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  1. Jul 18, 2012
    What a regret. Went in expecting a Ghost Recon game, yet I can't control my team and am not given any kind of tactical options. Among all the generic shooters I always looked forward to the GR series, but this version is such a let down. They have even taken away all the game modes from previous titles and the 4-player split screen, even though its advertised on the box. Was a disappointment when I bought and sat down with my 3 other mates, to find we couldn't play it. They have stripped away everything from the GRAW series and original Ghost Recon that made the series great. They should be proud of their series and not reduce it down to a COD wannabe. Expand
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    The wait is over, the superb Ghost Recon series is back at full throttle with Future Soldier, another gadget filled masterpiece from the Tom Clancy & Ubisoft partnership.
    Being a big fan of all Ghost Recons to date I eagerly awaited the release of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, I was lucky to have had a sneak peak of the single player last September  at GAMEfest when an eager Matt
    Benson (Ubisoft UK Brand Manager) couldn Expand
  3. Jul 23, 2012
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier was a thrill to play through with ground breaking gun customization and intense third person combat. Graphics were beautiful along with great cutscenes (except you can't skip them) and voice acting. Although there are a lot of good things about this game, it has some of bad things as well. Cover mechanics and invisible cloaking could be a lot better, I mean, who wants to crouch for a couple of seconds before entering "invisible mode" and then not be able to stand up without blowing cover? Also, the cover mechanics can be buggy at some parts and even non responsive.Also, there is little to no story line and you have no emotional feelings for your squad mates or even your own character. Though the main thing that hooks me as well as many other players is the multiplayer. It is incredible, 6 different modes with fully customizable characters and weapons and interesting and cool maps. Multiplayer in this game is what will hit it big and is why I give it a solid 8/10. Expand
  4. Aug 2, 2012
    Does not feel like Ghost Recon. Campaign is extremely linear and has quick time events.
    No focus on tactical gameplay whatsoever. GRAW series is more GR than this game.
    Good game if your looking for a generic fps.

    R.I.P. Ghost Recon
  5. Jul 29, 2012
    I love the tactical shooter as much as the next guy, but I was really surprised about some details. First I have to comment on the AI. Amazing job for the team to feel like they are thinking for themselves instead of roboting behind me. Second, I really love the customizing and weapon specializing but their could have been more. Third, I was really bummed about the graphics. I was really hoping for significant upgrade from the GRAW series but its almost the same if not worse. Overall I enjoyed the game but I was left wanting a lot more. Maybe in Future Soldier 2... Expand
  6. Apr 18, 2013
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a solid third person shooter from Ubisoft. To start off with lets talk about the story. The story is about as generic and uninspired as it gets in shooters, but that's more of a bonus for a shooter to have a good story. Onto more important aspects the gameplay is exceptional, the controls and cover system are very fluid, similiar to Gears of War. The guns are spectacular, there's a wide array of them they sound great and have accurate stats. The Gunsmith is amazing, it is hands down the best weapon customization feature in games, literally customize every aspect of the weapon, and suit it to your play style. More on gameplay: the game as advertised, has great stealth sequences and awesome straight up gun fights. A really cool feature is the sync shot where you mark enemies and silently take as many as four enemies down at once with the help of your squad. Onto guerilla mode, is is well executed and enjoyable, when playing with friends its a blast, but playing solo the enemies swarm and rush you and it is incredibly frustrating. Onto multiplayer, it is such a shame that a game with such solid gameplay could have such poor multiplayer. Here's a handful of problems 1. Spawn Camping: on most maps there are only two or so ways to leave the spawn, so the enemy will go prone and mow you down the second you come out of the gate. 2. Camping: this is a whole other issue than spawn camping because enemies will camp objective and high-traffic areas and rack up kills. 3. 6 maps: this multiplayer has around half a dozen maps, that is completely unacceptable and the maps get so boring so fast. 4. TWO MODES: this multiplayer has two goddamn modes in it, no deathmatch no team deathmatch, just a domination type game and another game mode that no one is ever playing. Finally 5. OP weapons: half the weapons in this game will tear you to shreds in an instant almost every other time I'm killed is by an a-hole with an over-gassed Vector or F2000. But wait theres one more major complaint, the UPlay passport, so I pay for my internet, and on top of that you have Xbox Gold, and on top of that you have another fee just to level past 5. Ubisoft has to learn this "business practice" is completely unacceptable and I will not purchase their games if this trend continues. So in conclusion this game has solid mechanics, good campaign, good guerilla mode and absolute piss-poor multiplayer. Expand
  7. Aug 24, 2012
    After purchasing GRFS and feeling hugely disappointed and well cheated out of my £40 I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about the countless hours, days and alas years my friends and I spent at the helm of the ghost recon franchise. The days when you could actually speak to most people playing and issue warnings of a looming sniper or vocalise strategy's, when a game actually felt realistic almost like you were there. I remember sprawling in the thick undergrowth actually raising my head for real, in a vane attempt to look over the grass. The game throughout the franchise had a real community spirit and with so many configurable options and a ridiculous amount of amazingly atmospheric diverse maps you were never far away from the next great online battle . You were also part of a team and you treated the maps strategically as such and that atmosphere and team spirit is what's missing from the modern shooters. Have you noticed how all the new breed of so called strategy shooters, advertise the fact you should play as a team ? But how many games do you jump into where people actually do? Ghost Recon was the kind of game that didnt need to try and coax you into such, you just did.

