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  • Summary: Using collectable cards in Ultimate Team Mode on the Xbox 360 system, players can hand-pick everything from your team and staff members to your match strategy and stadium. Now you can build your dream team by going online to collect or trade virtual player, staff and gameplay cards; effectively organize your squad to foster team chemistry; accumulate Staff, Training, Morale, Fitness and Healing cards to transform your squad into a European super power online. Collect dominant Gameplay cards, and then use them at key moments during a match to gain the tactical advantage over your opponent. Gameplay cards can be activated during a contest to boost the abilities of your players and team. For the greatest rewards, put your managerial ability and your playing skills to the test by trading or selling unwanted cards or trawling the market online for the ones you need to complete your title-winning team. Play UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 the traditional way as your favorite club team from qualification right through to a virtual reproduction of the UEFA Championship League Final. Re-create or customize the real-world groupings of the official UEFA Champions League tournament by taking control of a huge selection of clubs. Plus, the new UEFA Champions League Challenge tesst even the most hardcore soccer fan by recreating classic moments in UEFA Champions League history using modern teams. UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 on the Xbox 360 system features a game engine with a more fluid player movement system that makes it easier for players to perform more incisive, defense-splitting one-twos, first touches and through passes with a ball that’s alive with its own independent physics and even more responsive to every touch. The game also supports up to eight-way multiplayer matches in the Lounge and boasts a plethora of in-game unlockable content. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. A lovely game engine featuring independent player and ball physics. Card game campaign mode jazzes up offline play.
  2. Overall it is a good game and if you are a soccer lover and I know you are out there this is a game that will not disappoint you.
  3. UEFA Champions League will surprise most people with its creativity and innovation. It may not be up to par with the competition quite yet, but the card collecting and trading feature makes this a must try for all soccer fans.
  4. A deep and rewarding experience for players who are genuinely captivated by the title's unique approach and also have some interest in the UEFA itself, but a mediocre and oftentimes clunky game to those who fall below the category of aficionado.
  5. It feels a good deal more complete than you might initially expect. [Issue 18, p.82]
  6. While the Challenge mode is a nice addition and the Ultimate Team card game in pretty innovative to the genre, I’m not convinced enough has changed since the FIFA 07 release to justify the $59.99 price tag. For Champions League fans, it’s a no-brainer at any price.
  7. 60
    UEFA loses traction with the actual gameplay, which is filled with more issues than a magazine stand.

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