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  1. Mar 20, 2013
    Tomb Raider has made a very welcome return to form. The gunplay feels suitably weighty and Lara's arsenal is well rounded and diverse. This isn't an Uncharted clone in the slightest, it's a very well pitched, beautiful game that you can explore at your leisure. Yamatai island feels like a character of its own, and the inhabitants are as strange as the environment itself. The story is slightly disappointing, given Lara's supernatural ability from going to a vulnerable young girl, to Rambo styled, arsenal fueled renegade. The lack of optional Tombs are disconcerting at just 7. Generally though, Tomb Raider manages to fit brilliantly into a genre with more than its share of clones. It's not quite a trail blazer, but is certainly an impressive adventure worthy of a sequel and a franchise separate from it forebears. Expand
  2. Mar 17, 2013
    Okay, this game is brutal, and when I say brutal, I mean really really brutal. Many props to a game that pulls no punches, and leaves the main character to die over and over again in a variety of cringe-worthy ways. A must-buy for Uncharted fans, or platforming fans. Minus a point for oddities like invisible enemies and little weirdnesses (how does she get back down from the top of the tower!?)
  3. Mar 6, 2013
    Painfully linear with far too many quick time events and far too few optional tombs to actually raid, equals a Tomb Raider reboot that feels more like a run-of-the-mill action game than the Tomb Raiders of old. The optional tombs that DO exist are so small and straight forward that any one of them is easily finished in 5 minutes or less. However, the graphics and story do save the day and make the game at least worth a playthrough but perhaps not a purchase. In regards to the QTEs, anyone who tells you that QTEs in this game are limited after the first 2 hours is LYING. The usage of QTEs is pervasive, sometimes cropping up in the middle of high action sequences. They ruin the flow and are frequently buggy. QTEs are great once in a while but far too many games, including this one I'm sad to say, are overusing them in lieu of better engaging design. Expand
  4. Apr 7, 2014
    This game is so great that a year after playing it a second time I had to write a review.

    Tomb Raider is a series I loved on my ps2, and as the series continued I became disapointed. The series needed a reboot, and Crystal Dynamics hit it out of the park. The series reboot is a joy to play, and left me excited for the future of the series again.

    The island and detail in the visuals
    is a joy to behold. It is rare for me to really enjoy visuals to the extent that I would take my time taking in the island, and surrounding nature to explore. Exploration is a blast, and the only complaint I would have is it needed more of it. Finding artifacts and exploration is so fun, and done well I wanted more of it. The tombs were a highlight, and something done so well I wanted more. This may sound like a negative and it may be slightly, but it is more telling how well it is done.

    The mechanics and controls is masterfully done. Climbing and shooting is pure joy, and done very well. The game allows for sneaking, or hunting depending on how you want to approach areas. The graphics, as mentioned, are fantastic. It is mature in content, especially if you end of dieing. I rather enjoyed the grittiness of the content, and is something I wanted to see from Tomb Raider since the beginning. The sound and island life is done well, and hunting is fun to do, but lacks depth. This is something that could be fleshed out more in the future, and expand on the need to hunt to survive.

    The game is a blast and is a title I believe you shouldn't miss.

    Fun Factor 9/10
    Control: 10/10
    Sound: 9/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Note: Multiplayer is added and a nice feature, but it may not hold your attention beyond a dozen times.
  5. May 1, 2013
    i really wish they didn't objectify women so much in games (torrent "miss representation" film) but the game overall is really amazing. the story, gameplay, controls and character dev are all spot on, and so i've got to put my feminist politics aside.
  6. Apr 17, 2013
    Tomb Raider is one of the more enjoyable experiences I've had in a long time on my Xbox 360. If you're on the fence about this one, buy it without any further hesitation. People frequently mention Uncharted when discussing Tomb Raider, but I think this game is better. It has beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, and interesting RPG elements that kept me interested in the game for 20+ hours.

