on and GamesNet promises unlimited potential for online action.
  6. 89
    Plays the best round of golf available at the moment and comes wrapped in an impressive Golf-RPG package that contains more game modes and options than you could shake a 5 iron at. It may not be a hole in one, but it's a bloody impressive birdie.
  7. The most complete and refined version of the series yet. Overall, it is very similar to last year's Tiger, but the refinements are cool.
  8. This year's Tiger Woods isn't a drastic change from last year, but yet the return of the 3-click meter changes the game all the same.
  9. 85
    Tiger 08 boils down to a few additions, but not much change overall. It's still a great game, but the new additions, other than Shot Confidence to a degree, really don't alter the core game.
  10. It packs enough pure dazzle power to keep you trudging through the lows in pursuit of the sweet, sweet highs - and that's the stuff that great golf is made of. [Oct 2007, p.68]
  11. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the best Tiger Woods yet but really feels like an incremental upgrade over last year’s game.
  12. The roster of hotshot golfers is now 21 members deep, several new-to-the-series courses are unlockable, and you can also toss your own face into the fray with the Photo Gamer Face tools.
  13. Tiger Woods 08 has finally delivered on its next gen promises. This is the entire golf package. From a variety of ways to play, to tons of courses, great player customization, and some unique online features, there really isn’t too much more golf nuts could ask for.
  14. I recommend everyone to at least rent Tiger Woods to play around with the character creation tools. You’ll be amazed how close it can provide a likeness to the user. The gameplay doesn’t falter and holds up reasonably well to bring forth an all-around polished game.
  15. Gameplay is top notch this year catering to all walks of life. Whether you are a newbie or veteran, there are many levels of difficulty and settings that will challenge any golfing fan.
  16. Tiger 08 gives you a ton to do, and offers lots of variety across these various events to reduce potential tedium—an effect that, unfortunately, really drags down the Skills Training section.
  17. Despite its shortcomings, which include awful commentary, puzzling automated club and shot selection, fan interference, and a bug in the Tiger Challenge mode, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 does introduce some wonderful new features to the series. Photo Game Face goes a long way to help players create a golfer that’s truly in their image; the EA Sports Gamernet adds a wealth of content for the online community; and the additions and alterations to the swing controls make the game a little more accessible than it used to be.
  18. The Tiger Woods franchise is a yearly affair; if you already own ‘07’ we would suggest a rent to see if you like the new changes it offers.
  19. This is a nice revision of last year's version. No, it is not an essential buy. If you have to be on the cutting edge, then you need to get this.
  20. Almost every area of the game can be customised in line with your tastes to the extent that, if you ask nicely, Tiger will probably even dress up as Sailor Moon and call you Susan.
  21. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is by no means perfect, and we'd expect something of an engine overhaul for the next version, but this is no mere cynical yearly update. Recommended.
  22. Between the addictive character building and the online community features, there's tons of links action. All you'll need is just a little patience.
  23. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 would have been without doubt the best game in the series for years had it not been for the high number of bugs and uneven graphical presentation.
  24. It's addictive, it's finely tuned. [Issue#24, p.82]
  25. The multitude of additional features on the Xbox 360 compared to the PS2/Wii make it by far the stronger game. The PS2 and Wii games really do feel a little tired in comparison, although the addition of a very natural feeling control system on the Wii helps to improve its appeal.
  26. While Tiger Woods himself continues to reach new heights in his golf game, the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise also made noticeable improvements in the last year.
  27. You can’t find a better title to test your skills, relax and challenge your mates, but with expectations raising ever higher, Tiger needs to seriously consider catching up before we leave him behind.
  28. 80
    Tiger Woods 08 is a remarkable golf game.
  29. The lack of initial on-screen prompts aside, it’s entirely possible for anyone to throw themselves into Tiger’s 2008 outing and have both a rewarding and entertaining time, be they a golf fan or not.
  30. Too arcadey to match "Links," but still plays a cracking round of golf. [Nov 2007, p.81]
  31. Do you have the patience to work through the frequent shot frustration? If so, you'll enjoy the almost ridiculous amount of content shoehorned in here. [Oct 2007, p.91]
  32. Tiger Woods 08 will definitely give you your money’s worth when it comes to sheer play options.
  33. 75
    But looming over everything is the fact that the most fundamental gameplay element of Tiger Woods 08 -- the swing -- is essentially flawed. And so in spite of the solid competence of most of the rest of the game, I'd recommend you rent the game before purchasing. Just to make sure you've got the patience for it.
  34. The additions of the GamerNet and Shot Confidence don't make up for the faulty driving controls and inconsistent putting support.
  35. Overall, Tiger Woods 08 is a very enjoyable game that's brought (slightly) low by a few niggles and the fact that if you already own one of the previous T. Woods games, then you're not really going to find that much more for you here other than a few play refinements and tweaks.
  36. Tiger Woods 08 is a solid game, but not great. It also doesn't offer enough new features to justify purchase.
  37. Tiger Woods 08 is a decent enough golf game, but the overly touchy analog swing control and forced level progression will turn a lot of people off.
  38. Golf games are not the types where you typically feel compelled to get each year's version. If you have another golf game already, it is hard to recommend shelling out another $60 for what amounts to a few small upgrades.
  39. The problem here is that there really isn't anything to justify spending the money on this game, especially compared to both Tiger Woods 07 and even Tiger Woods 06.
  40. As always, Tiger's a fun game but the 08 version comes up short of earning green jacket status.
  41. 70
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is an enjoyable game for those who love the gentleman's game, just don't expect much to have changed.
  42. It's the same, but it's a good kind of same. [Oct 2007, p.90]
  43. An upgrade in terms of pure on the course play; it’s technically a better game than 07, but the overall design remains so dull and workmanlike that it feels like a job at times more than a game, and is only recommended for those who like playing the mini games and hopping online rather than for those who just want to jump in and start playing tournaments.
  44. Thanks to a crash bug and features that don't work well or don't work at all, Tiger Woods 08 on the Xbox 360 is a big disappointment.
  45. 60
    The new courses, modes and features can't make us forget one simple fact: EA screwed with the gameplay. It's not our fault we were getting really damn good at your game. Don't send it back into the Stone Age with inaccurate swing mechanics and busted-up putting as punishment.

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