Tom Clancy's EndWar Xbox 360


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 63
  2. Negative: 0 out of 63
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  1. GamePro
    With its slick voice-command system, depth of strategy and frenetic action, EndWar is one game I'll still be playing after its evaluation. [Dec 2008, p.96]
  2. EndWar is a polished, innovative game that does a great job pairing its impressive voice command feature with a focused, fast-paced design.
  3. 90
    As a real-time strategy game, EndWar is an intimate and deeply nuanced experience.
  4. Endwar is a lesson to all, then. You can make a strategy game work on a console; you just have to speed it up, dumb it down, and somehow keep it smart.
  5. Put very simply, EndWar is a must buy for any console owner that has been waiting for a console war game done right.
  6. Games Master UK
    The best RTS on consoles by a long way. EndWar is considerably more than a gimmick. [Christmas 2008, p.78]
  7. Graphics rock: You are able to see every detail of a soldier and if you manage to see an airstrike or an EMP-bomb explosion, the ‘wow-effect’ won’t wear off after the first time.
  8. This decision by the developers, to focus on action over boredom, will help EndWar interest a more broad type of gamer.
  9. With a completely new way to play a Real Time Strategy game and some excellent multiplayer gaming this is one game that is a must buy for strategy fans of any type. If it was not for a few minor issues with the game such as nothing south of the equator and a lack of a cool looking single player campaign presentation wise (it is a great campaign to play though) this would be one of the top 10 played games on Xbox Live for many months.
  10. EndWar is fun, fast-paced and will likely swoon even a few jaded shooter fans to the RTS fold.
  11. As a game, it is rather fun, although a bit simplistic, and its real strength lies in its online, not offline play. The persistent online EndWar will keep players busy for much longer than the single-player campaign, and the fun of trying to stop a Russian invasion or to take over Washington, D.C., is significantly higher when you know that the enemy commander who you just stomped is a real person.
  12. Overall, Tom Clancy's End War delivers a solid gaming experience even to those who are not so much fans of the real time strategy games.
  13. An exceptional console RTS that solves the problem of having to use a controller to quickly respond to on-screen action. Great graphics and a true sense of an epic global conflict make this one of the best RTS titles to arrive on any console. The online multiplayer mode is a real highlight allowing you to engage in battles that change the face of Europe and the US.
  14. Endwar has to be one of the best console RTS’ that has graced the next-generation and even last-generation consoles. It uses a truly immersive control system that gives you a real feel for the depth of battle and complexity of command.
  15. EndWar gives us a wonderfully fresh look at the future of the RTS genre.
  16. Thanks to the good implementation of voice commands, EndWar manages to tackle one of the most problematic aspects of strategy games on consoles and enter the club of good games.
  17. EndWar is a very hopeful beginning for the first strategic franchise of Ubisoft that is born for consoles. Unfortunately the lack of depth prevents the game from being a memorable title, but the great control and its powerful online mode are two really interesting options for those who like RTS games.
  18. Knowing full-well that real time strategy games are but faint blips on most console gamers’ radars, Ubi Shanghai knew it had to go big if Tom Clancy’s EndWar was to have a fighting chance on the Xbox 360. With a fully functional voice recognition system and solid, console-centric RTS gameplay Shanghai has succeeded in an attempt to give the strategy game its just due on the console.
  19. EndWar is a solid RTS game that benefits from an innovative and intuitive control element, but falls short in a few key places.
  20. 80
    EndWar offers something new, refreshing, and a little exciting for console players. It's sort of a coming of age when what could be seen as the last stalwart of the PC -- the RTS -- is made from the ground up with every classic convention put on the chopping block to please the couch player.
  21. The new voice command system works flawlessly, and players should find it to be a mighty rewarding experience.
  22. 80
    From the integrated, Ghost Recon-style info on your HUD to the third-person camera and voice command system, everything is designed to keep you right in the game with the squads on the front line. The strategy pays off, making EndWar a unique and challenging new weapon in the Tom Clancy arsenal.
  23. EndWar is a real glimpse into the future of RTS titles on console, with an immersive experience thanks unquestionably to the voice command system.
  24. Besides sending your foe’s infantry sky-high, EndWar includes little beauties that’ll have you giggling with glee: fluid battle animations, multiple terrain (from hillside villages to urban Paris), destructible buildings, and more. With such attention to detail and exciting co-op battles, EndWar will draw you in until you start issuing commands in your sleep.
