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  1. 83
    I'd be hard pressed to find a better golf videogame out there today other than Tiger Woods 10, but EA needs to be mindful of complacency with next year's release. They got awfully close to not making par this time around.
  2. AceGamez
    The benefits of upgrading to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 may not be immediately apparent, but spend a little time with the game and those subtle nuances, incremental details and understated new features soon begin to pile up.
  3. The continued concentration on stat-grinding rather than creating a game where player skill matters and the lack of real change in the sport really does make me believe that the Tiger Woods franchise needs to take a vacation next year while the whole basis of the franchise is rethought.
  4. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 shines apart from previous iterations due to the incorporation of both the game’s community and real results from the PGA.
  5. But is it justifiable now to release a yearly installment or would they be better off releasing premium updates to current versions of the game? Only EA can answer that question, but they better start thinking fast because the series could become a little stale too soon.
  6. Authentic controls and a variety of play modes stand against merely changed gameplay and graphics. For fans and rookies!
  7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is once again at the front of the class, given that there is nothing else out there. The visuals are solid, the sound is good, and the gameplay does not falter.
  8. But unless you are serious about golf, or videogame golf at least, then you may find it frustrating.
  9. Crucially, however, the game itself remains almost completely unchanged, the creative inertia all the more noticeable given the radical overhaul the series enjoyed over the course of its 2008 and 2009 incarnations.
  10. Good quality game but no innovations at all. EA Sports' work has been oriented on refining more than putting in new stuff but if you already own PGA Tour 09 you'll not find a good reason to buy the new chapter that anyway stays as the best option for a golfer.
  11. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is another thing of beauty in the series. The title comes with outstanding gameplay, refreshed by little new features, a brand new Live Tournament online mode that gives you the chance to compete with the pro's, and the best graphics ever seen in a sports title.
  12. The audio presentation gets a serious boost with more ambient sounds coming out of every speaker in a crisp, clear Dolby Digital mix.
  13. It's no online tour, but it's a step in the right direction; the kind of slow progress we're seeing in the franchise these days. [July 2009, p.82]
  14. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a safe and sound approach shot from the fairway lie of last year’s golfing venture. Its low risks won’t change your mind about the franchise, and there’s still a level of frustration given that it would only take several minimal tweaks to make the design match the brilliance of its production values.
  15. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a solid addition to the long running series. The great amount of options both online and off will suffice any golfing fan for a long period of time. Out of everything available in this year’s edition, the ‘Play The Pros’ will be the one mode that Golfing fans will go back to time and time again during the course of the season.
  16. How time flies… it’s hard to believe that EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is the fifth release of the series on current generation consoles. Forget any other golfing games out there, if there are any – Tiger Woods is where it’s at.
  17. 90
    This year's version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour is as sweet as a 350 yard tee shot down the middle of the fairway. It will challenge experienced players while still providing enough teaching and lessons to acclimate even the newest of players.
  18. There is a lot to like about this year's "Tiger Woods" but, unfortunately, there is also a lot wrong as well. For those who haven't picked up a golf game before this will be a welcome surprise. For hardcore fans, though, it is likely to leave you wondering where all the new features are.
  19. Tiger Woods might not be groundbreaking, but it offers a very deep and challenging experience. The game has a great amount of realism and the added features work fine. Golf sims don't get any better than this.
  20. Games Master UK
    Not masses of new content, it's more of a case of quality over quantity, though. [Aug 2009, p.78]
  21. games(TM)
    After more than a decade at the top of its field, this may well be the best golf game released this year, but it isn't appreciably better than 09 or even 08. [Aug 2009, p.131]
  22. No matter what you're looking for in a golf game, Tiger Woods 10 almost certainly has you covered.
  23. 80
    As a relative rookie, I had the most fun playing online against others within my skill level, as Tiger 10's main drawback is that it's too damned hard for series non-veterans.
  24. We appreciate the strong emphasis on tournament play, but none of the new additions to PGA Tour 10 blow us away. If you absolutely love the series, or are brand new to the franchise, here's another one. But if you're looking for something truly new, you might want to check out PGA Tour 10 on the Wii.
  25. The new putting system and the US Open add some great new challenges for fans of the series, giving them plenty of reason to invest.
  26. Game play is much like last year's effort on whole, but has been tightened and refined to allow for better club choices and shot selection.
  27. 83
    On the flipside, if you’re just waking up on Monday morning to check out the results on SportsCenter and you only occasionally dust off your copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, you’ll likely be disappointed by the general lack of show-stopping features and gameplay innovations.
  28. Tiger Woods 10 is a good golf game. It has some nice enhancements in the gameplay area, such as the precision putting and the addition of the US Open-course.