    It is very clear that a lot of effort went into planning, designing and creating this game. I hope to see a sequel, because I'll be preordering it immediately.
  7. Apr 16, 2013
    Having barely played Tomb Raider games in the past, I was very interested to see a reboot of the franchise that runs an origin story. This made it easy for me to decide to jump in and play an entire game to the end and see how it turned out. This Tomb Raider, which takes several cues from the best games of today, is absolutely fantastic. Easily one of the most cinematic titles I've ever played. The camera angles and treacherous environments all give a bit of a white-knuckle experience that I find more and more rare in games these days. I haven't embraced the multiplayer yet, but I bought this game for the story line and the single-player experience. I am very happy I did and look forward to what this franchise has to offer going forward. Collapse
  8. Mar 25, 2013
    Just an absolute amazing game! I was so fearful that this was going to be mediocre, but wow, I was wrong. This game was a joy to play! The story was awesome! The characters and the acting was just as good. Seeing Lara change as the game went along was brilliant. The graphics was great also. The adventure/puzzling was also very fun. The movement and combat was smooth and just so much fun to pull off. I actually really felt every kill. Add to it that you could do some great stealth and finishing moves, and it made killing baddies even that much sweeter! I am not really a multi player guy so I am just judging this game on the single player. I did play multi player a bit and it is fun but nothing too special. You could just tell the developers put a lot of time and love into a game that was not easy to make. They had to keep the Tomb Raider feel but change it enough to show everyone that the series is back. Well done guys. You guys deserve every penny of what you make! A salute to you guys!! Keep up the great work. Expand
  9. Mar 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. great job from the boys of crystal dinamics once again, totally worth the money!! One hell of a reboot, not like other games such as devil may cry or Resident evil Expand
  10. Mar 5, 2013
    The game really very good, a great deal of time and effort has been spent in putting the story and plot into a ‘real’ world setting this game is unlike the other tomb raider games where the emphasis was on high level complex puzzle solving, Lara’s outfits and the size of her chest. This woman is someone entirely different; a ‘deeper’ person, young, very green and afraid but not naïve, weak or fragile. The graphics are smooth and fluid with not a load screen in sight, the visuals are very good and well polished with lots of nice scenery the audio keeps pace with the action. The controls scheme is natural and lets you make the most of each area without having to manhandle your controller as long as you pay attention and keep up with Lara, as direction changes rapidly and when you least expect it. The pace is quick most of the time and not forgiving if you get distracted off screen. The puzzle element is not as strong as previous games; it is more obvious and not nearly as complex. Character upgrading in the form of weapon and equipment upgrades is measured, evenly paced and eminently more enjoyable with stealth or shock and awe assault options in almost every situation dependant on playing style. The games storyline is in tune with earlier games, carrying the archaeological/ supernatural elements forward well and while not the obvious highlight it does make you curious as Lara self narrates as you ride on her shoulder. The developers have taken the best elements of several of the best games in this genre and blended them into this game to make it utterly an enthralling experience. That said the game is serious, and for more mature games, should Lara die or fall you see her expire in a very gruesome and confronting manner each time this game pulls no punches and is well worth the money. Expand
  11. Mar 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First, it's a good game. But veeeeery short. I ended it in 5,5 hours with 70% of the secrets completed. It's definitely not worth the 70eur that it costs, maybe 30. Graphics are good, the script has some inconsistencies (some guys punch Lara disfiguring her. 5 minutes later she's happy and totally ok. There are a lot of moments like this), and the QTE are very easy or very difficult, there is no middle. Some tombs are really uninspired, and too short all of them, although you'll have 5 minutes of medium fun in each one.
    There is only 1 boss, the final boss, that is ridiculously easy and simple in its killing mechanics. A game with too much hype that you will like, but not love
  12. Mar 5, 2013
    One of the best games Ive ever played. In 2D it looks good. In 3D its an incredible experience. I never was a fan of Tomb Raider series. Played few of them, never was impressed. But this game is just on another level and can be easily compared to Uncharted 2 in quality. Yes, it is that good
  13. Mar 5, 2013
    Tomb Raider set out to be an origin story, to reboot the franchise and it has completed that goal above and beyond. As every origin story should it provides in amazing detail the changes of Lara Croft through her adventures. Tomb Raider appeals to everyone, fans of adventure games, fans of Lara Croft and fans of video games. This reboot is a must buy.
  14. Mar 19, 2013
    I feel like this was the Tomb Raider that everyone envisioned it should be after playing Uncharted, but it didn't do anything that exceeded expectations or raise the bar. It does a few things different, but much of the game is derivative. Good looking game.
  15. Oct 9, 2013
    Redefining what's possible on XBOX360, this game shows off next-gen graphics with absolutely flawless gameplay. The story is gripping, told with excellent voice acting, supported by a moving score and in a fully immersive manner I've never seen transitions between gameplay and in-engine "cinematic" done quite this well. The level design is cohesive yet varied it's remarkable how none of the levels feel like your usual copy/paste or cliched video game tropes. The story and action flow with a nice, natural pace. Puzzle mechanics are tightly integrated into the game world, they don't feel pasted on in terms of physics. Fighting is brutal, realistic and satisfying. I am very impressed with the results of being able to die easily and how it increases identification with the character. Weapons are varied, with resulting gameplay differences and individual upgrade paths that actually make physical sense! Incredible consistency, again contributing to immersion. There are moments in the game where the graphics will take your breath away, and there are some deeply satisfying moments in storytelling. I'll add that even the UX is fantastically well integrated with easy to navigate but fully integrated panels all the way through, none of your typical "let's rip you out of immersion and into some old-fashioned flash UX". All in all, the perfect game. I'll add that if this game had been called "The adventures of young Mary Jane" with no reference to the TR franchise, it'd still have been perfect. Tying it into the Croft Universe promises many great sequels and enriches what is already a game without peer. Thank you to the team who made this you achieved perfection :D Expand
  16. Dec 13, 2013
    I really enjoyed playing this game. They did a most awesome job with the animation as Lara moves smoothly from shooting to melee combat, and traverses obstacles with ease and grace. Switching weapons is perhaps the best I've seen in any game nowadays. Graphics are great, voice acting superb and the storyline is engaging. Collecting salvage was actually enjoyable seeing how you are a survivor and everything you find is needed makes sense, not just senseless scavenger hunts that I detest in most games. The only problem I had was that the QTE was overplayed in some boss battles for dramatic effect instead of letting the player decide how to fight. Overall, bravo! I hope this series continues in the next-gen! Expand
  17. Mar 8, 2013
    Looks great, feels great, overall a wonderful game. Because, the secret to an exceptional yard is a capable lawn mower that lasts decades without any visible deterioration in performance or durability, and Crystal Dynamics have nailed it.
  18. Mar 13, 2013
    I'm appall on the review on this game i will never use metacritic ever again they simply lied this game suks all i can say is don't be fool by the hype like i did, i see they already erase most of the negative reviews already what a shameful practice and this site is a joke on reviews, this tomb raider reboot has zero replay, zero sercet to get if you completed at 100% which i might add is far to easy, puzzles are few and not a challenge at all, bosses nadda and not going to go into qtes its already been comment on but i very shock at the reviews from the professional and the people.....people can't really tell the difference between thumb down i see because this damn title fits the bill. I swear people get dummer by the day cuz this was not tomb raider this game was a complete joke. Recap the story is a joke the characters in the story is a joke Lara croft herself is a joke. but the kill part the joke is on me cuz i wasted my money on this and crystal dyn. is laughing all way to the bank along with some of these fake azz reviews. Expand
  19. Mar 7, 2013
    Lara is back and she is back better then ever before. Wait more so! This game has style, not just graphics, but in its environments, quests, movements and game play. I never been too much of a fan of quick time events, but this game shows how they can be done to perfection. Each one unique and placed in interesting a pivotal places. It really makes you feel move involved in Lara's actions and her struggle. I never yelled encouragement at my TV before but Lara has done that. Great voice acting and believable movements and actions make for a fantastic narrative and setting. The weapon upgrading system is clever and add more visual flare as you upgrade your bow, pistol, shotgun a rifle. The use of only four weapons should be a hindrance, but they are designed in a way that make you interact with the environment. A superb game which I cannot fault, I really cant think of anything I disliked or noticed as out of place. A must buy for gamer, not just a fan of the series, this game is something else! Expand
  20. Mar 6, 2013
    So glad I bought this game, there's so much to explore and it really shows how the famous 'Lara Croft' came to be. There's total freedom in exploration (once you have the tools required, of course) and you can fast travel if need be back to previous locations. Different weapons that you can upgrade, tweak etc. Enemies seem 'smart', they'll duck for cover if you shoot at them, although sometimes they'll just go berserk and charge ya. The finishing moves are awesome, and there's surprisingly a lot of gore in the game too. Definite 10 from me. Expand
  21. Mar 31, 2013
    Tomb Raider is an origin story, that tries to reboot the franchise. And does it very well. The graphics are gorgeous, and Lara's characterization is wonderful. The game play still is the best of the package. The platforming and the fights are very well done, and the story is ok, with maybe some confusion. There are lots of things to do after beating the game, from the standard items that don't serve any purpose to documents that have information about Lara, her companions and the enemies. Other things that you can encounter are the Tombs, that are a lot of fun, and some items, that tell you information about this island. It's very welcomed that you can go to every part of the island whenever you want by going to a camp fire, in order to not forget anything secret. Probably the best game of 2013 to come recently. Expand
  22. Mar 6, 2013
    Love it! Not a typical tomb raider game. This one is more like a reset that heads to a different direction, and it is very successful.

    I feel like it's influenced b the Uncharted series which is a good thing. Now TR finally has a great story combined with great game play. There is just something about watching LC cry and struggle through all the obstacles. I am getting addicted. The
    character development is really good in this game. You get to explore and grow with LC, watching her getting stronger and become the great explorer! Expand
  23. Apr 5, 2013
    It's not very often that I would even consider giving a game a 10, but Tomb Raider earns it. Not only did Tomb Raider live up to my expectations, it exceeded them dramatically. This game has it all! Amazing graphics, great story, and fantastic gameplay. I often couldn't tell if I was watching a cut scene or playing the game! This is also one of the best Third Person Shooters I have ever played!
  24. Jun 7, 2013
    This is huge. The graphics are stunning and the story just as great. Surviving, defeating enemies and collecting documents and improving weapons have never been more interesting! This is Lara's greatest adventure and the best Tomb Raider to date.
  25. May 21, 2013
    Series reboots seem to be all the rage at present but Tomb Raider can certainly be held as an example of how to do it right. Series purists will argue that there is a little too much focus on combat at the expense of platforming but, for me at least, Lara Croft's first adventure struck mostly the right balance providing thoroughly enjoyable gameplay throughout is ten hour running time.

    A promising start and I’ll certainly be looking out for the sequel.
  26. Mar 5, 2013
    I do like this game. but the puzzle element has disappeared. I rem the old games being in awe at the size of the rooms. I just dont get that feeling on this game. production values excellent graphics excellent. the music misses the catchy tomb raider theme. picky yes. the game play is easy even on hard. steady progress is always made without dying. I must admit I enjoyed underworld more than this even though the graphic etc are better on the new game.ccertainly for the next generation gamer that prefer little thought in their and like fast paced gaming then tomb raider is ideal. I do like the new Lara croft. games is still linear but in my opinion miles better than farcry 3 which lacked emotion poor visual. and by far for me the biggest let down. but then again I've been playing games for just over 30 years. I still enjoy my gaming but it has developed to suite the younger generation. I score tomb raider 8.5/10 Expand
  27. Mar 6, 2013
    So I have only ever played one TR game in the past... I can't even remember what it was. This game is amazing and is extremely polished. People are rating it low because it is "An Uncharted knock off." LOL I remember when Uncharted came out and they said that it was a Tomb Raider knock-off. People... It's a video game. Quit with the politics and just enjoy it. It's been a long time since a game this polished and fun came out. Expand
  28. Mar 26, 2013
    Gaming doesn't get much better than this. Awesome graphics, nice and interesting story and superb gameplay. The only thing I can complain about would be the lenght, but that's always the case with exceptional games they always tend to be too short.
  29. Jun 24, 2013
    As not being a fan of previous Tomb Raiders, I gave this a shot as it was a reboot of the crappy stuff previously released. Overall, it's good. The collectibles arn't crazy hard to locate, the upgrade trees are extensive, and the combat system isn't bad with plenty of options. Definately worth a play.
  30. Mar 9, 2013
    Many people have dismissed this game saying it is nothing like classic Tomb Raider, well if you go back and play the original Playstation games you will see the gameplay is stiff and dated. What Crystal Dynamics have done with this reboot is bring the game and character of Lara Croft into the 21st century with style and gravitas. Lara is a much more believable character this time around, starting as a frightened castaway she grows and becomes a hardened survivor. The game play is solid and the shooting mechanics are some of if not the most enjoyable third person shooter controls I've played. It would have been nicer to have more Tombs to explore, but as a new starting point Crystal Dynamics have hit all the right notes. Definitely worth a purchase. Expand
  31. Mar 7, 2013
    Tomb Raider is a standalone classic within itself. Fans of the series may find themselves feeling strange with the more action adventure oriented game play, which is done in a more conventional style similar to Farcry 3 (©2013, Ubisoft)- in fact, parallels can be made with the game play regarding the environment interactivity, such as hunting and the RPG system of gaining experience for kills, relevant storyline actions, hidden loot and relics, however; with a system of beneficial crates and extra missions that are enjoyable and worthwhile stashed throughout the island, players are given a heightened incentive to explore. In fact, an additional similarity with Farcry 3 can be drawn to the overall premise. Where the game shines is within its production values, overall fluidity of controls, as well as a solid plot and stellar voice actors. One more distinct aspect of game play that can also be said to have been done prior is from Hitman: Absolution (2013, Square Enix), in which a heightened awareness can be activated, however unlike in the aforementioned title and for the benefit of Tomb Raider, this device is implemented to effectively encourage exploration and attention to detail to the environment, as objects such as plants, animals and crates appear highlighted on the screen. There is an interesting amount of realism to the game and this is in concerns to the direct characterization of the protagonist and the potential enmeshment for the gamer, made all the more great by a strong hook and a very gritty unveiling of the creation of what is, for all intents and purposes, a strong-willed woman who is malleable and apt to adapt to survive. It is refreshing to find a game in a male dominated market that offers such, as most women in games are portrayed as timid or in need of protection. On this note it should be mentioned that some gamers may be turned off by the role, perhaps because of the novelty and difference, although if preconception and doubts can be set aside, the treasure is plentiful.

