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  1. Jan 25, 2011
    Let me start off by saying that this is NOT going to be game of the year, it is not graphically perfect, it is not easy to pick up and play, and it requires a very open mind... If you can get passed all of those things, then this is a very fun, very deep game that will keep you wanting more.

    All jokes aside, Two Worlds was an AWFUL game, for every ONE thing it got right, it did FIVE
    things wrong, Two Worlds II seems to have reversed that formula, and there is definitely more right than wrong here.

    With about 2 hours into the game, I am having a blast, and still getting used to certain things, but so far... I am enjoying it immensely. Definitely don't write this game off if you are a fan of games like Oblivion, Diablo, Sacred II, Etc.

    Things I love: Crafting system, character customization, combat, environments, voice acting
    Things I hate: The fact the tutorial lasted so long, and that the menus are not very fluid or intuitive at first
    VERY IMPORTANT INFO: Install this game to your hard drive before you play, I did not and I had bad graphics lag and the audio would cut out completely here and there, after I installed it to my 360 hard drive, I ran into NONE of those problems again.
  2. Jan 25, 2011
    I am not a Two Worlds fan boy. I thought the first game was a disaster. WIth that said, this game is phenomenal, it seems TopWare took their heads out of their german asses and actually got to work. The games cutscenes, graphical detail, character, armorments, and crafting mechanics are simply amazing. On a wierd note, the games lockpicking sequences are the best I've ever seen in any game. Please buy it, even if you thought the first one was trash like I did; you will enjoy this game I promise. Expand
  3. Feb 9, 2011
    If anyone has played the Sacred series, You'll get the same " uh, I don't know if this is going to be a good game" intro. I stuck with it for 4 hours and am into my 20th hour and can say this game was not just put together for a fast buck. The story (interesting so far) and world are immense and intriguing. I have read a lot of negative reviews about this game (usually from whiny princess gamers) and some positive ones that seem to come from seasoned RPG players that actually love the genre. If you are the latter I suggest you give it a try, it will suck you in and for the best. The complaints are ridiculous. The combat is fine, it takes little skill to manage it. People who complain about this are just too spazzy, I suppose. Graphics are above par for a graphics snob. I can only assume the other complaints are biased on the developer for not meticulously Americanizing and knitting together the millions of voice lines and responses it takes to complete a game of this magnitude. The voices are funny-not too serious and somewhat great in my opinion. The inventory system is my only beef but there's tons of stuff to keep track of, so all is forgiven. :)
    I will not make a book out of defending this game, but it sure is worth the price for the hours I know ill enjoy. It's a wonderful RPG at worst and If you like the genre you'll love it. (I have not encountered one glitch- oh, except for a spider doing a moonwalk on the side of a cliff but hey, that takes talent. ::::)
  4. ALL
    Jan 28, 2011
    When I first started playing my hopes really dropped, until I actually became aware of the sheer size of this game and became used to the controls and graphics (if you have a nice TV you will want to turn the sharpness down). You start off on a small island, and then are transferred to a much bigger one. About 8 hours in it was necessary to warp back to the original island. I always assumed that these were the only two islands in the game, with the second being PLENTY big enough to keep me busy for a good 20+ hours. There is actually another continent that is 3 to 4 times the size of the second island! I did not think that I'd be still playing this in another 4 months, but I think it's about to prove me wrong. I thought Oblivion was a great game, and I liked Dragon Age as well, but there's definitely something that holds this game up with them. I have to admit, when I read the reviews and started playing without really getting into the game, I thought the reviewers were taking crazy pills. But, keep an open mind and you will see what they (and all of us) see. Expand
  5. Jan 26, 2011
    First and foremost, do not judge Two Worlds II by its predecessor. This is an awesome RPG. It's got its technical issues, but the crafting system and the ability to make your own spells outshines any of its faults. The voice acting is laughably bad, but I actually like it. It's funny in a way only a European RPG can be. In addition to the single player campaign, there's an 8 player co-op mode that lots of fun, and even some PVP content. One thing to do before playing, however, is install the game to your hard drive; you'll see a big improvement in performance. Expand
  6. Jan 25, 2011
    I bought this expecting it to be a tide over until Skyrim, but it is more than that. The spell making and crafting systems are brilliantly executed, lending depth to the normal sword and spell hoarding. while the voice acting is horrible, they make the most of it with lots of tongue in cheek humor and when your main character sounds like batman from the dark knight, it gets really funny sometimes. The combat is good, and brutal allowing for combinations of different classes of warrior. It also helps that the graphics look great too. Overall it is a holdover until Skyrim, but it does such a good job doing so its hard not to enjoy it. Expand
  7. Jan 28, 2011
    There are hardly any multiplayer RPGs on consoles. Two Worlds II supports 8-player Co-Op & PvP, with several modes to choose from in multiplayer, and of course has an absolutely HUGE single-player map. I did not play the first Two Worlds much at all. I borrowed it from my brother and didn't really like it much. I didn't really know what to expect from Two Worlds II. I had seen some videos on YouTube of TW II that looked pretty good, so I was willing to take a chance and get it when it came out a few days ago. I'm extremely glad I did. The videos on YouTube don't compare to the real thing at all. This review covers the multiplayer campaign only, I have been too addicted to it to do much in the single-player. No other game has been in my Xbox, and I've barely even watched any TV. I've been spending all my free time leveling up in Co-Op matches. I've already met a great group I quest with, and a good number of us are all near the same level. I spend about half my game time grinding for XP and loot with them, the other half I devote to helping some of my friends level and clear missions who have also just recently bought the game that are lower level than me. My main character is currently a Level 38 Mage, I have an alternate that's a Level 12 Warrior. The level cap in TW II is 37,262; and no, you will never get that much XP. The highest level player I've ever seen was a level 225.