  29. Just like the sibling franchises of NHL and FIFA there are constant strides made forward in EA:s golfing series Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Putting has been improved, the realtime weather does improve the overall realism and there are more things to do online. Unfortunately there are still too many things in here that are downright bad for us too really enjoy the experience to it's fullest. If you're not that much into online play you'll do fine with last years edition, otherwise this is a great game for golf fans everywhere.
  30. A great game that improved slightly in some areas. Sadly, the changes are not enough for you to drop more cash on it.
  31. This year's Tiger Woods game is one of the best entries in the series. Fun, easy to play and with a lot of game modes (both online and offline), it has everything you ever wanted in a golf game. It's not so different from last year's game, but it has improved quite a bit.
  32. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is undoubtedly the best golf game around, thanks to a precise control system and the great number of features. We'd have liked better graphics, but it's nevertheless a really good game.
  33. The usual tweaks and additional features help improve an already decent title that is sure to delight many golfing fans.
  34. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 indeed is the ultimate console golf game, and EA succeeded in making better the few controversial elements from last year's edition. It's just a "More of the same" but it's perfect for those who've never tried a gold game before.
  35. 85
    The audio also deserves a mention, with detailed commentary from ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt and the Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman. If it impresses me, then it is safe to say that fanatics of the sport should be able to while away many hours of their time with it.
  36. Serious golf fans will want to spring for this game, even though it’s a lightweight but quality upgrade on Tiger 09. But if you’re more casual and you only fire up Tiger every now and again, you’ll be fine waiting for next year’s game and what will hopefully be a beefier step toward golfing nirvana.
  37. If you utterly exhausted last year's effort and are waiting for the revolution the series now sorely needs, keep on walking.
  38. It has beefier online modes, a few graphical improvements (most notably in the weather effects), real-time weather, and Precision Putting – but all of this is forgettable if you played Tiger Woods 09.
  39. Overall this is another highly impressive gaming package from the seasoned professionals in the golf game trade, which is enjoyable if you’re not put off by the tough learning curve to begin with.
  40. The best golf game that an MS console has ever seen. Could still use a few engine tweak, however.
  41. It's by no means a vintage year for Tiger, but a full-bodied one nonetheless.
  42. If you’re a hardcore golf gamer then it is worth going out and picking up the game, the same applies for if you’re a US Open and USGA Championship nut who welcomes the inclusion of the prestigious tournaments in the game. Otherwise, rent the game and then see what you think.
  43. 80
    Not many new features in yet another annual installment of a sports title.
  44. The changes are quite slight, but the putting is vastly improved and the new features make for a better game than before, so if you like the sound of those you won't be disappointed.
  45. All told, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is solid. There is plenty of common familiar ground for established fans and players of the previous titles, as well as a tuned and inviting menu system for new players.
  46. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Save yourself some money and pick up an older one. [Issue#48, p.86]
  47. Tiger '10's new Live Tournaments feature, and the addition of varying weather conditions, make this a great place for newcomers to get in on the golfing action, and provides enough features and online support to make it worth looking into for series veterans.
  48. Outdated and barely altered since 2007, this is still a brilliant spot of golf. [Aug 2009, p.93]
  49. Honestly speaking, if you are a fan of golf or the Tiger series than this game should most definitely be in your library. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.
  50. 70
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 improves just enough over its predecessor to keep it interesting. The new online features are a nice addition, but the rest of the game is almost the same as last year's edition.
  51. 90
    The game has been honed to near perfection since its inception on the next generation consoles, and this new version is by far the best entry yet.
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  1. CodyB.
    Jun 25, 2009
    I love this game. Granted I haven't played it since the 07 version, but I really like the way you increase your player's stats and I love this game. Granted I haven't played it since the 07 version, but I really like the way you increase your player's stats and online is addicting. Look out for Geezer McGee on the course!! Full Review »
  2. BlueFalcon
    Jun 18, 2009
    My score may look cruel, but it's deserved. There are very few improvements from the mediocre showing last year. The graphics are really My score may look cruel, but it's deserved. There are very few improvements from the mediocre showing last year. The graphics are really starting to show their age. The main change is to putting, but it's not an improvement on the previous system. It feels like change for the sake of change. Quite frankly, I'm also sick of all the EA items and icons everywhere. All that does is make us feel like we're playing a game from an evil corporation (which may or may not be true). Really this could have been some dl content for tw09. It's far from worth it's asking price. Full Review »
  3. TobiasB.
    Jun 17, 2009
    This Game is Sweet, I got this and the wii version, and I play this version when I don't feel like getting off the couch. Real This Game is Sweet, I got this and the wii version, and I play this version when I don't feel like getting off the couch. Real tournaments rock, I'll be playing in the U.S. open this week! Full Review »