  25. 80
    The online multiplayer is addictive and fun too, thanks to the context provided by the evolving world, and although the game is marred by weak singleplayer narrative and lacklustre AI, the lasting impression is still well within the positive.
  26. 80
    Console gamers or those new to the RTS genre would do well to check out EndWar. It is a fun, if simplistic game that has succeeded where many others have failed.
  27. 80
    That voice command system might be the slickest thing about EndWar, but the underlying Total-War-esque framework of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics is worth a thumbs-up by itself.
  28. Considering this is Ubisoft’s first attempt at developing an RTS game with consoles in mind, Tom Clancy’s End War is terrific game.
  29. Edge Magazine
    Its ideas are streamlined, its tight boundaries narrowing what could have been an overwhelming proposition, plunging players all the sooner into compelling strategic depths. [Christmas 2008, p.99]
  30. EndWar is all about its voice command system. Fantastically implemented with very few flaws, but you kind of get the feeling that underneath it all, the game is very shallow and relies on that to set it free. Nevertheless, the voice command system is present and it's one of the best innovations and implementations in a game for some time and surely this could become a staple in future titles; both Clancy and otherwise.
  31. Overall though this is a great game and a great RTS for consoles. Be sure to give this game a try.
  32. The voice control is almost perfect and absolutely trend-setting. But three gameplay-wise almost identical groups and similar missions are too little to captivate in the long term.
  33. Even though the game has its flaws, Tom Clancy’s EndWar ends up being a fairly impressive effort.
  34. 80
    Thanks to an excellent voice command system, simple but detailed unit breakdown and a solid multiplayer mode, Tom Clancy's EndWar is possibly the best strategy game we've seen on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  35. If you're looking for an RTS that is cut from a slightly different cloth then EndWar is definitely the way to go.
  36. An original IP in a genre not associated with consoles during the Christmas rush may not be the best time for its release. Though perhaps it’s managed to carve out a niche and in doing so we’re hopeful this really isn’t the end of this war.
  37. A must buy for fans of teamwork and tactics but if you are an impatient online gamer you may want to give End War a miss.
  38. All in all, the entire gameplay experience is a recommended one.
  39. Console players interested in seeing what all the fuss about RTS is about are probably best served here rather than with the other mediocre efforts to date.
  40. Compared to other creative RTS titles End War is your plain Jane, if you exclude the voice command feature.
  41. 76
    Overall, EndWar got right the part I thought would go horribly wrong – the voice system – yet didn’t manage to get the more traditional RTS stuff up to the same level. As a result, this game is fun for a little while, but might not hold your attention for too long.
  42. Calling EndWar shallow would be unfair — streamlined would be a far better descriptor. Unit detail and animation is intricate, and stacks of research went into concocting the sleek weapon systems of 2020AD. Each skirmish is brutally acted out before your eyes, but these animations are the icing, not the cake. For you are not a soldier — you are a general. Once you get into the mindset of a commanding officer, EndWar takes on a life of its own.
  43. At its core, EndWar is a bit too simple, but it does offer a unique voice command system and terrific production values.
  44. EndWar is probably the best attempt at a RTS on consoles, while it’s far from perfect Ubisoft has managed to find a way to allow you to command an army in short but explosive battles - which should suit most console owners. Even though the single-player is best left untouched and the graphics are not up to par with other new release titles like GOW 2, there’s still a lot of fun to be had here with EndWar if you’re a fan of online gaming.
  45. EndWar may not be the best RTS on the market, but it certainly breathes new life into the genre on consoles.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 53 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 21
  1. Mar 15, 2015
    This game is not very good. The voice controls are hard to work which really sucks the fun out of this game. Also you don't really doThis game is not very good. The voice controls are hard to work which really sucks the fun out of this game. Also you don't really do anything, you just bark orders at people which usually the orders aren't even what you said like I said it's the bad voice controls. Full Review »
  2. NikoK.
    Nov 22, 2008
    What's so special about this game? Did it bring anything new to Real Time Strategy -games, but voice-command? Only thing why people What's so special about this game? Did it bring anything new to Real Time Strategy -games, but voice-command? Only thing why people bother voting over 4, is because they don't accept the fact that they spent over 60 Full Review »
  3. Sep 8, 2013
    A fairly average strategy game for x-box. The controls don't get in the way and there is an upgrade system, however for the most part it isA fairly average strategy game for x-box. The controls don't get in the way and there is an upgrade system, however for the most part it is fairly linear. It also has very good graphics. Other than that there is not much else to raise it above average other than it's voice control system. The game is good to take out and play a few levels every once in a while. Full Review »