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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] In TiQal, you have been chosen to make an epic journey through many obstacles to seek the help of the gods. The village of TiQal is in deep trouble! Destroy the block walls in your way by moving your magic Dropper left and right, rotating blocks, and dropping them into place to create squares of color. Build up multiple squares to score bonus points and unlock helpful power-ups. Do you have the skill and courage to complete your quest and save TiQal from certain destruction? The full game includes 120 action-packed levels for you to master. TiQal is addictive and easy to learn, yet presents challenging gameplay. Unlike other games in the genre, TiQal includes fourteen formidable power-ups to assist you in your block destruction. Multiplayer modes: Play with a friend in the co-op Adventure mode, or go online and challenge a buddy. [Slapdash Games] Expand
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  1. You will need to play the game to realize its potential and accept that TiQal is definitely one of Xbox Live Arcade's greatest games to date.
  2. TiQal builds on rich puzzle traditions to create an exotic game full of ambiance and excitement.
  3. 70
    A puzzle game has to be challenging in order for it to be addictive but TiQal gives players too many chances.
  4. It doesn’t have the lifespan of other XBOX Live Arcade titles and your 800 Microsoft Points could be spent on a better title.
  5. The problem isn't that TiQal is a casual game, but that it's a lazy casual game. A game so mired in existing formula that it has nothing to offer beyond bland distraction.
  6. Passable, but there are better alternatives. [May 2008, p.92]
  7. It’s thoroughly unexciting and visually uninspired, but that’s more the fault of TiQal’s place in history. If it had been one of the first puzzle games on the service, it might stand out a bit more. But now, despite its passable gameplay, it’s hard to not just say “wow, they made another one of these?” and move on.

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