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  2. Negative: 9 out of 80
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  1. 42
    Too Human is also not a good action game. While it deserves some applause for a reasonable translation of PC classic Diablo's mouse-driven controls, its reliance on the right analog stick as a means for attack only works at the most basic level.
  2. 360 Gamer Magazine UK
    Feeble and misjudged in as many ways as a game can be, we simply can’t bring ourselves to recommend Too Human to anyone. There will be those that love it, as there were with the horrible demo. But we just hope this minority has fun, because we sure as hell didn’t.
  3. Too Human turns itself too quickly into an entertainment of fast, reiterative and excessively easy consumption, but it also counts with some elements that save it from forgetfulness. Good music, simple action, pleasant treatment and a good personalisation of weapons and objects are among its virtues. However, other components such as the argument or the role part, designed to give the game its own personal touch, fail resoundingly.
  4. The classes and the huge amount of skills are mildly entertaining. You could rent the game and try it out, but that's as far as I'd go.
  5. Honestly, when you want to tune out and just hack through hordes of rushing enemies for a half hour, Too Human fits the bill.
  6. For every great idea, like low-penalty deaths that don’t force you to replay sections, there’s equally flawed ones, like the lush, alternate-reality cyberspace you occasionally visit for light puzzling, that would’ve best been left on the cutting room floor.
  7. A bit too repetitive for its own good, but the unique controls and the online co-op are quite nice indeed.
  8. Too Human isn’t perfect, but it’s not a bad game either.
  9. Too Human feels unfinished and broken. After 10 years in development, you'd think that maybe it would have a lot less bugs and problems that it actually does. Unfortunately that's not true.
  10. For most casual players I would steer them towards their local video store, but for fans of this genre I would most likely tell them to pick up and buy this game.
  11. Often the cut-scenes are more compelling than the gameplay, but the game does ultimately salvage itself from being the eternal butt of Xbox 360 jokes from this point forward.
  12. 60
    With the proper attention to detail Too Human 2 could very well be the game that Denis Dyack promised, but for right now it's only a shadow of the god it could be.
  13. Maybe the idea was kind of clever, or you may have fun accidentally, but everything else is horrendous.
  14. Edge Magazine
    The irony is that many of Too Human’s problems wouldn’t exist if another pair of human players were allowed to enter the fold (as was originally intended) – speeding up play considerably and making ‘just one more run’ into something a little more manageable. [Oct 2008, p.92]
  15. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    This game's simply schizophrenic; it attempts to be all these things to all people, so in the end result is in dire need of polish and focus. [Oct 2008, p.88]
  16. Perhaps biggest problem with the game: it's too short.
  17. Nothing more than a standard hack n’ slash adventure. Glitches, poor A.I., and generic gameplay all contribute to Too Human lackluster showing.
  18. 80
    The game is that well constructed, and when it's firing on all cylinders there' nothing out there that can beat it for sheer satisfaction.
  19. Too Human is about players sculpting their ideal killing machines. If you enjoy leveling and looting, it's worth a look. If you only have a moderate interest, Too Human's aggravating gameplay and irreparable plot won't deliver many thrills. [Sept 2008, p.104]
  20. Diablo got to be the icon and the benchmark that it is by giving players great tools for building countless different character types and then throwing them mercilessly into a constantly changing proving ground of monster slaying mayhem. Too Human may be working off that same blueprint for success, but, like so many other imitators before it, it never quite gets there.
  21. Ultimately, if you're willing to learn the ropes, there's some good fun to be had in Too Human - and gamers that know what to expect are less likely to be disappointed.
  22. Too Human is amazingly short for an RPG, especially one that invites you to spend so much time collecting items and managing inventory.
  23. Its role-playing elements prove uninteresting, with an unbalanced upgrade system and no major differences between the five available classes. Its fighting is stale, with loose multi-directional melee combat and horribly broken long-range targeting. Finally, the presentation falls short, with unpolished visuals and bothersome glitches.
  24. Amazingly Too Human has some amazing graphics power behind it, with some wide open complex levels, dozens of monsters and the player or players destroying everything in sight, the game never slows down or lags at all. When we are used to games with 4 to 10 characters on the screen at once, seeing so many is a pure visual feast.