    The adventure itself is fresh, given a presentation that is surprisingly macabre- with the graphics having a very desaturated tone to them, highlighting shadows and using an all around dark pallet, these constituents create a dim mood, almost somber or melancholy. It is this, over and above all the ingredients above that make for a classic within the genre, in note as the most stellar entry in the series. Issues with the game that some players may find could be that of its linearity, although the game is neither dull nor repetitive, with the tasks at hand providing an interaction that makes the player not only want to focus but be drawn into the smooth surroundings by tight controls and realistic physics. In addition, reply value is somewhat questionable, although many games similar that are heavily focused on narrative and eventual development fit with tutorials may leave the gamer with little desire to replay the title immediately. Regardless, this game is a definitive must have, with everything so ideally polished and honed that Tomb Raider is hard to put down for any gamer who enjoys adventure, exploration, a firm plot, and action. Even if not to necessarily a game to be played within the years to come, without doubt it will stand the test of time and is a must have for fans to put on the shelf.

    Score 10/10
  32. Aug 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Overall, I thought this was an excellent game. Lara purists may be disappointed with the new game, arguing that it is not really a Tomb Raider game any more. However, I really enjoyed the reimagining of Lara, particularly the storyline. OK, so Lara moves from frightened post-graduate to cold-blooded killer a bit too quickly but, hey, this is still a videogame, people! There will always be plot-holes as story needs to make way for gameplay occasionally! In fact, I would argue that Crystal Dynamics currently "do" survival horror a lot better than Capcom and their very average Resi 6. Can't say I was sh*tting my pants too many times with Redfield et al, but I certainly was with Lara. The sense of danger is something I have not experienced for a while, and the satisfaction of stealth kills and clearing an area silently takes me back to the Kojima glory days of the PS1/2. Well done to Rihanna Pratchett and the other contributors for a great storyline. A modern and thoughtful take on a heroine and origin story.

    I also liked the fact that there was a constant danger to your crew-mates. Moreover, we didn't get the stereotypical action-horror-movie ending where only Lara would survive a few crew members did survive with Lara. Where they didn't, the death scenes were often poignant and memorable. There seemed to be a reason for people to sacrifice themselves.

    Combat is smooth. Some of the weapons seem to have a sprinkler system fitted to the end of the barrel but I guess that is to be expected when you have a levelling-up system attributed to weapons skills. You're a bit crap. The weapons are a bit crap. Spray happens. Played in on Normal and there were a few bits where I was sweating but nowhere where I felt that I was getting frustrated. If I get spotted and then cornered/rushed then that was my own fault and probably quite realistic in terms of my chances of survival being slim.

    Collectibles are very addictive here. Some expand the storyline in interesting ways and I enjoyed finding them. Again, they never seemed to be in too-hard-to-reach areas as they have been in the past. e.g. an impossible jump leading to an invisible wall etc etc. That's the right level of challenge. The WWII stuff was particularly interesting.

    Which leads me to the island itself. Yes a star in itself. Beautiful scenery and some amazing set-pieces. The ship graveyard and the climb to the top of the radio tower are obvious highlights. But the level design is a triumph easy to navigate, interesting to explore, and with the added bonus of being able to return with more powerful tools to find new locations within previous maps. Really well done to the level designers the island felt real, tangible and a bit spooky.

    I quite liked the lack of supernatural enemies. It brought a "realness" and a grittiness to proceedings. Having to shoot a mummy with twin pistols can seem a bit far-fetched! The enemy AI was pretty good. The sub-bosses were interesting, challenging, without being frustrating. Mathias is a d*ck. 97% of people must have seen through his crap at the campfire with Sam we all knew he was a raging psycho from the moment we met him! Surely?

    Is the violence over the top? Not for me. I am an adult gamer in his 30s who started gaming waaaaay back in the early 80s. I've grown up. I now want to play adult games. I don't care for titillation (though I do play DOA games! lol) but I do care about imaginative, well-structured storylines and characters. And if that means that we go to uncomfortable places then so be it. It's a crime that videogames are censored, or banned, in certain countries and we should be grateful to the BBFC for allowing the majority of content to stand in the UK. Unfortunately, the majority of politicians have no clue about the demographics of those people that play videogames. If movies can explore difficult and challenging subjects then so should videogames. I was appalled at some of the violence, and THAT rape scene (which wasn't actually as bad as it was made out to be), and I should be. We need emotion in videogames. I'm a human being, fairly well-balanced I think, and this helps to tell a story and craft memorable characters. We need developers like Crystal Dynamics to promote this idea that videogames are adult entertainment. I just hope that parents didn't buy this game for their kids thinking that it was akin to the old Tomb Raider games. Then again, they were pretty brutal back in their day anyway. Lara the killer! It was just the lack of graphics that made it seem less than it was.

    To all those game developers who think that multiplayer is an important component of modern AAA games... IT IS NOT! Don't bother wasting time and resources crafting a MP addition to a game where it is unwarranted! You have wasted the time of obviously talented individuals and that time could have been better-spent on enriching the single-player experience or providing some decent DLC! [/rant] Thank you.
  33. Mar 10, 2013
    The characters in the game are awesome, the gameplay is great, the upgrading system is good too. The combat is awesome, melee fights and guns are great. Auto-save sucks, it doesn't save everything properly, so you can lose items and stuff (eg: weapons parts and discovered camps, found relics, documents, GPS caches, so you can't complete the game to 100%). The automatic healing ruins the game. Btw. auto-healing ruins EVERY games. It makes it so easy. It sucks. Gameplay 3/3; Warranty 1/3; Graphics 2/2; Sounds 2/2; Bugs -1; Slow map loading (like in GTA games if you drive too fast) -1; Auto-healing -1; Overall 5/10 Expand
  34. Mar 15, 2013
    Thouroughly enjoyable, excellent flow. Couldn't stop playing until I finished. Great visuals and audio. I would recommend to any fans of tomb raider, but also any fans of Arkham City as it borrows some of the great mechanics and ideas and puts them to great use.
  35. Mar 11, 2013
    Fantastic combat and platforming, with an engaging origin story. The level design is well engineered, the audio glorious and the visual absolutely awe inspiring. The attention to detail, purposeful set pieces and admirable lack of loading-stops really pushes the game from platformer to blockbuster action adventure. Though a little light on the puzzle element, sporting a shallow upgrade system and a rather forgettable multiplayer, Tomb Raider is an exciting, emotional and atmospheric reboot to what was a slowly stagnating series. Expand
  36. Dec 30, 2013
    Tomb Raider is an exciting, thrilling, and visually gorgeous action/adventure game starring Lara Croft. A girl who goes from being a struggling survivor of a boat crash to a hardened killer almost too quickly. After she is forced to kill someone she is shocked but next thing you know she is stealth killing like a trained assassin. The story is interesting even if some of the characters are two-dimensional and the journals found along the way add to the history and characters on the island. The gameplay is smooth and works just as well as Gears, Mass Effect or any other cover-based shooter. Overall, a really great game with few problems. Can't wait for a sequel! Expand
  37. Mar 8, 2013
    This game blew my mind. The visuals are amazing with a beyond solid frame rate. The motion capture is some of the best that I have ever seen. Lara moves very realistic and fluid.

