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  2. Negative: 26 out of 71

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  1. Aug 15, 2012
    If I could return or trade in an XBLA title, trust me, I would. I really didn't think they could get this wrong...I was wrong. Since it's a short list, lets start with redeeming qualities: About 4 songs you know and love that bring in the sweet, sweet nostalgia. The bad: The Mall, no Skate Park Chicago, the physics are TERRIBLE, and it's just ugly. Go buy THPS 1 or 2 off of eBay for $0.01, you'll have a much better time. Expand
  2. Aug 12, 2012
    Sadly, I'm really just reviewing the demo. I read the bad reviews early on, and was surprised that the original THPS with HD graphics could be that bad. Unfortunately, when I started the demo I saw that the game is using the UNREAL ENGINE!??! So, it's not the original game with a facelift, it's a remake of the game. Hence, the completely off feel of the controls. __________________________________________________________________________ Since Robomodo are the same developers that developed the last two Tony Hawk games, this appears to be their same terrible engine with old Tony Hawk levels put into it. Just a warning. I have no idea why they did this, but I'm assuming they figured their skate engine was good enough. They must not have gotten the memo that their last two games have KILLED THE TONY HAWK FRANCHISE.________________________________________________This was the Summer of Arcade game I was looking most forward to, so I'm just as disappointed as everyone else. :( Maybe if we complain enough Activision, will give the franchise to a more capable developer._______AND AS A NOTE TO METACRITIC, WHY CAN'T USER REVIEWS HAVE PARAGRAPHS?!?! A GIANT WALL OF TEXT IS NOT FUN TO READ. :P Expand
  3. Jul 26, 2012
    I never have played a tony hawk game before, so if you are like me, I would check it out. At first, it may be tough to pick up, but once you get used to grinds, manuals and whatnot you will have a blast. At 15 dollars, I'm happy with this purchase.
  4. Jul 23, 2012
    Thank God it came out on the Microsoft store first, if they had came out on both systems the same day I would have wasted my money on the PS3 version.
  5. Jul 23, 2012
    This is not your father's video game. This is a remake... so of course it will feel a bit different. First thing that annoys me straight up is the controls. I always use the RT and LT to spin.... but for some reason the retards making this game chose to have spinning on the RB and LB buttons with no ability to even change them around. WTF. I cannot play the game because of this. And even if I could get used to not being able to spin anymore....I cannot get used to the horrible bugs like going into the floor or bouncing off walls.....So since I cannot even play how I used to play I cannot give a good or fair review.....what's point playing a game if it doesn't feel comfortable? I'll just give it a low score and move on and pretend they never remade this with horrible physics and bugs. I'd rather be playing some DayZ Expand
  6. Jul 22, 2012
    Finally, what myself and I'm sure many other fans of the franchise have been waiting for for a long time - A return to the roots of one of the more enjoyable games series that has unfortunately lost its way quite spectacularly in recent years.
    This HD amalgamation of the original two games should be a slam dunk of a game, one that surely could not fail. Unfortunately fail is what it does.
    At best it can recapture some nostalgic memories of the originals, and look quite good while doing so but nostalgia can only get you so far.
    The remake hits you with disappointment at almost every turn. Even from the initial start-up the lack of familiar options such as create a skater and create a park put a dampener on things as well as the small selection of skaters to choose from. These oversights could be easily forgiven if the core gameplay remained intact but, unbelievably, this is where this remake falters the most. Initially I had thought that I was misremembering the difficulty of the early stages of PS1 era THPS games and that it would take a while to get my stats up before I was tearing up School II and Venice Beach like old times, indeed the very same goals that I found difficult in the originals were similarly difficult here. Unfortunately the controls are remarkably sluggish and unresponsive throughout and the fast pace of the originals has been replaced by what feels like a catatonic pace in comparison.
    Other than the gameplay issues the other glaring problem is that of the level selection. Seven levels is quite frankly not enough and anyone familiar with the originals will breeze through them in an an hour or two. The level choices also include what I believe to be some of the weaker levels in the series with Downhill Jam and the Mall as well as the Warehouse which has been done to death. Include these levels by all means, just not at the expense of other more interesting maps.
    Ultimately what should have been a glorious return to form has turned out to be what seems like a half assed moneygrab, no doubt that plenty more levels and possible features will be added through DLC. A full price game with all the levels from the original 2 games and unaltered physics is all that was needed here yet the series has failed again to deliver.
  7. Jul 22, 2012
    had been waiting on this game for a good while now, was really hyped for it, Having owned pretty much every version of the hawks series up til the point where they released that god awful plastic half a board thing. I'm going to just point this out! for me the series took a massive hit when the feature to get off the board was brought into it, I mean its in the title, tony hawks pro SKATER, who wants to go climbing ladders and cycling bikes or driving cars using the THPS engine? its made for skating and that alone, if you haven't experienced these minigame portions of the Underground and proving grounds then you can simulate them by playing a driving/platforming game of your choice, after you put your hands under the wheels of a car and have the car drive back and forth over them a few times, controls exactly like that. But back to this piece of... game, it is horrible, just nothing about it comes off right, all they had to do was nothing! just absolutely nothing and the games would have been perfect, but I can't believe the **** on the xbl page when you look at it, they had neversofts code and polished it up?! w t f did they polish it with **** The physics will make you sick after that first jump over the halfpipe, the speed is just dauntingly wrong for a THPS game, Revert being sold as DLC later on is a slap in the face, this is just awful, there are 7 tracks from THPS1+2 in this tho, music I mean those are okie, worlds collide is there, nuff said. but yeah do not be wasting your money on this, it will honestly just destroy any nostalgia feelings you have when you think of the old Tony Hawks games. Going to point out 1 or 2 things btw! Tony Hawks Pro skater 3+4 work absolutely perfectly on the 360 console! there is one graphical glitch with 4 where during a loading screen or black screen you get a bit of UI bugged out, other than that these games are perfect, I own them, I'm currently playing them on a 42inch 1080 screen and they absolutely blow this piece of **** out of the water, if you happen to have a 2nd hand game shop in your area or car boot sales, take a look for these 2 games, they are incredible, and like I said you can play them on your 360 with out a bother. Direct request to anyone related to this game or the Tony Hawks Franchise. please.... add 3 and 4 to the classic xbox games on sale from the xbox360 store, if they didn't sell a mill copies between them I would be absolutely shocked being honest with you, those games are golden and the system is there to sell those games and make yerselfs moneys! btw those reviewers up top who gave it 10 Expand
  8. Jul 20, 2012
    Definitely cleaner visually then the original two Tony Hawk's so the HD title is somewhat accurate but thats it. The game as a whole is horrible and not an improvement at all from the past versions. Don't buy this unless you want to be truly dissapointed.
  9. Jul 18, 2012
    I have been waiting weeks for this to come out, holding on to my points just so I could give it a try. I was a major Tony Hawk addict when it first came out and all the way to 3, with some underground later...