    I got to build my own village with It's own economy. I can use my chest in my house there to transfer good warrior gear I find with my mage to my other character, he has a lot of great items waiting to use when he becomes high enough level to equip them. The game plays great, lag is very low on Xbox. It does start to lag a bit more when all sorts of crazy action is happening (a bunch of mages casting the most powerful and flashy spells and summoning up to 11 creatures each being the usual time this happens) , but it is very manageable and is not nearly frequent enough to bother the players much or stop you from wanting to play. Network connections are usually quick and smooth, and all multiplayer lobbies show player's ping (connection speed) right next to their name when they try to join your lobby. The structure of the game for Co-Op is very similar to Borderlands, NOT the gameplay, don't get confused, this is a third-person fantasy RPG. I am referring to the way the game unfolds, in that the multiplayer is not free-roaming, it is split into separate HUGE maps. These are not like the tiny maps in Fable III. You can get lost in them. All multiplayer maps have multiple teleporters which are absolutely necessary due the GIGANTIC size of most of the maps. Two maps that are smaller are underground dungeons, which are still quite large and maze-like, one is a mixture of indoor and outdoor, and then there are four sprawling outdoor maps, each of these complete with one or more towns and several shops. There are currently 7 multiplayer missions, each has multiple objectives and after completing them all you can move to the next map.

    This is one of the best online experiences on consoles because it is unique. The co-op mode alone is worth the $60. Just try to name another great online multiplayer RPG on consoles in the last five years. If you say Fable, you're wrong because that's not a true RPG, and it only has 2 players, not eight. Borderlands is a shooter/RPG hybrid, so that doesn't count either. PvP and Village modes are huge bonuses. I give Two Worlds II's multiplayer portion a score of 9.5, which could possibly become a 10 once they sort out a few (very minor) bugs and release the DLC that adds more multiplayer maps that are for high-level characters, with super-hard enemies and better loot. The game controls and interface are perfect to bring PC-style complexity to the console. The button mapping is a bit strange at first (sprint is on L-Trigger), but character control is generally very good, and five buttons are assignable to any skill/spell/item. There are three sets of these hotkeyed buttons, one set is when you have your weapon out, it automatically changes to another set when you put your weapon away, and there's one more when you're in sneak mode. That's 15 abilities/items available at any time, without having to stop and access the menus.

    The Single Player campaign would score a bit lower than the Co-Op because the in-game dialogue and cutscenes could have used some improvement. I haven't gotten far enough in to say much about the story, but it seems decent so far. But it's still got a HUGE free-roaming map, and the same awesome skills/magic system.