    With a solid story and a very moving cut scenes, this is a very hard game to put down.
  38. Mar 7, 2013
    No game is created without flaws and Tomb Raider is definitely no exception. However, this is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It certainly loses the classic tomb raider feeling and values but everything else in the game certainly makes up for it. Creating a Tomb Raider game of a sandbox style game seemed to be a risky move but it certainly passes in all aspects. The game play is smooth. the story is solid, the scenery is amazing and the music fits in perfectly. Everything a game needs to excel. Now yes, I encountered a few glitches and bugs (some serious and some not so serious) but after 18 years of playing video games, I have come to expect this and I expect many other gamers have as well. These issues should not leave a negative feel. Every game has them. I can see a lot of people complaining about this cause the Tomb Raider series has a strong impact on the gaming world already and making this jump is certainly different. But times change and games change so all I say to these people is "Deal with it". My biggest problem in the game story is actually the final 4 words of the game. Too many games, movies and stories end the words "I'm not going home" and it gets a little annoying. With the multiplayer aspect, I can't really say much as I haven't played it much. But what I have played it appears to be well balanced, smooth flowing and contains well designed maps. All in all, Tomb Raider is an amazing game and and I certainly recommend anyone to pick it up and play through it. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  39. Mar 7, 2013
    Its the best tombraider ever and i played all of them. The scale and the graphics the momentum its comparable or sometimes better than uncharted 3. This easily fit in game of the year 2013 nominees. Play it on pc and you will be blowen away by the hair physics(TressFx) by amd and some dx11 top notch graphics although the game look exceptionally fantastic on ps3 and xbox 360.

    Its an epic
    10/10 game Expand
  40. Mar 8, 2013
    This is the Tomb Raider I wanted to play. Cinematic and engaging. This is game is well made. The game is not too long and not too short. The game is well paced without any crazy long fight scenes. The execution and game-play was very good. Beautiful graphics and good enough voice acting. I took off 2 points because the story should have been better. Something on the level of Metal Gear Solid. Other than that It was a well rounded good game. Expand
  41. Mar 15, 2013
    The visual aspect of this game and most of Laura's motions are amazing. I agree with most of the good reviews about this game and a few aspects of the bad reviews.

    Strong Points: Amazing story, characters depths, scenery, general feeling, controls, puzzles (Actually speed, skill and timing to complete), Semi open world with backtrack after upgrades.
    Mediocre Points: Puzzles (Length and
    Difficulty), Close combat.

    Although I do believe that the game makers of this game is saving more challenging Tomb Puzzles and "game-play" as some bad review mentioned til later game when Laura has more experience and is looking for a challenge rather then trying to survive, which this game depicted very well.

    Overall a really good game worth playing.
  42. Jul 9, 2013
    Tomb Raider is outstanding. One of the greatest games I have played. It was a very memorable experience and I am looking forward to future Tomb Raider releases after this reboot.
  43. Mar 5, 2013
    Well thought out, fantastic combat (finally!), engaging story and a cool and interesting female lead character. This tomb raider delves further than any other tomb raider before it and I've played them all. Though I have a soft spot for tomb raider 2 and Legend, this really is better in every sense of the word. Gone are the glitches, the shoddy lock on combat and 2D Lara that there more for teen aged boys wet dream and than a character. The background characters are a little sketchy (excluding Roth), but they don't feature too heavily so it's a minor complaint. The only really negative thing about this game is the multiplayer, which although using the same system as the single player handles differently and seems very in favour of one team. U also die FAR too easily. It's really disappointing cause it could be good fun. Luckily the single player is so good, the game doesn't suffer. Expand
  44. Mar 13, 2013
    Simply put: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT....ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Like many who have reviewed here on MC, I have been a fan of Lara since the original Tomb Raider on the Playstation. Fast forward to Lara's last two romps (not including the DLC) on the Xbox 360 didn't really do much for me. I was nice to have Lara doing what Lara does best, shoot, run, jump, and solve puzzles, but it was lacking a soul, if that makes any sense...
    Enter the NEW Tomb Raider!! Right from the get-go, this game takes a gamble on a whole new "reboot" and isn't scared to put the emotion or SOUL as you will, back into Lara Croft we knew and loved. Seeing her younger is already refreshing. She naieve yet determined, scared, yet trying to survive every second of the game...Literally!! If you don't think Lara is a pure BADASS after playing this game, you need to get your head examined; I have never seen ANY character go through so much punishment in a game before and STILL, run, shoot, jump, and simply SURVIVE every situation she's in. I'm sorry Nathan Drake, you've just got a girl!! BRAVO to you EIDOS!! Thank you for creating such a memorable, wonderful, heart pounding, emotional, and rewarding game that I have been waiting for such a long time out of Lara!! Long live Eidos! And long live Lara Croft!!!
    -Peace Out!
  45. Mar 9, 2013
    Without EIDOS, Square Enix probably becomes a company that struggles to be relevant in the western world. Simply put, Tomb Raider is the best Tomb Raider since...the original Tomb Raider. A series that almost fell to obscurity, TR reinvigorates the franchise, so much so that it can stand shoulder to shoulder to another brilliant series that apes TR's original style to a hilt: the Uncharted series. TR's graphics is also a wonder to behold: using every tricks available to push this generation's systems to its fullest. Control is surprisingly great and Lara moves like a dream. Production values are great as well, with great voice acting on par with..the Uncharted series. While TR originates this style of adventuring, it took a lot of cues and improvements that Uncharted made in the past few years. The result: one of the best game of this generation. Expand
  46. Apr 25, 2013
    Thrilling story from start to finish, very fluid controls, beautiful graphics, character models and environments are near flawless. Very convincing voice overs. Dark and gritty, some very graphic violence may turn some people off. Campaign is a little short. Otherwise, near perfect game.
  47. Apr 18, 2013
    This game has a wonderful, memorable single player campaign. It lasted me for around a week and I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough. There are several collectables and a few tombs to raid that help the open world feel more fleshed out rather than a marketing ploy. It's exhilerating to sneak around, silently taking down enemies. Also the game took a surprising turn towards the end. Without spoiling anything I loved the direction they took the game in the end. The multiplayer however, is rather terrible. It's playable if you really want to worsen your overall experience of the game, maybe some might even enjoy it, but I found it to be a pointless addition. Other than the multiplayer the game is completely worth every penny. Expand
  48. Mar 30, 2014
    It really wasn't that good. At the beginning you walk a bit, wolves attack, walk a bit, wolves attack, its very tedious. It doesn't get better. It is a short game that doesn't give a great experience. The shooting is good but it doesn't deserve the praise its gotten.
  49. Jul 2, 2013
    10/10: Excellent and fun game. No spoiler review: practically every element of this game is fun: exploring, the physics puzzles (and I usually dislike game puzzles), shooting, climbing, etc. If you like Uncharted but find it clunky you will love Tomb Raider because the gameplay is fun. The visuals and sound design are also excellent. There are many memorable moments of gameplay--the kind that make we want to replay a game every few years, like I do with the Mass Effect series. The only downsides: the story could have been better and some of the voice acting is flat (but they have few lines). Expand
  50. Apr 18, 2013
    This game it's so epic, already had long time if I not played a game like this. One of the best games of this generation! And why not all times? Congratulations!
  51. Mar 23, 2013
    If I were to expect anything better from this remake of an already good franchise, (from last-gen consoles anyway,) I'd be one greedy I kept in mind all my time I had put into the old games, how the controls would always seem to be clunky, but I mean, it was back in the day, when you couldn't really complain much, the only thing you could possibly complain about is the fact that you couldn't travel into the future to see where Lara Croft was going to end up! And so starting again with this game, it's absolutely phenomenal! I had one of the best gaming experiences with this campaign, the only other time I had this much fun was..well, my experience with playing Bioshock and Far Cry 3 combined. The story revolves around the dreaded Dragon's Triangle, a mysterious island with a legendary myth, they travel there by ship, and boom, not far after that, starts going down with just this giant storm coming out of nowhere. You start the game and already you can tell you feel like the damsel in distress, no joke, you could be one of the biggest security guards for a biker bar and you'd still feel like the damsel in distress, that's how hard it hits you in this game. The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are beautiful, almost would've loved to see how they would've looked on next-gen material, but wouldn't surprise me if they go somewhere else with this fresh start to a series. The sounds and FX all fit together and you actually grow with the characters and want to help them. You just see this helpless archeologist turn into an all out badass chick that takes situations into her own hands and saves the know..not until she's taking a beating, of course. Deds to Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, they deserve all the good ratings they receive and look forward to future endeavors with Lara. 10/10 Expand
  52. Mar 8, 2013
    Tomb Raider is like going to the newest restaurantfor the first time. It has been advertised to death, everyone is talking about it, and you just can't wait to try it. When you get there the decor looks great, the vibes are good and the food smells good. When you get your order and take your first bite, something just doesn't taste right. It's bitter and not at all what you expected. This is a bit what Tomb Raider felt like for me. I went into the game with high hopes but was left feeling like the game could have been SO much more. Don't get me wrong, it is a good game. It looks beautiful and the environments are believable. So much time I think was spent on the motion capture cutscenes and the breathtaking graphics that not as much attention was given to the gameplay that needed to be. The character movement is clunky, the gunplay is just as clunky if not more, if a jump is mis-timed by a small amount, Lara will sort of float onto what she needs to grab onto. Tomb Raider is more of a missed opportunity than anything. Because of the bad gameplay, I just can't recommend this game. I bought the game Tuesday and as I sit here writing this review now on Friday (took me just 3 days to beat the game!), I can't help but feel I have been a bit ripped off. There is zero replay value in the game. Once it's beaten it's done. Over. This game is a good weekend rental, not a buying worthy title. Expand
  53. May 17, 2013
    This isn't really a game, more of an interactive cinematic experience. Everything you do is scripted and linear, it's almost impossible to die and you can't influence outcomes by your actions. You can complete huge swaths of the game by simply pressing forward on the gamepad and watching Lara pull off death defying moves traversing burning environments or parascending through dense forest, but it's all completely disconnected from your actions on the controller. The times you have control in the open environments are enjoyable, but unfortunately too limited by the requirement to progress the story.