    Ok so enough nostalgic meanderings, this game at grass roots is ok, talking of which where is the grass in this? and all those wonderfully diverse landscapes that once made this franchise what it was? Like I say its ok, if you want to play a 3rd person COD clone with a few silly objective games that nobody really likes compared to the old team elimination, oh and a gears of war cover system bolted on for good measure, then you might quite like this. If however your one of those old GR vets such as myself that actually quite liked the proven formula of the past franchise, you might be a little disappointed to find that your beloved Ghost Recon is going through an identity crisis of sorts. I'm not saying change is bad, quite the contrary. For me a brand should improve on what made it famous in the first place but I'm afraid Ubisoft seems to have thrown that rule book well and truly out of the window. This game is certainly not without its fans, old and new but now its breached into similar territory to that of the newer kids on the block I really wonder if this franchise has the legs or the attributes that stood it apart from the crowd in the first place... Originality!!

    Looks like its back to GRAW 2 and as old as it is there's still that great community spirit and quality battles abound. Difficult to get bored with 50+ maps. I wonder Will GRFS be saying the same at that age?
  8. Sep 2, 2013
    I found this game to be pretty enjoyable. It looks and controls well, the story's pretty deep and the gunplay's pretty fluid for a third-person shooter. The main draw for me is the weapons customization, which is the deepest I've ever seen in a video game. It's even better than Army of Two's weapon customization; everything from the magazines and stocks to the gas systems and triggers can be customized to make your own killing tool. Guerilla Mode is Ghost Recon's take on Gears of War's Horde mode, tasking you to take on waves of enemies. A few gripes, however. The game's too easy at parts and the AI is predictable. And while past Ghost Recon games relied on tactics to complete missions in one piece, in this game it's all about hunkering down and shooting anything that moves. Also, an online pass is required to play the game online, and I absolutely hate when games do that. This game may detract from the tactical roots of its predecessors, but just because it isn't a tactical shooter doesn't mean it's terrible. It's a pretty good game if you find it cheap. Just keep in mind of that infernal online pass... Expand
  9. Nov 22, 2012
    Massive letdown compared to GRAW. The singleplayer had its moments but overall I didnt rate it. I wanted to be able to use all the gun unlocks once i get a gun, not do boring side challenges to get an attachment. Thought the characters were annoying nothing compared to captain Mitchell. Those scenes where they talk all together, made me cringe. The speed of the cover system was awesome but the soldiers still look like turtles. Multiplayer was fun until i realised if you are an engineer and have a UAV and know how to use it, people will ge annoyed. UAV = fun killer. Expand
  10. Apr 28, 2013
    I started playing this yesterday. The game reminds me of the Sniper ghost game in the way that you strategically kill enemies in a certain order to make it to the next stage. There is a lot more variety though having multiple teammates to work with, better graphics, more weapons, more strategy, etc...etc... If you liked Sniper Ghost Warrior, you'll really like this game. I can't comment on the online play but the single player mission is really fun. I had been disappointed about the Advanced Warfighter game mainly because it lacked any single player capability and I'm not much into online. Future Soldier is the game to buy if you want more of a single player experience. I usually like the 1st person shooters but the ability to switch shoulders holding the weapon was a nice feature for the 3rd person view. I only started playing this game but I foresee many more hours of fun. It has great graphics and the strategic addictive quality of eliminating the enemy in different ways (not as linear as Sniper was.). This makes it different than the typical shooters since running and gunning usually gets you killed or spotted. It almost feels like a real-time version of xcom (when battling the enemy) except more of a feeling of being live in the actual battle ordering your teammates to take out strategic positions (or take them out yourself). If you like this game, you may want to look at Brothers In Arms Highway to Hell (older strategic shooter but currently still pricey) I am still curious on how the kinect is going to work with this game. I do feel as though I got my $30 worth of a game and more, Expand
  11. Jun 5, 2013
    What do you get when you refine a tactical shooter with modern outlooks? Ghost Recon Future Soldier. A tactical shooter uses the word tactical loosely. As team management is a thing of the past and the controls are streamlined for convenience of the player. Which works good on paper but the reality is boring and dull. The game is centered around 4 highly trained operatives called, Ghost. As they are to be the ones to follow a mysterious shipment that resulted in the death of four other friends. The game centers you around, Kozak, an ex-Russian who is the heart, brains, lungs, spine, liver, stomach... and you see where I'm going with this. You are the reason the team operates, even though you are not even squad leader.