    To put it shortly, GET THE GAME NOW! Trade in some old games if you have to, sell something on eBay, do whatever you have to do, but if you like RPGs and you play online you should be rushing to the store right now, just like I'm about to rush back to my Xbox to go grind in Co-Op.
  8. Jan 26, 2011
    I too thought the first game was a sad sad game. Im talking 50% at best.
    Two Worlds 2 however is really good. 85% (Im rounding up to a 9/10 for this grading scale)

    Learning curve is there, and it takes some getting use too, dialog is off (but it was originally German game right?)
    In the end I am very happy with it. I am glad I bought it. Map is huge, and I can see myself playing
    this game for the next year. Expand
  9. Jan 26, 2011
    Though not very well polished, Two Worlds 2 is an excellent game. If you want something beautiful to look at and have to have the perfectly sculpted game play and story your gonna have to wait almost a year for the big games to come out. This game offers you all the great parts of a hack and slash RPG. Slow at first within an hour you will not be able to put the controller down.
  10. Jan 30, 2011
    Let me start with an honest review. I am going to name the bad things about this game FIRST just to let you know upfront.
    1.voice acting is moderate and not OMG awesome. (can be quite humorous with the jokes and profane language)
    2. Cut scenes arent awesome but acceptable
    3.There are parts where the lip syncing for voice acting doesnt match(VERY FEW PARTS)
    4. AI is improved and is
    similar to oblivion although it needs a little more work
    That all I really have to complain when talking about this game
    Now the good about the game!
    1.The GRAPHICS are AMAZING!!!!!
    2.The MUSIC gets stuck in your head. It matches every environment and situation.
    3.The mini games like locking picking, picking pockets, dice, sailing, and music is awesome
    4.Hand to hand, magic, bow, assassinating, is all very entertaining
    5. Breaking down weapons is an awesome feature
    9.Multiplayer is diverse and replay value is through the roof

    Anyone who loves RPG's for console needs to play this game. In all honesty it beats fable series, sacred 2, Risen, Gothic 4, Dragon age and fall out new vegas.
    It is neck and neck with oblivion and fallout!
    I would have rated this game a 9/10 but simply because it has multiplayer ontop of a solid single player it deserves a 10 for the FEW flaws it does have. Otop of that I want to offset a persons negative score about the menu items going off screen. Did you know that can fix that yourself by going into the settings.? I noticed it the first time and fixed within the first five minutes of game play. If you ACTUALLY gave it a shot you would have fun with this game!! I have heard the same story about people hating oblivion and I would have to go back and SHOW them how to play the they are oblivion lovers and this will be the same thing for this game.
    I am 23 hours into the game and Still havent gotten to the main island. This game deserves a 9 or 10 score nothing lower.
  11. Feb 7, 2011
    I have played this game for about 20 hours now, and though it had a rocky start, I am HOOKED. I quickly became adjusted to the graphical style and the questionable voice/animation syncing, which i can forgive because of the games European origins. Aside from a few tweaks in the options tab that any intelligent gamer can figure out (safe zone for menus, turn down the sharpness and turn on the subtitles!), this game begins to shine at about an hour into playtime. The world opens up into a nice mix between Oblivion and Fable; the story begins to make sense and actually presents some interesting twists and the very deep loot and crafting system is fully available to you as soon as you want it, with no skill regrets! This game is definitely for a more mature gamer... not only for the language and situations, but also for the fact that you need some patience to really get into this deep and rewarding game. The crafting system is much better than any Iâ Expand
  12. May 17, 2011
    I don't understand why the "professional" reviewers have been so critical of this game. Yes, the game is a little rough around the edges but given enough time it really starts to shine on its own. If you are a RPG fan and willing to keep an open mind, you shouldn't miss this. No, I don't really think the game is deserving of 10, more like high 8 in my book. However I gave a 10 anyways to offset the ridiculous amount of 0 from users who judge this gem purely on its production value or worse, never gave it the chance. Collapse
  13. Feb 1, 2011
    It won't take down any of the Bethesda juggernauts, but Two Worlds is definitely a solid game. The co-op by itself is worth a purchase(at least a rental). The single player is very good, but ultimately forgotten in all the side quests you'll be doing. I'm a big open world RPG fan and this game delivers. The crafting system, whether it be building up your armor or buffing yourself with attribute crystals, is very well done. I haven't played a mage yet but a friend of mine has, and the spells he's created will blow your mind. The spellcrafting is superb. My only complaint is the way they did the horses. A constant tapping, but not too much or you get thrown. If they were going to do that it shouldn't have been mapped to a trigger. Also when you're riding cross country the frame-rate takes a serious dive. The multiplayer versus modes are also broken on account of the devastating attacks the Mage's can craft. In spite of that, the single player and co-op campaign shine. With some decent co-op DLC this game could easily be a 10. Expand
  14. Jan 30, 2011
    This game could be an Oblivion killer (not quite, but almost). The world map is huge having 2 smaller islands, two medium islands (witch are about the size of Cyrodill in Oblivion) and a large island (mostly empty with forest used as a multi-player map). The graphics are pretty nice (a bit like the ones in Arcania) although the blur out-of-focus effect when you are on a horse or running full speed is overdone and kind of distracting to the point of being annoying. The main mission and side quests are pretty well done, not too repetitive. I don't get the media' s fit about the voice acting, because I think it is quite good. The best thing about a game like Two Worlds 2 (just like Two Worlds and TES:Oblivion) is that it's a true «open world» game where you can go anywhere you can see, unlike Dragon age where it's only smaller distinct areas connected by a map. Of all the xbox 360 rpg that I have (Dragon Age, Arcania: a gothic tale, TES IV:Oblivion, Fable 2, Fable 3, Nier, Two Worlds, Venetica, Divinty II, Kameo, Fallout, Mass Effect and Risen) I strongly believe that Two Worlds 2 is better than all of them, except maybe Oblivion and the Fables (although the big negative for Fable 2 and 3 are that they are way too short). So in short, Two Worlds is better than the first one in all the aspects (graphics, much less buggy, better acting, better animation, map, it feels like a quality game). It still has some issues such as the quest log interface is confusing, but which game is flawless? I would recommend this fun addictive game for any RPG fan. Expand
  15. Feb 9, 2011
    II am not a fan boy. I never played Two Worlds one. I read the reviews and avoided it. But I do love a good RPG, and there hasnâ
  16. Mar 24, 2011
    Probably the best open world RPG since morrowind, thatâ
  17. Jun 14, 2011
    I finished 2W2 last night and I have to say, barring the little frustration I had at the beginning with the horse racing, it was an enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for that "Western" action RPG styled game. The good: Excellent visuals and lighting in the well realized world Beautiful musical score fairly well laid out control (save for the horse riding)