    The story is compelling, but I want a game with real gameplay and a Tomb Raider with challenging puzzles like in the old days...not an animated film/game hybrid with a sweaty controller in my hand.
  54. Mar 18, 2013
    This game contains a lot more action than the previous installments of the series. But at the same time it also contains a fantastic story with a very believable main character. It is not a story about another super hero fighting his way through countless enemies. Lara has feelings and opinions and they are portrayed in a believable way that even surpasses many movies. That surprising amount of depth makes this one of the rare games these days that take their adult players seriously. This game will certainly have to be a contestant for the game of the year awards. Expand
  55. Mar 8, 2013
    I enjoyed this game immensely. From the story, to combat, to the environment and visuals, everything is excellent. There could have been a few more and tougher puzzles, but overall it's amazing. I thought Uncharted was really good, until I played this. Polished, fun, and I couldn't put it down.
  56. Mar 5, 2013
    Okay, first off, either every reviewer has gone insane and has not played a game since 2008 or Square Enix (the publisher) made sure to pay a very very grand sum of cash straight to most of them to give this game unreasonably high scores just to artificially push sales, because gamers these days only care about scores.

    Now onto the game: it is decent. Very flawed, yet abnormally good at
    some few parts. The art direction is great most of the time sometimes it's very brown and grey and ugly. Other times the green trees and fog is delightful. The graphical quality is average not good not bad. The animations are a mixed bag, though, with Lara's animations (while exploring) being very smooth and fluid, while during combat and "cinematic" set pieces they look blocky and bad. The combat is quite boring, and there is a lot of it, detracting from the whole emotional "a survivor is born!" storyline. Yeah, more like a raging killer one woman army sodier is born in the first 15 minutes. This makes the entire story falter, not that the already annoying and stereotypical cast of characters and predictable enemies and plot twist at the end doesn't. I mean really, ANOTHER Drake's Fortune plot twist? Overall the game is just very strangely built. It feels like the story and gameplay department didn't work together and then combined their parts at the very end. It's like making a hamburger with a hot dog bun on one half. The combat is tedious with subpar shooting mechanics, the platforming is satisfying, the puzzles are good, the story tries but fails, and I'm not even getting started with the horrendous multiplayer they shoved into the franchise. This is not the game we expected: no openness, no survival whatsoever, and no mature dark theme. Expand
  57. Mar 6, 2013
    I went into this game not knowing what to expect. Tomb Raider game mechanics have been stale since the PS2 version. How refreshing this reboot is! It looks gorgeous (as does Lara) and plays equally as good! It doesn't hit the heights of the Uncharted series but comes close. Overall this is a great reboot and I look forward to Tomb Raider 2 on next gen.
  58. Sep 22, 2013
    Enjoyable game with an above average story and great spectacle. Tomb Raider is the reboot of the famous series of the same name. It is about Lara Croft's first adventure, the one that defined her and turned her into the unshakable badass she is in the originals.

    In terms of gameplay, this is a very good third person shooter with stealth elements, and some enjoyable platforming. Very
    similar to Uncharted in that respect. You only have four weapons which you can upgrade throughout the game, and while this may sound boring, what else would you want outside of a shotgun, pistol, bow and machine gun? A different type of machine gun? The gunplay is fairly good, nothing amazing, but above average. The shotgun feels strangely weak when you actually use it outside of blowing destroyable walls with it. The platforming is fun, and the more cinematic scenes work extremely well with the platforming. The game is not very difficult aside from a few scenes which are shockingly difficult out of nowhere, although it could be more due to my extreme incompetence. I have not seen hard mode yet. The game is linear in a branching world. You will always go down pathways as the storyline dictates, similar to the PS2 action adventure Kya: Dark Lineage in that respect. The game is covered in quicktime events, although they are pretty lenient, and you'd need to reactions of a sloth to fail them. It is nowhere near as bad as Resident Evil in that respect.

    The soundtrack isn't incredible, with only a few great tracks, the rest just being acceptable.
    The graphics are nothing special, even for 360, but with how wide and open the areas appear (they are not actually wide open outside of the forest areas, which are pretty small) its understandable. The water effects look especially awful to a laughable degree.
    Story is above average, with great writing. It's heavily based around the supernatural tho, something not shown in the trailers.
    People have been complaining the platforming is way too easy compared to the old Tomb Raider games. Honestly, that's a good thing, they had stupid amounts of pixel perfect jumps in the old games, which were made worse by the delay before actually leaving the ground. Not going back to that is always a good thing in my books.

    Overall, a great game worse playing, but it is nor the greatest game ever made nor a literary masterpiece. Just a really good game.
  59. May 4, 2013
    This game is fantastic, ive played the old tomb raiders before and they didnt really hook me, now Tomb Raider is more modern and it is sweet, alot of people are comparing this to Uncharted, but they are not really all that much alike. This game has a very unique story that isnt bad at all and will have you playing to see what happens next. This is a reboot of the series and the plot takes place as Laura Crofts first ever exbhibition, which is why at first she seems like a very broken women who cant handle herself.... well after about an hour into the game she is a killing machine capable of wiping out waves of dudes and becoming a serous threat to there plans. Gamplay is very good and is about the only thing that resembles Uncharted. Its a third person action game. There are alot of weapons to choose from but my favorite is the bow and arrow especially after you get the badass upgrade for it. And suprisingly its not a short game either there were a few times while i was playing it where i thought it was gonna end but it didnt, and there are alot of optional tombs for you to explore to get relics and extra xp, so replay value is present. As far as is the game worth the money or not... yes, yes it is. This game deserves all of the praise it has gotten and is a very worthy purchase. Expand
  60. Aug 11, 2014
    What happened to Tomb Raider? It simply turned into a game like Uncharted, but that's okay. There is nothing to worry about. This one is good too, wonderful, refreshing, and full of adventures too. The graphics are amazing. The new Tomb Raider is very entertaining and no less important than the previous ones.
  61. Mar 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Intense Moments, The Great Combat and The Skills and Weapon upgrades are Truly Great. This is one of the most Promising Tomb Raider Game I have Ever Played/ Expand
  62. Apr 20, 2013
    There's nothing else to say about this game. If you have a console go out and buy this.Uhmmm what else??? Well the weather is good...Playing videogames for hours makes me dizzy. Gonna go out and get some fresh air.
  63. Mar 5, 2013
    Everything you want in a gaming experience and more. The story, the character growth of Laura Croft, the exciting/gorgeous cinematic visuals that perfectly meld into the gameplay--it is fun, fun, and more fun-- don't miss this one!!
  64. Mar 23, 2013
    I loved every second of this game. Its so refreshing to have a sequel that does not suck for a change. So many games so much hype. This one lives up to it
  65. Mar 29, 2013
    Lara Croft has redeemed her name. I see great things in her future. Yes, there are some mostly painless QTEs, a few design quirks that break the immersion, as well as a clumsy multiplayer mode, but this truly is an adventure that is more than the sum of its parts.

