Transformers: The Game Xbox 360


Mixed or average reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 50
  2. Negative: 14 out of 50
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  1. Game Informer
    In the end, Transformers delivers over-the-top action with wild abandon, and leaves most of the more complex elements of good gameplay behind coughing from the dust kicked up by a giant transforming war machine. [Sept 2007, p.114]
  2. While I cannot fully recommend anyone other than massive Transformers fans to run out and purchase this game, it is easily one of those games you must rent and play through, at least for a few hours.
  3. I just hope in the next game they amp up the free roam capabilities and truly allow us to dive into the world of the robots from Cybertron.
  4. If you liked the movie and have a high tolerance for missed potential and repetitive, button-mashing gameplay, give Transformers: The Game a shot.
  5. Transformers seems like it was built by a machine to a factory spec – all the parts are here that should, in theory, form an outstanding game. But it’s like no human actually gave it a test-drive to see if it was actually fun.
  6. As is, Transformers is an average game that younger fans of the film should enjoy.
  7. It’s about on par with all other movie licensed games: relatively short, decent graphics, decent gameplay, and not much value to it.
  8. 60
    While Transformers: The Game may be something of a typical movie tie-in, there's just enough spark here to provide a bit of fun for anyone who likes the movie or is just looking for some dumb fun.
  9. At the end of the day Transformers: The Game offers a lot of sizzle but not enough steak.
  10. 60
    Though this is one of the better Transformer games around, chances are you'll have more fun dressing up in a cardboard box and beat-boxing as you pretend to be Sound Wave.
  11. It's not terrible by any means, but the horrible driving mechanics, repetitive missions and the horrible timer keep this game from being great.
  12. X-ONE Magazine UK
    Not for fans of videogames. [Issue 23, p.78]
  13. It can be said that Transformers: The Game is the best twenty-dollar game you will ever pay sixty dollars for, and in this case you can rest assured that there really isn’t any “more than meets the eye.”
  14. A big, loud, shallow action game that severely lacks in content.
  15. Repetitive missions, weird collision physics and floaty controls line out this weak licensed game.
  16. Games Master UK
    Repetitive, tedious, and full of annoyances - a rushed game if ever we saw one. [Sept 2007, p.72]
  17. Transformers is nothing special but it will entertain as a decent rental and it should be noted that it is better than your average movie licensed game.
  18. So, lame missions, filled, again, with arbitrary restrictions like time limits and invisible walls, meet a clunky camera and mindless wash/rinse/repeat combat that doesn’t require the suspension of disbelief, but the annihilation of it.
  19. Average, tedious missions and all-round mediocrity make for a pretty dismal night in.
  20. 57
    The 2004 videogame adaptation of the Transformers: Armada line from Atari (on PS2) was a Transformers game done right. It had better visuals, cooler incentives for moving between robot and vehicular forms, and boasted some of the best boss battles that year. But Activision's 2007 iteration doesn't live up to that standard. Its lack of depth and poor mission design ensures that.
  21. Official Xbox Magazine
    Admittedly, the game is gorgeous. But because the narrative is as linear and rigid as a steel pipe, it's a shallow sort of beauty. [Sept 2007, p.83]
  22. Only true diehard Transformers fans will be able to sit through this game, despite the fact that it’s pretty short. Everyone else will simply wish that it could transform into a better game.
  23. Very similar to most Michael Bay films - graphically intense, but shallow in terms of character and story. Add to that boring combat and you have a game good for fans of the upcoming movie only, though not even Transformer fan in general.
  24. Transformers: The Game is an average showing with a lot of potential that was wasted by the limited plot line of the movie, repetitive mission objectives and a faulty game engine.
  25. 55
    This really pains me to no end. I am a HUGE Transformers fan, and to have this game end up being this bad really hurts my soul. I mean the very basics for a transformers game is driving, fighting, and huge robots. They got one out of the 3 correct.
  26. The clunky controls, lousy storytelling and overall unappealing gameplay make it difficult to recommend this game because you’re better off watching the movie.
  27. Although it's easy to see Transformers: The Game attracting a younger audience better suited to overlook the game's issues, for everybody else, the appeal of large robots repeatedly stomping around uninspired environments limits it to little more than a poorly realised merchandising option.
  28. AceGamez
    The lack of attack options makes the game a chore to play after a while too, but luckily it's so short that you'll be able to at least finish one campaign before you decide you've had enough.
  29. Transformers: The Game is a textbook example of a licensed game done wrong.
  30. Transformers: The Game is fine for a weekend rent, and with a few beers the easy achievement points may justify the hire fee.
  31. 50
    I can't imagine anyone but diehard fans going to these lengths. Everyone else should stick to Atari's game based on Transformers Armada -- it's still the best way to wage a battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
  32. Everything from the dull campaigns, to the boring “open ended” environments, which really weren’t, No-name Bots I took no pleasure in killing, and timed missions that made me want to scream in frustration.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 38 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 18
  2. Negative: 8 out of 18
  1. B1ackMesa
    Apr 11, 2008
    Another horrible movie to game translation. I love the hell out of Transformers, but this game blew. You can't transform in mid-air, youAnother horrible movie to game translation. I love the hell out of Transformers, but this game blew. You can't transform in mid-air, you can't turn in mid-air, the cars steer like they are driving on ice... All of the elements a basic game need, were not up to par, or just missing. It seems as though the game was rushed to meet the release of the movie as close as possible, and the game paid for it in the end. I don't see how this game could even be possible for a young child to play. It was barely mediocre. Full Review »
  2. TaylorA.
    Jul 3, 2007
    You can definitely tell that this game is designed to make little kids even more excited about the movie. That camera is horrible. Game play You can definitely tell that this game is designed to make little kids even more excited about the movie. That camera is horrible. Game play is repetitive. It's a little too challenging. Cut scenes are horrible. Voice acting make me want to punch whoever did it in the throat. Sometimes, there is just too much going on in the screen(and not in a good way, just a lot of debris that gets in your way). The driving is horrible. The maps are too limited. Hell, the entirety of the game is limited. But, the worst part of all is the fact that the the Achievements are almost all secret. So, if you're like me and just looking for some easy gamer points, you just have to do random button presses until something happens. I truly think this is the worst game I have ever played. Full Review »
  3. SamuelJ.
    Jun 30, 2007
    Clean this peace of dookie off of my carpet and spray the ground where it sat, for it stunk badleeeeeyy....