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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 50
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  1. 91
    Avalanche Studios has broken the movie-game stigma for me by releasing the awesome Toy Story 3.
  2. With a diverse set of gameplay areas, countless missions, challenges, and collectibles, and the unlimited potential of the Toy Box mode, Toy Story 3 is easily one of the best movie-license games of all times and the perfect way to enhance the film trilogy and carry on the exploits of these delightful and entertaining characters to infinity and beyond…
  3. Toy Story 3 isn't the best game out there and is far from being flawless. However, in the realm of movie licensed titles and family games in general, this one deserves the opening of your wallet.
  4. Toy Story 3 is near perfect, delivering an opened ended, action packed game that can be enjoyed for hours on end.
  5. 85
    Toy Story 3 is a marvelous achievement in the world of licensed family games. I found myself more addicted to it than some of the more mainstream titles released lately. It appeals to anyone who enjoys solid gameplay, and especially those that have a love for Pixar's trilogy.
  6. Toy Story 3 is obviously not so much for older gamers, but is fun non-the-less, and will surely be a hit with the kids with it's familiar pick up and play gameplay, and the ability to have a co-op partner jump in for 2-player is sure to adds tons of value to their experience.
  7. Toy Story 3 is a great family game, to play alone or in local co-op. Like two games in one, the Story and the Toy Box modes will deliver you many hours of enjoyment with your kids.
  8. In theory, this no doubt sounds small and predictable. Yet the whole operation miraculously coheres into something far more spirited and compelling. The game's visceral pleasures are what make it cohere.
  9. It very easily could be the best game for youngsters I've ever played, and with my nephew I've played a decent number.
  10. Toy Story 3 isn't perfect, with some loose controls and a dull plotline to follow, seemingly more for the convention of having a plot in these games than anything else. The Toy Box mode adds a whole lot to the game, however, propelling it far beyond what a typical tie-in game offers.
  11. We are glad we can finally play a game Toy Story game; now all we have to do is wait for Toy Story 4. The move and the game.
  12. It might be the finest family-oriented game released this year, as well as a shining example of how to do a movie tie-in with pizzazz.
  13. It's polished, sharp, enjoyable, and there is plenty of fun to be had over months and months. If you enjoy games for games sake – and if you have kids – then this is pretty much a must own.
  14. Toy Story 3 is not quite on par with the big boys as a hardcore adventure game. However, I can safely say that this is the best family movie tie-in game I have ever played-and I've played a lot of bad ones.
  15. 80
    Toy Story 3 is an example of how to do a license right. With great cooperative play, a short, fun story mode, and an inventive new Toy Box mode, this is one game that's easy to recommend to anyone who games with family.
  16. Thank you, adorable shark toy. You (and this game) are pretty awesome.
  17. 80
    Got a kid who's into Toy Story? There's a lot here for them to sink their teeth into, and thankfully it's not all bad.
  18. In conclusion, Toy Story 3 is a fun game for the younger gamer that older gamers will still get a kick or two out of it.
  19. 80
    This is a game aimed for kids and families. What Toy Story 3 does so well is bring quality to a movie licensed game that anyone can appreciate.
  20. Everything is competently implemented without excelling in any individual direction, but the combination and sheer variety of content and fan service has to be commended, and for once it's nice to play through a kids game that doesn't just shoehorn the cinematic action sequences into an average procession of linear levels.
  21. Game Informer
    Toy Story 3 ultimately succeeds in the same way that Pixar's films do--it's attractive to young people who get a great surface experience and for older audiences who appreciate extra layers of depth. [Aug 2010, p.107]
  22. A surprisingly fun tie-in that'll keep kids busy.
  23. Toy Story 3 is a game that can be played by any kind of gamer, from the most young to the lover of the Pixar saga. It's a complete journey in the new adventure of Woody and Co. Recommended!
  24. A world with a sense of humour and fun that will appeal to children and adults alike. A bit like a Pixar film, then. How about that?
  25. A very entertaining game on its campaign mode and an excellent sandbox on the Toy Box Mode. A great game not only for kids but for adults, too.
  26. Games Master UK
    The co-op levels and action bits are okay, but the Toy Box is magical stuff indeed. [Sept 2010, p.103]
  27. Toy Story 3 is worth playing for the Toy Box mode alone, as it has a wealth of things to see and do. The story is fun, but far too short though, but it would make ideal fodder for the younger gamers out there.
  28. One of the best tie-ins of the year. Toy Story 3 delivers a thrilling sandbox experience for the family, and the cooperative play is a nice introduction.