    Beautifully designed monsters

    Excellent weapon, item, and spell customization

    The Bad:

    Last generation character models for humans

    Quite possibly the WORST Voice acting and translation in all of gaming

    VERY confusing quest log

    Graphical and Quest Glitching

    Annoying "safe area" text windowing.

    To start off, the question that many will have is whether or not it improves on the first game. Given that this wasn't a hard task, yes, it is an improvement. The world, while it has an occasional slowdown and pop in is well delivered and not choppy. The grass and foliage sways when you run through it, fences fall down when you run into them accidentally, and areas where you are supposed to "hate" to go do give you the ominous feeling of dread every time you need to venture into them. (See: The Swallows). The cities, while not super large, are designed well enough anddo give a sense that you are out of the woods and in civilized lands. Two cities in chapter 1, Hatmador and Cheznaddar were particularly well designed. The creatures of the game are incredibly well imagined, with zombies, ghouls, Varn (Jackal like dog people) and various critters populating the world. In contrast, the human character models looked right out of last gen technology. Yes, their hair wavers in the wind, but when you see games like Assassin's Creed (which someone painfully compared it to to get me to play this) it's impossible to understand why characters like this are created. BAD Southpeak, BAD.

    The music is gorgeous, but truthfully not original. (I can't hold that against it though, as a musical score of any sort in games these days is similar to most others) often times reminding me of games I loved in days gone by. In particular, in chapter two you land in the "oriental" portion of the game, with music strikingly similar to Guild Wars Factions, and even some visual elements looking similar.

    The voice acting, in STARK contrast to the music, is absolutely terrible. Wasn't there an article published recently about how disconnected the audience feels to their gravelly voiced protagonists? (I do believe it was IGN... SOUTHPEAK! READ THIS!) The lead character is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Nobody talks like that! DEAR GOD. Do yourself a favor as well, turn off the subtitles. They are filled with typos and often times, do not even say the same things as what the characters are saying.