  25. People will either really love it or really hate it with the odd few sitting around the middle.
  26. If wading knee deep in the dead to get at a piece of armour that’s 5% better than what you’re currently wearing isn’t the kind of adventuring that excites you, then you’re in trouble, because Too Human is exactly this type of game. Kill, loot, compare, equip, repeat.
  27. 80
    It's ultimately the inspired intermingling of the disparate abilities bestowed on partnered players that makes Too Human worth playing.
  28. While the game has some problems, the good often cancels out the bad and action fans will no doubt enjoy the immense amount of destruction the game will throw at you.
  29. Ultimately, despite the game's disappointments with a short length and excessive battling, we’re intrigued to see what becomes of Baldur and the Aesir in the coming sequels.
  30. Too Human wants to be everything, but ends up being nothing. Buggy controls and no challenge whatsoever take out a lot of the fun. And fun is why whe play games. For an action RPG the game lacks any form of RPG depth and the action part isn't strong enough to carry the game. What remains is a dull and tedious game of killing monsters. Too Human lacks any humanity.
  31. The game is a triumph in everything it aims to do: an intriguing story, breathtaking cinematography and narrative, a unique and effective combat system, extensive customization options, and a meaningful concept.
  32. C'mon Silicon Knights, give us Eternal Darkness 2 instead of this silliness!
  33. Nordic Myth meets Cyberpunk... Too Human has immense potential but unfortunately fails completely when it comes to meeting the high expectations.
  34. Like I have mentioned before, the title isn’t without its many flaws and problems, but the good aspects of the title heavily outweigh the bad, and the amount of hate for the game seems disingenuous. That said; it feels like the game could have benefited from another year of development time, which might sound crazy given the game’s delays.
  35. Games Master UK
    No doubt destined for cult status, but it's too annoying too often to reach true greatness. [Oct 2008, p.68]
  36. games(TM)
    The resource management and skill chasing on offer is sound, but everything else is repetitive, undemanding, and forgettable. [Oct 2008, p.110]
  37. However you choose to play, by yourself with the full, messy story unfolding in front of you, or with a friend, bereft of a narrative but beset by twice as many enemies and twice as much potential loot, Too Human provides and uneven and ultimately unsatisfying experience.
  38. A perfect example of awesome but unrealized potential.
  39. 50
    Deprived of a decent storyline, innovative mechanics, and limited variation in either enemies or environments, Too Human is barely worthy of a weekend rental.
  40. It’s an incredibly repetitive game that has a lot of depth on the surface that becomes irrelevant once it’s put into practice. Fans of dungeon-crawling loot hunts should rent, but everyone else will tire of its shortcomings even before its brief campaign is complete.
  41. Too Human is another game that falls in the “could have been much more” category. Even though this game has been in development for many years, there are just too many design flaws that keep it from becoming a “must have” game.
  42. While Too Human doesn't really seem to excel at any of the things it attempts to do, it still ends up being fun to play despite the flaws. Sure, it's annoying to see that damn Valkyrie death animation every time you die, and I'd love to be able to pick out my long range targets, but I still find myself coming back to play for an hour or two every night, at least until I hit 50 with my Defender.
  43. Too Human is an interesting game disguised as a terrible action game.
  44. Despite falling short, Too Human ends in a way that suggests there will be future games made, which will thus permit the developers to take what they got wrong and make it right.
  45. I’ll try to describe this game: Myth meets Diablo and the Borg from Star Trek. I wasn’t able to put away the gamepad for a very long time.
  46. If anything meaningful happens in this game aside from establishing a villain, it was lost on me. The only way I got anything interesting out of it was to start searching for web pages devoted to Baldur's place in Norse mythology to see how many liberties Silicon Knights is taking with its fiction and to see what sorts of things could lie ahead in the next games. As a game, the action is a little too straightforward for its own good.
  47. Combining frenetic sword and gun gameplay against the backdrop of the gods sounds good, but ultimately Too Human shows how far the developers tried, and failed, to reach.
  48. 78
    The character customization options and great class and skill system are the kind of foundation games should be built on. But then it’s all made rather moot by the fact that dying doesn’t matter and all of the enemies scale to you. The sense of accomplishment just isn’t there.
  49. 65
    The automatic nature of the combat almost mirrors Too Human's approach to gameplay as a whole: this is autopilot gaming: routine revival, hand-held progression, a loot free-for-all and a microwave dinner storyline.