  29. Toy Story 3 is a great game for kids, fans of the movie and an good example of how to do a license right.
  30. Overall I would say Toy Story 3 is a good game that is sometimes unsure of its target demographic.
  31. Toy Story 3 isn't without its problems, but anyone seriously considering purchasing it to expand their Toy Story experience this year won't be disappointed.
  32. Toy Story 3: The Video Game is, quite simply, one of the best movie-licensed video games to be released. The game truly captures the elements of the film everyone knows and loves – providing enjoyable gameplay for gamers of all ages.
  33. It's definitely one of the better movie-adaptions. The story mode contains entertaining jump and run gameplay while the open world mode leaves much space for creativity. Especially young players will have a lot of fun with Toy Story 3.
  34. Xbox World 360 Magazine UK
    One of the best kids games on 360 but, unusually for Pixar, with little grown-up appeal. [Oct 2010, p.99]
  35. Jan 5, 2011
    Toy Story 3 is clearly targeted at a much younger demographic of players than the vast majority of Xbox 360 releases, but there's plenty of entertainment value for young adults that grew up on the Toy Story movies.
  36. This fun take on the Pixar movie has lots of entertaining content for younger players, but control issues and a lack of depth limit its appeal.
  37. Official Xbox Magazine
    Its Pixar charm makes it well worth trying, but it never reaches the level of brilliance that you hope it will. [Aug 2010, p.80]
  38. Toy Story isn't just a game for kids; fans of the trilogy should have no reservations about picking this one up.
  39. X-ONE Magazine UK
    The open world's fun and the story missions are playable and totally action-packed. [Issue#62,p.90]
  40. Hugely enjoyable for the most part, Toy Story 3 can certainly be considered amongst the best of film to videogame tie-ins.
  41. Toy Story 3 is a prime example of a film-tie in done right for once, that offers a compelling banquet of good clean fun.
  42. Toy Story 3 is a fun licensed game. It's never really excellent, but the overall experience is just fun thanks to the variation and co-op mode.
  43. 70
    Toy Story is a very good game, provided you are aiming for young kids.
  44. So despite its short-comings, Toy Story 3 is a remarkably solid licensed game. It's not going to blow any brains or break boundaries, instead it's going to give kids and even grown ups, certainly Pixar fans, a solid and cheerful experience.
  45. It's all clearly aimed at kids, but if you let yourself, you'll find it easy to get sucked right in alongside the young'uns. Toy Story 3 is full of non-corrupting sandbox play that's genuinely addicting. As for as movie games go, you can do much worse.
  46. games(TM)
    A very good game for children of all ages. [Issue#99, p.124]
  47. Despite not always so neat graphics and handling (especially with the jumps), the two complementary modes of Toy Story 3 create an astonishing game, fun and deep.
  48. Compared to most other licensed games out there, Toy Story 3 doesn't have to feel ashamed. Quite the opposite in fact. Indeed it is not technically beyond reproach, most notably because of a few frame rate issues when playing with a friend, but overall the formula holds its ground OK. The two main modes of gameplay complete each other nicely, and even though it's supposed to target kids, most adult gamers could very well be surprised. It's rich enough and well designed, and even though it has some gameplay flaws as well, it's still a decent adaptation of the movie : something not so common after all.
  49. Edge Magazine
    Thoughtfulness pulls Toy Story 3 form the Pixar game mire. [Sept 2010, p.101]
  50. If Cars (the original video game that was a pseudo-sequel to the original film) can entertain adult gamers even though it was clearly designed for kids, what does that say about a Toy Story game that fails to amuse the fans who grew up with the franchise?
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 51 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 4 out of 51
  1. Feb 7, 2012
    Probably the best movie to game conversion I've seen. My two youngest kids have played it to death. It has great value for money as there areProbably the best movie to game conversion I've seen. My two youngest kids have played it to death. It has great value for money as there are so many missions, side quests, items to unlock and areas to explore. My kids liked the fact that you can play as any of the 3 main characters. I was impressed by the missions, from a haunted house to Zurgs castle, to space etc. I definitely recommend it. Full Review »
  2. AustinH.
    Jun 20, 2010
    loved the game and expessially the toy-box mode, i beat the story the first day I had it and thought that i was done then i remembered toy loved the game and expessially the toy-box mode, i beat the story the first day I had it and thought that i was done then i remembered toy box which is now my favorite part of the game Full Review »
  3. JHakeM
    Jun 20, 2010
    Amazing game! Far more addicting than any shooter I have played. Simple and balanced controls, thousands of collectibles, and vivd worlds set Amazing game! Far more addicting than any shooter I have played. Simple and balanced controls, thousands of collectibles, and vivd worlds set this apart. My young sister wants to play, but I simply can't let go of the controller! Full Review »