    The environments draw you in, the sound design is mostly spot on, and the controls are tighter than they've ever been, minus
    a few rough edges. The mix of semi-open areas and scripted events works better than I'd hoped, but I would love to see Lara's next adventure shed even more of the linear trappings of yesteryear.

    As for Ms. Croft herself, her rebirth is one worth celebrating. Great voice work (for our heroine) and character development make her someone I want to care about, rather than just a vehicle for nerd wet dreams.

    It's a memorable adventure that sets the scene for more things to come. Play it. As long as you aren't overly jaded over our girl's past, you'll love it.
  66. Mar 16, 2013
    Lara Croft's third reinvention (Legend was her second) tells once again a tale of Lara's past (The Last Revelation and Legend did so too), but this time Lara goes down a different route, and like James Bond in Casino Royale, we have something that's gritty, and ironically expected in today's modern trends, yet manages to pack a punch, and overcome her rivals. Of the presentation in the game, the biggest shock is the graphics engine that drives it; a true tell of how stunning this game is, is how most of the cutscenes in the game use the same engine, and the transition is often seamless (there are cutscenes away from the engine, but its for good reason) the game just looks gorgeous, and even if there are moments of slight framerate loss, they're few. The sound is predominantly located to effects (with arrangements occurring during key moments), but the effect is somewhat otherworldly, and it adds tremendously to the action and tension present. The gameplay is mainly third-person platform action with elements of combat infused heavily, and a lot of action moments where you're forced to use your reflexes or die rather fast. However, the stats-heavy implementation towards Lara, combined with the almost MetroidVania aspect of developing skills and finding new areas, is a genius touch Tomb Raider may not appear to be the biggest game ever (I'll come back to that!!), but the sheer amount of involvement in the various tasks adds considerably. Back to the length of the game (its very short), I consider this game along the lines of another favourite of mine, namely Vanquish by Sega and Platinum, in that it may have a short campaign, but the campaign is so packed with great moments, you will come back again, and the quality will just keep you coming!! Square Enix have taken a great deal of care with Hitman in Absolution late last year, and now they give us nothing less than brilliance with this. Tomb Raider is the best movie you'll see and play all year, and although it may not last long, it more than deserves to outstay its welcome. Nathan Drake no longer has the advantage, in my view Lara has regained the crown. Expand
  67. Mar 7, 2013
    I have to update my review because I played the multiplayer portion of the game. It is bad, so bad. Garbage all the way. I know the only reason for adding a multiplayer is money. Online passes, map packs, outfits all equal profits. In this case it was a mistake to green light that crap. Once game makers start making great stand alone single player games and realize that multiplayer is not a cash cow necessity, then you will earn respect and maybe more profits. Expand
  68. Mar 14, 2013
    The story was compelling. The pacing was excellent, fast frantic stretches and slower exploration segments. The majority of combat gameplay was acceptable.

    The use of Quicktime Events was not. There are too many QTE's, especially in the first few areas, and many of them are bugged to hell and back. The gameplay programmer responsible was absolutely lousy at their job. Keypresses/button
    presses have to fall within a very narrow window of time and timing; too fast and it fails you, two slow and it fails you. Too many, and it fails you. Not enough, and it fails you. You have to do the keypresses with the exact same timing as the playtesters did.

    Added to that is the problem of keypresses just plain not registering. All in all the quicktime garbage should have been scrapped for a real combat system. The repeated death animations are honestly very graphic and disturbing; This game should have been rated Adult Only for that alone.
  69. May 3, 2013
    Tomb Raider is one of the best games I've ever played. I loved it. I'm going to be very sad once I've completed this game. I can't see me finding another game I'll enjoy as much for a long time.

    9.5 10

    5 Stars

  70. Mar 5, 2013
    I wasn't getting my hopes up with this game,but to my amazement the game is simply brilliant. I haven't had so much fun with an adventure game since Uncharted 3! The graphics are polished, especially the pc version. There are loads of white knuckle moments, which makes me kill Lara on purpose just to replay them over and over. So far the best game this year for me.
  71. May 13, 2013
    Simply an excellent game. I spent two days off of work and finished the whole game because I couldn't stop going. The combat really shines as the game goes on, the visuals were beautiful, and the story was enough to keep you interested. Its games like these that should be the foundation for the next generation. Well done.
  72. Mar 5, 2013
    Great game with balanced mechanics and really careful visuals.
    Every scenario is beautifully detailed and presents dramatic and impressive set piece moments with an interesting level structure that manages to make the linear experience feel less oppressive than the norm. Shooting has the familiar trappings of a 3rd Person Game, but it adds some cinematographic twists here and there,
    ultimately being in equal parts rewarding and desperate. Parcour mechanics are also intuitive without being too on the nose.

    Main problem is the story arc being not too convincing, better than Far Cry 3 in this sense, yet the pacing early on seems a bit rushed. The game presents Lara as a fit, yet green, young girl that's not emotionally prepared for actual combat, yet it wants her holding a gun and shooting perfectly as soon as possible. Turns out she's a Rambo Level killing machine mowing down enemies with just a bow and a few old guns.
    By the end of the game she's been though so much it would make a bit more of sense... yet it's still unbelievable how a whole army of rough looking enemies now look and sound terribly afraid of this single unarmored person that has not seem combat until a while ago and now face them head on.
  73. Mar 17, 2013
    This is the first tomb raider game I have played and I made a great choice to play this one first. Firstly I usually play the first games in the series then work my way up to the most recent ones but as this is a prequel and a re-boot to the franchise I thought I wouldn't miss anything. The game is the most mature of the series as it is rated 18 and it has a serious and dark story which is equally engaging as it is great. The plot is Lara and the crew of the Endurance get shipwrecked on the island, know they want to escape but, as Lara soon finds out, there is something on the island that keeps them from leaving. Know this game has some fantasy elements which is a throwback to the old tomb raider games which fans of the series would love. The characters are good and have good voice actors/actresses, especially Lara, and the platforming is one of the best I have played. There are a lot of unlucky moments which happen to Lara and are very exciting to the player, which is fun to play. The graphics are good and up to date too if you are a visual gamer. Bottom line the gameplay is amazing, the voice acting and sound is great and the story is engaging and fun, I would recommend this to the fans and even anyone who hasn't played another tomb raider game, like me. I will be buying future tomb raider games and maybe go on amazon and buy some of the old ones too. 10/10 (btw Lara doesn't have gigantic boobs in this game so don't be disappointed by that) Expand
  74. Mar 25, 2013
    Awesome graphics and controls, intense and seamless storyline, but simply lacks of puzzle solving, which makes Tomb Raider a simple Action game. A little bit disappointing I would say. But still, it's not a bad game. I've been a Tomb Raider fan for 10+ years and my favorite TR remains the first one.
  75. May 2, 2013
    The game started out a bit rough around the edges. The introductory stages weren't very interesting and it wasn't clear that you'd have to revisit these areas to access all areas. Once you get most of the critical mobility abilities, though, the gameplay really seats itself and reveals how enjoyable it was intended to be. The plot is on par with any Uncharted game. The facial detail on the characters during cutscenes leaves much room for improvement, but it's not so bad as to be off-putting. Close quarters combat could use a bit of refinement. Personally I'd like to see more puzzle solving and less combat, but I was having fun doing both. I will certainly play the next installment in this rebooted franchise. Expand
  76. Mar 10, 2013
    Prepare to die in this game a lot,sure mostly it is brilliant,but has way to many tedious moments to get a perfect score for me,firstly it's way to combat heavy,not much exploring more shooting and is over loaded with dreadful Quick time events that can't be avoided and force the player to repeat them over and over again until you get it right,you get prompts to follow,but if the first one isn't carried out 100 percent you fail to get the next, it's Resident Evil 6 all over again,haven't the developers learned nothing,I guess not,this alone almost made me give up playing and ruins an otherwise great experience,this game looks utterly fantastic and the controls mostly work well,there's plenty of extra's to find and you can retrace your steps most of the time to go back looking for stuff,but like to many games these days not enough efforts been put into quality control and because the annoying elements of the game I don't have the patience to finish it which is annoying since I payed out £50 plus the guide,it could have been great,but then they blew it,what a waste. Expand
  77. Mar 10, 2013
    All I ear about is people talking about how great the story, characters and graphics are. But the game itself is a boring mess. The game is saturated with scripted events and QTE and also glorified turret section. Cover shooting with the bow is the only thing your going to do outside of the above.