    After the terrible Tony Hawk Shred series of games, I expected a return to the classic style and not only that but actual already made levels and gameplay, this should be a big
    hit. Luckily for me I downloaded the trial version instead of buying it straight up and I was so close.

    The game demo basically shows off all I needed to see from the game. The graphics while higher res but it seemed like they cut back on the actual animations. Everything felt a bit clunky and landing moves was not the same smooth endeavor that it once was. The character animations almost seem like they are missing frames and jump to certain animations at odd angles.

    Another thing to note is the music. It is downright offensive to your ears. Absolutely the worst trash I have ever heard with the exception of a few. Most of the old music that is engrained into our brains that says "this is tony hawk" is not in the game. The music that when you hear the song, you remember doing grinds in certain levels.

    I did not buy the game to try the multiplayer, but have heard that the online play is atrocious with brutal combo shattering lag burts. I am going to stay far away from this game and just remember it.

    If you never got to experience the real tony hawk 1 & 2, please get a PS1 and find a copy of the game. It is far superior to this in nearly every way.

    One thing that this game has going for it however that was not in the old classics is leaderboards. In a game like Tony Hawk, leaderboards make the game re-playability go on for quite some time.

    Please please please try before you buy. If you go into this with nostalgic reasons you will be burned because it is not quite the game you remember.
  10. Jul 18, 2012
    24 hours ago I would have told anyone who would listen that you can't screw up the original TH's. Boy was I wrong. Clunky controls, horrible lit levels, and messed up physics are just a few things that have messed this game up. This could have been one of the best XBLA arcade game in existence all they had to do was a straight port of of the original instead they decided to take a dump all over it. Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of the original PS1 or N64 versions and skip this. Collapse
  11. Jul 18, 2012
    Don't buy this!

    I have been waiting for this game for months. It was my number 1 game of the year. I downloaded it automatically without trying a demo or reading reviews. I wish I did now. It plays nothing like Tony Hawk 1 and 2 for the Playstation 1 which was the whole selling point of it. It does not feel as good.

    But the main huge number 1 problem, and it may sound minor but its
    not. Whenever your skater falls over. The screen flashes a huge bright white light for a few seconds tlll it restarts. This has given me a massive headache and hurt my eyes after only a very short game. It really is that bad. Expand
  12. Jul 18, 2012
    24 hours ago I would have told anyone who would listen that you can't screw up the original TH's. Boy was I wrong. Clunky controls, horrible lit levels, and messed up physics are just a few things that have messed this game up. This could have been one of the best XBLA arcade game in existence all they had to do was a straight port of of the original instead they decided to take a dump all over it. Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of the original PS1 or N64 versions and skip this. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 70 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 70
  2. Negative: 4 out of 70
  1. Nov 16, 2012
    With just seven levels-three of which have serious problems working with the current control scheme-it's not like the game has a wealth of content, and its hostility to new players prevents me from recommending it to any but the hardcore.
  2. 80
    Great flashback from the late nineties proves that old games were worth playing and except for the visuals there is no need to change anything. [Sept 2012]
  3. Sep 25, 2012
    All in all, Tony Hawk HD proves that while you can't always go back, it certainly can be a lot of run to reminisce. Definitely worth a short-term pickup or for a quick break from reality… long term though? Not really.