    Graphics are terrible and just passable. Gameplay is boring, only with friends does it get fun. AI is lackluster. Buy as a fun game for friends, not for fans of the series.
  12. Sep 5, 2013
    The Ghost Recon series made its name as a tactical shooter. Over the years the tactical elements have been slowly but surely watered down, and unfortunately we have reached a new low with Future Soldier.
    FS is nothing more than a 3’rd person shooter with some quite superficial stealth elements. The tactical commands you can give your squad is now reduced to tagging (lifted straight from
    Splinter Cell Conviction) which enemies should be taken out or suppressed, or commands to heal squad members rather than actually command your squad (who would want to do that in a tactical shooter anyway, eh?).
    The open areas you had to slowly and carefully explore in the series beginning is now nothing but a series of linear “hallways” (complete with invisible walls) which sometimes opens up into larger “rooms” followed by yet more “hallways”. And to make matters even worse, the story, the characters and the settings all seem to be lifted straight out of any other modern shooter of recent years giving a terrible sense of déjà vu throughout the entire game.
    That said, the shooting and cover mechanics work well and the enemy AI is quite good as they use grenades effectively and try to flank you. The same unfortunately cannot be said for you squad members who on several occasions throughout my play-through seemed to get sporadic episodes of mental meltdowns making them leave a suppressed cover and rush forward in a hail of bullets. This didn’t happen often, but just enough to be really annoying.
    On the positive side the campaign is quite long and does try some variation (with sporadic success), but this however did little to distract from the clichéd plot and characters or the sense of déjà vu both in terms of gameplay, levels, and story. There is very little here you haven’t seen or played a million times before.
    The only thing that stands out in this game is the multiplayer which is very solid with 4 interesting modes, and playing through the campaign with three other players is actually the only thing that makes FS feel somewhat reminiscent of a Ghost Recon game.
    Ghost Recon is not a bad game, it’s just doesn’t feel like a Ghost Recon game, but more like CoD in 3’rd person, and that’s a shame.
    This is a well presented 3’rd person shooter, which unfortunately only manages to stand out a little in the multiplayer.
    If you want a solid 3’rd person multiplayer shooter give it a go.
    If you want a singleplayer tactical shooter (which this franchise used to be) leave it alone, because it has nothing to do with the Ghost Recon franchise.
    FS is yet another example of a franchise abandoning its roots in order to look, feel, and play just like everything else.
    It’s really getting tiresome.
  13. Mar 25, 2013
    The game is amazing. Campaign is pretty good with a few small flaws. It's challenging, stealthy, tactical, and has a absolute perfect split between pulse pounding action and stealth. It's co op, as well, making it a blast to coordinate with friends.