  50. 75
    Unbound from the lumbering storytelling, when you and a friend are tackling levels at your leisure, hurling crowds of mechmen skywards, it’s exactly the sort of brainless destruction the game should be.
  51. 65
    Even with all the game's problems, I still managed to enjoy Too Human somewhat, simply because it did an excellent job of tapping into the part of my brain that wishes I had spent more time playing with dolls growing up.
  52. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Too complicated. Yet excellent narrative concerned with matters of human existence. Too Human is an attractive drama set in the rich world suffering from a way too complex game system. Sudden cut in one thirds of a story will not make you happy. [Sept 2008]
  53. If you take into account the amount of time and effort Silicon Knights has put into this title it boggles the mind when looking at the final product. Too Human actually manages to utterly fail in almost everything it attempts to do and constantly manages to show off new caveats in the formula. Repetitive and stupid enemies, uninspiring combat and a plot line that leaves much to be desired. The online co-op mode does help a bit, but it can't save what must be the most hyped failure in gaming history.
  54. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Although it has some interesting ideas, both the combat and the game mechanics are very repetitive. The technical aspect could also have some improvements, as it shows a game that has been continuously patched trough its long development cycle. [Sept 2008]
  55. Forget the graphics, cut scenes, little glitches, stupid supporting AI and the voice acting and concentrate on the excellent gameplay engine Silicon Knights have built. You will find yourself playing the same levels over and over again to build up your character and power up your inventory, while having a ton of fun.
  56. A breath of fresh air to the common shooter on the Xbox 360. I do feel that any RPG fan or hack and slash genre fan should try this out, but it is definitely the title you should 'try before you buy'.
  57. 70
    There is no doubt that Silicon Knights have failed to live up to their early promises regarding Too Human.
  58. 75
    The combat is fast, frantic and fun, requiring you to think and move quickly, and each of the classes are very different to play. Sure there's not much variety in the type of bad guys you come up against but the enemies which are present are generally very nice to look at and very satisfying to obliterate with your weapon of choice. It's easily the best action RPG on the 360 and arguably the best on any of the modern consoles.
  59. Obvious problems (the shaky camera, poor targeting system, and inconsistent frame rate) match up with sheer annoyances (the 25-second-long, unskippable death sequences) to degrade the expectedly repetitive experience, but that’s not all that stuck in our craw. Capping the enjoyable online co-op at just two players (with no local play) seems ludicrous in this day and age; even PSO was rocking four players on a 56K connection in 2001!
  60. It's the sort of game that, when things are going badly, leaves you spending a lot of time not being able to do anything about it. You've made a mistake, and now you have to sit back and twiddle your thumbs.
  61. 65
    Too Human is a very competent action-RPG let down by clunky controls and a pervasive air of sloppiness. It's definitely worth a look for the dungeon-crawling Diablo crowd, but most will regard it as nothing more than an ambitious curiosity which never quite comes together.
  62. Pelit (Finland)
    An interesting combination of ancient mythology and modern scifi-stories, but ultimately it's chunky and tedious gameplay prevents it from becoming a significant represententative of the scifi-action-rpg-subgenre already dominated by Mass Effect. Which is a pity, for there was massive potential here. [Sept 2008]
  63. If "World of Warcraft" had a baby with "Star Wars" and the doctor pumped it full of steroids the final result would be Silicon Knight’s Too Human.
  64. 88
    Those who hate it will throw down the controller a long time before the ass-serving and seemingly shallow controls give way to fulfilling battles and a truly awesome character; while those who love it will stubbornly plough forward from death to death, ever-reaching for the next level, and the next level, in order to experience the sheer visceral pleasure of directing Baldur in his almost invincible dance of death.
  65. Technical problems are abundant, the character development is mostly irrelevant and the adventure is linear.
  66. 66
    Too Human is repetitive, unbalanced, and frustrating, made complete with an uninteresting story.
  67. I don’t need games that make me this mad for so little payoff.
  68. Too Human had a lot to live up to after 10 years of imaginings and re-imaginings, and it's sad that a game which was slated for greatness fell so far from it.