    The controls are somewhat simple, with the "A" button (I played the 360 version) being used for pretty much any interaction with the environment, and jumping. As strange as it sounds, it is fairly well realized. The fighting is good as well. Right trigger for "kill", left trigger for "keep from being killed". It's rather effective. The other buttons were assignable skills like spells or special warrior attacks.

    The story isn't anything spectacular, with many of the side missions being more engaging. Having said that, there were a LOT of side missions. A particularly good one was solving a well laid out murder mystery. It's too bad the quest log was so confusing. It actually takes away from the experience of playing the missions when you cannot easily check your journal/ quest log to keep yourself up on what needs to be done next. There was a great ending to the game though, look forward to being pleased.

    If you go into this game looking for the next Dragon Age, you will be sadly disappointed. It's a strong game with a lot going for it, but it isn't in the same league as games created by Bioware. If you go into this game looking for a fun fantasy experience along the lines of a great no name book you find in some no name used bookstore, then you will be vvery pleased with what you come out of it with. Minor glitches and TERRIBLE voiceacting aside, this is a game for a fantasy fan looking to kill 30 hours of his life and to like doing it.

    Given that I haven't played the multiplayer portion of the game save for the first 10 minutes or so, perhaps my review can be considered incomplete. I was able to find games really quickly, and the multiplayer "questline" looks well designed and implemented. There was deathmatch, quest mode, and village mode (I guess it's something like Command and Conquer... I'll get back to you on that one.) The matchmaking looked a little broken though, as in a deathmatch, as a level 1 character, I was first paired with a level 390 player. Dear god.
  18. Apr 24, 2011
    I think this game is brilliant, the game is very long and interesting. The multiplayer has some of the best modes I have ever played. Adventure mode is fun and has replayability, village mode is the best multiplayer mode though, it is a unique experience for the consoles. There is only one problem, that in multiplayer you can only level up on adventure mode.
  19. May 23, 2011
    First off i must say this. People have become lemmings when deciding to play video games. One person says its bad and nobody wants to play the game not even try it(CASTLEVANIA LORD OF SHADOWS FOR EXAMPLE). TWO WORLDS 2 is a 100 percent improvement over the first game. It seems that no one remembers even though the game play was good MORROWWIND was ugly as hell. The attack system was crap it took 10 minutes to kill a rat because you couldnt angle down far enough. two worlds 1 was their first action rpg i believe PEOPLE YOU SHOULD JUDGE GAMES FOR THEMSELVES. Have any of you EVER played redguard on pc it was before morrowind fun but crappy graphics. two worlds 2 does have flaws but not so severe that you can't enjoy it. I grew up in the Atari age the more about gameplay than graphics. two worlds 2 has great graphics better that OBLIVION , great story i wouldn't say bad voice acting but humorous and silly sometimes. people who play games in this day and time are looking for a hand out from games and are turned off by this game when it hands you your ass. Games should be challenging. In Two worlds 2 you are required to play in the style of assasins creed you can't just barge into an grom camp YOU DIE you have to use strategy
    and thought in every move you make. which makes this game challenging. Great Game SOUTH PEAK
  20. Tig
    Mar 19, 2011
    This game starts slow... Tutorial is painful, dialogue and voice acting is weak.but as soon as you get past through all of this nuisance game starts to shine! In fact it becomes so good and addictive that you will consider giving it 10/10. My first thoughts were, ok, this game is shallow, gonna give it 5/10 just for the nice graphics. But another hour passed, went through some awesome quests, decided that it's worth 7/10 at least. I kept on playing, and oh boy, I have spend 9 hours in it so far and it's 10/10 from me. And to be fair I haven't seen even the 1/3rd of the whole game! I will go even further and say that this is the best open world RPG since TES3: Morrowind. That's right! Play it, invest in it 10 hours at least and you will think the same! Expand
  21. MJR
    Jul 12, 2011
    The first two worlds I thought of as being like a favorite B movie. There is no reason anyone should like it but for whatever reason I did. This one on the other hand is hugely better. I'm 25 hours in and I really enjoy it. There is so much in the game to love and yes there are some bugs and I don't think they've released a single patch but really they did right. The voice acting is monumentally better or perhaps it is because they removed the verily's, thee's, and hath's and hath not's. Obviously they knew by feedback the lines were silly in the first and so they even make fun of it. When you're in Hatmandor in the tavern go up on the right balcony and talk to the guy sitting on the bench. You will laugh. I don't want to write out everything they do in the game, there's just too much so suffice it to say that this is a great RPG that hopefully you can pick up and enjoy despite some bugs. (By the way there is a quest in New Ashos called "One for the books" where you have to find this guy who is not always going to...exist. Make a save before the quest and reload until he's there.) Expand
  22. May 6, 2011
    Quite enjoyed this. Excellent graphics, Good story-line, but quite a few fed-ex missions. You can virtually travel wherever and whenever you like in quite a large world. I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised and played single-player to the end. I''m afraid the Alchemy and Spell-casting left me cold and I managed to finish the game with no Alchemy and only a couple of basic spells. Nowhere near as good as Dragon Age or Oblivion, but still very worthwhile! Expand
  23. May 17, 2011
    The magic system in this game is the best magic system I have ever come across in any rpg. EVER you can create a nearly unlimited number of spell combinations.Once you get into this game it is just so addictive theres so many armours and weopens to collect that you will spend a very long time trying to get them all! Very fun game!
  24. Jun 29, 2011
    I didn't care much for the first, seeing it as a poor man's Oblivion or similar and thus held off on the sequel until now. Boy, was I mistaken. The game does everything right in my RPG-view; experience levels, active and passive skills, just enough visual customization, and a huge open world where you can go anywhere and do anything. All held together in a strikingly beautiful world I don't think can compare to anything on the box now.

