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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] Race the 100m Dash and 110m Hurdles, test your skills with the Javelin and Hammer Throw, and hop to it with the Long Jump and High Jump. Global leaderboards will compare your skills to see where you truly rank in the world. Compete with up to four other athletes on one Xbox or over Xbox LIVE. Button-smashing multiplayer experience:Compete in events with up to four players in Xbox LIVE Versus Mode. Go head-to-head in the running events. Host your own World Champion party. Track your achievements with all-time and weekly leaderboards for high score, event results, and win/loss ratios. Choose either the authentic original graphics or the enhanced graphics including new special effects and hand-painted game sprites and backgrounds. All music and sound effects have been digitally enhanced to sound richer and deeper. Twelve new achievements ranging from easy to hard encourage you to become a World Champion atTrack & Field. [Microsoft] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Faithful port from the original arcade version that will have you in stitches while competing against your on or offline buddies.
  2. Untainted by the passing of time, and still as mindlessly entertaining as it was back in the day. Sure, Hyper Sports improved on the formula a little, and Epyx went off and took the idea to dizzy heights not long after that, but in essence this is one of those few occasions when a game concept emerged fully formed from the beginning.
  3. This is one of the few XBLA games that I’ve continued to play after the first week. But for most people, once you’ve figured out the patterns to win there isn’t a challenge.
  4. Pleasure and pain come together at last. [Aug 2007, p.102]
  5. For three quid, though, you could do a lot worse. [Issue#25, p.118]
  6. Track & Field holds up fairly well and makes for some good, albeit short-term, fun.
  7. This limping Track & Field deserves no medals, let alone any of your Microsoft Points. [July 2007, p.81]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. GlennP.
    Aug 8, 2007
    This game was one of my favorites as a kid, and it has been faithfully reproduced. I love it - been playing it all night. Plus, playing on Xbox Live is a blast! No question this is one of the best buys on live arcade. Expand
  2. StephaneJ.
    Aug 9, 2007
    Brilliant button-bashing fun, tremendous nostalgia value, and the online capabilities add a lot to the experience. I give it a 10 because of the fun/value ratio. Expand
  3. MatC.
    Aug 14, 2007
    Absolutely worth the 400 pts. The only problem I have is that timing jumps differs online than in solo play. It takes some getting used to. It's a great throwback. Expand
  4. JimB.
    Sep 5, 2007
    Great fun, especially with your mates and a few beers. Addictive "just-one-more-try" appeal whne trying desperately to beat your own/friends records. Aside from a few timing issues (you get used to it quickly enough) when playing on LIVE this is definately one of the best XBLA games. Those with really slow connections beware - you will more than likely come in last! Expand
  5. DarrenD.
    Oct 1, 2007
    Good old school button mashing to the max (lol) It's exactly how I remembered it. They should now release Daley Thompsons Decathlon.
  6. AnthB.
    Aug 15, 2007
    Classic game at a great price. Good fun with more than one person. HORRIBLE online play as there is alot of lag. You have to start your jump/throw early since there is a large delay in the action. Otherwise I would have given it a 9. Good luck with the Perfection achievement! The High Jump will test your patience. Expand
  7. HWNDarkside
    Aug 15, 2007
    This should have been 10 out of 10, but the developers took the easy way out and simply ported the original arcade game. 6 events is too short, and would have benefited from bundling T&F 2/Hyper Sports to beef up the game play. Online is good fun, until you come across some using their Mad Catz Arcade stick with the "turbo" turned on - in case you're wondering that's why all of the leaderboards are filled with impossible times/distances. A missed opportunity Expand