  69. Too Human easily reaches the standards set by Silicon Knights' previous work. Merging the addictive qualities of Diablo with a thoroughly innovative and entertaining combat system, Too Human offers an engaging blend of instant gratification and long-term depth despite the occasional failing.
  70. 30
    A disappointingly substandard role-playing game buried under the debris of a thousand forgettable robots slain in a hundred vacant hallways by one man in a silly outfit. After an initial burst of curiosity, this repetitive, derivative and ultimately ridiculous game will be remembered primarily for how little resulted from so much work.
  71. This is the most disappointing thing about Too Human. Not the repetitive combat, or the technical issues, or the frustrating, endless death, but the plot. While the issue may be explored further in the next game, we expected more from the first. It's a big let down.
  72. 60
    In short, I was left wanting to know more. The fact that you can start a new campaign with your character and continue to level him up didn't really entice me back into Too Human -- I want more story. To that end, I'm looking forward to the promised release of "Too Human 2."
  73. This game should have been so much better considering how long it’s been in production, but it’s not and it shows.
  74. Too Human has been in production in various forms for 10 years, but somehow, it still feels like an unfinished game. The plot is half-baked, the gameplay is simplistic, the replay value is hurt by the lack of variety, and glitches are commonplace. While the very basic framework of a fun game is there, it's weakened by all the flaws.
  75. Too Human is by no means a bad videogame, it’s just very repetitive and highly disappointing. With ten years development time, you’d think it would be a bit more impressive than this.
  76. The RPG nature of the back end system is a true pleasure at times. Kitting Baldur out from head to toe in badass armour is one of Too Human’s fortes. Other than the main story quest though there isn’t really that much to do and the game gets incredibly repetitive.
  77. Ultimately though, when you start to crave any given section of the game to end just because you're so utterly bored of it, when you're hacking your way through another swarm of metal enemies utterly identical to those you fought in the last twelve (almost) identical rooms, you're inevitably going to start to feel like there's something not quite right with Too Human. And you'd be right.
  78. In the end, the game really is just too human: flawed, ageing but with the potential to do great things.
  79. Again, overall the game is very well done and should be played by anyone that like a good action game or even an RPG.
  80. 80
    In the end, despite its flaws, I'm having a blast with Too Human. The looting and leveling is incredibly addictive, and if you let yourself dig a little bit you'll find a surprising amount of depth in the combat system. However I can't help but feel like the game isn't living up to it's full potential.
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  1. Jan 27, 2012
    Too Human is an mediocre game. It has a good story, but everything else is average. The controls are weird and clunky, the graphics leave aToo Human is an mediocre game. It has a good story, but everything else is average. The controls are weird and clunky, the graphics leave a lot to be desired and is quite simply not worth the cash. With some effort, the game could have been great. However, like I said before, the story is quite good, and is original, unlike other stories out there today. Full Review »
  2. Mar 30, 2011
    Had this game for a while and all I can say is I cant believe this has such a low review score. I mean sure the game is a tad short but it isHad this game for a while and all I can say is I cant believe this has such a low review score. I mean sure the game is a tad short but it is set to be a trilogy so i understand why it would have a cliffhanger. I mean look at all the lord of the ring movies... all ended with cliffhangers before the final one. There are minor problems with the game like controls that are hard to learn without a tutorial (there isnt one in the game) and the in game death sequence should be skipable. However the game makes up for most of these with fun addicting gameplay, much replayablity, and online. Since the game only has its fan base still playing online you might have trouble finding a game however when you do get online with someone its a great play team work is key and you have alot of fun. Rune quests make up for alot of replayablity and once you complete the quest and have the rune equipped it gives you stat boots. The game has much depth in it even though it doesnt appear to be much at all besides a dungeon crawler with loot. Which by the way the game combines loot-whoredom and dungeon crawling perfectly. Oh have i mentioned the story for this game is awesome! I mean cyberpunk on norse myth (VIKINGS!!!) i wont go to deep into it to not reveal spoilers xp. Also this game is like in the top 10 best selling 360 action rpg games soo it shouldnt have such alow review score. I seriously reccommend to give it a shot i mean 10-20 dollars new at gamestop and like 20 on live market place Full Review »
  3. JoeW.
    Aug 12, 2008
    Rubbish. Complete rubbish. 10 years and 3 platforms and this game is only mediocre.