    Those types of games seems to be taking over right now and it makes the futur of gaming
    look very unappealing. Games should be more than just a cinematic experience. Glad I borrowed it instead of purchasing. Expand
  78. Mar 17, 2013
    One of the highest productuion values on consoles, very well directed with stunning visuals and sound. There's no loading time in-game. Gameplay is very tight and a nice departure from previous titles on the franchise. The game is brutal, and when they say "tomb" they really mean it. Some locations could be on Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse's sleeve covers, and that's not exactly positive. The game can be disturbing at times, and the over abundance of enemies, altought commom place on the industry, seems like missed a oportunity for a more stealthy, strategic combat. Even so, a perfect exemple of how advanced videogames have become and systetises what this whole generation of gaming has been. Expand
  79. Mar 7, 2013
    I can't believe all these people stating that this game is amazing, funny, etc. I just think that these people never got a pad in their hands in their lives except for playing CoD. This game is one of those non-games, where everything is scripted and cinematic, where the story comes in front of the gameplay. The problem is, the story is nowhere near as good. It's a messy chaos of Lost quotes (the thinking island, airplanes falling, etc), teen movies (Lara is sometimes called L.C... WHAT??) and russian conspiracy. After several hours of playing I found more holes in the script than bugs in the game. We talk about an ancient japanese civlization from thousands of years ago. and yet, ALL THE WOODEN HOUSES ARE STILL INTACT AND THE BRACERS IN THE FORGOTTEN SECRET TOMBS ARE LIT.

    I can forgive it as a gameplay license, but the gameplay is just absent.
    I can let go of the "win button", a button that shows you exactly what to do, the annoying neverending tutorial that follows you throughout the whole game or the lame experience system.
    but I can't let go the complete absence of anything related to a "gameplay".
    During the shooting you never die. Enemies never shoot at you, they always miss.
    When jumping the only thing you have to do is pressing up and A. doesn't matter if you up the distances, the game fixes that for you.

    This is a game made to be won, and I can accept that if they would have presented a great story.
    But they didn't.
    And playing it is just plain boring.
  80. JEK
    Mar 18, 2013
    This game is great. Good graphics, nice story and gameplay. Lara Croft is vulnerable on this game (unlike from its predecessors). Great narrative. Buy IT!
  81. Mar 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So a new Tomb Raider game. TR is indeed a reboot but also a prequel, I think. At the start of the game it really reminds me of Far Cry 3, because Lara and her friends have been kidnapped by pirates or something. When you finally get Bow and go off to the forest, you might think: Now this reminds me of AC3 because I have a bow and an axe and a pistol, but however the glitches in TR are so annoying that it toke me a whole week until I could continue the story, the glitch was a huge problem. Now the graphics in TR good especially for the PC, the multiplayer not as good. The villain in TR is really good, because you don't think that he would be a bad guy and try to kill you and your friends. TR is really enjoyable but I doubt it is the best game of 2013. 8/10 Expand
  82. Mar 27, 2013
    This game has lived up to the billing it was given at E3 last year. I had played the Uncharted series before, and as an Xbox owner, the Uncharted series were the only reason I was a little bit jealous of what the Ps3 library had. That is most certainly no longer the case. The Uncharted series has been one upped in so many ways by this game. Graphically, story wise, controls, puzzles, characters, collectibles, scenery, controls, gunplay...........just plain better in all ways that I can think of. The multiplayer is a throw in and brings a a minor amount of amusement, but probably only for the achievements. Otherwise, this reboot of a franchise I had not been interested in since my PC days back in the 90's is amazingly great. No complaints outside of a dull multiplayer experience, which, no one I know would be buying this game for that type of experience anyway. Expand
  83. Mar 8, 2013
    Probably one of the best value games for 2013. Crystal Dynamics have put a lot of time into this game and used the map beautifully. Great graphics and motion, the mechanics really work. Likely one of the games you will need to spend a lot of time completing but don't let that put you off. The puzzles in the game can make you have some weird dreams if played for 12+ hours as I found out. Your mind just won't shut down. It's just class though! Expand
  84. Mar 9, 2013
    Everything I wanted and expected from this game !PERFECT
    Story and characters are a bit out of place to the gameplay,but which game story isn't?Either way it's well written one.Great visuals,soundtrack and gameplay.Go BUY!
  85. Mar 5, 2013
    Every action fan has their favorites, among games some that hit chord with that thought include Batman: Arkham City, the Uncharted games, and maybe a tint of Far Cry as well. The thing with Tomb Raider is that it's like a hot fudge Sunday of all of those games, but still gets it own identity. The atmosphere is nailed, it's dark, even the lighter parts aren't too uplifting. We're in a realistic world with realistic physics and survival is key. The lighting is tremendous and only attributes to that atmosphere. The world is massive and abundant in resources, initially overwhelming but as the game goes on it's something you want to explore as you get new gear. Lara is a riveting character and as the game progresses you get to see every side of her from her first kill, making difficult decisions, killing animals for her survival, with a gain of remorse, and so many others. Gameplay is tight and responsive, nothing revolutionary for an action game but it has familiarity to it and style. The story is decent, you get engaged enough into the game to want to know what's coming next. Unfortunately the multiplayer, while decent, feels very tacked on. Stick to the single player mode, that's where the meat of the game is. Again everything in the game feels fantastic and I love to play it, it's not revolutionary. There's something to the game where even if you're not bewildered by everything, you're glued to the screen still wanting to continue though and that's what makes this game shine. Expand
  86. Mar 5, 2013
    A great reboot of the game making Lara grounded and more of a person than a symbol. Gear and skills are good but I wish they add more. The cinematics here are super high quality like from an action move
  87. Mar 6, 2013
    Brilliant game, wonderful graphics, sound and detail. The remaking of Lara Croft is handled extremely well. It borrows from Uncharted, just like Uncharted took and ran with the original Tomb Raider. If you like a good story, quite a bit of exploration, with a dab of puzzling and action, this is a game for you. Welcome back Lara.
  88. Mar 20, 2013
    I rented this game off of redbox so i could test the waters. The Tomb Raider franchise is such a mixed bag I felt it prudent to test drive this before buying. I picked this up a week and couldn't bear to bring it back because it was so good. The Controls are so tight and intuitive I had no trouble mastering all Lara's cool abilities. The RPG style abilities and weapon upgrades are a welcome addition to this game. Just and FYI the the dodge+attack finish move while using the bow is awesome. The Map design is clever and the graphics are as good as they get. The game itself felt a bit short if your paying 60 dollars retail for this so I will wait for a game+dlc bundle if I was going to purchase. I played one Multiplayer game team deatchmatch and wasn't really impressed by it. Multiplayer really didn't matter to much to me personally because I wanted this game for the single player campaign only. The story and characters were entertaining and definitely added something positiive to the experience. Overall I give this game a 9/10 as everything was great with the exception of the blah multiplayer and length of campaign(even counting my time spent fetching optional items). Anyone getting this game will not be disappointed Expand
  89. Mar 8, 2013
    I hate to compare this to uncharted, but it is all most impossible, but this should be seen as a complement. This game does every Uncharted does, and in my opinion much better. The story is great, and it had me interested from beginning to end, Lara is played brilliantly well, even if her transition from average girl to full blown badass is jarring. It plays great, the combat, to my surprise is very enjoyable. The cover system is one of the best I have seen, it's seamless and never slows down the action, the guns and bow feel great. The platforming is simple, and not to challenging, but none the less it's still fun and make for some really great cinematic moments. The game defiantly is not as puzzle heavy as the previous game, but there are puzzles, and they are fun. The game looks fantastic, full of colour, varied environments and never noticed texture pop in, frame rate slows down sometime but never enough to ruin the experience.But Multiplayer is bad a poor man uncharted Expand
  90. Mar 5, 2013
    Extremely well done game, polished with superb visual side. This one is a mix of Far Cry 3 Uncharted with some RE4 feeling. Controlling Lara's movement while running through wilderness, caves, tombs, climbing and jumping is very natural and feels even more smoothly than in ACIII, where I have found some glitches/errors from time to time. Tomb Rider is a great action game with some survival feeling and exploration. The switch from lock on shooting type to the new TPS style system works really well, each encounter with your foes is very brutal and engaging. Absolutely love the graphics the landscapes are amazing, with stunning visuals mountains, watefalls, rivers, caves and villages. With each new location you want to stop and just look around and admire the views. This game will keep you all the time at the edge of your seat, pushing you to play for hrs and just looking forward to see what will happen next. my score is 10/10 Expand
  91. Mar 15, 2013
    The best game of the series in years. The game is beautiful, and has excellent gameplay really memorable moments. Without doubt the franchise should follow that style in the next games.
  92. Mar 8, 2013
    Tomb Raider is a brilliantly crafted action/adventure game. Offering a directed experience, Tomb Raider is very cinematic, but it also features large environments within that allow you to explore, collect things, unlock pathways to new areas, etc. in the vein of the Metroidvania games. This is a very polished and beautiful game that deserves your attention. My one complaint are some annoying quick-time events. Expand
  93. Mar 18, 2013
    A popular trend in the media right now is taking old franchises and either give them a reboot or remake. Now some of these are well done, but others fall flat. I can say with certainty that not only does Tomb Raider fall into the former category, but it is one of the best games I have played so far in 2013. When I first played the original Tomb Raider at my cousin’s house in 1996, I was introduced to Lara Croft and really enjoyed it in more ways than one. Then she was a buxom superstar who was an expert in her field, basically a female Indiana Jones. However over time, she became less and less popular and her games were just not the same. So like all things that were once popular, she called for a reboot and not just any kind of reboot, a gritty reboot. People now more than ever don’t want superstar heroes, they want a hero who has to face an overwhelming amount of odds. Gritty Reboots are the most popular form of reboots, just look at how many movies and games have been receiving the gritty reboot recently, examples include DmC, The Amazing Spider-Man, and even the upcoming Man of Steel. The new Tomb Raider does go full on gritty, but it does so in an amazing fashion.