    A long and interesting 30+ hour single-player campaign, with some really creative writing and original spin on quests. Once that is done you can tackle the multi-player campaign or modes that I was very skeptical for at first, but grew to love to no end. The multiplayer alone will probably keep you occupied for another 30+ hours.

    Does it have it's flaws? Surely, but nothing serious. Depends how much it matters to you. There is virtually no lip-sync that is a bit off-putting. A sound bug can happen, where you have to dashboard and restart. Sometimes you can get stuck in the scenery, but have teleporters that can help you out. Don't expect the best of voice acting either. Depends how much these things matters to you. I like my Euro-rpgs a little rough around the edges, and utterly hate being led by the hand through tunnels you cannot deviate from anyway, so if that is a characteristic you can identify with, this is for you. I've only ever given another rpg a perfect 10 and Two Worlds 2 beats it by a hair. Bring on the DLC with more content and fixes.
  25. Jul 29, 2014
    Fond memories. I had so much fun playing this funky game. I beat it twice. The bow and arrow mod is the way to go. I'm not big on the magic or melee system though. This game doesn't "hold your hand" like many of the newer games out there. Enemies don't level with your character. People complain about the interface but it can actually be made more manageable in the menu options. The crafting system then becomes tenable and quite enjoyable. The story has a great sense of humor and the story actually does end up becoming very tragic and enjoyable in the end of the game. Expand
  26. May 17, 2011
    I don't understand why the "professional" reviewers have been so critical of this game. Yes, the game is a little rough around the edges but given enough time it really starts to shine on its own. If you are a RPG fan and willing to keep an open mind, you shouldn't miss this. No, I don't really think the game is deserving of 10, more like high 8 in my book. However I gave a 10 anyways to offset the ridiculous amount of 0 from users who judge this gem purely on its production value or worse, never gave it the chance. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 50
  2. Negative: 6 out of 50
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    Don't let the reputation of the previous game, nor the niggling bugs that permeate the title scare you away. Once those are scratched away a pleasant open action RPG awaits.
  2. Jun 17, 2011
    As a whole Two Worlds II is a definite step up from Two Worlds in almost every regard, and it especially shines through with its in-depth and thought out quest lines. Two Worlds II isn't however a match to the bigger western RPGs out there, e.g. The Elder Scrolls series. This is let down by the overly convoluting interface and control system that makes the gameplay feel like a generation behind.
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    Is the game perfect? No, not by a long shot, but after a few hours of learning how to do everything like creating my own spells and chaining my combat moves together, I really started to have fun with it.