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  1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has to be played to be believed.
  2. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is still the definitive golf game out there, mostly because it's the only golf game out there, mini-golf not withstanding.
  3. It's a golf game. There's very little you can do to make it awful or incredible, but this latest installment in the Tiger line found a way to improve realism and enjoyment in a product that will be subject to its most intense scrutiny to date.
  4. I think a lot of players won't notice too many of this year's more subtle new additions, but will instead help themselves to the 24-player online (where you can construct your own Ryder Cup-like competitions), GamerNet challenges, online tournaments, and five new courses. That's fine, but the smaller improvements made to this year's game offer players more freedom and customizability.
  5. This might be the Ryder Cup Edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, but it is actually the closest the series has ever been to fully replicating the sport. The new changes are under-advertised, but once you get in there and start playing them, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a difference they make.
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  1. Jan 15, 2014
    I'll start with the negatives. Firstly, as is always the case with EA Sports titles, very little has really changed from previous versions and as far as I'm concerned you only need buy one Tiger Woods game per console generation. Secondly it is still too arcade orientated (and easy, scores of better than 15 under par are normal) for those of us wanting a proper simulation and finally, despite Links featuring the option ten years ago, there is still no course editor/designer to be found.

    Having said all that the Tiger Woods series is now the only real option for golf fans. The presentation and gameplay, including the analogue swing control introduced back in the PS2 days, are of the highest quality and I certainly spent many an enjoyable hour attempting the games online* and offline challenges.

    *Online challenges now unavailable as the EA servers have been switched off.
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  2. Dec 31, 2011
    They have developed tremendous graphics and playing ability only to lose it in technicalities. The previews are all bad........ the putting has become impossible... the putting previews work about four times then quit, on several holes the only clubs you're allowed are twice what you need and you can't really cut down on the percentage of power in this one..... options are hard to locate and worthless in some cases.... very discouraging, in general. Full Review »
  3. Nov 27, 2010
    I think the so called "official" reviewers need to start taking a step back and start to think a bit more when reviewing sports games that release a new version each year, and only review what is put in front of them as a new game. I myself haven't played a Tiger Woods gold game since the early noughties, and I needed a game I could chill out to following some surgery.
    I bought this game and found it to be truly amazing graphically, and the gameplay was slightly difficult but had a decent learning curve which didn't take too long to master. Some nice touches like the focus metre, and the online is fairly slick and a joy to play.
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