    Multiplayer launched with the game almost still in beta. There were many glitches, bugs, and exploits when it launched. Luckily most of
    them had been patched. I think of the reason for this is Ubisoft didn't know truely how many people were going to be playing the multiplayer which also led to some lag issues and I assure you, they won't make the same mistake. Multiplayer overall is intensely fun, stressful, difficult, tactical, teamwork based, and stategic.Never have I been in a game that I cared so much about the objective that it made me want to throw a grenade at my feet to save it.

    You WILL enjoy this game. Buy it. For the people that say this isn't Ghost Recon, this is a different part in the franchise. if this was supposed to relate to the previous GR it would say GRAW on it now wouldn't it? It has gone in a different direction than previous GR.. Luckily, It's the right direction. 10/10
  14. Apr 16, 2013
    One word comes to mind when I played this game... Average. Gameplay, graphics, voice acting, story... All of it, average. Nothing really blew me away or set new standards as this first game did all those years ago. Almost finished the game but sold it in the end as I was better of with the money!
  15. Apr 24, 2013
    While not a bad game at all. Ghost Recon Future Soldier seemed more of a technical exercise than a game, not much tension at all in missions. It has some really sweet features, and maybe on a higher difficulty it could be a better game, in my playthrough it all seemed too easy, answers were obvious, and except in certain situations, low risk
  16. Apr 28, 2013
    I wanted to like this game but I just couldn't get into it. The system works and the graphics are ok. But I guess I was hoping for a little more of advanced war fighter, and it pulled away from that. So the 6 is only because I couldn't get into the game. You should at least give it a shot you might like it more then me.
  17. Aug 22, 2013
    As a long time Ghost Recon fan going back to the original xbox it seems like each new game they make under the Ghost Recon game becomes less fun. The original games had great wide open maps, objectives and freedom to play it how you wanted to. Now you are moving through a linear script with very little freedom. We want the large open environments of early on. The weapon customization was great but the game lacked freedom of choice. Even the previous AW series co-op multiplayer was great as you could customize the game and hunt the enemy which was totally pulled from this version. Expand
  18. Aug 15, 2013
    this game is not what you think it is it says its a tactical shooter but its a generic run and gun game where the ai can hear silenced bullets.
    ill start with the singleplayer
    for the first hour and a half its great with destructible environments and actually having to use things like smokes and sensor grenades but even though its called future soldier the only futuristic thing is a blue
    circle around your gun and a 5 minute stealth sequence every mission where you can turn invisible but every good thing in this game comes with 2 problems like the gun customization it never actually tells you how to use it and almost all pieces aren't unlocked and even if you have allot of pieces you should just go with the recommended weapons or your going to die allot and you'll just restart and take recommended weapons. even though on the uplay page for this it says it has a great story it has no story Russian rebels are invading stop them that all your team mates are boring and dont have any personality and every mission its this do a terrible stealth sequence where you cant hide bodys huge fire fight set piece done the single player deserves like a 3
    now to talk about the multiplayer its okay i was only able to play conflict because noone played the other modes and it was completely average the gameplay was kind of un but there was only like 3 or 4 maps and theres more camping than cod because of how easy it is to do that but there is a lack of tactical options all there is is shoot people theres no medics or worthwhile gadgets AND THERES A MOTHERF**KING ONLINE PASS and its a lie what it has theres no coop campaign and the multiplayer is very buggy and laggy od give the multiplayer like a 4. if you want to play a game like this play gears of war or any other run and gun game just dont play this its an average shooter
  19. Jul 4, 2013
    If you can forgive some weird scripting in the campaign, absence of online matchmaking for it and some rather annoying bugs, you get a game with a great price of 15€ packed with content 10-12 hour singleplayer suited for a 4-player co-op, Guerrila mode and a deep multiplayer which is occassionaly clunky but otherwise very enjoyable. Graphically speaking, the game looks absolutely fantastic and the sound is also great. Definitely recommend Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Expand
  20. Aug 6, 2013
    Dudes this game is awesome i like it because of the tactic. It has not the best graphics but ok who cares? the game is fun. And to all noobs who dont read the controls, next time read them before saying it doesnt work or that its no realy aiming but just hip fire, well thats because u didnt read the controls it comes with the game. well ive glitches to like weird killcams (they shot in the wal and then i died in my spawn) and teammates kills or flashes me because they are idiots. that is what ruining the game, it are the players not the game. btw there is a teamdeathmatch in the dlc. Btw they graphics from cod are also bad and i didnt like the campaign. It was almost the same. cod is every year the same anybody complaining, no Expand
  21. Sep 10, 2013
    I'll keep it short Single player/Co-Op=very good action packed chest high wall hugging shooter Multiplayer=solid enough to last years and quite possible the best multiplayer shooter i've ever played Gameplay=very tight responsive reasonably balanced, also its fun to be the guy surpressing and the one getting surpressed Story=didnt pay too much attension to the story after the 6th mission and yet i dont feel as though i was missing out was to enthralled by the gamplay to care