    The Tomb Raider stars a young Lara Croft who is part of an expedition to search for the lost civilization of Yamatai. However things go wrong as a storm causes their boat to sink and strand Lara and her group on a mysterious island that holds many secrets. Lara is quickly captured by a mysterious man as she approached her fellow survivors. She then wakes up in some sort of ritual chamber, suspended upside down next to a few skeletons. She is able to escape and soon she is forced to make her way through the island both discovering its secrets and also trying to find a way save her fellow expedition mates and get off the island. Oh boy does Lara suffer, in this game. Throughout the game she receives her fair share of scrapes and bruises. The player roots for Lara, as she is just an ordinary woman thrust into extraordinary circumstances. As she learns to adapt an survive, she grows from this naive reluctant woman, into this badass heroine who kicks all kinds of ass. Not only is the story of this Lara amazing, the character development in this game is amazing as well.

    While the story and character development are well done, so is the gameplay. The controls for this game are simple and intuitive. One of the flaws of the original games was that the controls were quite clunky and multiple times I would find myself fighting the camera angles. Not once in this rendition of Tomb Raider did I find myself fighting with the camera, as it oriented itself quite well as I ran through the various platform sections. Oh boy did I love the platforming in this game. Most of the sections are well done and surprisingly on the more cinematic sections, I wouldn’t even realize I should be moving as I thought it was all part of a cutscene. I liked the good mix of omg I’m running for my life and ok where do I go next. Another well done aspect of this game is the combat system. Being an archer myself it is cool to see Lara trade in her former trademark pistols for a bow and arrow. Lara in this game fights her various enemies, be they man, wild, or other, with a bow, pistol, shotgun, machine gun or ice axe. The different environments and amazingly well done cover system lend to many dynamic fights.

    Let me tell you about the amazing visuals! Man oh man, were they breathtaking. I was playing on the 360, but I could only imagine them being absolutely stunning on the PC. The environments this game presents are simply jaw dropping. The grand shots establish a sense of grandeur about the island and the small up close shots convey a sense of claustrophobia as Lara struggles to get through the nooks and crannies of a dark dank cavern. As stated earlier the tombs were some of the best parts of this game. Not only was i excited to solve the mysterious of each one, but I was also excited by the prospects of what they would look like. Not once in this game was I disappointed in the visuals and was always excited to see the new environments.

    Overall I recommend this game for any fan of a good adventure game. After this massive success, I look forward to this new Lara and her upcoming adventures.
  94. Mar 13, 2013
    Although I have yet to complete the game (approximately 60%), I have to say I look forward to jumping back into it each time I get home from work. The game is beautiful, the shooting feels right and the story is quite entertaining. However, I'm even more entertained by the scoring results. At the time of this review there are 296 positive results and 30 negative results. I tend to liken this to light bulb reviews; if 99 out of 100 folks say their light bulb is nice and bright, but 1 of them trashes it, guess which one was unable to figure out how to work the light bulb? It would make more sense if the votes were half and half but when just about all the grown-ups enjoy the game, I would say it's a success. Expand
  95. Mar 20, 2013
    One of the most beautiful games i' ve ever seen. Beautiful graphics pc quality even on consoles, incredible animation and camera. My god this games is crazy and awesome. You have to play it in order to truly understand it's majesty. Must buy no matter what version. Incredible game!!!!
  96. Feb 3, 2014
    Adventure, action, history... Good game...................................................................................................................
  97. Mar 7, 2013
    Chapeau! This is a truly amazing game..i'm stunned about the graphics, didnt expect anything like it on my old 360. i would also like to mention that the fighting mechanics which were always weak in the other tr games are pretty good now and certainly better than uncharted which is mentioned often in comparison. so thank you crystal dynamics for this ride and for the effort. the attention to detail in every location is really appreciated. Expand
  98. Mar 7, 2013
    One of my favorite games of this year so far. It is amazing the work Crystal Dynamics has put into this titles. A perfect example that installed franchises can still offer creativity when developed properly. The game is smooth and responsive, impressive and innovative. Action packed during the full campaign and the plot is reasonably well driven. Nathan Drake now has a serious competitor in the action/adventure playground; I mean this is like a dream made true for all of us hardcore fans of the series. Recommended with no doubts, totally worth the money. Expand
  99. Nov 18, 2013
    A good reboot of the Tomb Raider series, everything was good apart from the ending which was very anti-climatic. Still the new cinematic style and personality that they have given the game makes it into a very enjoyable experience.
  100. Mar 5, 2013
    I hate to compare this to uncharted, but it is all most impossible, but this should be seen as a complement. This game does every Uncharted does, and in my opinion much better. The story is great, and it had me interested from beginning to end, Lara is played brilliantly well, even if her transition from average girl to full blown badass is jarring. It plays great, the combat, to my surprise is very enjoyable. The cover system is one of the best I have seen, it's seamless and never slows down the action, the guns and bow feel great. The platforming is simple, and not to challenging, but none the less it's still fun and make for some really great cinematic moments. The game defiantly is not as puzzle heavy as the previous game, but there are puzzles, and they are fun.
    The game looks fantastic, full of colour, varied environments and never noticed texture pop in, frame rate slows down sometime but never enough to ruin the experience.
    The game does have multiplayer, to be honest it's pretty standard stuff, it's not bad by any means, but I just don't see it lasting. Overall a very enjoyable experience, a successful reboot, have high hopes of what could come. 8.5
  101. Apr 16, 2013
    Having barely played Tomb Raider games in the past, I was very interested to see a reboot of the franchise that runs an origin story. This made it easy for me to decide to jump in and play an entire game to the end and see how it turned out. This Tomb Raider, which takes several cues from the best games of today, is absolutely fantastic. Easily one of the most cinematic titles I've ever played. The camera angles and treacherous environments all give a bit of a white-knuckle experience that I find more and more rare in games these days. I haven't embraced the multiplayer yet, but I bought this game for the story line and the single-player experience. I am very happy I did and look forward to what this franchise has to offer going forward. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 70 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 70
  2. Negative: 0 out of 70
  1. Apr 5, 2013
    The new Tomb Raider is not as revolutionary as the original from 1996 but this reboot is the most mature, interesting and friendly entry to the series. For me it is Uncharted on steroids, a game that’s better in every aspect than Nathan Drake’s adventures. [CD-Action 04/2013, p.52]
  2. Apr 4, 2013
    Tomb Raider is a fine game, but something essential feels like it has been left out. Lara seems to have found the map, but missed the treasure.
  3. Apr 4, 2013
    Tomb Raider is the second best Uncharted game behind Uncharted 2. While it gives up a lot of its adventure identity fans have come to know and love, the end result is still a fantastic game that shouldn’t be missed by any action fan. If Crystal Dynamics can inject more adventure elements into a potential sequel, it would be a pretty interesting proposition indeed.