    problems= all minor and dont take away from the overall experience

    final verdict= 9/10 a must own for all shooter fans
  22. Feb 2, 2014
    A fantastic game which is being **** about because of the multiplayer servers. It is a great game, introduces to really awesome tech which is close to being materialised in real war conflict. The cover mechanics is the best in gaming history(ok same as GoW series) and the tactics used to out flank and out position is spot on. The missions are linear, COD type but the way you do it has variation and requires strategy so that kinda overcomes its "on-rail" gameplay courtesy of Battlefield and CoD games.
    The Graphics is pretty good,not Battlefield 4 great though. The atmosphere is done right and it really feels like you are in a battlefield and not placed in studio with textures of destroyed landscape pasted in the background (like CoD). It was a great move to go 3rd person, and any rabid hater criticizing the game for its 3rd person view should go cry in a corner cuz THIS MAKES THE GAME MECHANICS WORK WELL!!
    The only good military game since Battlefield Bad Company 2...which is a shame for the gaming industry..
    Its 8.5 out of 10 but im giving it a 10 to offset the retard user reviews
  23. Mar 23, 2014
    A pretty solid, and well designed game, with a fresh single player campaign and a addictive multiplayer. Pros: -Excellent graphics. With nice touch of colour and superb touches to weather effects that make it feel authentic. - makes you feel part of the ghost squad. - great level design, which takes you to varied locales. -gameplay is well designed, all guns have their unique spread and distinctive abilities. And all have a nice feel to them. And gameplay is also fun in general.
    - guerrilla mode is really good, and fun.
    - sense of immersion.
    - covering system is top of it's class, and sync shots are a nice touch.
    - good voice acting.

    No real story or main villain.
    Bad facial animations.
  24. Jun 5, 2013
    What do you get when you refine a tactical shooter with modern outlooks? Ghost Recon Future Soldier. A tactical shooter uses the word tactical loosely. As team management is a thing of the past and the controls are streamlined for convenience of the player. Which works good on paper but the reality is boring and dull. The game is centered around 4 highly trained operatives called, Ghost. As they are to be the ones to follow a mysterious shipment that resulted in the death of four other friends. The game centers you around, Kozak, an ex-Russian who is the heart, brains, lungs, spine, liver, stomach... and you see where I'm going with this. You are the reason the team operates, even though you are not even squad leader.

    Graphics are terrible and just passable. Gameplay is boring, only with friends does it get fun. AI is lackluster. Buy as a fun game for friends, not for fans of the series.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 75
  2. Negative: 0 out of 75
  1. Aug 3, 2012
    A tactical shooter with focus on stealth and teamwork. Buy it for the multiplayer modes and play with a team of friends, as the campaign is missing a large portion of the Ghost Recon-identity.
  2. Jul 19, 2012
    A surprisingly engaging campaign with a slew of co-op options, let down by okay graphics and inconsistent connectivity. Get some. [Aug 2012, p.66]
  3. 76
    So what did I think of my first Ghost Recon experience? Well, I think it did a lot of things well. Despite lacking any kind of coherent plot, Future Soldier's campaign had the hooks in me and I couldn't help but finish it off, despite having no interest in the pay-off. Chalk this up to a great combat system and some pretty satisfying stealth segments.